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12th September 2004, 07:51 PM
Zach, make the first post

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Paradise Wandering
12th September 2004, 08:32 PM
This clan is dedicated to finding the last remaining loyal followers of the Sith ways and recruiting them into a clan. We also try to find new people, even ones that dont know about the ways, and pull them to the dark side.


Leader(s): Zach, Darth Noir

Sith Council: Zach, Darth Noir

Sith Masters:

Sith Knights: Adder

Sith Padawans:

Sith Trainees: Earendill, Randy, Techno-vamp, Anubis, Cain, Anvar, Rej

What to say in your first post
In your first post, try to describe your character, tell weather you want to focus on fighting, eg. using lightsabers, blasters, etc. Or, if you want to focus more on force moves, or if you want an even balence between the two.

To start with, everyone will recieve a lightsaber with one blade, either from me, or another member of the council. This will be presented after becoming an official member of the clan.

You may choose the color of the blade. Nothing else.

Some members will get a double bladed lightsaber, or even learn to wield dual lightsabers. That will all be decided by the council, after learning basic skills with one blade.

I will teach force moves, and whoever else the council appoints.

Who teaches lightsaber taining will be decided after this clan gets in order.

There will be a training for pilots too, for those who want to learn to pilot ships.
There will also be RP training, but again, not untill we get in order and get some members.


Lightsaber training (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=22967#post22967)

Point system:

20 points for recruitment
15 points per week for staying active
50 points for winning a spar for the clan
10 points for staying with a quest till it is finished
25 points for pleasing a leader in something

Points are used for upgrades to weapons and lightsabers and ships.
You start with a lightsaber, with enough points, you can either get a second one and weild two, or upgrade to a double bladed lightsaber.


Randy: 0
Earendill: 0
Techno: 0
Anubis: 0
Marcus: 0
Anvar: 0
Cain: 0
Adder: 25

Upgrade and weapon costs:

200 points to upgrade a lightsaber to a doule bladed lightsaber

250 points for a second lightsaber

50 points for a blaster

300 points for a ship

150 points for a speeder bike

This space saved for member stats

Name: Zach
Rank: Master
Weapon: Double bladed lightsaber (blue)
Pilots: Sith infiltrator

Name: Darth Noir
Rank: Master
Pilots: ???

Name: Anubis
Pilots: ???

Name: Randy
Rank: Trainee
Weapon: Lightsaber
Pilots: ???

Name: Anvar
Rank: Trainee
Weapon: Lightsaber
Pilots: ???

Name: Earendil
Rank: Trainee
Weapon: Lightsaber
Pilots: ???

Name: Techno-vamp
Rank: Trainee
Weapon: Lightsaber
Pilots: ???

Name: Marcus
Rank: Trainee
Weapon: Lightsaber
Pilots: ???

Name: Cain
Rank: Trainee
Weapon: Lightsaber
Pilots: ???

Name: Adder
Rank: Knight
Weapon: Lightsaber (red)
Pilots: Tie Obsidian

Name: Rej
Rank: padawaan
Weapon: lightsaber (red)
Pilots: modified scimitar assault bomber

You are walking down endless halls of the Sith headquarters, and see what you are looking for. A large grey door slides open as you come nearer to it. As you enter two battle droids point their blasters at you.

"State your purpose here." One says.

The other, says nothing, but he poits his blaster menacingly at your head.

If you say that you are here to join us, they will let you through. If you say you are here to ally with us, they will let you through. Anything else, and you will be killed.

After answering their question, you are allowed to pass. You introduce yourself to the council, and, if they accept you, you are presented with a lightsaber.

This is an unfinished post, those already in the clan, and those who want to join, are welcome to post here, but expect frequent additions/subtractions from the first post.

