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14th April 2005, 01:04 PM
Sepheroth, make the first post.

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14th April 2005, 02:54 PM
Welcome to the new Sith Order, you are now aboard the Dark Lord's station, The Star Forge, orbiting around Korriban.
First of all, the Sith merely are honest, while the Jedi and their Council live in their own isolated life with lies. They toss away the truth, their emotions, and everything that makes them sentient beings, while we embrace them. We are true to our feelings; it is only human to do so. As the Jedi have their false code, so we, too, have created a code. The Code of the Sith,

Peace is a lie
There is only passion
Through passion I gain strength
Through strength I gain power
Through power I gain victory
Through victory my chains are broken
The Force shall set me free


Dark Lord of the Sith- This is the leader of the clan. The true master of the Sith. If this leader should fall, his apprentice shall take his place as Dark Lord.

Advisor- An advisor is someone the leader looks to for advice for if the leader is indecisive or seeks a second opinion.

Royal Guard- These soldiers main purpose is to protect the Dark Lord. They can use a useful amount of weapons to aid them in this (these men can also use lightsabers if they were trained to use one).

Sith Archon- A commander of the Dark Jedi, specializing in training and the use of the lightsaber and the Force.

Sith Master- This is one who has mastered all of the skills of the Dark Side, though he is not strong enough to be leader just yet. Experience: Light Saber, Dual Light Sabers, Double Bladed Light Saber.

Assasins- These men carry out assassination missions for the Sith, for a price of course. Just like the Elite and Royal Guard, these men/women uses a huge variaty of weapons (Heavy to Light wepons and lightsabers if you were trained to use one)

Dark Jedi Knight- After being trained for a few years (in this case, your skills) this will be your title if you wish it. Weapon: Light Saber, Dual Light Sabers, Double Bladed Light Saber.

Sith Elite Trooper- These are soldiers for the Sith. Advanced Soldiers know how to use their abilities and skills in weapons to their full potential. Weapons: Vibro Swords and Blasters.

Dark Side Apprentice- There are times when the Dark Jedi needs to pass their knowledge onto someone else. That is when they choose an apprentice. Once their training is complete, they become Dark Jedi Knights (unless if they are taken under the Dark Lords Wing).

Sith Soldier- Not everyone chooses what they want to become. In this case, these soldiers get to choose a role in the Sith Order (everyone starts off as this).

In addition to this, The Dark Lord, his Knights and Masters are given their own ship to command. The soldiers run the ship (users or not, there are other soldiers running the ship. It's an army for god sake). Also seeing how I am the Dark Lord (this is optional for knights, but apprentices have no choice) you must bow to the Dark Lord or to your supiriors.

Added note(s): If you want a droid, you have to buy one. I'll set up the money system soon. Also training threads will come soon aswell. When you arrive, name your ship you come in and what kind of ship it is.

The main Battle Ships of the Sith:

SS Kolmar (http://members.iinet.net.au/~glenn.crouch/wallpapers/RD2003%20-%20Super%20Star%20Destroyer.jpg)- Exidos' Flag Ship. Sepheroth and Ky-Kiske

SS Gazmogzian (http://www.synapse.ne.jp/~save/mechanic/starship/sd1.jpg)- lord-troja

SS Feragut (http://www.theforce.net/swtc/Pix/kdy/mmisd01.gif)- Krogothic

SS Quatnum (http://www.xwaupgrade.com/screenshots/vsd1/VictorySD6.jpg)- Swordsplay

SS Bolgar (http://www.nonsolomartelli.net/Guerre%20Stellari/immagini%204/Star%20Destroyer.jpg)- Notorious

SS Dominance ( Loco_Loco

SS Fring (http://www.starwars.stopklatka.pl/images/stardest.jpg)- The Truth

SS Zanterus (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v215/Thantis/RejuvenatorStarDestroyer.jpg)- Tyrus

Dark Lord: Sepheroth

Advisor: Tyrus

Royal Guard: N/A

Sith Archon: N/A

Sith Masters: Notorious, Someone (Darth Geradian)

Assasins: N/A

Dark Jedi Knight: Loco_Loco

Sith Elite Trooper: N/A

Dark Side Apprentice: Ky-Kiske. Someone (Kennin) fatbreadstick (Loco Loco's apprentice)

Sith Soldiers:
The Truth

Lets get this started.


The Star Forge. A huge structure in the middle of space that is said to be a deadly weapon. It still is and now it is in the hands of a new Dark Lord of the Sith. Lord Exidos.

Darth Exidos was a young man. About twenty five years old to be exact. His features are like any other Dark Jedi: Yellow eyes, drained skin, short black hair and is about six feet tall. He still wears his old Dark Jedi Master's robes, but he added a cape to it and a hood to show that he was supirior.

Darth Exidos was now heading back to the Star Forge on the flag ship (Super Star Destroyer) Kolmar, after recruiting new members to the order. Hopefully, all of them will be loyal to him in every way.

Captin: My lord. We have entered the Star Forge's sector.

Exidos: Good. Bring us to the Star Forge. I have to welcome my new soldiers and apprentice. Also get this ship ready to move out to Dantooine in five hours. Do I make myself clear, Admiral?

Captin/Admiral: Yes sir and thank you sir.

The Kolmar then reached the Star Forge. Darth Exidos departed from the ship and went to the dinning hall, which was four decks past the bridge. When He reached it, he sat down at the head of the table and waited for his guests to arrive in their ships.

14th April 2005, 04:19 PM
Darth Temor had been flying his TTG3340 for a while when he finaly came in sight of the Star Forge, ok, here we go, I will finaly be able to complete my training and be able to figh agains the jedi scum side by side with my sith brothers!

The TTG3340 pulled up into the docking bay but with a bit of a bash, "Damn!" Temor jumped out of his ship and ran to the back where he has crashed it, "Oh crap, that looks bad!" He said as he examined the rear left thruster luckly it is only the light thruster, I will still be able to fly her, just won't be able to fly at lightspeed until I get a droid to fix that... Speaking of that I do need to buy a droid, I hope I can get one here somewhere, they better not cost too much though!

He left his ship and walked out onto the main deck, "Excuse me! Could you please tell me the location of Lord Exidos?" He said to a trooper who was walking nervously past him "Oh he i..is in there" Said the trooper sounding suspiciously nervous as he pointed towards a large door. "Very well, back to your duties then!" Said Temor as he walked towards the door, the door opend swiftly for him and he stepped through into what looked like a dinning hall, he saw a large table, at the head was his new master Lord Exidos "Greeting master" Said Temor bowing as he spoke "Do you wish for me to sit?"

14th April 2005, 04:25 PM
Darth Exidos looked over at his apprentice and said, "Yes. Take a seat. If you want to know, there are no droid shops here. Once the rest of our breatheren show up, we'll disembark for the planet Dantooine. I want to make sure that the Jedi councel there is completely destroyed." He then senced that his new apprentice is a little timmid. "You don't need to worry about that peice of junk for long. I will make sure you get a battle ship you can command, but for now, you shall only ride with me on the Kolmar."

14th April 2005, 04:34 PM
"Very well master!" *he bowed once more and took a seat at the side of the table near the end his master was sat at* "How many more should we be expecting master? I am looking forward to our 'trip' to Dantooine!" He laughed silently to himself "I would also be very greatful if I was to recive a ship, master, that would be very generous of you!"

14th April 2005, 04:51 PM
"No need to thank me and we should be expecting them soon. TeeThree!" An astro droid rolled up to Lord Exidos and waited for a command. "My apprentice. This is T3-M4. You will do well to show him respect. TeeThree, fetch Darth Temor's sword." T3-M4 went out of the room and cam back with a Vibro Sword in it's utility claw. It went up to Darth Temor and dropped the sword on his lap.

"That is a Vibro Sword," Exidos said. "It is like any other sword, but it has a speical coating on it that makes it resistant to anything, even a lightsaber. This will be your training weapon."

14th April 2005, 05:02 PM
Temor looked down at the sword that had been droped onto his lap by the droid "Resistent to a lightsaber! Thankyou master!" *He picked up the sword and examined the blade, "This is very impressive master, thankyou!" He sheathed the sword and attatched it to his belt, "I will use it wisely master. Also if you do not mind me asking when might we be starting on my training?"

14th April 2005, 08:15 PM
"Really? You want to know when?" Darth Exidos got up and walked over to the window behind the head of the table. He looked out for a few minutes then turned quickly around, charged his force powers and raised his hand into the air. A huge force wave spread across the room, causing all of the chairs to fly back to the door.

Force Power: Force Wave.
Target: Darth Temor

The Truth
15th April 2005, 05:31 AM
The hissing sound of the airlock releasing from the starboard side of the massive Star Forge announced the arrival of a new member of the Sith Order. As the circular door spiraled open, through a mist of steam and smoke stepped the infamous Adder Obsidian. The steam cleared through the ventilation as the Krath waited patiently on the steel floor, his towering frame looming menacingly in the hallway about.

Now, let's see how serious these folks think they are.

Turning his hips to walk towards the center of the mighty space station, Adder was a sight behold. Somewhere near six foot, four inches tall, the ghastly white skin of the sinister Sith contrasted starkly from his black robe and slicked back ebony hair. His Krath Battle Armor was strapped tight across his chest as the navy trim shined forth occasionally from behind it's lightless base. A chromed vestige protruded from his left sleeve, as his metallic pulse-generating left hand glowed like sapphire in the trying lights of the antechambers. Obsidian walked smoothly, his heels striking the ground in perfect harmony as he strided forward, the steel soles creating a hollow, echoing tone throughout the corridor.

Long I have waited. A resurgence of the Sith may be at hand... but how strong? It has been too long since I have tasted Jedi blood, and collecting the training tails of fallen Padawans can only keep a soldier busy for so long.

His eyes forward, his face stoic, Adder Obsidian was aware of all around him, yet focused on the task at hand. In the chamber ahead, Darth Exidos was training some new soldier, a man whom Adder had yet to meet. As he entered the room, he reluctantly knelt, never taking his eyes from the heretofore unproven Lord Exidos. He spoke smoothly, although the characteristic hiss to his voice was unmistakable.

"Lord Exidos, I have arrived. I hope that more than thisss shall appear, if we are to take down the vile Jedi sssswine."

So this... is Lord Exidos? How have I not heard of him, in my past tours? Where is Lord Anubis, or the others that I have followed? While his drawing us here is impressive, we have much to do.

15th April 2005, 07:15 AM
Im reserving this space for my entrance, give me time to make it first :p... ok its ready

Not far behind drifted a dark figure who had not yet been exposed to the light inside the dining hall. As he crept closer to the open, he raised his head and gazed with a curious but tough expression on his face.

"I have come" spoke the calm Lorgon Korg. "I have travelled afar to quell amongst this establishment. I think I can learn much."

Realising he had not introduced himself yet, he quickly added "I am Lorgon Korg, may I be seated?"

15th April 2005, 09:13 AM
"Really? You want to know when?" Darth Exidos got up and walked over to the window behind the head of the table. He looked out for a few minutes then turned quickly around, charged his force powers and raised his hand into the air. A huge force wave spread across the room, causing all of the chairs to fly back to the door.

Force Power: Force Wave.
Target: Darth Temor

Temor started to fly backwards towards the wall but he focused on the floor and began truing to pull it towards him, he knew he would not be able to move the floor but this would bring him back down to the floor, "Huh, I was not expecting that master, but I have learnt to never let my guard down, I can tell my training is going to be very interesting!" He did not yet take his seat, he just bowed and waited for his master.

15th April 2005, 09:20 AM
Dark Thardus boarded the Star Forge in his personalized ship. He got out and saw a lot of hassle going on. He thought it was pretty interesting. He saw another Sith lord get flung across the floor. Thardus glanced at him and snickered quitely to himself thinking....

To much of a rush rush attack young Sith

He continued walking towards the so called "master" cloaked from head to toe. He had the same black and brownish robe before with black gloves to hide his identity. Even when you looked into his face, all you could see was darkness. He approached the "master" and began to speak in a dark evil deep voice. "Are you the so called Sith master that the young one spoke of when I arrived? My name is Darth Thardus." Thardus has his hands folded across his chest as he waited for a reply.

15th April 2005, 10:46 AM
OOC: Okay. Two things. 1: I now put the some of the ships we are using on my first post. look at it if you can. 2: Thank you all for joining up. I talked of the leader of the NJO and he wishes us luck. Lets try to keep this clan alive.


Darth Eixdos chuckled a bit at his apprentice. "You are good, but not good enough. You may take your seat again."

"Lord Exidos, I have arrived. I hope that more than thisss shall appear, if we are to take down the vile Jedi sssswine."

Exidos looked over to the new arrival. "Of course my friend. State your name, then take a seat.” He then examined his force waves. “If you are wondering, Lord Anubis is dead from what I have heard."

"I have come. I have travelled afar to quell amongst this establishment. I think I can learn much. I am Lorgon Korg, may I be seated?"

"Yes Lorgon Korg. You may take a seat." Exidos then sat down at the head of the table again and waited for more to come.

"Are you the so called Sith master that the young one spoke of when I arrived? My name is Darth Thardus."

“It is true, Darth Thardus. You may call me Lord Exidos, the new Sith Lord. Take a seat now, if you please.” He then summoned T3-M4 again and told him to get drinks for all of his guests. “My friends. You have all traveled across the galaxy to serve the new Sith Order. Before we can get on with our business, recite the Code of the Sith to me.”

15th April 2005, 11:09 AM
"Peace is a lie
There is only passion
Through passion I gain strength
Through strength I gain power
Through power I gain victory
Through victory my chains are broken
The Force shall set me free"

Darth Temor recited the code of the sith then he took his seat at the side of Lord Exidos (not at the head of the table)

He then turned to the others "My name is Darth Temor, I am glad you have all come here, I am sure it will be a great experiance for me to fight alongside all of you!"

The Truth
15th April 2005, 06:41 PM
Adder patiently waited in his kneeling position until the inquisition he had sought was finally returned. The raspy, hollow voice of Darth Exidos carried with it an air of camaraderie. This was certainly unique from any Sith Lord he had ever dealt with.

"Of course my friend. State your name, then take a seat... If you are wondering, Lord Anubis is dead from what I have heard."

Adder then stood, lifting his gaze up even higher, to the face of his master. The long, drawn face of Obsidian bore upon it a long, aquiline nose and deep set eyes that shone back a defiant, shark-like black. His crooked smile twisted across his thin face as he pulled his arms into a pretzel-like contortion across his chest.

"Very well, Lord Exidos. My name is Adder Obsidian. I have fought alongside Sith branches in many systems, under various leadership groups. Many times I have seen the Order rise and fall, while those loathesome Jedi continue to prosper. The time is now to end their reign of dominance, and bring a balance to the force."

As he finished speaking, in his hissing diatribe, the tall Krath strode down the metallic steps into the main chamber, his gaze never leaving the Dark Lord. The time for him to contemplate the downfall of Lord Anubis, or the strange path his life had led him would come at some other time. He felt different now, alive, and yearned to sharpen his skills, in preparation for battle. While he already knew the vast majority of fundamental Sith commands, he would need to shake the rust from his technique before they would again be useful in battle.

16th April 2005, 10:07 AM
OOC: Okay. I'm going to make the quest now.


First Class Gunner Zek, of the SS Kolmar, came into the room, walked up to Exidos and said, "All ships are ready, my lord." Exidos nodded, got up and started walking towards the doors. "Everyone, go to your ships. My apprentice, acompany me to the Kolmar."

16th April 2005, 10:14 AM
"As you wish master!" Temor stood up and walked over to the doors near his master "Pardon me for asking master but where was it you said we are going?"

Negative S
16th April 2005, 03:16 PM
"The assassins life is one of sacrifice and devoid of all emotions!"

"You all sound the same...time after time you tell me that I cant be an assassin nad why...because your afraid..."

"Afraid...Afraid of what...you! Ha child do not fool yorself you are nothing...gra!...uhhh what...what have you done...I...I..."

"Like I said you area foolish and affraid...you cannot deny me the ways of the assassin."

Sek kicked the body to make sure it was dead, but he was not satisfied. He kikced the human across the face snapping its neck and walked off. He left behind nothing more than a mandelorian poison dart stuck in the jugular vein of the sap of a jedi. He had spent years trying to go into their order as an assassin but they have always told him that he could not be one. Why because the pansy faced jedi do not believe in assassination. Well they will see they will pay they will all pay.

Sek walked out onto the landing pad and found the jedi's starfighter and jumped in. The droid in the back started to whirl and beep and buzz louder than a swoop a rioting crowd at a swoop race.


The r2 unit went silent and turned its viewing lens onto the dark red eyed blue haired face of its new owner.

"You work for me now and your going to take me to the nearest Sith star cruiser. Do you understand."

The thing did not answer it simply powered up the engines and lifted off the platform. The star fighter left the atmosphere and headed out into space. Before it left the gravitational pull of the planet it made contact with a hyperdrive ring and latched on loading all destinations. On the list was a ship called the SS Kolmar. The droid loaded the treck map and activated the hyperdrive. It was a long flight, but Sek did not knwo the difference. He had gone into a hybernation.

HE felt a darkness gathering in his mind and body, a darkness that he was familiar with. He had been with the sith once and they abdoned him. He went o a journey to prve himself useful but ahd failed at that too. Now he was at a last standing point for his life. If he could not get in contact with a Sith assassin master soon Sek would slink into the shadows and drift off into the galaxy alone and purposeless.

Seventeen hours later he was awoken by a sharp his in his head, the mental communicator used by all jedi, and a threatening voice...it was a human....and he was a sith. It was not hard to tell. It was most prfound by the curt sharp tone of his voice.

"Jedi vessel stand down and prepare for boarding you are under Sith control now...filthy maggot."

"How dare you call me maggot you pitiful excuse for a Sith if I werent sealed in this dmaned jedi ship I would wring your neck with my are hands until it pooped off and rolled on the floor at my feet."

Sek opened the hatch and jumped out landing lightly on the deck with cat like reflexes he reached behind him with both hands and flipped a droid who had been sneaking up on him taking it head off. He grabbed the balster rifle it had been carrying and raised his right arm which had his dart blaster on it aiming it at the nearest human.

