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15th April 2005, 11:24 PM
Alliance Name: The Eternal Alliance

Alliance Member Count (on forums): 185

Alliance Forum Link: http://eterall.proboards16.com/index.cgi

Brief description of your alliance: The Eternal Alliance (TEA) is one of KoC's most aged alliances. Founded on October 1st, 2003, TEA has stood strong and has weathered many KoC eras. After a long period of stagnancy TEA returns once again to the great gua forums.
We play KoC. We play galaxis. We play hyperiums. We play DarkThrone. There are other games as well.
We are an alliance of close friends. It is time for some new blood; we're looking for people who love KoC because of the people and would like to meet more friends.
The Eternal Alliance calls you. We are still standing. We will stand for all eternity.

Join now!

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9th May 2005, 11:44 AM
TEA is one of the oldest and most prestigious alliances in KoC. If you're looking for an excellent alliance with some experienced players, then check out The Eternal Alliance. It's been around since Age 1, and I believe it is one of the three oldest surviving alliances. :)

9th May 2005, 04:59 PM
Some of the oldest, wisest, and friendliest KoC players are on our board. We encourage diversity, new blood, new ideas, and great fun.
TEA has proved its worth again and again in KoC, and we ask that you join us and enjoy!