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13th April 2005, 06:27 PM
Alliance Name: KurtCobains Rulers

Alliance Member Count (on forums):37

Alliance Forum Link:http://www.kurtcobainkoc.tk/

Brief description of your alliance:

We are a neutral alliance dedicated to excelling at the game. Last age ( chain under Denny) KurtCobain was ranked on the first page for most of the age, and out of 17 officers, two of those made it into the top 100.

This age we are once again excelling, With KurtCobain already having reached over 250 000 soldiers.

We have acess to over 8 recruiters including clickwhore PR, and we treat the chain as family, and direct attacks on you is an attack on us, and we will deal with them harshly.

Furthermore, we like to have fun, and chat in pms.

If you would like to have fun, get tools to make your army larger, and get some protection by being under a strong commander. Join us, we are waiting.

good luck ;)
~ approved iXaB

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