12th September 2004, 08:49 PM
If we're talking about following Sith traditions, a Dark Jedi Council wouldn't exactly fit... I'll get a character up soon ;)

A few things though: How do some people advance in rank? What do points get you? How do you advance in rank if you weren't fortunate enough to start off at a higher one? When will training to attain Force Powers or abilities become available? How do we get Force Powers that you don't teach?

12th September 2004, 11:39 PM
eh will I be yelled at for posting here? bah
Dark Jedi and Sith are quite a bit different in the first place
Dark jedi still basically have the teachings of the jedi in their head
Sith have a different religion and point of view
you should probably get someone to change the name and talk to anubis a bit if you want the clan to be about Sith now
Anubis use to be the leader of a Sith clan on GUA
although it apparently moved to another forum...
I make lines! yay! and no that's not spam >_> <_< >_> <_< *explodes*

13th September 2004, 02:13 AM
A hooded figure walks into the the room, he is tall and slender. Slowly he removes his hooded cloak and places it over his arm. He's of medium build, facially he has jet black hair, brown eyes and it looks like he hasn't shaved for a few days. Slowly he moves towards a table and removes his blaster from his belt. Slowly he places it onto the table.

"Hello, i met you a few days ago and was told to come here, i wish to begin my training. I am Marcus"

Looking around the room for a moment he caught the eye of a dark figure in the background

"I was classed as too unstable by the jedi council and as a result i was not allowed to train, this annoyed me and i hope it won't be the case here. I wish to learn how to weild a light saber and be able to develop some force powers, i have seen in battle how much these favour the person who has them"

Marcus smiled and waited for a reply

13th September 2004, 02:17 PM
The sound of steps can be heard echoing through the halls of the Dark Jedi barracks. Majority of the people in the base were asleep getting ready for the tasks they had to accomplish in the mourning.

The footsteps belong to a cloaked figure, the man was wrapped in two seperate cloths. Bright green cloth could be seen poking out from underneath the leather robe draped over this man's shoulders. The leather robe did not cover the left arm or shoulder, instead it the robe was held together by a gothic shoulder plate made of Alloy.

As the man removed his hood his appearance became visable, his skin was as black as a starless night. Covering his body were green markings, only his eyelids were unmarked. The bright green eyes adorning this man's face almost seem to look like a green marble. Atop of this man's head was two small spikes on his forehead, this gained him the title of "The second comeing of Death."

Approaching the leader of the Dark Jedi he looked down to his right at the empty holster where a lightsaber should be.

It has been many years since I have touched a saber, but the time has come for me to return.

"I am Cain the Zabrak, I have come to join the Dark Jedi. I have controlled a lightsaber before, and I know how to use one well. I know some in the ways of force power," Cain takes a second to look around.

"Will you have me?"

((ooc: I am working on my profile currently, when I finish it I will PM you the link.))

13th September 2004, 04:21 PM
Anvar walked into the base. He was impressed, he had never seen anything like this level of technology. The last time he had seen something like this was . . .

He pulled himself from his dark memories, to find himself at the entrance to a building. He wondered what the people here would think. His SOIL (a gold cylinder around his right forearm), the colored vials on his belt, his black cloak, and his hard face combined to make him a very mysterious figure. His attitude matched his appearance. He walked over to Zach.

"I wish to join your republic," he said. Even his voice was mysterious.

14th September 2004, 02:33 AM
The Zabrakian Sith drifted into the room silently, and stood among his fellow sith, his eyes fixed on his fellow leader.
Looking aorund at the other people who had come, he appeared to give a smile, showing his pointy teeth.
"It seems we have a good turnout", he said.
"When all have come we will sort things out, agreed?"
He looked past him, and pended his answer.

Paradise Wandering
14th September 2004, 06:51 AM
Zach noticed the turnout. "Yes, indeed my freind. Come take a seat next to me. Now, for the rest of you. I want you all you tell me, wether you want to Start with force trianing, or lightsaber training.

You will all be able to do both. All i want to know is what you want to start with.
Also, you may each choose a single bladed lightsaber of your choice."