"I am Sek La' Ramout former Sith assassin. If you would be so knid as to take me to Darth Exido I wold be most abliged."

17th April 2005, 02:20 PM
OOC: I appoligize for not putting up a post now. lord-troja, good to have you here. I have the clan quest up in the BA. There you will prove yourselfs worthy of our order (and hopefully the NJO will notice us)

19th April 2005, 04:19 PM
Click, clack, click, clack, click, clack…

The sound of boots coming into contact with the floor could be heard through the halls of the Star Forge. Everyone that laid their eyes upon the figure seemed to sink back into the shadows away from the new comer, the aura of power and death emitting from him was strong. The man wore a black sith robe, with a crimson sash tied loosely around his waist. The hood of his robe was pulled up over his face keeping his eyes hidden from all observers, through the holes in his hood came a crown of black horns that adorned the beings head. His eyes gave off a cold, demented feeling almost as if the man had been tortured to a point of no understanding and that feeling was glued into his eyes.

So the sith are re-uniting under a new Sith Lord, I doubt this one will be anything like Lord Anubis… perhaps one of my former allies will be here.

As the cloaked man made his entrance into the main hall he noticed a few other members in the room, all of which were sat around the long table in the middle of the room. At the head of the table appeared to be the new Sith Lord, he didn’t look like anything special. In fact he looked to be somewhat feeble and weak, but upon closer inspection of the aura of force coming off of the man it became obvious why he was in his position. Caim decided to suppress his aura, so that the Sith Lord would not expect great things from him. Looking around at the various faces in the room Caim soon realized that there was only one person he had met before, and this was a person Caim was quite glad to see.

The last time I seen him, I still had my flesh. He most likely won’t recognize me.

“Adder…” Caim said in his sick demented tone, just barely enough for anyone to hear.

Lifting his hands up to his face Caim wrapped his fingers around the edges of the hood. As he did this the sleeves on his robe slid down his arms making his skinless flesh visible. The visible muscle and bone behind the rotting flesh was something that would shock the unexpected. His hood folded nicely along his shoulders, outlining the metallic gauntlet covering the entire left arm of the Zabrak Warrior. The gauntlet was made out of the same material as a vibro-blade allowing it to block nearly anything, including light sabers.

“Dark Lord, I am Caim Laroon. I have served under many Dark Lords including Malak, Revan, and most recent to my knowledge Lord Anubis. My hatred for the Jedi has brought me here, hopefully you will not disappoint me like other Dark Lords have in the past.” He said in his demented voice.

While he spoke the fleshless Zabrak watched with his cold purple eyes, as the Krath walked out of the room.

19th April 2005, 05:45 PM
“Dark Lord, I am Caim Laroon. I have served under many Dark Lords including Malak, Revan, and most recent to my knowledge Lord Anubis. My hatred for the Jedi has brought me here, hopefully you will not disappoint me like other Dark Lords have in the past.”

Darth Exidos sat back down in his seat and said, "Malak? My old Sith master told me of him. Reven killed Malak in a brutal battle. Then I killed Reven with my own hands. This Lord Anubis, I have never heard of. I am Lord Exidos. I can assure you that I won't dissapoint any of you. Please, take a seat." The comlink's lights flashed, showing that there is a message for the Dark Lord. "Lord Exidos, the two new ships you requested has been completed. The Fring and The Dominance."

"Understood. Carry on," said Exidos. He then looked at everyone at the table. Now that we have succeded in claiming Dantooine, destroying the jedi residing on it and captured the boy, the New Jedi Order will never stop our mission of conquest of this galaxy."

Somewhere on the Star Forge:

"I am Sek La' Ramout former Sith assassin. If you would be so kind as to take me to Darth Exidos, I would be most abliged."

The soldier nodded and said, "Right this way sir." He started walking down a long hall way, until he came to a huge door way. "He's through here. Carry on."

20th April 2005, 09:30 AM
"Master, I wish to congratulate you on leading us to our first victory against the jedi, under your rule. I also wish to thankyou for helping me out back there, you are a truly great master!" Temor bowed and then took his seat again, "I am sure there will be many more victories for us over the jedi under your ruling master! What are you going to do with the boy, master?"

20th April 2005, 10:42 AM
"The boy is to be my apprentice. He is to be taught the ways of the darkside. I know that it is impossible to take on a second apprentice, but that is about to change." Lord Exidos got up and started to walk out of the room. On his way out, he said to Temor, "When I return from my home, I will bring you to the Vally of the Dark Lords on Koribban. There you will complete your training and become who you were ment to be. A Dark Jedi Knight. Once You reach this rank, you will be able to train others to follow in your footsteps. I will take my leave now gentlemen and May the Force serve you." With that, Exidos left the room, boarded the Kolmar and flew off towards Tatooine using the hyperspace technology installed on the ship.

21st April 2005, 01:56 PM
Ok, apparently I am incharge for now so erm... ok!
"Ok, goodbye master!" Said Temor as his master left the room, he then turned to the remaining sith, "The jedi scum are still powerful, we may have been succsessful in our last operation, but even so they are still powerful! This is because they have followers, lots of them, children who they train, and Jedi Knights who they have already trained, and I am sure many of them would be tempted by the power that is the dark side! We need to increase our numbers if we are to defeat the jedi. We should not make any major moves while the master is not here, but we can plan so as soon as he returns we can strike swiftly. Do any of you have any ideas on a plan of action?" He was slightly unsure if he should be talking to them like this, like it was he who was the master, but he felt it was right so he just glanced round the room at his comrades and hoped they would not think he was being rude!

24th April 2005, 01:09 AM
Sepheroth, whatever we do, we will not be able to attract the attention of NJO no matter what we do. Starforge existed in KOTOR/2 was around the time of Exar Kun and the starforge is what our base is on. however as far as i can tell, NJO is based on Yavin 4 which is into the time of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. We cannot have conflict between the 2 clans unless we go far ahead in time which is impossible.

After the long break from the first mission of capturing Dantooine, Lorgon gets involved with a small conversation with his followers in his quarters and orders them back to Dantooine to help prepare the enclave for transformation to an academy, however requests for one of them to stay with him, a female soldier by the name of Telga.

He then heads back in a casual but smart-looking manner to the main table in the large open hall and sits.

"Exidos, what shall be our next mission? or are we to stay put for a while?"

25th April 2005, 06:09 AM
OOC: Ah. I am back after a kick ass compitition in Atlanta, GA.


After a few days, the Kolmar returned from Tatooine to the Star Forge. Lord Exidos boarded the Star Forge by using a stolen Jedi Starfighter. He then went to the armory/ship development center and said to the soldier incharge there, "I want you to download any scimatics, plans and weaponry on that Jedi Starfighter." The soldier saluted then asked, "Where exactally did you get it, my lord?" Exidos didn't say anything. He just walked out of the room and went to the dinning hall, where everyone else is. The men in the armory/ship development center started to work on the starfighter.

Lord Exidos then entered the room with an evil smile on his face. He looked over to his followers and said, "It seems that I have found a way to travel into the future. I just came back from a time when our order was wiped out, or so it seemed. I managed to "barrow" a Jedi Starfighter from one of the members of their order when my ship accidentally traveled into the Outer Rim. There was a masive amount of pure energy lurking in that corner of the galaxy. I think, if we use it to get our base to the future, we can assist any Sith members and make then join us." He then looked over at his apprentice, "Darth Temor, it's time."

25th April 2005, 09:55 AM
"Yes master!" Temor stood up and bowed to his master, "We are leaving now, on the Kolmar?" Without waiting for an answer he got up and walked out of the room towards the hangar where the Kolmar was docked.

Finally, I get to complete my training and use my lightsaber and the power of the dark side of the force properly! I hope this final trial is not too hard! As he thought this he pulled out his vibro sword and started to swing it around, practising for the test ahead.

25th April 2005, 07:02 PM
"I think it's about time I introduce our new member. Guards! Bring in the boy!" The guards saluted and walked out of the room. They went to the prison block and looked into the last cell. "You, boy! Come with us!"

25th April 2005, 08:43 PM
( sorry about my absence....im imbearased to say why i havint been on latley.... :uhh: .....well this is a nothing post....to tired....sorry i'll sum it up and not rp at my best... )

* after being captured and taken abord the Sith ship, they brought him into the medical room, and the doctors gave him some medications, and put him into a healing pod and gave him some insterments to help him breath, and some others to monitor his heart beat, vital signs ect. They closed the tank, and it slowly filled up with bacta, and it slowly began to heal his back, and the wound in his chest from the blaster fire. for a hole day, Ivan had been in the tank, and his back had nearly healed, and his chest wound had fully heled. they took him out of the tank, and unhooked him. he was asleep, and they took care not to wake him, as they didn't want any "troble".

Finaly, Ivan ended up in a small prison chamber, and they set him on the bed, and left locking the door. an hour later, two guards showed up, and unlocked the door, stepd in and shook Ivan awake. "get up kid NOW! " the shout echoed though the small chamber, and ivan flinched, and woke up "ugh....where am i? " he said, opening his eyes, he did not know where he was, or what was going on, suddenly, both guards grabed him by his shoulders, and draged him from the chamber, Ivan struggled and faught the guards. but their grips where to strong for him to brake. quickly, ivan was able to get to his feet and start walking with them. finaly, they ended up in the chamber where Exodius was. " here he is Sir. " they said, holding Ivan who was still fighting with them *

25th April 2005, 08:51 PM
Exidos smiled evily. He walked over to the boy, kneeled down and said, "Hello. I'm sorry for the rudeness of my guards." He looked up at them and told them to realese him. They then went back to their posts. Lord Exidos looked at the boy. He was feeling the Force grow stronger in him. "You are an interesting child. I bet your father would be proud if you were to join me in my mission to destroy the jedi."

25th April 2005, 08:56 PM
* Ivan wanted to run, but for some reason, he couldint move any part of his body. he felt as if he had been stuned. Hello. I'm sorry for the rudeness of my guards. "You are an interesting child. I bet your father would be proud if you were to join me in my mission to destroy the jedi." Ivan stared at him, tears running down his face, as fear started to take ahold of him "Kill...The Jedi?....Why would i want to do that?! " Ivan said, his voice turning from his normal tone into a half shout as he finished speaking. The fear inside him, started to show on his face and eyes *

25th April 2005, 09:12 PM
"Hahaha. I can see the fear in your eyes from what I said about the jedi. They were going to take you from your family and train you to forget your past and your right to use the force to get what you want. They will always tell you that peace will slove all of the problems in the galaxy. Peace is a lie. It always leads to war. There is only passion. With it, you will gain strength to fight your enemies. Through that strength, you'll gain the power you need to cut your enemies down. Once you use that power, you will gain victory over all that stands in your way. Once you acheved that victory, the chains that were holding you back from using your strength and power will be broken. It is the Force that will set you free and with my help, you will be unstopable. The Jedi's lies will poison your mind if you join them, stop you from knowing the truth about the Force. Join us Ivan and together we will rule the universe!"

25th April 2005, 09:16 PM
*Ivan stared at Exodius. His words sounded just like his dads, but....no...thes words seemed diffrent, but the same. he didn't know how but it did. "thats....Thats the...same hting my dad said! The jedi have allready come for me, but my dad wouldint let them take me! he never wanted any of this! he said it would destory me! just like what you did to him! " Ivan shouted, takeing a small step back from Exodius *

27th April 2005, 07:32 AM
Exidos laughed at the boy. "Hahahahahaaa! I can already see that the Dark Side is consuming you, but it needs more anger and pain from you. Guards, take him to the Torture Chamber and give him the torture of Force Shock. Keep doing it until he gives in. Hahahahahaaa!" Darth Exidos then walked back to his seat. "As I was saying before, we are going to travel through time and space. Apperently, I forgot to mention how I got to the future. Through another fortress that has been built by our mentors. The True Sith Lords. It looks like a Star Forge, but instead of it absorbing the energies of the Dark Side, it realeses it into a Worm Hole. Thus creating a way to travel into the future." He then turned to Caim and said, "Caim! Come here. I have a job for you. I need you to kill more jedi. There should be some on Tatooine. Kill them all, but make sure they don't become one with the Force." He then drew his attention over to Lorgon Korg. "Korg, I want you to travel back to Dantooine and kill any remaining Jedi and bring them back here. What I am planning is to drain them of their Force Powers and absorb it into myself. Of course, you will be rewarded. Same goes for you, Caim."

27th April 2005, 08:13 AM
Lorgon thinks for a minute before carrying out his order, but questions it instead in a serious but soft tone.

"Why the immediate need to kill them? sure... draining energy out of them is understandable, but wouldn't some sort of interrogation be more reasonable first? You never know if we could get some information out of them or not... Or better yet, we could "persuade" them to become one of us and serve us... It's wise to choose options carefully Exidos. I'm sure my skills of manipulation can be of some use."

28th April 2005, 09:20 AM
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28th April 2005, 09:30 AM
(yes the face is the face of Darth Temor but I want you to know I didn't ask for tha, pure coincidence :))

wrong, it's darth nilius from KOTOR 2

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28th April 2005, 10:39 AM
"Hmm...your right. Capture and persuade them to give us information. If not, then kill them and make sure they don't become one with the Force. If you need me, i'll be recruiting this young man into our order." Exidos walked out of the room and went to the torcher chamber. The guards grabbed Ivan and dragged him to the room. The locked him onto a table and stepped away. Exidos stepped forward and did a Force Lightning to Ivan.

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4th May 2005, 11:30 PM
(sorry about the delay, and sorry about the bad post, to tired.... )

* IVan struggled with the guards as they took him into the chamber. "Let go of me! " he shouted, as they strapped him down onto a small pallet, that was way to big for him, but would of easyally fitted a normal sized human. "Let go of me! " he shouted again, struggleing at his bonds, tears flowing down his face *

5th May 2005, 07:27 AM
"Hahahahaha." Exidos laughed. "You are strong, child. But I will break you." He held out his hands and said, "Time for you to get a dose of the power that you deserve." He then launched a Force Lightning at Ivan. The guards laughed at the sight of the torture. Exidos then stopped and went out of the room. "I'll be beack soon. I just remembered that my apprentice needs to complete his training. Watch him!" The guards saluted and started watching Ivan.

On the way to the Kolmar, he noticed oon the Ebon Hawk that there was a deactivated droid named HK 47. He reactivated him and told him that he was now going to be Darth Temors droid. When they reached the Kolmar, it took off towards Koribban.

5th May 2005, 11:39 AM
Darth Temor, the new Dark Jedi Knight, boarded the SS Kolmar after completing his training, his new droid HK-47 by his side. "We shall go and find Lord Exidos now, then we will see if there is anything to be done. Now follow me." Said Temor to his droid as he walked out of the boarding bay and into the main corridor leading to the main deck and the office of Lord Exidos. "Here it is, you keep quiet while I talk to him please." He said pointing out a thick gas locked metal door on the right had side of the corridor. He walked up to it and waited for a moment then the door opened automaticly with the sound of several gass locks opening, he stepped through, he droid following him then the doors shut again imidiatley. He took a seat at the side of the room and indicated for his droid to do the same. "We will wait here for Lord Exidos, I belive he will be here shortly." He said looking towards the door.

6th May 2005, 07:49 AM
The Kolmar arrived at the Star Forge. Lord Exidos was now wearing Darth Reven's robes. He walked into the room that Darth Temor was in and said, "Come, my friend. We have arrived at the Star Forge." He walked out of the room, went to the hanger, boarded the Ebon Hawk and flew to the Star Forge. T3-M4 greeted his master back. Both of them went to the bridge to begin preperations of moving the Star Forge. After that, Exidos went back to the torture room, went up to Ivan and said, "Time for another dose, young one. He then charged up his Force powers and launched another Force Lightning at Ivan.

OOC: Make sure you take a look at the first page. It has two new ships and a new rank in the order.

6th May 2005, 09:27 AM
Darth Temor boarded the Star Forge for the first time as a full Dark Jedi Knight, wearing his new proper Dark Jedi Robes. 'So it is done, I am now a Dark Jedi Knight! My training is complete.' He walked round for a while observing all the goings on about the Star Forge, then he decided to head to the bridge to oversee the preparations that where being made to move the Star Forge, his droid, HK-47 close behind him all the time. "I am not exactly sure of Lord Exidos' plans, all I know is that he plans to move forward intime, but I still have no idea of how he plans to do it, I will stay here for a while to observe what is going on. You could go to the armory to get yourself a weapon if you want, I am sure they would have what you need." He said to HK-47 as he watched all the men scurrying around under him in the control room.

16th May 2005, 10:22 AM
One of the soldiers walked up to Exidos and said, "Lorgon Korg has just arrived at Dantooine. Reconisence says that three Padawans has turned to aid us." Exidos didn't look surprised. "I knew that already. I could feel their power. As soon as he kills the remaining Jedi and we take their power for our own, we will move forward with our plans."

18th May 2005, 08:22 AM
An unmarked tie fighter flies up to the Star Forge and demands entry for any repairs nessasary and an interview with Darth Exidos.
*Waiting for clearance.*

18th May 2005, 10:39 AM
A soldier walked back up to Exidos and said, "There is a unmarked Fighter outside of the docking bay, my lord. Shall we let it through?" Exidos gave it a little thought. "Why not. Let him pass. It might be a new face looking for a job with us." The soldier bowed and went to the docking bay. He then told the control room to let fighter gain access to the bay.

Radio: By order of Lord Exidos, you are allowed to pass. Proceed.

19th May 2005, 10:10 AM
Out Of Character: hey I hope I can join and I’ll make an IC post to give my character some background. If you say its’ not good I’ll delete the post again.

