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17th April 2005, 03:50 PM
This post is a declaration by KanKardesligi Alliance (KK). It is not the personal view of the KanKardesligi account holder, and reflects the opinions of our members as a whole.

As most of you know KanKardesligi account has been suspended for 3 days and multiple accounts in our chain has been banned without any explanation or proof. KK chain has not committed any action thatís not taken by other players or alliances. The accusation of multiple account usage, as stated along the 3 day suspension penalty, is completely false and we believe a make-up by the administrators of Kings of Chaos (KOC). The second accusation of script usage is totally out of the blue, as KK never used any extra help of any kind of software for his own profit.Spy scripts were used by all alliances last age(PR,SC,LOP etc.)and still using.They also used scripts for recruiting officers.But their leaders didnt get suspend for these kinds of programs.

Delivering penalties is a serious duty. The policy makers of KOC should have known better than thinking pressing a button only deletes an account, as it destroys many hours and weeks of hard work. It is also this administration that does not bother to send a few sentences about the penalty to the account holder or cares to build a place on their website to announce this kind of important developments. In civilised parts of the world, people are innocent until proved otherwise, yet KOC administrators have proved multiple times that they have underdeveloped cultural assets. Commercial worries have taken over their behaviour, and they cannot even deliver the same punishment, right or wrong, to the same actions.

To all the players of KOC... Do not lose your respect to KanKardesligi as it is neither more innocent nor more guilty than others. We have used technologies for our members that are routinely used by any major alliance in this game. KK has brought excitement to this game, and although there are some major alliances creating the dirty work in this game, itís KK along with a few others that are chosen to be the scapegoats.You should know that KanKardesligi is a family of blood brothers, and even if only one of us is not going to have fun in this game anymore, it doesn't worth to stay here. We played with our honour and we won't stay here as there is discrimination among players. As a reaction to the unjust actions by the KOC administrators, our members will be deleting their accounts and leave KOC forever.

This will be the last post on GUA forums by KanKardesligi. After taking the first place in the game KK account will be deleted. You will see that it has the power to control the game until the end of this age. We have the ability to win this game, but we will not do it because KOC admins are not prepared for this and they will not be making money on our backs from now on. We
deliver our best wishes to our supporters, people who still have any passion for this game.


KanKardesligi Alliance

Note:KK didnt get any sell off from any1 to prove that my attacklog

And also my armory while in first place(Account will delete with its whole armory)

My stat id
Bye All

18th April 2005, 11:01 AM
i split the whole thread minus the first post to warnings, this way people can find out what happened to kk but they don't have to go thru the mindless bickering that happened thereafter.