He gestured to a table with countless rows of lightsabers.

ooc: anubis i was told you knew alot about this kind of thing. maybe you could help me with deciding the ranks and stuff.

14th September 2004, 07:20 AM
Anvar stood in front of Zach, still waiting for a reply.

OoC: Sorry for the additional post, I just wanted to make sure you knew I was here.

The Truth
14th September 2004, 07:39 AM
The cold, hollow echoes of heels pressing into a steel floor echoed in a steady rhythm as the tall, muscular Adder Obsidian strolled onward. His armor tucked tight around his body, a few creaks and squeaks sounded from his metallic left hand. A small blue arc of electricity danced from his titanium thumb to forefinger and back.

His long face and aquiline nose pulled upwards. Behind his pale skin there was black hair pulled taut against his head. Rolling his head to the side, a few cracks popped gently in his neck as a sneer crossed his crooked face. His pallid, dead eyes rang out and tore through those around him. With a hissing voice he addressed the unknown.

"I am Adder Obsidian... and I have been a Sith for long before this clan exissssted. Let me fight with you... I hunger to feast on Jedi blood."

OoC: I have stats linked from the old Sith Order. Lemme know if you want my skills, exp, and weaponry deleted if we are "Starting Over".

Paradise Wandering
14th September 2004, 08:12 AM
as for the skills, you dont need them just yet. this clan has no relation to the old sith clan. you can just copy them into wrod or something and add them to the force skill list when i add it, which will probably be later today... if you want me to copy them and add them to the list, then leave them, or, you can realearn them.

as for the lightsaber and ship, you can keep those, il simply add them to your stats and rank.

everyone else, be sure to let me know of your lightsaber color in your next post.

ic: "Yes, all of you may join. Im glad to see another who already knows at least someof the sith ways. You are in."

ill add you to the list with a Tie Obsidian and a red lightsaber under your name.

The Truth
14th September 2004, 08:40 AM
OoC: Cool. Fixed my stats. I will PM you skills if you want them. Where are your Sith stats?


His crooked smile remaining a stoic grin across his face, Adder looked around at his brethren. He thought he could smell the faint odor of urine in the air, probably some trainee who had grown horribly nervous. Laughing at the insignificant peon, Adder chuckled and walked forward, speaking to the empowered leader of the Sithian force.

"Very well, it iss good to be aboard then. What is the first order of business? Training?"

Paradise Wandering
14th September 2004, 08:49 AM
ooc: havent added my stats just yet. im busy. school, two part time jobs, 5 quests im in, and spar, so i do what i can. yes, pm me the skills, and ill add them t what i have so far, and then ill post them to be learned. you wanted a red lightsaber right?

ic: "Yes, the first order of buisness is training. Wait till the rest of these people stop shuddering in fear of you, then we may begin."

The Truth
14th September 2004, 10:27 AM
"Very well...." begins Adder, his cold voice hissing against the gutted out, steel framed barracks. "Training should transpire immediately. We should wait no longer in gathering strength against those cursed Jedi."

Walking over away from the leader, Obsidian offers one last suggestion. His soulless voice is devoid of any compassion or concern for others as he spouts out each successive observation.

"I will teach some of the newcomers. If you new fools need to learn the ways of the Lightsaber, meet me in My Training Chambers (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=22967#post22967). I rarely leave there, so you won't struggle to find me."

OoC 1: Zach asked me to open the training thread, so this isn't me commandeering the clan. Hope to see a few of you in there.
OoC 2: My apologies to Notorious. I wasn't trying to steal your ideas and style when I posted my opening. I had no idea that you had done something so similar to me entering the Sith. My bad.