In Character:
Somewhere, on a small planet…
The largest city of the planet. Races of all kinds come here to supply their ships or do bussiness. The cities are the only things worth seeing on the planet, and the only ones that are more or less safe. The outside world was dark and dangerous. Somewhere the middle of the large city a walled building stands. It had an open gate and a quite large stone courtyard. A big building stands in the middle of the courtyard. It has large windows and many chambers. A short stairway led to an iron door, that opened automatically .In this house Kennin Pas and his father Fennin lived. Kennins’ mother was sold by Fennin, a bodyguard of an important trader in the city. Fennin did more than working for that man though, he had an illegal weapons bussiness. He sold weapons to the pirates, who robbed the traders, and Fennin always got his share of the loot. His wife knew about his bussines. She felt nothing more than hate for her husband. When she had the chance she contacted the Jedi Council and told about Fennins' bussines.This was pure revenge...

Kennin Pas, Fennins' son, woke up. It seemed like it was already late, because it was light outside. He got up and looked through his window, into the courtyard. To his surprise, two men in very light brown clothes, huddled in brown cloaks, were confronting his father.
"Don't try to flee, Fennin, we know of your bussines, other Jedi's have already been sent to your pirate friends to take them away” the front Jedi said.
“Liars! Who told you this?” Fennins’ voice said angrily.
The word flashed through Kennins' head.
His father had always told him Jedi's meant nothing but trouble, and they could only be here for one reason. His fathers bussiness with the pirates.
Kennin cursed and ran downstairs. He ran at the door, but then stopped. From what he had heard Jedi’s were powerfull, and they had swords that they could use to protect themselves from blaster shots. Instead Kennin pressed his back against the wall and bended slightly to the left to look through the window. The conversation was still going on.
"Your wife contacted us. It seems that you have sold her to one of your illegal bussines partners, didn’t you?" the Jedi said again.
“No! My wife was good for nothing, I can-“
“Slavery is illegal on this planet”
“Well then, I won’t go with you no matter what!”
Fennins’ hands reached for his pistols and he jumped backwards. He aimed at the Jedi and started firing. His father had quickfire blasters, but Kennin did not know if it would be enough against the Jedi. The two men suddenly had their lightsabers in their hands. Both blue. They started deflecting the shots and slowly made their way forward. Kennin quickly pulled his head back when a deflected shot went through the window.
“Give up Fennin! We will take you to jail but if you keep resisting we’ll have to kill you!” The Jedi’s voice sounded, which was coming ever closer.
Some shots went through the door. Kennin looked through the window again. One of the Jedi’s went to the left and ducked behind a pillar. Fennin fired at the other Jedi with both blasters. The Jedi got hit, dropped his saber and got hit back by the blaster shots. Then the other one appeared from behind the pillar again and rushed at Fennin, who couldn’t bring his blasters up in time. Kennin closed his eyes. He heard the lightsaber go through the air, and a body dropped the floor. He didn't heared the voice he wants to hear.
"You left us no choice…" the Jedi said, and walked away.
Kennin closed away and tried to keep away the tears, and he succeeded. Instead of sorrow he felt anger. He felt a strange power in his anger. A power that was beyond his control, but one that was interesting to explore. The feeling faded as soon as it had come tough, yet the anger stayed. Kennin waited for a minute and then ran through the door. He father was dead on end of the stairs. There was a deep cut in his chest. Kennin picked up his fathers’ blasters and attached them to his belt.
I will revenge you
Kennin walked down the stairs. When he reached the gate he had to hold back his tears again. He failed. Suddenly he felt the presence of someone behind him.
"Jedi's are scum, aren't they?" a cold voice said.
He turned around. A man, taller than Kennin, stood infront of him. His face was hidden and he wore a black robe.
"What-What do you want?" Kennin asked, he regained the strength in his voice.
"Ever heared of the Sith?" the man asked.
Kennin remembered the Sith from some books he had read, stories...
"Yes I have, weren’t they the enemies of the Jedi?"
The man chuckled.
“Yes, and I bet you want revenge now eh, for your father?”
“Of course, I damn the Jedi, and everything they stand for!” Kennin shouted, blinded by his anger and his sorrow.
The mans’ laughter filled the courtyard.
"I sense power in you, Kennin, you could control the force, the dark side of the force...I have a test for you, the Jedi who killed your father is still in town, hunt him down and kill him, when you have succeeded in this task that you might be able to join the Sith."
Kennin nodded.
“I’ll make that pig pay” he said angrily.
The dark man shrouded towards Kennin. He pressed something in his hand, and then moved backwards again. Kennin looked down. It was a cold, long piece of iron with a button on it, and many parts attached to it.
A lightsaber.
( http://images.google.be/images?q=tbn:nKCR0wvlPeQJ:www.grademyart.com/orig/1/7.jpg )
"I am sure you know what this is, you will need it to kill the Jedi, young one, now I have to go, I have work to do, you might see me again" the dark figure said, and he walked out of the gate.
He then looked at the lightsaber in his hand again.Kennin pressed the button. A red laser shot out. Kennin pressed the button again and the light disappeared. He attached the lightsaber to his belt, but moved his protective leather suit over it, so it would remain hidden.

Out Of Character:
well the most important thing is that after killing the Jedi Kennin was guided to the flagship of the sith by the cloaked Sith (who can be anyone). I hoped you liked this (actually this was based on one of my quest in a starwars forum, but it went inactive)

19th May 2005, 10:54 AM
OOC: This is perfect. Such anger, such vengince. I like it. Keep posting here man. Welcome to the Order of the Sith.


Darth Exidos was in the throne room now. He was still looking out at the fleet he created. Then Admiral Fransis of the Renigade came into the room and bowed before the Dark Lord. "My lord. There is something you should know." Darth Exidos spun his chair around with the consol on it and said, "What is it then?" The Admiral then stood and said, "We found an old renigade Sith Lord on a small planet. He also has a kid with him." Darth Exidos consitrated on the Dark Energies of the planet. He did sence both the man's power and the boy's. The cloked man was indeed strong with the force, but the boy was far more powerful with it. "This boy must be brought here. Send the Kolmar to the planet and orbit around it. The Sith Lord will take care of the rest." The Admiral bowed and left. Exidos then watched the Kolmar leave the Star Forge system.

19th May 2005, 12:22 PM
Out Of Character: thanks :)
After seeing revenge of the sith I couldn't keep myself from posting here :)
We're like the Empire's army from the old trilogy but then just with much more sith, right?

In Character:
Kennin left his house through the gate, then he heard a voice behind him once more.
"Master Kennin, what has happened, who were those men?"
It was one of Kennins' protocol droids. Kennin looked at the mechanic beeing.
"Keep the house in a good state, I'll be gone for long, maybe I won't come back" Kennin said, then turned his back to the protocol droid, who shaked his head and moved back into the building.
Kennin strode through the street. His black boots made much noise on the stone street. His eyes scanned the empty streets. When they had noticed the Jedi many people had left the busy marketplaces.
Seems like there is even more illegal business in the city, the Jedi had better stayed away from here, at least this makes it easier to find him, where he comes there aren't much people. But didn't the Jedi say others had been sent out at my fathers' business partners? Damnit! I gotta help them!
Kennin looked around. The most important partner of Fennin was Gaal Gadda, a loyal friend of Fennin. He was the person that owned Kennins' mother as a slave. His house wasn't far. He had to get there before it was too late.

Kennin oriented himself and started running at a very fast pace. After some minutes of running he felt the strange power again tough, and noticed that he didn't tire. It was strange, but as long as it helped him it didn't matter want it was. He ran around a corridor and came up to Gaal Gadda's house. It was silent. Kennin crouched and crept closer. Gaal Gadda's house was huge, if he could hide it might take long for the Jedi to find him. Gaal Gadda had some very well equipped guards tough, they might cause the Jedi's a problem. Kennin walked through the gate to the big house, and spotted three Jedi at the courtyard. One was dead, and three other corpses, probably Gaal Gadda's guards, lie there to. They were facing Gaal Gadda himself. Gadda was a Gungan, who traded in special wares from his homeland, but also did business with Fennin, and therefore was about to be arrested by the Jedi.
"You Jedi got it wrong! My slave is making up stories, you got to understand-"
"Slavery is illegal, and we already found the hidden weapons in your cellar. You supply the pirates with weapons" the front Jedi said.
Kennin crept closer and he recognized the Jedi, obviously a padawan, that had killed his father.
I can't do anything against them on my own... But what have I got to lose?
Kennin ducked behind a pillar and readied his blasters. Then he jumped from behind the pillar and opened fire at the three Jedi, who surprisingly managed to take their lightsabers and deflect the shots. Kennin jumped back behind the pillar so he wouldn't get hit by his own blasters, jumped back from behind the pillar and started firing again. Gaal Gadda took the opportunity to leave his house. Kennin ran from pillar to pillar, firing at the Jedi.
Three is too much
One of the Jedi came around the pillar, Kennin prepared to shoot at him, but the Jedi quickly swung his sword at Kennins' blasters. His lightsaber hit both weapons, destroying them both. Before he could do anything the Jedi kicked Kennin backwards, who fell.

Kennin got up angrily and took the lightsaber. He pressed the button on it and the red blade shot out. Kennin held the sword infront of him and felt the power more than ever now. The Jedi that had killed his father was on his right, the other padawan was infront of him, and the knight was watching from afar, but with his lightsaber ready. All three of them seemed rather surprised that Kennin had a lightsaber, but they attacked. The padawans started coming closer and closer, and Kennin waited with his sword ready. Suddenly one of the padawans, the one in front of Kennin, flew backwards and hit the ground hard. The cloaked Sith Kennin had met before came out of the house. He looked at Kennin.
"Do what you've come for, I will take on the other two" he said. The sith took his lightsaber and attacked the knight and the other padawan. The blades started to flash, and the sith fought in circles around the two Jedi. Kennin turned to face the other padawan. He hadn't fought with a lightsaber before, but someone the weapon felt familiar in his hands, and the strange force grew ever stronger.

The padawan charged forward and hacked fown at Kennin, who raised his saber and blocked the blow. The lightsaber returned quickly tough, now at Kennins' left side. He moved his weapon down quickly and with the edge down he blocked the blow again. The next moment the padawans' lightsaber went for Kennins neck. He jumped backwards and dodged the blade. Kennin regained his fighting stance and now swung his sword down at the padawans' head, who blocked again. Guided by the force, Kennin started attacking the padawan, and blocking his strokes. The padawan slowly fell back to the inner courtyard, where the sith was still fighting the padawan and the knight. The padawan and the knight were getting tired and slower tough, while the sith was still fighting with as much energy as he did before.

20th May 2005, 12:25 AM
*Deftly lands the Tie in the hanger and climbs out*
People in the hanger see a slight figure climb out dressed in a Tie uniform including the mask. The pilot removes the helmet. The people are shocked (I hope I can say that.) as the female puts the helmet into the ship.
*Walks up the floor commander.*
"May I be escorted to Lord Exidus at this time or shall I wait?"
*Taps her foot restlessly.*

20th May 2005, 09:14 AM

"Lord Temor we have a woman in landing bay 36, she requests to be escorted to Lord Exidos, should I send one of my men to take her to him?"

"No, I will be down in a moment, I will escort her myself."

***Radio Out***

Temor walked through the doors leading to landing bay 36, he spotted the newly landed TIE and approached the pilot.

"Greetings, I am Darth Temor. What is your business here? And I will need to know your name." He said as formally as possible to the woman pilot.

20th May 2005, 10:10 AM
Out Of Character: I hope you don't mind me playing both the sith lord as Kennin, the sith lord will return to the ship and probably stay there, but maybe will become Kennins' teacher (or one of them)

In Character:
The lightsabers clashed again. Sweat dripped from both Kennins' face as the padawans' face. The fighters were deadlocked and looked each other in the eyes.
"You will pay for what you did to me" Kennin said angrily.
The padawan frowned, as he didn't understand what Kennin meant. The force almost moved Kennin, who suddenly stepped backwards and spun around, his lightsaber aimed at the padawans' neck. The padawan reacted too late. With a loud zooming noise the lightsaber cut his head off. Kennin felt relief. He was panting, but more from excitement than from exhaustion. He looked at the decapitated body at his feet. He spat.
"You won't be the last"
Kennin looked over to the other fight. The sith lords' lightsaber flashed to the left and the right, and he seemed invincible. Then suddenly the padawan made a wrong move and the sith lord wasted no time. He stabbed his saber right through the padawans' chest, then suddenly flew backwards using the force. The padawan dropped his lightsaber and fell backwards. He was dieing. Kennin admired the power of the dark sith lord. The Jedi knight was exhausted. He knew he couldn't win this battle, and made a run for the gate. Kennin moved out of his way. He realized this Jedi was still too powerful for him.
"You'll hear from me!" the Jedi knight shouted.

He unactivated his lightsaber and attached it to his belt. The sith lord did the same and approached Kennin with a grin on his face.
"You've done well, young one, now, lets' get out of here. I sense that the high lord of the sith has sent us one of his ships to get us out of here" he said slowly and determined.
"You don't have anything you'd like to take with you, no?"
Kennin shaked his head.
"No, there's nothing left for me here" he said.
"Ok then, follow me. I've come with two TIE fighters, the basic fighter for the Empire. Can you fly?"
"Of course, I've even helped the pirates with some of their raids" Kennin answered.

The sith lord walked past Kennin, and Kennin followed him. He had a lot of questions.
"Tell me more about the Sith" he said.
"I hoped you would say that" the sith lord said.
"We, the Sith, are the counterparts of the Jedi. We maintain our own army and fleet, but the higher Sith are the real leaders of the army. Soon we will dominate the universe, and we already have a number of planets under our control. We use the dark side of the Force, but actually we are much the same like the Jedi. Actually only our goals divide us. We want power, they fight for peace and justice... but as you've seen, they aren't as just as everyone thinks them to be" he said.
"You're right about that..."
"Have anything else to ask?"
"Yes. Who are you?"
"I'm Darth Geradian, an influential Sith in the Empire. I've been gone for quite some time tough, and many people there have probably already forgot me"
"From the moment my father dropped dead, I've felt this strange power in me... It keeps grower stronger and has seemed to guide me in my dual with that padawan. Is this the Force?"
"Yes, the Force... I can sense that it is strong in you, thats' why I'm so interested in bringing you to the high lord of the Sith. The force in you is strong, but you'll have to learn how to use and control it, which will take time. Not only your control over the force must be trained, but also your skill with the lightsaber, the weapon of the Sith. I've given you a lightsaber. It is yours. Protect it with your life"

20th May 2005, 10:26 AM
Radio: My lord. It seems this Sith Lord has came from the future. He has this strange looking fighter. One that I never seen before.

Lord Exidos hit the speak button on his consol and said into it, "This is interesting. Bring the two back here once they get on the ship. Then examine the fighters and find out where they came from." He then hit a different button and spoke into it. "Commander. Get the Ebon Hawk ready for travel. I'm going to the Kolmar to greet our new arrivels." Lord Exidos then left the throne room and went to the docking bay. He boarded the Ebon Hawk and used the hyperspace technology to reach the Kolmar. He then docked it and went to the control center. "Admiral. Send two fighters to escort the two to the ship. Make sure that you don't lay a finger on them." The admiral bowed and ordered two piolits to go to the planet's surface.

20th May 2005, 10:55 AM
Out Of Character: I'll have a character page up for Kennin soon

In Character:
Kennin and the sith lord reached the ship hangar.
"The left ship is yours" the sith said.
Both men crawled into their TIE fighters and left the ship harbour quickly. Soon they were accompanied by two more fighters.
"Maybe not everyone has forgot me" Darth Geradian said with confidence in his voice.
Kennin followed the other TIE fighter, soon a big star destroyer came in view. Kennin gasped. He had never seen anything like this before.
"This is only one of our numerous ships. The power of the Sith grows day by day"
They landed in the bay of the ship. Kennin came out of the ship and looked around.
"I can feel the presence of the high lord of the Sith, we will probably meet him here soon"
"I'm already looking forward to it" Kennin said with a quick grin, then he waited.

20th May 2005, 12:46 PM
*Formally bows to Darth Tremor.*
"You do not need to know my name at this time. (I have not thought of one for my char yet.) I have here because I have been summond through a calling in the force. This is where it led me."

20th May 2005, 01:52 PM
ooc: lol, I think you should come up with a name soon!

"Very well, if you wish not to tell me your name then I respect your descision, but Lord Exidos will want to know it." He said turning away from the woman, "Follow me!" He walked out of Landing bay 36 and along the corridor and into landing bay 66. There was only one ship in this bay, an Imperial Blue TRI fighter. "You are about to board my fighter, then we will dock with the Kolmar, Lord Exidos' flag ship, then I will escort you to the throne room on the Kolmar where you will wait, under the supervision of three of my best guards, for Lord Exidos to see you, now come!" Said Temor as he walked up the ramp to his TRI fighter, he hoped into the cockpit and waited for the woman to arrive.

20th May 2005, 11:19 PM
*Follows behind Darth Tremor just a step or two taking in her surroundings and making notes in her head about the lay out of the ship. Climbs aboard Darth Tremor's ship and sits down.*
"How long will the flight last?"

21st May 2005, 03:11 AM
"Not long, this babe can jump into hyperspace instantly. She is faster than she looks!" As he finished speaking he pushed a few buttons and pulled a few levers and the fighter departed the landing bay. "Here we go! Setting co-ordinates of the SS Kolmar." He pulled the hyperdrive switch and the ship launched into hyperspace. The ship returned to cruising speed infront of the Kolmar.


"Lord Temor on TRI Fighter 361 requesting permission to land!"

"Permision granted, welcome back Lord Temor."

***Radio out***

The TRI fighter pulled up into a landing bay on the Kolmar, Temor released the gas preassured ramp and walked down, greeted by a unit of 10 Guard Troopers.

"Welcome back my Lord, Lord Exidos has been expecting you."

Temor turned to see that the woman was following then he proceded out of the landing bay through a series of corridors and into Lord Exidos' throne room.

"Here you will wait for Lord Exidos." He said to the woman, turning to the commander of the Guard Unit, "Commander I want to to watch her, position two guards out side the door, two inside, and I would like you to sit with her." As he finished he sentence he left the throne room to go on a walk round the Kolmar to clear his head.

21st May 2005, 03:53 AM
Kennin noticed some engineers were paying much attention to Darth Geradians' fighter plane. Then a captain in a grey uniform, flanked by two troopers, approached the sith.
"I want to see lord Exidos" Darth Geradian said.
"We'll inform him" the man said, turned around and walked away, still flanked by his troopers.

