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13th September 2004, 04:39 PM
Hello, all. I'm new to this forum. I've decided to, ah, make a fool of myself and post a character I have taken the time to come up with. I'm still trying to find my way around this site, and right now this is not really that good/descriptive. I pretty much just combed through the FAQ and other posts, and... guessed. Please feel free to tell me if I need to add something, correct something, etc. But also note that I generally strongly prefer constructive critisizm over flaming.

General Information
Name: Jatara Nessamire
Race: Half Elf, Half Human
Age: 15
Element: Water
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good
Appearance: Jatara has deep blue eyes, and her hair is thick, long, and black. She usually wears a grey hooded cloak suited for travel. She has a certain aura surrounding her, like moonlight on water.
Height: Around 5'3
Weight: 104 lbs.

Basic History: Jatara was born to the Man Ajoni and Elf-woman Aryan, in an village in forest of Taure Alanis. Interacial marriage is forbidden in that village, and Aryan and Jatara were exiled to a secluded mountain range to the north, meant never to return to the southern regions. Destiny, however, apparently had other plans for Jatara. At the age of 13, a water divinity blessed her with powers of sea and moonlight, telling her that she was to have a higher fate. The powerful sea-nymph then commanded Jatara to travel southwards and discover that unknown destiny for herself.

Personality/Characteristics: Like the sea, Jatara tends to be serene and collected. She can be quite scary when angered, though she rarely lashes at out people. Since she is young, she hasn't yet acquired full wisdom and clear thinking, but she seems to be showing signs of a strong mind. Jatara is a little naive, though, and is not completely confident in her abilities.


Yes, perhaps it's lame. I'll add on to it if there is a need.

13th September 2004, 05:58 PM
Some more notes:

Along with being gifted with spiritual powers, Jatara was given Taquelin, a spirit guide. Taquelin entered her mind, and there he stays. He often offers advice, but also enjoys annoying Jatara. He tends to be completely silent when Jatara needs him most, preferring to let her figure it out herself.

Items Jatara currently possesses: (And they are few)
Amethyst Pendant- nothing of significant value, just a parting gift from her mother.
Leather Travel Bag- for food, clothing, supplies, etc.
Calfskin Poncho- for traveling in the rain, of course.

13th September 2004, 06:13 PM
Wow, your new? Great job keep up the good work. On a few notes; Is there anything to explain about the Amethyst Pendant, is there a history to it ? It would be nice if you had a more descriptive history. It would make it easier to understand the whole concept of the character and helps show how her personality actually is in a real situation. Keep up the great work.

21st September 2006, 11:52 PM
Hello how are you doing I am so thrilled that you are calling you character Jatara because that is my first name. I swear to you that, that is my real name like on my birth card and all. At first I was like I know that she didn't just make up a name for a half elf and half human character but then I was like why the heck not. Thats Whats up. Well you need to make Jatara a gemini and have her birthday in may on the 24th like mine. Make sure that when you finish this story email me it so that I can finish it and see how my make believe character destiny ended up.

Thanks, Jatara the Human.

23rd September 2006, 04:10 PM

N00b soup...my FAVORITE!!!

Things I liked:
*Good setup and skeleton
*Very well worded
*Interesting Item list
*Cool name

Things I disliked:
*Your history is like a paragraph.

Seeing as it is obvious that you have been roleplaying for a seriously long time, you could have put more effort into your history.


7 - Good. Make up a good history. Anything will do!

^_^ Asiram