Paradise Wandering
14th September 2004, 10:43 AM
ooc: yes, we talked and he is the new lightsaber trainer. Truth, dont forget to let a council member know via PM that we will be making a few raining threads for this clan. just amke sure that at least one of them is informed.

ic: "62R, show these new recruits to their rooms." At that, a silver droid moves to the group and speaks. "My name is C-62R, human cyborg relations. Follow me."
It turns and starts walking away from the people.

ooc: Ok. Now you all can go and learn about lightsabers. Ok? And Truth, once one of the council members is informed, i will begin my force training thread.

14th September 2004, 12:29 PM
OoC: Sooo . . . this means I'm in?

IC: Anvar showed no signs of emotion at this new being. He was intrigued, but not scared. Then he heard the being mention training.

"I require no training," he said. "I have my SOIL." He indicated the cylander on his forearm.

OoC: Note that he pronounces SOIL as the word "soil", not as S. O. I. L.

14th September 2004, 01:11 PM
Cain looks down at the table that the leader gestured towards, on it he sees many lightsabers. Several different styles of hilts although no special differences. Reaching down he placed his finger tips to a solid black hilt with a green button and some green trim, lifting it from the table he slide his finger over the button and clicked it.

"Yes beautiful."

A long thin light of green emerged from the hilt, a faint humming noise could be heard. Twirling it around his body, it was obviously apparent that the Zabrak had training in combat. The green blades hummed pasted his legs just inches from touching, as he brought the blade infront of him one last time.

"I have chosen this one," Cain lifts the saber infront of him. "I shall call it Furiae."

((ooc: No problem Truth, you pulled it off better anyways... lol, not like I care how you enter the clan anyways I have no reason to get mad over something such as that.))

14th September 2004, 02:07 PM
You still don't say what the points do, or anything of the sort. I may answer some questions if you wish, but I'm not organizing this. Character name for now: Kil'Jaeden

Paradise Wandering
14th September 2004, 03:29 PM
ooc: the points are for weapon and lightsaber upgrades. like, if you start with a single lightsaber, you can upgrade it to a dual bladed lightsaber, or even learn to use two of them. but thats only if the council thinks you are good enough.

we need to get a quest going. any ideas?

ic: "You appear to e talented wit the blade, Cain. Perhaps when you learn some force moves we can spar. Now, go to your quarters and see that they are to your liking, and maybe later i can teach you some Sith Force attacks. Interested?"

ooc: yes, plasma, you are in. does anyone want to handle the lightsaber and blaster upgrades? ir so, post here that you will do it and make a thread in the village.

14th September 2004, 03:56 PM
(OOC: There's no indication, though, as to how much each point is worth. One point could buy me a galaxy, or a hundred points could buy me a stick of gum. What do you mean with the ugprades? Also, I'm not a Council member... then there's the stuff from my other post:
How do some people advance in rank? How do you advance in rank if you weren't fortunate enough to start off at a higher one? When will training to attain Force Powers or abilities become available? How do we get Force Powers that you don't teach?

15th September 2004, 03:39 PM
OOC: Fun. Sorry my first post isn't good, but I don't have much time to make it nice. Also, do you need a character thread?


The dark figure once more walks through the sliding doors into a room, seeing people receiving lightsabers from the leader, and scoffed, wondering how they became a Sith without even owning a lightsaber of their own. A slender hand poked out of the baggy sleeves of her dark robe, stroking a metallic tube on her waist, a weapon she already owned and knew well how to use. She sat against a wall, one eye peeking out from under an obscuring hood, and watched the people move about. If anyone had anything of importance to say, they could come to her. She already knew what to do now that she was here.

Paradise Wandering
15th September 2004, 05:10 PM
Zach saw the woman step in, without a word. He stood up from his black, high-backed chair and moved over to her. His pitch black cloak flowed behind him in random patterns.

"What do you want woman? Are you here to join us? If not, begone. If so, tell me your name."

16th September 2004, 01:06 AM
ooc: sorry for small post

ic: Marcus steps forwards

"may i ask when our training will begin, i am eager to learn how to wield such a deadly weapon"

Marcus Jesters to the lightsaber

Paradise Wandering
16th September 2004, 06:46 AM
"You may start training at once under Adder,"
*The droid, C-62R, returns to the room.