21st May 2005, 12:18 PM
Loco_Loco told me to RP docking with the Star Forge and that he wanted to play the officer and initiate me so if you would be so kind as to let him...

Not really my best RPing, but I guess this'll do...

From the distant reaches of space, a small craft was travelling. It cut through the vaccuum, at speeds greater than that of light, soaring past astroids, planets, stars, and ships, its weapon systems off to provide maximum power to its hyperspace engines. In it was a large, brown, furry creature, massive and intimidating, who roared into his radio as he neared a large structure in space, a massive base that an evil group of powerful people known as the Sith called home. Though the roar was not something your average person could understand, it was something that a silver box, attached to his belt could. It calmly translated into the radio as the starfighter's hyperspace engines cut out, its sublight thrusters bringing it closer and closer to the Star Forge.

"This is Kecnak, and recieved these coordinates from Darth Tremor, awaiting docking permission."

This message came from the small box, a translator droid, a companion that was imperitive to Kecnak for without him, he could not communicate with anyone who wasn't a Wookie. As the small Z-95 Headhunter came closer to the large space station, a large hangar door opened and a voice came over the radio, allowing Kecnak entrance to the hangar. The ship entered the hangar and began to descend, three poles with a flat panel at the bottom shot from the underside of the ship, one from the tip of the nose and two from right by the wings, and the sound of rushing air escaped. The hangar door closed once again and the windsheild of the cockpit retracted, allowing the large creature to step out, and as he jumped down, he landed with a loud "thud" that startled some soldiers nearing his ship. His dark brown fur swayed from side to side, his utility pouch, which looked a lot like a mesh bag, hung over his shoulder, contained wooden and mettalic peices to some strange object, and he held the opening infront of his chest in a massive hand. He growled, then made a small barking sound and again, the hollow voice of his translator droid came from his belt.

"I wish to speak to Darth Tremor."

21st May 2005, 05:32 PM
"I wish to speak to Darth Tremor." Said the tall Wookie who had just landed his ship in one of the landing bays on the Star forge.

"Sir if you would be kind enough to follow me." Came the voice of an officer who had just greeted the Wookie. He walked out of the landing bay and down a long corridor then he turned into a room. It was a small room, it had just two seats and a table in the middle with a cabinet at the side of the room. "Please take a seat, Darth Temor we be with you shortly. Oh and help yourself to any refreshments that you desire." As he said this he left the room leaving the wookie alone, but just before he returned to his post he went on his radio for a moment, then two guards came running down the corridor "Yes sir!" The said as they both took up positions either side of the door.

On the SS Kolmar Darth Temor had been walking for a while when he got a radio message informing him of the wookie on the Star Forge. "Ah yes, the wookie had arrived, we will return to the Star Forge immediately." He said to HK-47.

He returned to his TRI fighter. "Prepare to return to the Star Forge!" He said as he took his seat in the cockpit, followed by his droid. "Ready?" He said as the ship detached from the Kolmar. "Setting co-ordinates for the Star Forge! Prepare to jump into hyperspace!" He said as he pulled the hyper-drive switch. He pulled out of hyperspace facing the Stare Forge.


"This is Lord Temor on TRI fighter 361 requesting permission to dock!"

"Permission granted Lord Temor, welcome to the Star Forge!"

***Radio Out***

The TRI fighter pulled up to landing bay 66 and docked with the Star Forge. The gas pressured ramp was released and the ramp lowered as Lord Temor walked down, followed by HK-47.

"Officer!" He shouted and the security officer in charge of landing bay 66, which meant he was in charge of Temor’s ship, greeted Lord Temor, "Yes my Lord Temor?" "Where is the wookie who arrived earlier?" "He is in waiting room 35 sir." Said the officer, "Very good! I would like you to check my ship out, see if anything need repairing or replacing, make sure you double check the hyper-drive, I can't have that failing on me!" "Yes sir!" He said running over to the mechanics.

Lord Temor walked down a few corridors, followed by HK-47, before he reached waiting room 35, which had two guards posted on either side of the door. Temor nodded to the guards and they ran off down the corridor. Temor entered the room and saw the wookie. "Ah Kecnak my old friend, how are things? Is there anything I can get you?" Temor said taking a seat at the table. "I trust you are here to join us? So we will fight together once more!"

22nd May 2005, 12:27 AM
(I am working on a good evil name for me right now.)
*Sits down in the room she was lead to goes into a meditation trace. She sends her presence around the ship to see what is going on. She sees the guards outside the chamber and the bridge filled with activity. There is an area though she is unable to penetrate, she passes that by figuring there will be traps for the unwary and returns to her body. She just sits there waiting patiently for Darth Exidous.*

22nd May 2005, 02:50 AM
Darth Geradian looked over at Kennin.
"I feel that Lord Exidos is rather busy at the moment, but we have enough time. Follow me, if I'm right I still have my own room here on the ship, and a training ground" the Sith said and he walked away, Kennin followed him through the many corridors of the ship. He wondered how one could find his way on such a large ship. After some time they came upon a large iron door. The name 'Darth Geradian' was on the door. The Sith smiled.
"Seems like they haven't forgotten me yet" he said with a quick grin. He waved with his hand and the door opened. Kennin and Darth Geradian entered the room. It was a dusty, cold iron room with a door to the right and one to the left. A protocol droid quickly approached the two.
"Master Geradian! I never thought you would return!" the protocol droid said anxious.
"If anyone asks for us let them know we're here" Darth Geradian said.
"Of course, sir" the protocol droid said and he pressed some buttons on a control panel. The name Darth Geradian moved from one of the docking bays to his house, so they could find his location on the computer, might anyone need him.

Darth Geradian opened one of the doors and entered, Kennin followed him. He found himself in a large, empty hall, made interely out of iron.
"Go stand here" Darth Geradian said and he pointed at the middle of the training ground. Kennin took his position while Darth Geradian opened a hidden closet.
"Ready your lightsaber" he said.
Kennin took his lightsaber, activated it and held it in front of him. He slightly bend through his knees, so he could react faster.
Suddenly the Sith turned around and threw something in the direction of Kennin, which stopped in mid-air and levitated above Kennin. Kennin concentrated on the iron ball, which had openings here and there, and glowed with energy. A small laser shot out at his right leg. Kennin quickly moved his lighting sword around to block it, but had to return it quickly to block a shot at his shoulder. He jumped backwards to regain his stance.
"If you want to become a Sith, you'll have to be good with the lightsaber, and be able to control the force. This is just a basic exercise to train your reflexes and your ability to block blaster shots. When it starts going well you'll have to concentrate on more than one blaster" Darth Geradian spoke as Kennin blocked another shot.

22nd May 2005, 03:26 AM
A bit of exhaustive noise had echoed around the docking bay levels of the starforge as a transport pod from the SS Zanterus had dropped into one of the bays. The bridge door widely opened extending a metal ramp down to the ground and Lorgon forwarded himself towards the floor as the door finished opening.

He then headed with his new apprentice towards the main hall.

"Mission accomplished. The remaining Jedi have been eliminated while I managed to persuade a couple of padawans to follow of which the result after our battle I now only have 1 left."

22nd May 2005, 04:07 AM
After some time Darth Geradian threw in another iron ball. They fired constantly, it was too fast for Kennin, who dropped got hit in the arm and dropped his lightsaber. Darth Geradian sighed, but he was confident.
"This wasn't bad for a first time, also, I'm impressed you managed to kill that padawan. You know I took a big risk by letting you fight him without any help, but you succeeded, which proofs you can one day become a powerful Sith" he said.
"Yes, my anger strenghtened me. I didn't really knew what I was doing" Kennin replied.
Darth Geradian laughed, a low, monotone sound.
"That was because your anger was still fresh. If you encounter other Jedi it won't help you as much, and you will have to rely on your own skills" he said.
"I'm going to try and keep you from fighting as long as I can, young Kennin, because it would be pity if you died now, when you still have so much to learn. When your training is complete I will give you a name. A Sith name, one that everyone will fear. Proceed"
Kennin picked up his lightsaber again and continued blocking the laser shots from the small iron balls. He learned some combinations, and only rarely got hit.
"Only through pain will you be able to become a real Sith" Darth Geradian said when Kennin got hit in the shoulder.

22nd May 2005, 12:12 PM
In a room that Kecnak had to duck under the door frame to enter, in a chair that seemed too small, the large, furry creature sat, waiting and waiting for his old friend. It was only a few minutes before he came, and again, he managed to put Kecnak in awe of those lightsabers he had, not to mention the raw power that coursed through his friends body. He craved this power, but not for himself, but for the defense of Wookie kind against enemies such as the Trandoshan slavers.

He stood, and came to a bit over eight feet tall and dropped his utility pouch on his chair behind him as he spread his arms open and greeted Darth Tremor, his brother in arms, the only member of his Honor Family. After a series of howls and growls, the small, mettalic voice came on again, translating what he had said.

"Darth Tremor, friend! It is good to see you again. Yes, I am here to join you and the Sith, but my ship was hit by a cosmic radiation shower and a small meteor shower on the way, and the only systems I have left are the radio, life support, sublight engines, and a few others. Hyperdrive got shot just by the Star Forge, but weapons, sheilds, and everything else is destroyed."

22nd May 2005, 12:37 PM
"Ah I am pleased to hear you will be joining us!" He said, clearley pleased, to the wookie, "Oh and I will get your ship sorted." As he said this he turned to HK-47, "I want you to go Kecnak's ship and inform the mechanics that I want them to fully repair the ship, and you help in any way you can, then report back to me with any developments!" He said to the protocol droid "Yes sir!" Said HK-47 as he walked out of the door towards the landing bay.

"Do not worry your ship will be sorted soon I have no doubt." He said to his old wookie friend. "So, you wish to train in the ways of the dark side of the force? The dark side is truly a powerful tool my friend, I would be more than happy to teach you and help you learn how to use this power as best you can. And then together we can bring down the jedi and bring balance to the force and the galaxy." He said looking deep into the eyes of his old friend, and battle partner. He had seen the power of this wookie in battle before, and Temor could sense the potential he had for joing him and the dark side.

22nd May 2005, 01:00 PM
Out Of Character: Could we have our own list of force powers, just like the NJO?
I'm training my character a little so he isn't a complete n00b when he needs to do some serious combat :)
1 skill raise/ post with any ability below level 5 and I'll have a decent Sith within a week or so :) It'll also improve my starwars RPing (I'm used to medieval-style)
Also, can someone add me to the list as an apprentice? (Darth Geradian is the master and Kennin the apprentice)

In Character:
Kennin disactivated his lightsaber when Darth Geradian ordered him to. With the force he pulled one of the iron balls towards him and put it back in the chest. Still using the force, Darth Geradian moved a helmet through the air and put it on his apprentice's head. The helmet blocked Kennins' eyesight. He didn't complain.
"You have to let the Force move with you. You control the Force and the Force controls you. It enhances your moves. Doing this excersise without eyesight will improve the way the force guides your moves in combat"
Kennin activated his lightsaber. He heard the soft zooming of his lightsaber, and somehow felt the iron ball levitating in front of him. It fired and Kennin barely managed to block the blast. The next blast hit him in the leg and he let his lightsaber fall.
"Stay calm and you'll manage" Darth Geradians' monotone voice spoke. After some minutes the Sith suddenly got up.

22nd May 2005, 01:32 PM
As the protocol droid walked off, Kecnak returned to his seat and nodded, adding a small growl to it. His fur swooshed in the air as he made this quick movement, the dark brown hair shining under the light. He scooted his chair closer to the table and began to growl again, the little mechanical voice translating.

"Yes, I would like for you to train me in the ways of the Sith very much, and as soon as possible. I cannot wait any longer for this, I have been waiting for a long time."

22nd May 2005, 01:36 PM
"Continue your training, young Kennin, I have some matters to settle"

Darth Geradian left his room and trudged through the corridors of the star forge. He reached the room where Darth Temor and Kecnak were. The guards noticed he was a Sith so they let him through. He opened the door and entered.
"Greetings. My name is Darth Geradian. I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation. I've come from the small planet Kerrat, and have brought a new apprentice with me. I haven't come to tell you that tough, but to tell you that there were Jedi's on the planet. Me and my new apprentice both managed to kill one, but I am sure there are more on the planet. I can feel it. If we destroy the Jedi remnants we do not only weaken the power of the Jedi, but we can also win a large group of pirates to our cause. What do you say?"

22nd May 2005, 02:09 PM
"Yes, I would like for you to train me in the ways of the Sith very much, and as soon as possible. I cannot wait any longer for this, I have been waiting for a long time."

"This is very good news, we shall begin your training very soon, Lord Dirus!" He said to his new apprentice. He then turned to the figure who had just entered the room.

"Greetings. My name is Darth Geradian. I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation. I've come from the small planet Kerrat, and have brought a new apprentice with me. I haven't come to tell you that tough, but to tell you that there were Jedi's on the planet. Me and my new apprentice both managed to kill one, but I am sure there are more on the planet. I can feel it. If we destroy the Jedi remnants we do not only weaken the power of the Jedi, but we can also win a large group of pirates to our cause. What do you say?"

"I am Darth Temor, this is my apprentice Darth Dirus. I will look into the activity of jedi on this planet you speak of, at the moment we are involved in a big operation. We are moving forward in time. Obviously this is a big operation, and at the moment it is our highest priority and Lord Exidos is tied up in that, but if we have time I could check this out. Dirus, this would be a good time for you to start your training! We will go to Kerrat and check out the jedi activity. Darth Geradian, if you wish to come with us to thins planet I would be greatful." He said, just as he finished speaking HK-47 walked through the door. "Sir, I am afraid I bring bad news. The wookie's ship is, well... Broken, and I am afraid that we will not be able to fix it." Said HK-47 to Temor. "What? We need to fly to Kerrat now, hoe do you suppose we do that if he does not have a ship?" Said Temor, angrily to HK-47, "Actually it is ok, I have an idea. HK go to landing bay 66 and prepare this engines and set the co-ordinates to fly to Kerrat, I will be with you in a few minutes!" He said to HK-47, "Yes sir! Said the droid as he left the room and headed to landing bay 66 to prepare Temor ship.

"Lord Dirus, I will get you a new ship, a nicer ship. A sith fighter! She is capable of reaching hyperspace, and she is armed with twin lasre cannons, but if there are any modifications you wish to make then all you have to do is ask one of the mechanics in the landing bay. You will find her in landing bay 67, right next to mine! Is there anything you need before you go? If there is just ask, then make your way to the planet of Kerrat where we will meet and wipe out any jedi that dwell there." He said to his apprentice, turning to Darth Geradian he said, "So you will come with us then? I trust you have a ship capable of making the journey? Is there anything else you need before we leave?"

22nd May 2005, 02:21 PM
Out Of Character: I'll post again tommorow, don't have much time right now
In Character:
Darth Geradian grinned and nodded.
"Yes, of course I will go. I have some matters to settle with the Jedi there. They have killed my new apprentice's father, which is good, because that awakened the force in him, but they've made a cut in my cloak..." he said in his low monotone voice. The Sith showed a lightsaber cut in his cloak.
"Actually they didn't hit me, I was just so fast that I accidentally hit his lightsaber. I almost cut myself in two pieces... And about the plane, I have one, its' an improved TIE fighter. We can set off right away, but I'd like you to send some people to watch over my new apprentice. It would be pity if something happened to him. The force in him is very strong. He's training in my room"

22nd May 2005, 02:28 PM
Darth Dirus, formerly Kecnak got up from his chair and bowed in honor. He had been accepted into possibly the most powerful order in the galaxy, and was now ready to prove his worth against Jedi. He then got up, picked up his utility pouch, and turned to a near by soldier, just outside of the room. He held out his hand to stop him, and began to growl, striking pure fear into the soldier, even though he wasn't putting his life in danger because, after all, he was over eight feet tall, covered in fur, had fangs, and looked stronger physically than anything else on the ship. Just before the soldier ran, the small translator droid piped up.

"Kec- excuse me, Darth Dirus would like you to tell the hangar mechanics to add a few Proton Torpedoes, and an Ion Cannon to the Sith Fighter in landing bay 67."

Darth Dirus withdrew his long arm and the soldier ran off at full speed, right to the hangar with orders, and would probably supervise the operation so as to keep his life. Dirus went back infront of his master and got on one knee, bowing, and began to growl again, and again, the voice on his belt picked up.

"I wish to please you by killing a Jedi, but I doubt I will even stand a chance. I have seen them deflect lasers and projectiles with the Force and their lightsabers, and my powers of the Force are infantile."

22nd May 2005, 02:34 PM
"Actually they didn't hit me, I was just so fast that I accidentally hit his lightsaber. I almost cut myself in two pieces... And about the plane, I have one, its' an improved TIE fighter. We can set off right away, but I'd like you to send some people to watch over my new apprentice. It would be pity if something happened to him. The force in him is very strong. He's training in my room"

"Will your apprentice not be coming with us? I should think that it would be a good oportunity for him to train. But the descision is up to you, you can get some men to watch him if you want. Just ask one of the officers around here and they will organsie some men to watch him if you wish. Now go, fly to Kerrat and me and my apprentice will meet you there!" He said to Darth Geradian.

He then turned to his apprentice, "While they are modding your ship you should follow me to my office." He said as he walked out of the room and down a long series of corridors until he finaly reached his room, he stepped inside and took a seat waiting for his apprentice."

22nd May 2005, 02:44 PM
Rising to follow his master, Darth Dirus bowed to the other Sith in the room, before ducking under the low doorframe to follow Darth Tremor down the long hall. A few soldiers were startled to see such a creature making its way down their halls, but they saw Darth Tremor and carried on as usual. After a long walk, and much silence, they finally reached another room that they entered, and again, Darth Dirus had to duck under the doorframe.

As his master sat down, Darth Dirus bowed, and waited to see what he would do, with curiosity building in the back of his mind. He was anxious to learn the ways of the Force, anxious to learn how to weild a lightsaber, and anxious to release his built up anger on an unsuspecting person, preferabbly a Jedi, even though he knew he couldn't beat one. He stayed there, still, his long fur hanging down from his body, waiting for what it was his master would do.