"62R, Show this man to the training quarters. Introduce him to Darth Obsidian, and return here. Oh, and the trainer, call him either Darth Obsidian, or Master Adder. Dont call him disrespectfully by his forst name unless you are told to do so." (link in first post.)

In front of Lord Zach, a hologram popped up. It was an image of a man, obviously a Sith, in a dark cloak. He began to speak to the Master in front of his image.

Sith: "Our attacks on Naboo are being successful."

Zach: "Yes"

Sith: "Take the new recruits, teach them to fight with a lightsaber, and allow them to learn the force. Then, take them to Naboo, and finish their puny civilization off."

Zach: "Yes... Master."

ooc: ok i just had an awesome idea for a quest, wait till a few more of you learn to use the lightsaber, and later i will set up some force training and then we can start.

16th September 2004, 04:26 PM
OOC: Just so you know, if my character's a bitch, it's not cuz of you. Some people just can't understand the concept of me not being the same as my IC character.


It was nearly half a minute before there came any reply from beneath the dark cloak that hung itself loosely over the slight frame of the Sith where she sat. Without moving, not even so much as tilting her head to look upwards, she spoke softly, a faint undertone of derision hanging on her words.

"I am here for myself, and if that means I am part of your group, then so be it. As for my name, I shall tell you when you are worthy."

Her cool speech ended, beginning calmly, and ending calmly, the breath of her voice the only disrupting movement around the darkened form of her. Her name was Aradia, and she really had no reason not to tell anyone that much, but she was always up to test someone's patience, goading them to a fight, as was her wont.

19th September 2004, 10:45 AM
A man walks in the Sith barracks wearing a black robe.His face visible."Hello.I wish to learn to use the force."

Paradise Wandering
19th September 2004, 10:58 AM
ooc: agreed Earendill, Zach, my char, he uderestimate his opponents and has a temper. The real Zach, me, is nothing like that. I always evalate those that oppose me before doing something stupid. And i am almost always in a good mood. No temper here...

ic: "Ah, Randy." The Sith lord looked up. Please, state your purpose, and why you wish to use the force. Then i will tell you if you are allowed to join."

19th September 2004, 11:41 AM
So... are we ever going to do anything?

I dont like posts like this, especially not from you anubis - BK

19th September 2004, 06:00 PM
I would like to join the clan. I haven't used the power for a long time. I wish to relearn the force. I would like to use the force for battles.

I have told you this enough, to join a clan, PM the leader. Next one of these I see will result in a warning - BK

19th September 2004, 06:44 PM
OOC: I will run the shop if I am in... By the way, I think this post isn't really all that great (partly because I wrote it in five minutes...) So I have edited it...

IC: What am I supposed to do now? This thought was running through a tall man's head as he wandered through a city, holding a peice of paper. On the note is a plain address, and a name and one instruction: ask for Zach. Finally reaching the building, the man pocketed the paper and entered the seemingly endless halls of the strange building. A large gray door suddenly opens and two droids are seen, pointing blasters at him, asking a simple question.

"State your purpose here"

As the droid's mettalic voices rang out, Rej's hands lashed out like a rope, as if he had no bones, and smashed the blasetrs against the two helpless droids. Though the droids still stood, they began to shake as Rej threw the blasters into the wall.

"I am here to see the one called Zach. Now."

The droids fell over as Rej brushed by them, revealing extensive damage to their backs. Their parts landed with a loud clank, echoing through the halls as they hit the ground.

"I am Rej. I am here to join the one called Zach. I would like to learn the secrets of the thing the jedi and sith call "the Force" and also the secrets of this."

Finishing his sentence, Raj held out a lightsaber, one that seemed larger than the others, but only had one blade as he turned it on. It must have been one specially designed for larger species, like the Gen' Dai, and now Rej had it. It it glowed blood red and slightly heated up the room as it turned on, and Rej swung it a little. Just to be sure that no one would attack him, Rej soon turned it off and put it back on his belt, next to his blaster.