22nd May 2005, 02:59 PM
"I sense the anger building up inside you. I know that with the right training you will be able to release that anger in a way that will shock the galaxy, but you are doubtful, I can't tell that you feel you can not beat a jedi, that will be where you fail, you are a sith now, you can beat any jedi who challenges you, it is just that you do not know how yet. That is where I come in, I will teach you how to wield a lightsaber so you can use it as a very powerful deadly tool, and I will teach you the ways of the dark side of the force, but all in good time. The first step is this my friend!" As he said this Temor passed a sheathed sword over to the wookie. "This is a vibro sword, it is no lightsaber, but it can deflect almost anything, blaster lasers or even a lightsaber. This is what you will train with first, this is what you main weapon will be for now, then when you show your quality with this blade you will be ready for your lightsaber." Said Temor, standing back up an walking out of the door, "Now my friend, we will go to the planet this sith speaks of, and we will destroy and jedi there, that is where your training will begin. You should now go to landing bay 67, I believe that your ship will be ready now. I am going to get two units of troops to accompany us. Take this radio, keep it with you at all times, there is also one of these built into your ship, it means any of us will be able to contact you at any time that we need to. I will contact you on here when you are to depart from the landing bay and head to Kerrat. I will only be one moment!" As he finished speaking he walked down the corridor and into another room, he spoke to an officer for a few minutes then two units of 20 fully armed storm troopers marched out of the room down the corridor and into a landing bay. Temor proceeded to landing bay 66 and entered his TRI fighter where HK-47 had prepared the hyper drive and set the co-ordinates for the planet of Kerrat. "ok HK, lets go!" He said to the droid as he jumped into his seat in the cockpit and the ship departed from the landing bay.


"Ok commander, you have permission to depart now."

"Yes sir!"

"Dirus, it is time, lets go!"

***radio out***

The ship turned into the direction of the planet and immediately made the jump into hyperspace.

22nd May 2005, 03:29 PM
Darth Dirus was stunned at how easily his master had read his mind, and how much confidence had been placed in him. I can beat any Jedi... This ran through his mind as his master handed him a sheathed sword, about five feet in slength with a handle of about a foot and a half, with a sturdy brown sheath, a formidable weapon. Just like the Berserkers on Kashyyyk...

As Darth Tremor stood up and walked away, Darth Dirus admired his new weapon, and attached it to his utility belt at his right side, and attached his radio to the left. He stood up and followed his master to the landing bays and quickly found his new ship, right next to his masters, at landing bay 67. It was a sleek ship with an incredibly small target range from the front and back, its small chasis's front half seemingly made out of transparant material, with a wing sticking from the left and right, and long, slender fins coming from them. They had blasters at the farthest front point, but unlike the rest of the Sith Fighters, there was a small Ion Cannon protruding from the top of the back half of the chassis and a small, retractable Proton Torpedo Launcher from the bottom, but what seperated this ship most from other Sith Fighters was the hyperdrive engine. Admiring the ship, Darth Dirus walked to it and asked growled at the mechanic who seemed to be pleased with his work, and the mechanical voice from his belt spoke once again.

"Thank you for your work, I trust this already has the coordinates to Kerrat, or at least to my masters ship?"

The mechanic nodded and Darth Dirus slapped his massive hands together before jumping into a seat hanging out of the front half of the chassis, and when he did, it was enclosed in the transparant windsheild, which shot out from all around him and joined in the middle. Glancing quickly at all the flashing lights and buttons, Darth Dirus pushed a button and the ship was off on auto-pilot, exiting the hangar before jetting into hyperspace right after his master.

23rd May 2005, 01:59 AM
(I thought up a bit about my char and decided on a name finially. Here is what I have so far. Tell me what you think of it.)

Riahma was born at a time when her race was changing. Although small in number the movement to a different level of existence would give them a relationship to reality that was much more intimate than that of the others.

Evolving from pure physical they had begun gaining attributes of ethereal control.

Now to them their planet was no longer a place for existence, it was an existence to be created.

The other peoples had not yet reached this level of enhancement. In their minds Riahma's race were considered lords, then rulers, and finally gods.

Each individual developed new abilities.

Sheharnon could control the weather, make crops grow or wither, giving power over those who depended on the land for sustenance.

Deastara How to describe her. She became not queen, but coordinator. She did not command except to retain balance.

Elian had power over the hunt. The success or failure, hence the sustenance of all of the others, was the responsibility.

Gjeardt was the one who made peace or war between the other peoples. By sole decision could a conflict be created or avoided.

Some of these of new control abilities were not accepted with responsibility. Hubris was a great factor in those that could, at will, if not supplicated, cause great harm.

As they grew in power and knowledge they found that other opportunities existed They were not confined to their own planet or even their own star system. While placing control upon their original home they discovered ways to transport themselves to other inhabited systems, and appear there as gods. As they left Deastara was no longer able to balance them.

Rhiamma had, due to her youth as the change occurred, been well seduced to the idea of war by Gjeardt. The power that was offered was irresistible. She had been ridiculed by her schoolmates for her intelligence, her ability to understand the whole of a situation rather than only the parts, knowing the true meaning of what was heard rather than only the surface.

When given the choice to join Gjeardt she immediately accepted. The power she might acquire, in addition to her own unknown abilities, might give her the ability of revenge.

Had she known her own potential even the bitterness may have tempered her decision. Such was not to be. Had Gjeardt understood her full powers the request would never have been made. They were now together.

Gjeardt was able to initiate a war, but paled in the abilities of Rhiamma to cause a level of destruction that was beyond his.

Studying the old languages Rhiamma changed her name to Ra'a'mah, which in the ancient Par't'ron, the original language of her people, was She Who Brings Devastation.

As her powers grew she realized that she was no longer confined to her beginnings.

Creating about herself the illusion of what would appear at her destination an acceptable method of transport she is able to convince that she is a returning craft who was involved in a different battle
Expecting the usual male fighter pilot there is a disconcertion when she removes her helmet, revealing that she is female.

She maintains, for the time, the existence of the illusion of her spacecraft. To all probes it is real. It is also unenterable.

Allowed to proceed into the milieu those who accompany and accept her are completely unaware of her power. Even the Jedi have only a slight feeling of discomfort as she passes.

23rd May 2005, 07:56 AM
OOC: Wow. I missed alot and we got new members. Welcome all. Oh and to answer the big question, yes you can make up your own list of force powers, but you can't have all of them...yet.


As the Kolmar floated by the Star Forge, Lord Exidos boarded the Ebon Hawk and flew back to the base. Though he was not alone. There was a Jedi Master from the High Counsel was hiding in the Cargo Bay. When the ship landed in the Hanger, Exidos started to walk out, But the Jedi stepped infront of him, blocking his path off.

Jedi Master Havar: Your not going anywhere, Exidos.

Darth Exidos: Well, well, well. If it isn't my old master. Have you come here to die?

Master Havar: No. I came to stop you from moving this station to the future.

Darth Exidos: Very well. Try me.

Exidos then did a force push on his old High Jedi Master. Havar flew out of the ship like a bullit and hit the ground. He then activate his yellow lightsaber and got up. Exidos ran out of the ship with his blue lightsaber activated. and clashed with the Jedi.

Exidos: As you can see, I still have my old lightsaber. The one I made at the acadamy. It's too bad that the acadamy belongs to me now.

Havar: Your a monster.

Exidos: The one and the same.

Both of the Jedi clashed their lightsabers togeather all around the hanger. The guards just stood back. They knew that their lord can handle it. After a few minutes of fighting, Exidos was conored by a drop off. If he stepped back one more time, he would fall into the core of the Star Forge and die by the emence power. But instead of him falling, he jumped over Havar, cut his arm off and pushed him off the edge. Havar fell into the core and disintagrated. Darth Exidos then fell to the ground, holding his leg. Apperently, he was hit when he fliped over the Jedi. A medic came over and healed Exidos. Exidos then got up and went to his fighter. It was the Jedi Starfighter he found from the future, but it was painted black and was equipped with better weapons. He got in and flew off towards the others.

OOC: I'll make the thread for this fight.

23rd May 2005, 08:25 AM
Out Of Character: Couldn't we better make a seperate thread for this (as it is some sort of quest).
And don't worry Kennin only has the basic force power (and a low level by that)
Darth Geradian has quite good stats but he's an experienced Sith (if he sucked with the force he wouldn't be able to teach Kennin)
In Character:
"Will your apprentice not be coming with us? I should think that it would be a good oportunity for him to train. But the descision is up to you, you can get some men to watch him if you want. Just ask one of the officers around here and they will organsie some men to watch him if you wish. Now go, fly to Kerrat and me and my apprentice will meet you there!"
Darth Geradian shaked his head and slightly grinned.
"My apprentice will stay here. We cannot know how powerful the Jedi there are, and I'd rather not risk his life yet..."
He left the room and went to search for an officer. He easily found one, and sensed this man was onoccupied at the moment.
"Hey, you"
The officer turned towards Darth Geradian. The colour in the mans' face disappeared.
"Listen, my apprentice is training in my room. I want some medics to watch over him, might anything go wrong during his training" Darth Geradian said calmly.
"Yes, lord Geradian" the officer said.
Actually he didn't know the Sith, but Geradian used a mind trick on him, just so this skill wouldn't become rusty.
Then he quickly made his was to his TIE fighter. He climbed into the cockpit and left the ship. He put hyperspace on. The stars in front of him seemed to become white stripes as he shot forward. When they had almost reached the planet the Sith noticed something tough. An explosion on his right. Two Jedi fighters were chasing a withered Naboo Fighter, appareantly a pirate.
"We should help that pirate, he can guide us to the pirate base, and probably also to the Jedi" Darth Geradian said through his comlink. He quickly turned his ship around toward the Jedi starfighters. He fired a ray of shots at them. One was hit in the wing. Both planes broke off their attack. Darth Geradian started chasing the Jedi fighter that had been hit in the wing. He fired at it several times and hit it straight in the engines. The shields of the small fighter gave in and exploded, along with the rest of the plain.
(continued in current clan quest)

23rd May 2005, 12:21 PM
*Ma'a'rah Numare starts getting impatient waiting for Darth Exidus. She gets up and wanders around the room she is in, avoiding getting into a conversation with the guards in there. Speaking only when spoken to.*

23rd May 2005, 12:56 PM
Meanwhile, Kennin was fighting against a computer hologram, armed with a lightsaber which wasn't dangerous. He had set the controls on 'beginner', so the hologram could be compared with the padawan Kennin had fought on Kerrat. Some times he got hit, but he also managed to win against the hologram several times. Kennin was quite confident about himself.
Come on, Kennin, you haven't wielded this weapon for a full day, and you're progressing quite well... but I'm tired, maybe I should explore the ship for a while
Kennin finished his fight with the hologram (which he lost), and then disactivated his lightsaber and the hologram. He left through both doors, and soon found himself accompanied by an officer and two of these white soldiers with their skull-like heads which he found so weird. He slowly moved through the corridors of the Kolmar. He looked around. He still found this ship impressive, to say the least.
They all have the same height and move the same way, you would almost start to think they were cloned...

24th May 2005, 07:51 AM
T3-M4 was rolling through the halls of the Kolmar, when he saw Kennin. He went up to the boy, beeped a few times and opened his camra door. He then let out a blue light. It was a hologram of the lord of the Sith. Though you coldent see his face or his mouth moving, because he was cloked. This was a pre-recorded hologram. "Greetings, new commer. Where you are right now is my ship. This is the SS Kolmar. The flag ship of my fleet. As soon as we get back from the surface of Kerrat, I will introduce myself, in person, to you. One other thing, you are not allowed in my quarters or the room next to it and ou must never go into my lightsaber and crystal vault. I will know if you took anything." The hologram the dissapiered and T3-M4 continued with his rounds.

26th May 2005, 01:05 AM
*Leaves the room she is in to go explore the ship and maybe find a fighter to try out. She senses a battle is going on near her and has a calling to go join it.*
"Please, excuse me guys." Speaking to her guards. "There is a battle near here and I am going to join it. I beleive there is a ship in a docking bay here I may use. Lead me there."

26th May 2005, 10:32 AM
Guard 1: Of course, my lady. Darth Exidos is also on the planet. I think he won't mind if you take his Ebon Hawk for a spin.

The two guards then lead the lady to the docking bay and escorted her into the Ebon Hawk.

26th May 2005, 11:51 PM
Thinking to herself, too bad I left my helmet on my ship. I would love to shock the others on the planet.
Turning to the guards, "do you by chance have an extra tie fighter helmet here?"
Looks the ship over while the guards look for a helmet for her. It is similar to her ship, but with a few upgrades, nothing she can't handle. That guards return with a helmet for her. With that she leaves the ship and flies down to the planet below her, searching for battle.

27th May 2005, 10:53 AM
Out Of Character: can I get a star destroyer? (for Darth Geradian)
If yes here's the link: http://www.piett.org/cult/isd.jpg
the name of the ship would be the Hazard

Trinius looked down at the hologram. This was nothing new for him, his father often left messages like this for him. Interested, he listened to what the hologram had to say.
"Greetings, new comer. Where you are right now is my ship. This is the SS Kolmar. The flag ship of my fleet. As soon as we get back from the surface of Kerrat, I will introduce myself, in person, to you. One other thing, you are not allowed in my quarters or the room next to it and you must never go into my lightsaber and crystal vault. I will know if you took anything"
Kennin couldn't help but smile as the protocol droid rolled away, beeping all the time. He already looked forward to meeting the Dark Lord of the Sith, but he was also a little nervous.
Hmm, I'll probably have enough time to explore this ship later, and I might get myself lost, I'd better tend back to my training...
Kennin Pas turned around and walked back to Darth Geradians' room. He opened the door and entered the training ground once more. Again, the hologram came out of the floor and started attacking him. Kennin sharpened his senses with the Force, which mainly consisted out of his anger. He readied his lightsaber and attacked the hologram. He attacked several times, but then was pushed into the defence, and while blocking attacks he slowly was driven backwards. Upon reaching the wall Kennin suddenly jumped to the left tough, quickly ran past the hologram and hacked at its' back. When his lightsaber hit the hologram it disappeared, only to appear in the middle of the training ground once again.

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30th May 2005, 07:12 AM
ooc: If any of you Sith are looking for a free RP without using stats, got to the free Battle Arena and click on the Force vs. the Darkside or click on the link in my signature. Its free for all Star Wars characters. Thanks.

1st June 2005, 02:51 PM
The stars outside the enormous station wavered for a moment, as they might if a craft were coming out of hyperspace. But when the fuzzing stabilized, there was no ship. Had anyone noticed the half-second phenomenon, they might have paid attention to the slight visual displacement of the stars, moving apparently sideways.

From within the mirror-black fighter craft, Qin pulled the neural jack from his neck. It itched. Horribly. He resisted the urge to scratch, knowing that if he did, he might well rip the delicate plug from it's home. Inconvenient though the thing might be at times, it represented unfettered freedom. Not only did the jack allow him to tap into nearly any system he could find, but it was the only way he could navigate hyperspace on his retrofitted craft.

He waited, his black ship on low-power by default. By the nature of the modifications to his craft, it was nearly undetectable, unless someone thought to direct a high-resolution, high-intensity scan directly at him. He turned on some light music and peeled open a protein bar. It wasn't so much that hyperspace travel rendered him useless, but it always helped his state of mind to relax a bit afterwards, and this was a choice he couldn't take back. Ever.

Too old for a Jedi, and far too fond of being on the darker side of the law. He'd come to terms with himself a long time ago, but somehow, finalizing his journey towards what the rest of the galaxy considered 'evil' was difficult. Not that it mattered. He was wanted in too many places to return as anything but a one-man invasion force.

Learning to control the headaches would be a good start. Any time he used the strange power known as the Force for anything particularly strenuous, an accompanying headache always wiped out the advantage it might have given him.

Enough introspection. He gunned his engines and began broadcasting a hail to the massive Starforge ahead of him. "This is Torrik to station. I will speak to your general. Respond."

2nd June 2005, 08:44 AM
Being one of the few people left at the time remaining on the star forge, Lorgon advanced to the communications panel and heard the calls from outside.

"Torrik, this is Lorgon Korg, advisor of Darth Exidos of the Star Forge. Your landing procedures are in preparations at bay 41-2D. You are granted permission to land. A representitive will greet you on arrival for further instruction"

2nd June 2005, 01:10 PM
"Aye. Torrik flipped off his comm. It was over. Twelve words and his fate was sealed forever. If he changed his mind now, he would probably be shot down in an instant. Not that he wanted to give it up. He gunned his engines forward, a few keytaps instructing his computer to search the public schematics of bay 41-2D. It found the bay in little time.

The gaping bulkhead passed over him, and a change comes over his craft. Now that it's surrounded by the crisp, sterile, and above all lit interior of the bay. Most notably, his ship became visible, not through any deactivation of system but simply because the mirror plating on his ship had something to reflect. As he gently brought it to rest beside a service port in the large bay, he swiveled his chair and grabbed the black robe from the closet compartment.

A quick sequence on the hatch keypad sprung the canopy, and Qin leapt gracefully into the air, sweeping his robe about him, and landed in a three-point crouch with his robes billowing about him, firmly secured to his shoulders. In front of him, a man who was obviously well-trained or well used to impressive displays. The acrobatic display didn't even faze him. Qin straightened up.

"I assume you are the general's representative? You may call me Torrik for the moment."

4th June 2005, 10:34 AM
After having succesfully destroyed the Jedi on Kerrat and having survived a republic attack, the Kolmar and many other star destroyers returned to the star forge. Kennin and Darth Geradian were on board of the Kolmar. Darth Geradian had been wounded during a battle with a Jedi master. His wounds hadn't been all that dangerous, but they did add to his collection of scars.