"I am an expert in almost all weapons but this one, this one and the Force, so if I may lend help that way I will."

Paradise Wandering
23rd September 2004, 03:03 PM
"I am Zach." A cloaked figure moved over to the man. "Yes, you are in Rej. It is good to have another eager force student."

He looked around. "624. Show the Gen'Dai to his room. When he is finished, bring him back here and we will negotioate training."

ooc: jeez. such a short post... bad Zach... BAD ZACH! lol

23rd September 2004, 03:51 PM
OOC: Okay, Zach talked to me and said I could make the shop. I know it's a bit early, but do I get points for running it :) ?

IC: Rej grunted and turned to the droid. Realizing that humanoids normally thank people for just about anything, he turned around and looked beck to Zach.

"Thanks. Forgive me, I don't normally talk, and this will probably be the longest thing I'll ever say. I'm not even sure if Gen' Dai can talk. Oh, I forgot to mention, this isn't Rej's voice, it is the voice of his translator droid, T-75. "

As T-75 said this, Rej turned back around and followed the droid. The silver humanoid droid began to walk down a long hallway, looking back to see if Rej was following every few minutes, it's metal feet clinking on the metal floor at the same pace as Rej's boots hit the ground, making a louder, heavier sound. As the doors began to seem larger and larger, the droid finally stopped at a silver door, about fifteen feet high, and opened it by sliding a card into a slot. As it entered the room, it held another card out to Rej, and a light just seemed to turn on.

624: "Here is your room and card. Your room number is 238 in section C, especially designed for ones as large as yourself."

Rej looked inside and saw an abnormally large bed and nothing else, other than a few areas in the walls the looked like they could be pulled out. Rej ran his hand over the smooth silver walls, and pushed down on a small button, almost invisible from the door. As he pushed it, a small opening in the wall appeared and a small compartment was seen. After placing a few poison darts and droid restraint bolts into the compartment, not to mention a good amount of cylindrical viles that looked silver in color, he closed it and turned to another panel. He touched it and a larger opening was revealed, and Rej took off his armor, revealing a mushy display of tubes that closley resembled a brain. The only thing he didn't take off was his mask, and he quickly threw on a dull, mettalic armor that looked not only weaker, but heavier than his other armor. He placed his combat armor into the panel and closed it. Rej turned around and looked at the droid. He grunted and the mettalic voice of T-75 spoke up.

T-75: "Yes, he says it's fine. Now then, he says it's time to go to training. He wants to converse with Zach upon this matter."

The protocol droid began to walk back down the long hallway, Rej not far behing with a datapad in hand. As they approached the large room, Rej hit a few keys on his datapad and held it up to Zach.

T-75: "These are the coordinates to his workshop if you ever need to get something built or upgraded. You can enter these into teleport pads or your ships to find his workshop (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=2240) on Raxus Prime, the junkyard planet."

Paradise Wandering
25th September 2004, 09:24 AM
"Thank you, this workshop will greatly help our weapons and upgrade systems."

He looked around.

"I assume you want lightsaber training, go talk to Adder on that matter. His training room is down the hall. (First post)"

ooc: thx man.

26th September 2004, 06:38 AM
Sorry guys, but I'm leaving the clan. The only leadership activity I saw was from The Truth, so I think I'll be unfreezing my old clan.

Paradise Wandering
28th September 2004, 09:25 AM
I am sorry to say this, but this clan is no more. I, along with any of you that want to, am joining Anubis's clan. I, unfortunately, am not fit to lead a clan because i dont have much online time lately and am working on my own forums at the moment.

So i will request that this thread is closed,

I am sorry, but i am not afriad to admit that Anubis's clan has a much better set-up than mine, and this The Truth actually did more leader ship and that then i did.



closed by request