"What happens now, master?" Kennin asked.
Darth Geradian looked up while a medical droid was tending to his wounds.
"I have heard that lord Exidos has plans to move the star forge, and the fleet, to the future... I hope he gets on with it..."
Some minutes of silence passed by. The droid had closed Darth Geradians' wounds. He got up, thanked the droid and walked out of the room, followed closely by Kennin.
"When will I become a Sith knight, master?" Kennin suddenly asked. Darth Geradian turned his head to look at his apprentice.
"Only when I say you're ready..."
"When am I ready?"
Darth Geradian sighed.
"Four things: you have to take the oath, you must prove your skills with the lightsaber, you must learn how to control the force, and you need a Sith name. I will give you a name when you are ready. Your skills with the lightsaber are good, but only when your anger helps you. You also have to learn how to fight without anger. The Force in you is very strong, my apprentice, I hope that when I train you in the ways of the force you don't lift up the whole command post..." Darth Geradian said with a chuckle.
"But I already destroyed that Jedi master, I-"
Darth Geradian interupted Kennin.
"You may count yourself lucky that you aren't dead yet. When the Jedi attacked you should've stayed in the ship. When you returned to the Kolmar you shouldnt've searched for the danger. But when we fought that Jedi, you did well..."
Kennin looked puzzled. He searched for the right words.
"But without me you would've been dead..."
Darth Geradian laughed loudly, causing some soldiers that came past to back away a little.
"I must say I was in a bad position, so much is true, but I wasn't interely defenceless. If that Jedi would've attacked I would've used the last bit of my power to destroy her. Still, you've done well..."
The two Sith entered Darth Geradians' room. The Sith master went for the training ground immediatly. Kennin followed him.
"I will train you in the ways of the Force, my young apprentice, be ready to explore your powers..."

6th June 2005, 05:15 AM
OOC: I hate to jump in like this, so bear with me a little bit :P

Deep in thought, Shar Dahkan (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=19229) didn't notice the control panel on his shuttle beeping insistently. Had he made the right choice? Was this trully where his path lay? "Some things can never be undone" he muttered to himself. "I've come a long way, and I still have much to learn" His path lay twisted behind him, his life full of deep valleys and gorges. Over time, he had begun to realize, that to harness those dark events in his life, he would become stronger, perhaps even stronger then his former master.

Bracing himself for what could be waiting when he dropped out of hyperspace, he pulled the lever, and the starlines instantly become the distant bright twinkles he had grown used to gazing at as a boy on Thule. "No! I mustn't think of that now! Whats done is done, it wasn't my fault!" Clearing his head, he looked forward at what loomed ahead of him.

Without a second gone by, alarms all across his screen began to scream and whine. He was being scanned, with a vengence. "Too late to turn back now" In front of him lay the the Star Forge and the Homeworld of the Sith.

"Lets hope the welcoming commitee isn't to rough, I wouldn't want to die before I complete my training" he muttered to himself. Even the space around him crawled with the power of the dark side. He could sense the hatred burning inside the giant station looming in front of him. He was prepared for this, all that lay behind him led upto this moment, nothing else mattered.

Taking a deep breath, he flipped the switch on his com

"Starforge, this is Shar Dahkan, I request landing access, and a representative to meet me at the landing platform"

Cutting power to his sublight engines, he let the gentle hum of the shuttle comfort him as he awaited the reply he knew was soon to come. Drifting slowly towards the Starforge, he had no idea what was in store for him.....

6th June 2005, 06:19 AM
triggering the communications system. Lorgon speaks through the microphone.

"Shar Dahkan, this is Lorgon Korg, advisor of Darth Exidos of the Star Forge. Your landing procedures are in preparations at bay 9-15F. You are granted permission to land. A representitive will greet you on arrival for further instruction"

Lorgon puts down the microphone and orders his apprentice to stay behind in the communications sector as he advances to the platform to greet the new arrival.

6th June 2005, 07:28 AM
Setting his shuttle into auto-pilot, Shar begins to inspect his gear. Unaware as to what awaits him, he grabs his old lightsaber from his days as a Padawan and attaches it to his belt. His only other possessions are the old and tattered robes he has on his back, and the stolen shuttle he now occupies.

With a loud thud, the shuttle comes to rest in the docking bay. Turning back to the console, he powers down his ship and locks it down. He can see guards all around while looking through the viewport, and a cloaked figure slowly approaching the shuttle. At this distance, the pure energy of the figure almost knocks him out of the chair.......almost. This must be his reception committee he thought, not that he deserved one, he was a outcast after all.

Deadly aware that this whole ordeal he was about to engage in could be his last, he goes over in his mind what to do if things should go sour. "Get a grip, they're not going to kill you for landing a shuttle" he thinks aloud. "It's now or never, this is what you've always wanted"

Leaving his thoughts behind in the shuttle, Shar closes his mind as best he can and opens the bay doors, ready to depart. With one last look around the ship that had served him so well, he walks down the ramp, ready for anything.

Approaching the figure before him, he bends to one knee. "I am Shar Dahkan, former Padawan to the Jedi Templar Obriss Fega. My journeys have brought me here. I wish to begin training in the way of the Sith. My life is in your hands" looking up into the figures eyes he finishes "Master"

With that speech he unhooks his lightsaber from his belt, holding it out, he offers it to the cloaked figure.

6th June 2005, 10:30 AM
After that battle on Kerrat, Lord Exidos and his droid left the Kolmar and went back to the Star Forge. A slight explosion happened on the way home from the Kolmar that made Exidos loose his left arm and part of his face. Though the force kept him alive, even though he should've been dead. A few hours later when Exidos went into the hospital wing, he emerged with steel in place of the skin he lost on his face, a robotic eye the was glowing red and a hightech robotic arm. The operation allowed him to still look like he origionaly was (he still has his hair), but he has metal instead of synthetic skin. Exidos then walked to his advisors quarters. "Lorgon. I must speak with you about the plan I have to move the Star Forge through time. Will it work?"

OOC: Kinda catchy, huh? Oh and hello to all new members. I'll update the first post ASAIC (As Soon As I Can).

6th June 2005, 11:00 AM
Out Of Character
Can I get a star destroyer? (for Darth Geradian)
If yes here's the link: http://www.piett.org/cult/isd.jpg
the name of the ship would be the Hazard
and Sepheroth iron with false skin over it would be cooler, I can already see someone hitting Exidos in the face ;)

In Character:
"Keep lifting those objects Kennin, I'll be back soon"
Darth Geradian left the room and guided by the force he found Darth Exidos soon.
"I heard about what happened to you, lord, I hope that mechanic arm won't bother you... What are your plans?"

8th June 2005, 01:28 PM
Darth Exidos turned around slowly. "Do you actually think that the arm won't irritate me enough!?" He looked at Darth Geradian with his new eye and continued with, "This was the jedi's and the Rupublic's doing! They left me scard for all time! No more getting recruits from fallen jedi and corrupt Republice soldiers! We will kill them all and destroy all they built for their armies! I want them all to share my pain...in DEATH!!!!"

8th June 2005, 01:53 PM
(I am somewhere on the Exidus's ship.)

Ra'a'mah walks around the ship looking for a place to bunk and finds the quarters for the troops.
"I feel I deserve better than this."
Asks one of the troopers she sees. "Where are the quarters for visiting dignataries? I know there are not many of those people left over. Just guide me there."
Follows the trooper where he leads her. "I don't know what you expect, but this is what we have on thie ship." Leaves her at the door.
She walks in and looks around. "Hum...I wonder where the communication port is in here. I really should speak with Exidus about completing my training and finding me a new master to learn from."
As she is looking around, a light starts blinking right by the door. She looks at the light and touches it. Hopeing it is the communication port she is looking for. A prerecorded voice comes on and tells her about the room she is in and if anything is needed to just push the button below the light that was just blinking.
She pushes said button and waits for an answer.

9th June 2005, 10:42 AM
Exidos stormed out of the room saying, "The Jedi will be destroyed. The Republic will be destroyed. Hell! All of the galaxies organizations should be destroyed! I hate them all!" He was speaking like a true Sith Lord. One who takes his anger out on the ones who he thinks deserves it. He went to the Kolmar on a shuttle to pick up wounded soldiers and T3-M4. He was also looking at the damages, including the one that gave him his scars and robotic parts.

When he was walking down one of the halls, he recived a signal coming from the room next to him. Who would be in there? Surely it's not one of my guests. He opened the door and saw Ra'a'mah by the consol. "I was afraid my troops would put you in here. I apoligize for this room. It was better before the damn Jedi and Republic got on." He looked around and reconized the room. "This was where I would go for thinking and to calm down after a fight." He then looked into Ra'a'mah thoughts and said, "You are seeking a master, aren't you? To be trained in the ways of the Sith, no doubt."

9th June 2005, 10:57 AM
Lorgon approaches Exidos with a smirk on his face.

"Exidos there are times you musn't be so rational, even for a Sith. All out attack on the Jedi can open vulnerabilities in our defence. You want strategical tactics with all this..."

As then he responds about the ability of time travel...

"Although the Force has potentially unlimited power, the energy and strength needed to shift through the sands of time is quite dynamic, delicate and highly dangerous. I say this because time travel cannot be done with the flick of a switch, and if on any attempt we travel through time and realise we made a miscalculation on plans such as our destination or route to take... results can be a as great as simply having the Star Forge disappear into thin air along with us and our fleets."

Clicks if fingers to emphasise the point of simple vanishing that could occur

"It is a highly dangerous task I must advise for it not to be attempted until we have sufficient power and training to do it... on that matter it won't be an overnight thing to learn such power."

He then submerges into a sharp, deep serious tone.

"And don't try to attempt to manipulate anything of which you do not know the consequences will be or you could easily lose another limb."

9th June 2005, 10:58 AM
Darth Geradian backed away a little when Exidos turned around. The way Exidos sounded, Darth Geradian was sure what he said would happen. The Sith master moved out of the way when Exidos stormed past. Behind the shadows that concealed his face he couldn't help but smile.
Anger, I sense it greatly with this one, I hope it will make his will to accomplish his goals even more, because his goals are my goals...
Darth Geradian slowly shrouded behind Exidos. He followed him into the room where Ra'a'mah also was. He knew the two were talking to each other, so he patiently waited in the doorway.

9th June 2005, 12:23 PM
Darth Temor landed his TRI fighter in a landing bay on the Kolmar. He walked down the ramp and stepped out onto the ship, followed by his droid HK-47. "Officer!" Shouted Temor to the officer in charge of the landing bay. As the officer heard Temor's voice he turned and ran over to him, "Yes lord Temor?" "Officer, I would like you to fill me in on the recent happenings, where is Lord Exidos?" As he spoke he remembered something, "Oh and officer, I would like you to send a pilot to the SS Dominance, HK-47 will go with you, there are some preparations I need making, HK-47 has the exact details, I am going to fly to a planet right on the outer rim, I am not sure of the exact name of the system, or the exact planet, but I do know the location so I will be able to find it, HK-47 has to co-ordinates, I would like them to be loaded up and the hyper drive engines prepared for the journey, and could you make sure the gun turrets are fully loaded and operational." "Yes my lord, I will send someone now. Oh and Lord Exidos is currently having an operation in the hospital wing, he had an accident!" "Very well, I will go and see how he is! Goodbye officer, let me know as soon as the preparations on the SS Dominance are complete!" "Yes sir!" "HK follow him!" As Temor finished his last sentence he turned and left the room.

Temor walked down a long series of corridors and up several lifts and steps until he reached the operating room in the hospital wing, it was empty, no Exidos, and no doctors. 'What?! Temor turned and left the room, he walked down a corridor until he turned a corner and spotted Exidos and some others talking. "My Lord, Exidos, I heard you had an accident and you where to have an operation, are you alright?" Said Temor as his pace quickened as he walked down the corridor towards Exidos, as he got closer he could see Exidos' scars, his robot like metal face. "How the hell... What happened?"

10th June 2005, 12:52 AM
Bows to Exidus.
"Yes, my old master taught me the arts of war and destruction, but alas he was killed and I had to go into hiding so I did not get killed myself. As you witnessed on the planet, I can handle myself in difficult situations.I am sorry to see the damages done to you. I am glad though you have recovered suficiently. Are there any other rooms you rather me have?"
Bows to the others as they step up waiting to be noticed.
"I am unimportant at the moment, but if possible I would like to complete training in my field of expertice. I have my own ship aboard Tremor's ship. I also have skills no others have to my knowlege and would be willing to display them if you wish."
Falls silent under the eyes of the people surrounding them.

10th June 2005, 07:46 AM
Exidos looked at who was soon to be his new apprentice and said, "Yes. I will train you to be a true warrior in battle against the Republic. If you have any trouble, seek out my advisor, Lorgon Korg."

"My Lord, Exidos, I heard you had an accident and you where to have an operation, are you alright?" Said Temor as his pace quickened as he walked down the corridor towards Exidos, as he got closer he could see Exidos' scars, his robot like metal face. "How the hell... What happened?"

Exidos turned to Temor with his red eye, shineing in his face and said, "This was from that jedi attack on this ship on the last planet we were on. Though I am angry and look weak, i'm not." He looked at everyone else now and continued with, "Passion is not the only thing ou gain strength from, my children of darkness. If you remember what your old jedi masters told you, "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering and suffering leads to death", they are good for us. Take Darth Geradian's apprentice for example. His fear of being turned in, caused his father to die. From that fear, he gained a lot of anger towards the jedi that killed his father. That lead him to hate the Jedi and make them suffer. Then he ended their lives in death. So you see, if we use our anger and hate in battle, we will never loose!"

10th June 2005, 08:24 AM
Darth Geradian laughed a bit as he walked further into the room.
"Maybe you don't know, but I've never been a Jedi... What you say about Kennin is right tough. He is very strong"

10th June 2005, 08:42 AM
Lorgon advances Shar Dahkan in the docking bay and greets him.

"You are aboard the Star Forge Mister Dahkan. I am Lorgon Korg, forward to the main hall. You will be greeted by Darth Exidos, Current ruler of the Star Forge"

10th June 2005, 02:50 PM
(My char is from beyond the Outter Rim and does not know the difference of Light or Dark side. She was never trained as a Jedi either. She uses her power for destruction.)

Listens to the conversation between the others.
"I know not what you are talking about when it concerns time travel or Jedi. I just want to destroy our enemies. If that means travelling in time, then I say we should try. Why go into the future though? Would it not be better to go into the past and destroy these Jedi before they can start?"

10th June 2005, 11:41 PM
A young Dark Jedi heads to bay 41-2D to greet Torrik. In a confident and mature voice he announces.

"Mister Torrik, I have been ordered by Master Lorgon Korg to escort you to the main hall for the induction with Lord Exidos. Proceed this way..."

12th June 2005, 11:42 AM
Out Of Character: actually we have no motives for going into the future :S I would've liked it more if the star forge and the rest of the fleet suddenly got sucked up in a black hole or something like it and appeared again in future... now we want to go to the future without having a real reason (a reason would also solve this tough)
what about we just want to be the first with the ability to travel through time?
Then again I hope we will do it only once.

In Character:

Darth Geradian eyed the man closest to Exidos. He realized this must be his advisor. An important person, the Sith lord knew, cause often the advisors were the real rulers.

"Although the Force has potentially unlimited power, the energy and strength needed to shift through the sands of time is quite dynamic, delicate and highly dangerous. I say this because time travel cannot be done with the flick of a switch, and if on any attempt we travel through time and realise we made a miscalculation on plans such as our destination or route to take... results can be a as great as simply having the Star Forge disappear into thin air along with us and our fleets"

Darth Geradian heard the snap and felt like he vanished for a moment. He knew that no matter what, they should prepare this well. As Lorgon left the room Darth Geradian approached Exidos.
"Your advisor is right, lord, we should prepare this well. I suggest all of us, the Sith, should gather and discuss this. We must be well prepared if we are going to do something of this scale. Also, when we're there, I would like to have my personal star destroyer. The galaxy will have changed a lot by then, and before we take any actions we will need to know about the rest of the galaxy, how strong the Jedi are and so on..."

12th June 2005, 01:30 PM
"Mister Torrik, I have been ordered by Master Lorgon Korg to escort you to the main hall for the induction with Lord Exidos. Proceed this way..."

Qin does as he is told, knowing he is now irrevocably committed to his path. His boots click on the buffed surface of the Star Forge loading dock. A last glance in the direction of his beloved Crest, and he follows the representative out of the bay, up three turbolifts, to some unknown section. He's completely turned around, and he'll probably have to spend hours studying the layout of the spindly Forge before he'll understand where he is. Finally, they came to a great hall.

"Wait here, and you will be attended to."

14th June 2005, 10:21 AM
Exidos took his leave from the group, got his lightsabers and crystals and went back to the Star Forge. He went to the main hall nad saw yet another new member. He took his seat at the head of the table, looked at the newcomer with his bionic eye and said, "Greetings, child of the darkness. I am Lord Exidos, current ruler of the Star Forge and it's fleet." He rested his metal arm on the table, so he can look for any malfunctions. "I bet you are wondering what happened to me. Aren't you?"

14th June 2005, 10:49 AM
Protocol, Qin. This is the Dark Lord of the Sith you're talking to. He knelt low, avoiding the cybernetic with his eyes. From the Dark Lord's tone, he guessed that Exidos was less than ecstatic about it, which ruled out an intentional modification like his jack.

"I would not presume to impose, my lord. If you wish to speak of it, though, of course I will listen."

14th June 2005, 10:55 AM
Exidos finished his modification and said, "Before you arrived, we were in a battle against the jedi on the small planet, Kerrat. After that victory wwe were on our way home, but not without any wounded or casualties. I happened to be the last one to get a taste of a explosion. Luckly, I survived. I was taken to the med lab here to be rebuilt. That is why I am like this now. It might look like a curse on my soul, but this I believe is a gift. The jedi called Triko did this. He almost destroyed my ship and damaged all power outputs. I have to thank him, before he is killed by me. You will help me kill his order, won't you?"

14th June 2005, 11:17 AM
"From what I know of the Jedi, they seem disgustingly unwilling to use the power they have. It is high time they were taken from power. If that means eliminating them completely, so be it. What would you have me do?"

14th June 2005, 11:39 PM
(I don't know if the others are still around me, but I will assume they are.)

To whoever can answer this, looks at all the people around her.
"Is there any training section aboard here?"

15th June 2005, 01:06 PM
Darth Geradian slowly walked up beside Exidos again. He smiled behind the shadows of his cloak when he noticed another newcomer. He knew they were in a conversation, so he didn't mean to interrupt the two, so he talked to Exidos by thought instead.
"Exidos, our scanners report a big black hole in space, not very far from here. It is unlike anything we have seen before, and it is slightly different from normal black holes. The Force tells me this is the path to the future. Someone will have to set the foundations for the rest of the fleet in the future. I am willingly to take this task upon myself. I'd like to take my apprentice with me, and one star destroyer, and venture through the black hole, with your permission, ofcourse that is"

15th June 2005, 04:20 PM
Temor had followed Exidos and Geradian, he was watching them both, and another newcomer from a slight distance when he accidently intercepted Geradian talking to Exidos, as soon as Geradian finished Temor ran over to them, "No! You can't do that! It's to risky, it would be much more wise to send a less important figure through. Then we could either see if the black hole is accesible from the time we would be traveling to and see if he could return, or if not then we would likely be able to tell if he had made it alive. I just do not think it wise to send you, a valuable member of our order, through when we know so little about this thing, for all we know you could jump into this thing and be sucked into 1000,000,000,000 atoms. But then, if we have no word from the officer we send through then if you still wish it you should go through. But obviously this is not my discision, but I do not think it wise to send you through!" Said Temor to Geradian, in a more than serious tone.

16th June 2005, 05:12 AM
Darth Geradian looked Temor in the eyes from close range, this way the scarred part of his face was interely visible.
"My apologies, Darth Temor, but when I sense something through the Force, I am very sure of it" he said.
"Your idea of sending another ship through first is good enough, but we do not know if you can return from the future"

16th June 2005, 09:13 AM
"That is exactly my point, WE DO NOT KNOW!" Said Temor getting slightly aggitated, "I can sense that this black hole could in someway lead to the future, but we can not be sure that by just jumping into it you will be taken nice and cleanly into the future, there are a lot of things to consider here. We should not rush so hastily into anything, there is reserch and preperations to be done first!" As Temor finished he took a seat, then he looked round at Exidos. "My lord, how are you feeling. Your scars are many, and your wounds cut deep, but the power of the sith will prevail. These scars are nothing to the power of the darkside, I do not belive they will hinder you, or our order at all. The dark side is too greater power to be hindered by such things."


"HK how are the preperations coming along on the Dominance?"

"The hyper-drive's are up, and co-ordinates are loaded and we are ready to go sir!"

"Very good, I will be on my way very soon!"

***Radio out***

16th June 2005, 06:08 PM
Lorgon bouts in disgust.

"This should not be happening... the sands of time must not be tampered with... why attempt to go forward to a place or time that has not even been written yet?!

Exidos if you ask me, this is a bad idea. The power of time should not be estimated like this. It's far too powerful... or do you have reasons to believe this will work?..."

17th June 2005, 12:50 AM
Sees everybody leaving her, so she decides to explore the ship on her own.
Thinks to herself, "I am sure I can find something of interest to me. Reading, training....I wonder if I could get my ship from Tremor. I will ask about that."

As she wanders around the ship, she sees the troops drilling, the hanger bays, weapons area and many other things. Finially she finds the library and enters. She looks around and finds books on the history of the Old Republic, the Sith and Jedi. She leaves the library with the book and returns to her quaters to read.

As she reads, she finds herself hungry, goes and pushes the button of the communications and orders food to be brought to her. She eats what is brought and sends it back and falls asleep reading the book.

17th June 2005, 12:26 PM
Out Of Character: yeah you're right we'll need some sort of reason (other than to go fight yhe NJO where our characters do not even know of). Here's one...

In Character:
Darth Geradian first turned to Temor, but when he heard Lorgon speak he turned toward Exidos' advisor.
"I personally do not care about the future much, but we need to get away. Altough our fleet is huge, and the defences of the Star Forge are to be reckoned with, we will not survive a big war with the republic. It won't be long before they launch their assault. The future might be a way to escape our loss!" he said quickly, then turned back toward Temor.
"But maybe even there the Republic will launch an assault on us... I suggest that someone, maybe only two or three of us, will go through the black hole - after having examined it with a few other ships of course- and set the foundations for our future empire. Maybe the travell is dangerous, and we do not know how many of our ships will be able to get through. The ones of us that are sent through should find out how far we have jumped into time and found a new army. When everything is ready someone will be sent back and the star forge and the rest of the fleet will be sent through. The force is with us. It will work"

Out Of Character:
I've thought this all out if you have questions PM me

17th June 2005, 01:09 PM
"Very well, I do not see any other way we can do this!" He said to Geradian, then he turned to Exidos, "But if some of us are to be sent through I would you send me my Lord Exidos!" Said Temor, bowing down to his lord. "What say you? Will you send me through the black hole into the future to help set up our order once again? I will not fail you!"

18th June 2005, 11:49 AM
I've been working on a small story to create more background for us wanting to go into the future and what will happen, here follows:
The republic, after the battle of Kerrat, is sending fleets to fight us. We realize we can't win or escape and we refuse to surrender so we see the black hole (which does leads to the future) as our main escape route. First a few of us go through and we have a quest in which we get to know what time we are in, what has happened in the meantime (everything that happened in the starwars movies, that is). Then Geradian and Kennin find the abandoned droid base on Geonosis. Geradian knows that many ships might be lost when going through the black hole, and they will need a fresh army, so they start building battle droids, droidekas, trade federation ships, hailfire droids, dwarf spider droids and so on. This will all be RPed of course. Meanwhile the ones that haven't gone through the black hole are defending against the relentless republic assaults on the star forge. When Geradian has assembled all the information and a considerable droid army and base on Geonosis he sends some men back to inform they should go through the black hole right away. Right in time it seems, as the republic is really putting a lot of pressure on the star forge and its' fleet. The star forge and fleet go through the black hole, but many star destroyers are lost on the way, and only the star forge and about 300 star destroyers make it through (many have also been destroyed in the battles with the republic). Then everyone's outrageous because so much of the army has been destroyed, but then Geradian flies up with his droid fleet. The star forge also had a lot of damage and would need to be prepared. 300 star destroyers isn't that few, and more can be build on the star forge + the droid army we'd still have a considerable army. Then we attack planets here and there and take them over, someone posts something in the NJO clan thread about rumors of 'A new Empire' (I don't think the Empire still exists in their time) and if they don't react so be it, and we'll keep taking planets ;)
-I hope you like this idea.

This'll leave us with 2 quests:
Setting the foundations (quest where Geradian and some other Sith are going through the black hole and see above)
The Republic attacks: quest where attacks on the star forge are made by the republic (mostly space battle. This quest will end when Geradian informs the rest to go through the black hole in space)

Also I strongly suggest we have our quests in the normal BA from now on the FBA makes us look like we're a bunch of n00bs (which we aren't)

C'mon people activity :laughing:
activity... :heh:

20th June 2005, 01:09 AM
(Where do you want me to go?)

20th June 2005, 04:45 AM
OOC: Wow. i see a lot was talked about. sry for inactivity. i had finals.


Exidos slamed his hand on the table and yelled, "Enough! I will not have my men fight eachother over something I want done! Geradian, you are right. Prepair your ships for take off and..." A soldier busted in and said, "Sir! There is something you should know about the black hole! It seems that the Republic was recieving ships from that black hole. Their designs are not of this time period." Exidos laughed and said, "That is reason enough."

20th June 2005, 05:19 AM
Out Of Character:
Ok I'll open 2 threads in the battle arena you can choose which one to join
Threads up, they're in the BA.

In Character:
Darth Geradian bowed slightly.
"As you wish, lord Exidos. I will take the Hazard and my apprentice with me, and hopefully some others will go with me to. We cannot leave our defences open tough. Some of us will have to stay here and protect the star forge"
A shuttle soon left the star forge and landed in a bay of the Hazard.

20th June 2005, 06:19 AM
Sorry guys. I have to leave the Order since I'm not good with Star Wars RPing. I need to take a break anyway. SO remove me from the name list. Thanks and goodbye, y'all!

20th June 2005, 01:54 PM
(Is there anyway I can get my ship from Tremor's ship? When I got involved with the clan, he took me to Exidus's ship and left mine on his.)

When she wakes up she goes in search of training.
She finds Exidus in descussion with the others and waits as patiently as she can. Pacing outside the room where they are.
Right after Geradain leaves she enters the room.
Kneels down. "Master where do you wish me to train? I am willing to do anything for you and our cause. I did research on who the Jedi and Sith are. I most certainly do not agree with what the Jedi beleive in or follow." Looks up at Exidus and stansds up.
"I know we have some sort of time warp out there, I do not fully understand that. Please, if you are willing, explain exactly what is planned and I will help with the destruction of the Jedi once and for all."

21st June 2005, 09:41 AM
Ok we couldn't have 2 threads so I put it in one thread so we'll have to both defend the star forge as rp in the future in the same thread.

22nd June 2005, 12:12 AM
(I got a warning for that. Don't understand why though.)

Looks out at the stars and galaxies soon to be under the control of the Sith.

22nd June 2005, 07:05 AM
Incase you don't find it, here's the link to the quest, lets start posting.

25th June 2005, 02:50 PM
The geonosian starfighter approached the starforge. "This is Darth Colera requesting permission to land!" Came the rough indistinguishable voice of the sith, Darth Colera. "Permission granted, please procced Darth Colera, welcome to the Star forge!" Was the reply Darth Colera heard over his ship's comm link.

The starfighter belonging to Darth Colera landed on the starforge, the enterance ramp extended and a tall, mysterious figure, covered head to toe in black armor, with a long black cloak sawying behind him walked down. "I am Darth Colera, I am requesting a meeting with you leader, or someone in high authority, I shall not expect to wait long, so hurry along now!" Said Colera in a voice that was barely understandable to the closest officer to him. "Erh.. Uhm, yes sir!" Said the officer as he ran out of the room.

25th June 2005, 03:33 PM
He is my m8, so I will handle him! :p

Temor left the room, he went to the landing bay where his ship was docked and jumped inside, he left the landing bay and headed towards the star forge. He docked in landing bay 66, as usual. He left the hangar and as he was walking down the corridor an officer approached him and told him there was a sith in a landing bay wanting to speak with someone in high authority, "Ok officer, I will speak with him!" Said Temor "Return to you duties."

Temor entered the landing bay where the sith was stood by his ship, "Greetings, I am Darth Temor, I am glad to meet you!" Said Temor to the new arrival, "I trust you are here to join us?" Temor bowed slightly, then he waited for the sith to assure him that he was here to join them, then Temor planned to take the sith to his ship, find out more about him, then get him ready for defending the starforge.

25th June 2005, 03:49 PM
"I am Darth Colera" Colera said in a terrifing voice i want to train with you but i have no lightsabre only a vibro blade but i can use with deadly force.

25th June 2005, 04:07 PM
(weee more people welcome Jango)
and btw can anyone give me a picture of something of the star forge? I keep imagining the death star, its annoying.

25th June 2005, 08:47 PM
"Don't worry about it," Darth Anubis said to Colera nonchalantly. "Here, take one of mine. I'm not planning on using it much anyways; it's double-bladed with a cortosis-woven hilt so you don't have to worry about any stupid Jedi slicing the thing in half. Just don't call yourself a Sith Lord if you don't know what it means."

28th June 2005, 11:58 AM
There was a lot of commotion on the Star Forge. The sound of battle and explosions could be heard everywhere. Many bay doors were closed and navy troopers manned the cannons. An officer walked into the bay where Temor, Anubis and Colera were. He looked around and noticed the three Sith. The man frowned a little. He didn't know Colera yet, and was a little terrified that the numbers of the Sith kept increasing. The past weeks he had seen more and more of these 'users of the dark side of the Force' land in the Star Forge and offer their services. Deciding the Siths' affairs were none of his business, the officer decided to just do his duty. He marched toward the Sith, saluted and then lowered his hand. Darth Temor was the Sith he knew best, so he kept his eyes on him.
"Lord Temor, the Republic ships are attacking, and both the Hazard as the Kolmar have flown into the black hole, their destination unknown"
"Your ship is ready for either the travell through the black hole or the defence, but you should decide, lord Temor"
As one of the higher ranked officers, this soldier had been informed of the Siths' plans to travel through the black hole, into the future, to escape the Republic attacks.

28th June 2005, 01:14 PM
"I would very much like to assist my Lord Exidos and Lord Geradian in their plight to et up our foundations in the future, but we need someone here to hold the fort, and that someone shall be me, and any others I can find!" Said Temor to the officer, "I will take a shuttle to the dominance now, there I will lead our defense, I want you to stay here and you can be incharge of the defence here untill I find another sith to help you, I will make ferquent shuttle visits to make sure you are doing ok over here, now I will leave you, good luck officer! May the darkside guide you!"

'Yes my Lord, I shall do my best!' Said the officer as he left the landing bay to attend to his dutys. "Anyone who truly wishes to serve the drakside of the force will stay here and hold off the republic fleets while I will defend from the Dominance, I wish you all the best of luck, may the darkside guide you all!" As Temor finished speaking he turned and left the bay, he entered another bay that contained a shuttle, he boarded the shuttle and ordered the pilot to take him to the SS Dominance.

29th June 2005, 01:48 AM
(I somehow got lost in here. I was waiting for a tour of a Death Star. Where am I exactly?)

"Captain, you have kept me here long enough. I am going to go myself with or with out you."

Goes to the landing bay, finds her ship and prepares it for flight.

29th June 2005, 03:06 AM
At the moment you're in space, battling enemy starfighters (see quest)

29th June 2005, 06:33 AM
Sare piloted his Jedi Starfighter towards the Kolmar. Usuallythis would be his enemy andhe would be attacking the large vessel. Not any more. He had changed. He was nolonger a member of the Jedi order. He that he just didn't fit in and that manyof them thought thatthey were stonger than him. He tried to bring the Jedi Flagship Hope, but his old Jedi Master,Triko, fought him off. He did posses Anakin Skywalker's old lightsaber as a Jedi along with his own lightsaber. He also still wore his Jedi Robes.

Immediately when he neared the ship alarms went off in his cock pit. He used the force to shut them off. He saw turrents on the ship turn and target him. He didn't bother to arm his weapons andkept on flying toward a hanger on the ship. A malevoice broke the silence in his cockpit coming over the intercom saying:

"This is Captain Frapler of the Kolmar.Turn around or die Jedi."

Sare activated his intercom after the captain was done speaking and said "This is Sare, ex-Jedi. I wish to board the Kolmar and speak to someone right away."

He deactivated the small radio and kept flying towards the closed Hangar. Finally, after minutes had gone by the Hangar doors opened. He flew inside and landed the Jedi Starfighter. He got out and saw that there were many enemy soldiers standing before him with blasters aimed at him. About 50 of them. He looked at them and waited for a commander to come. Just then he felt the ship lurch. He used the force to sense that it was going through some kind of a portal. This will be fun Sare thought to himself.

Brick Mullet
1st July 2005, 07:48 PM
Michael's ship traveled towered Hazard, two other ships on his tail.
"Identify your ship or we will fire at you."
Michael used force lighting to electrocut the ships. One pilot died of the electricity, the other's engine failing, causing him to fail to the planet below.
"I am a dark jedi, requesting permission to land. Repeat, can I land? I'm here to help." Michael went in to land, whether they wanted him too or not. I can kill the other people anywhys, if they sent ships to intercept me.
OOC: Sorry its so short, my posts usally are better, but I'm not good at intros.

1st July 2005, 08:12 PM
ooc: Hey whatsup. I am a member and not the leader of this clan. Right now I am the only one on and we are in a battle right now in the BA boards called Setting the Foundation. Post your arrival there, but change it to you arriving on the Hazard instead since that appears to be where everyone is.

2nd July 2005, 01:20 AM
Waits as the commander she addressed answers her. "We can always use an extra pair of hands around here. Go to engineering and they will tell where you help is needed. I can spare a trooper to guide you there if you do not know the way...."

Ra'a'mah looks at the commander, "I am not familiar with the lay out of a Star Destroyer as of yet. I do need somebody to show me where to go." Hating to admit there is something she does not know about, she swallowed her pride to say that.

The trooper takes her engineering and then leaves her.

She goes to the person that appears to be in charge and asks where help is needed. He looks at her like she is crazy. "What help do you think you can offer? I do not need a female messing with what runs this ship. Now get out of here. I do not want to see you again in the room."

As he walks away, Ra'a'mah can not control her anger at being insulted by him, she takes out her saber and taps him on the shoulder with the hilt.

"Do you really want me to leave?" Ignites the blade and just brushes his hair with it. "You give me the kind of stuff I had to put up with from the people of where I came from. You just look and see a female, I have skills I can offer you. I do not know what you were taught nor do I care really. I will not beg to help you, but if you ever talk to me like that again, I will cut you in half." Turns and walks out of engineering.

She is lost as where she should be going. Refuels her ship and leaves the Star Destroyer and goes to the ship that lead everyone through the black hole. Looks at the reading on her screen and sees it is the Hazard she is approaching.

"I request permission to land, Hazard."

Brick Mullet
2nd July 2005, 09:39 AM
OOC: I only got one post into the quest.All well, I'll just get into the next quest.

Michael's ship reentered the Star forge. "Is the Dark Lord back?"
"Yes" said someone onboard the Forge.
"Good, I'm coming in"
Michael brought his ship in, and went off to find the dark lord.

2nd July 2005, 09:48 AM
One month after the Orders' victory on Geonosis
All the members of the Order had been gathered in one room. It was a dark, sinister room with only barely enough light in it for the Orders' members to recognize each other. The Sith all sat around a big black table. One of them raised. The Sith wasn't very tall and rather slim, but big power emitted from him nevertheless.
"Friends, fellow members of the Order, we are gathered here to discuss the future of our order" the man began in a soft, dark voice. He paused for a moment and looked over all the other members of the Order.
"We have done what many deemed impossible. We have travelled through time. Our fleet has sustained heavy damage, but we managed to patch that up by creating a droid army. The planets Geonosis and Kashyyyk are under our control, but of course we want more. I trust you have read the history books I provided you with. We all remember the Clone wars, where the Jedi were as good as wiped out. They have returned tough, and have founded a new order. If we want supreme control over the galaxy, the Jedi will be our biggest adversaries. We decide our future plans here and now" Darth Geradian spoke.

Out of Character: if you post just pretend like you're in the room already

2nd July 2005, 10:22 AM
Darth Temor rose from his seat, "Yes, we have been successful in travelling to the future, and our fleet is pretty much restored, and we have established bases, with droid factories on both Kashyyyk and Geonosis. So where to from here? First I think we should send some scouts to find out more about the new jedi order, and also send some scouts to search for any planets that have little to no life force on them, and there, if the environment is right, I think we should set up our main ground base. I would happily search for a suitable planet after we have finished our discussions." Said Temor to the room of his fellow sith.

2nd July 2005, 11:04 AM
Darth Geradian listened to Darth Temor and then laughed a little.
"My friend, right after our victory over the Genosians I immediately send an expedition to Hoth to patch up the base there. They are currently working on it, it won't be long untill our base there is ready" the Sith spoke.
He then looked over the whole room.
"Our bases are well defended and many, that won't be a problem. There is one problem tough. We won't be able to keep a fleet of our size hidden for a very long time. It won't be long untill the Jedi find us. Our sources have found out that there aren't many other armies in the galaxy tough. If we launch an assault we will overwhelm our opponents, but where will we strike?"

Brick Mullet
2nd July 2005, 11:13 AM
"Maybe we could get to the Core worlds? Like Corusent? We could send our dark jedi in first to disable there defences, then have the ships bring up the rear. We could then take the force sensitive at the jedi temple there, to have more dark jedi with us."

OOC: Loco, this is getting out of control!!!! BTW get on AOL some time, I'll IM you.

2nd July 2005, 11:13 AM
"I do not know, that is why I suggested we send out some scouts to find more information like the location of this jedi order. For now I think the main thing should be to keep the fleet as close together as possible while we send out scouts to learn about the jedi order, that way if the jedi somehow find us we will not be all scattered and easy to kill. So we keep the fleet together, then hope the scouts get back before the jedi find us, then we will have the element of surprise and we can attack the jedi in the best spot, and hopefuly we will be successful!" Said Temor to Darth Geradian.

Grr, DV stop posting while I am posting!! :p

2nd July 2005, 11:34 AM
Darth Geradian listened to one of the newer members of the Order first, and then to Darth Temor. As it was the newer member that spoke first Darth Geradian also answered to him first.
"As far as I know, Coruscant has no defences. They have no standing army. They rely on the peace to keep them safe. Taking Coruscant will disable the Senat tough. But now that I think about it... landing larger droids into Coruscant is impossible, and we can't take over building per building. Almost everyone in the city carries a blaster, to. No, instead of destroying the Senat we'd better get them at our side, I guess. We cannot fight the whole galaxy..." he said.
The Sith lord then looked in the direction of Darth Temor.
"Sare has already supplied us with the location of the Jedi temple. It is on Yavin 4. We do not know how strong the Jedi are tough. I agree on keeping the fleet tight. We need to protect our planets tough. I suggest we keep the Star Forge here, around Geonosis. Our fleet of Stardestroyers I would divide in two pieces. One to protect the Star Forge, the other to stay around the Hoth system, and our droid battleships we keep around Kashyyyk" he spoke.

Brick Mullet
2nd July 2005, 11:41 AM
"If we want the Senat though, we have to get into politics. How far can we get on bribes? We need to show them we have strenght and mean busniss. We should attack the jedi."

2nd July 2005, 11:49 AM
Darth Geradian pondered what the newer member, seemingly a quite cunning one, said. He didn't like politics much, but he knew that when you control the Senat, you control the Republic. Suddenly he had a great idea. The Sith lord looked up.
"If they lose their faith in the Jedi, they will be defenceless. The Senat is not smart. We could pretend like we're Jedi and slaughter people here and there, and make the Jedi order look bad. Then we move in and promise the Senate that we will end the Jedi's rampage, and we will have the whole galaxy at our side against them!"

Brick Mullet
2nd July 2005, 11:59 AM
"That is a great idea, but we need to get jedi robes, do you have any? Also, wouldn't we have to change our lightsaber color's from red, seeing as they would now we were sith if we used red. Otherwise, that plan would work. Besides, I havn't used force choke in a long time."

2nd July 2005, 12:06 PM
Listens to the conversation going on and speaks up.

"I am not from any known planets in space. I am from beyond the Outter Rim. This would also mean I an unknown by any Jedi. I could go to Yavin IV or to Coruscant, see if I could get accepted into thier order and be a spy.
If possible I would also like to take my ship and see if my planet still survives. My ship is capible of many things not apparent upon looking at it."

(She is of an unknown species and her ship is a construct she has created. It can look like anything. She just chooses it to look like a TIE Fighter while with the Sith.)

2nd July 2005, 12:07 PM
Darth Geradian laughed loudly. A terrible, chilling noise.
"Jedi run around in peasants robes, they aren't too hard to get" the Sith lord said with a broad grin on his face. He then turned serious again.
"But what you say about the lightsabers is true. My apprentice, Kennin, has a blue lightsaber that used to belong to a bounty hunter that has tried to kill lord Exidos..." Darth Geradian brought the image of the bounty hunter in his mind again, then resumed.
"But of course not all of us do..." he said, thought for a few moments again, but then had a good idea once more. He looked at Darth Temor.
"Lord Temor, didn't you have an amazing amount of Jedi lightsabers which you collected?" he asked, hoping the Sith lord would want to lend his collection for 'the good cause'. Darth Geradian then answered Ra'a'mah's proposal.
"No, spies don't seem to work... They can sense wheter you are just or not"

2nd July 2005, 12:26 PM
Nods to Darth Geradian.

"I understand. If my planet still survives. I might beable to convince those who are there now, to come with my and join. When I left my people, we were reaching an end point in our evolution. They may have died out and I am the only one left, they may be totally different now too or the same as when I left. I can hope there are some still around. They can help with technology upgrades, better weapons and many other things."

Looks at the others sitting at the table.

2nd July 2005, 01:00 PM
Darth Geradian seemed glad to hear that they could scramble up some more aid. He was rather surprised that Ra'a'mah was from outside the outer rim tough.
"Good, I suggest you go rally your people as soon as this meeting is over Ra'a'mah. If they have a fleet it might become a valuable asset to our army..." Darth Geradian said, then looked back to the whole group.
"When we pretend like we are Jedi we can't of course show the people our faces, otherwise they will of course recognize us when we are Sith once more. I suggest we wear masks when we do our strikes"

2nd July 2005, 01:12 PM
"Lord Temor, didn't you have an amazing amount of Jedi lightsabers which you collected?"

"I have two blue, one green, and one yellow lightsaber, that I will lend out to people, and that I will get back off you!" Said Temor, unhooking the four lightsabers from his belt and placing them on the table. "Oh and as for us wearing masks, I do not think that will work, if some jedi just appear from nowhere, all at the same time, all wearing masks, the jedi are not stupid. And on that note, the jedi will most likely be able to sense our darkside power, I can not see this plan working too well I am afraid."

Brick Mullet
2nd July 2005, 01:27 PM
"We are not going to attack where the jedi are then. I think we should head to Nar Shadar, there is so much life there that the jedi may not sense us."
Michael leaned forward in his chair, and picked up one of the blue lightsabers.

2nd July 2005, 01:33 PM
"I already have a saber I made, though it is a bit different than these." Points to the sabers on the table and takes hers out so the others can look at it. "The crystal construction, power element and controls are set up differently than yours. This is not even known as a light saber where I am from. My language will ot translate properly to the language we speak, so I will not even try. With your permission then when the meeting is completed, I will go to my planet and see what is left of it."

2nd July 2005, 01:35 PM
Darth Geradian shook his head.
"My friend, we aren't going to fool the Jedi with our masks, we are just going to keep the people from recognizing us when we appear in our normal robes... They won't question the masks anyway, Temor. You should know that the comman people are really stupid" he said.
The Sith lord then extended his arm and one of the lightsabers flew in his hand. He looked at the lightsaber and felt it had belonged to one with much power. He activated the lightsaber and looked at the blue light, then spun the lightsaber around once and deactivated it again.
"Impressive, lord Temor... I promise you will get your weapon back. If we kill people on random locations, disguised as Jedi, they will turn against them, into our favour. I'm pretty sure about that. And we can sense the Jedi to if they come, when they come we leave and when the Jedi appear again the people will turn against them. Its' pretty simple..."

Brick Mullet
2nd July 2005, 01:40 PM
"While, then where shall we go?"

2nd July 2005, 01:49 PM
Out Of Character: heheh Loco_Loco in your stat page Temor already wears a mask but then they'll recognize the mask of course

In Character:
Darth Geradian looked toward Ra'a'mah, his eyes looking over her lightsaber with some interest.
"Of course you can, Ra'a'mah, as I said before, it would be very good if you can rally some more people to our cause"
He then heard the newer Sith ask where they would go and answered quickly.
"I suggest we go to poor planets, were it is less likely the people are armed, and where they are also more stupid!" the Sith lord said, anxious to kill some innocents.

Brick Mullet
2nd July 2005, 01:53 PM
"This should be fun. How about Tatooine? Maybe Bespin?Dantooine? Maybe Naboo? I think Myrkr would be good, but our force powers would be held back by the ysalamiri but that could work both ways, after all Jedi avoid the planet."

2nd July 2005, 01:59 PM
Darth Geradian nodded.
"Tatooine and Bespin, those are good targets, but I'd like some more targets, so we can go from planet to planet untill we have done enough damage" he spoke, then thought of another, poor target.

2nd July 2005, 02:13 PM
"Before we look to planets we knew in our old time. We may want to check and see if any new ones have been discovered. It is just a thought. Have any of you checked what new explorations and stars have been discovered? Do we even know when we are?"

2nd July 2005, 02:19 PM
Darth Geradian looked up to answer Ra'a'mah's question. He laughed again.
"Of course, I send many probe droids out to explore everything. Our maps have been updated, and every planet except Alderaan still appears on our maps. Anyway, I will inform our men to prepare some Jedi robes and make masks, we'll be ready to go in an hour or so. Anyone still has questions?"

Brick Mullet
2nd July 2005, 02:24 PM
"No, I am ready. I had my ship refueled and readyed. While we are here, we should see how techonalgy has advanced, and maybe get some new ships."
Michael stood up, and put the blue lightsaber on his robe.

2nd July 2005, 02:40 PM
Darth Geradian nodded to what the newer Sith said.
"You are right, we also found plans for newer kinds of Stardestroyers and such. It appears we are using an older version. The Star Forge is modernizing Stardestroyer per Stardestroyer and our TIE fighters are also getting upgraded, it won't be long untill our technology is as good as theirs. Anyway, we will set course for Tatooine soon. You will each get a shuttle, and your Jedi robes and masks will be in the shuttle. Now that we are gathered we can take the opportunity to develop more plans tough, we're not in a hurry anyway"

Out Of Character: I'll create a quest tomorrow

Brick Mullet
2nd July 2005, 02:45 PM
"Understood, I'll be in my querters, summon me if you need me." Michael bowed, and then walked toward his sleeping querters. He soon fell asleep, waiting for the summon too come. This will be fun...

2nd July 2005, 04:49 PM
Sare stood up from his chair and said "I hae a Jedi Robe in my chamber. Maybe I could give it to an engineer who can remake more robes like it and tunics. The materials that make it are rare, but I am sure engineers can copy it." He then started to walk around the room and said "Hoth is a good place. The snow and blizzards scrambles any radar equipment and spy equipment coming into the planet, but not out." Sare then pondered on a good target for the Sith. He finally came up with one. "The only threat that I can see is Tatooine where multiple force holders are believed to be there. I don't think that they are Jedi, but are people who don't think that they have the force." Sare then lookoed at Darth Geradian and said "I'll go get my old Jedi robe." and left the room.

3rd July 2005, 01:17 AM
"My ship is capiable of the distance I need travel. I have no need of a shuttle. Thank you though."

Bows to Geradian and the others in the room.

"I will go and prepare myself for travelling. I am able to change my clothing appearence at will as well as my ship."

Demonstrates her ability, changes from her TIE uniform to a copy of Geradian's Sith outfit and changes back to her normal attire of a TIE uniform..

"When I return I will let you know what transpires and if I am able to get any help or if my people are still around."

Leaves the chamber, returns to her quarters and prepares herself and what she will need for the distance and time.

(How should I go about posting my stuff for my quest and do I get to play my races people?)

5th July 2005, 11:34 AM
guys I'm gonna start a new SW clan just pretend that Darth Geradian and Kennin flew the droid control ship out here or something it'll be up soon you're all welcome to join but it'll be a bit less... powerful if you know what I mean (and more serious)

5th July 2005, 11:36 AM
I understand by what you mean serious but what do you mean by powerful?

5th July 2005, 11:43 AM
what I mean by it we're a bit extaggerating with our armies if I make a new clan it'll be like 1 droid battleship 1 Sith lord and a bunch of followers trying to grow powerful enough to control the galaxy -> and our characters won't be all-powerful like now (have to do some training before becoming powerful => start from scratch)
and I'll try to improve the rping a bit you know no more horrible quests like the one we just had

5th July 2005, 11:52 AM
sweet. I'll join the clan then once it is up.

6th July 2005, 12:28 AM
(My char did not start as all powerful though. Since the other thread has finished, should I post mine here, in the old one or a new to be made? I will post here until told something different.)

Ra'a'mah meets the ships to guide her in and lands where she is instructed. As soon as she lands, she notices many differences between what was and what is. Her people look almost the same now, as if they were clones.

She sees who she things was the person speaking to her when she entered the system and walks over to him.

"Ra'a'mah of the Sith Order, welcome back. We need to talk. I am sure you have many questions as we have many for you. Our records say what happend a thousand years ago and you are mentioned. Come with me." He turns and starts walking away from her expecting her to follow him. She feels a bit of anger, but pushes it down for the moment and follows him.

He takes her to a room and closes the door behind them. He motions her to take a seat and he sits at the head of the table. "Now, I am Quinrad, Commander of Security. Please sit, I can guarentee no harm will come to you while you are with me." He waits for her to sit down before continuing. "A new power has come to control Agoznith and we are pretty peacful now. Your ways are of the past. The council will, of course speak to you and very soon at that. Now please tell me what happend to you and how is it you are even still alive." He puts his hands on the table wating for her answers.

Sits in scilence for a few minutes forming her answers...."After my master, Gjeardt, was put to death, I felt it best for me to leave, so I would not follow in his steps. As for how I am still alive, I traveled a black hole and it transported me to this time. Have no fear, I am not here to take over my home." At least not yet to herself.

"Now, my lady, you have answered truthfully, but you are still hiding information from me. I will let you rest for a time and when the Council is prepared to receive you, I will come and get you. Rememeber this, do not leave your room, except when you are with me. Now let me take you to the room we have made up for you." He stands up and takes her to her room. "The door is locked from the outside, but do not feel like you are prisoner. All you needs will be met and you go in peace I am sure. Have restful Ra'a'mah of the Sith." He closes the door behind him and Ra'a'mah is left alone.

12th July 2005, 12:39 PM
Ra'a'mah makes herself comfortable, gets something to eat and takes a nap. After what only seems a few minutes, Quinrad gets her for her meeting with the council.

"Come, Ra'a'mah, the Council of the Avalar are waiting for you." He guides her through the city streets to a very large round building. Inside lights are lit and the only natural light comes from windows high up on the walls. He takes her to a small room. "Here you must change into the robes prepared for you and leave all weapons behind. Just pull the cord when you are ready."

She changes as she has been requested to and leaves what weapons she has on her in the room. As soon as she pulls the corn Quinrad is there to escort her to the council. "You must answer truthfully to the council. They have ways to know if you are lying. Treat them with respect, what they say is law and none survive by going against what they say. We are here now and I must leave you." He opens the door, bows her in and leaves her to make her way to the middle of the room where people are sitting around the table.

There are ten places at the table, only nine have somebody sitting. In front of the council table there is a small table waiting for Ra'a'mah to sit at. She slowly makes her way to the table and as soon as she sits, the last person joins the council.

"Ra'a'mah of the Sith, what brings you to Avalarton? How is it you are even still alive after 1000 years? All that you knew are gone. We live in peace now and have no need for you to disrupt that. We have records of what happened when you last were here." The council waits for her answers.

"I have made new alliances and wish to see if you can lend support to me and them. I travelled through a black hole that somehow transported me to this time and not my own. If you are such a peaceful people now, why do you need security?"

They look at eachother to find a good answer to Ra'a'mah's question. "We have security to make sure the people here remain happy and feel protected from people like you who love war and destruction. We will not ally ourselves with that type of group. We will send you away with what supplies you will need for your journey back to your new family. We do not acknowlege you as one of us and are banned from this planet. We will not support you or yours. Go back to your room, rest for your journey and leave us alone. Quinrad waits to take you back to your room. Go in peace Ra'a'mah and may you find the errors of your ways before your end." The council leaves the room and Quinrad takes her back to her room.

He whispers to her on the way back to her room. "I know what happend in the council and I can tell you not all of our people are happy with the leadership here. Instead of burning them now, though, they are taken to the other side of the planet and left there to either live or die. Go there when you leave here and you might find support to your cause. We will have your ship updated, as you are missing many features we have now. Rest the night peacefully and I will wake you in the morning." He leaves her at the door.

16th October 2005, 06:08 PM
Seems to me this clan has been inactive for over a month, giving it 3 options:

Close the clan
Make an inactive recruitment thread
Elect new leader if current is inactive/unfit.

Give a week to make the decision with the first option as default should there be no reply.

16th October 2005, 10:01 PM
loco's taken control and has moved this clan to the kashyyykian bounty hunter guild last i remember

16th October 2005, 10:02 PM
Nice of you people to inform me :eek13: :tongue:

So this can be closed then?