View Full Version : List of ideas already discussed

12th April 2005, 07:08 PM
Posting a list of suggestions that have been through this forum either once or alot of times. These ideas have either been successful or unsuccessful:

More change-commander options (50/50 success/unsuccessful)
Ditch officer/move officer under MyOfficer#5 (successful)
New race (unless your new idea is seriously unique, use the currently running "new race" threads floating around this forum (successful depending on how unique the idea was, some have been unsuccessful)
Limit link clicking per day (some positive comments but by recalling it has been 50/50)
Change mercenary capabilities (unsuccessful)
More attack turns either per 30min or 1 per 10-15min (unsuccessful)
Earn gold with each turn along with an additional attack turn (50/50)

Now.. this is a request for everyone to stop making new threads to suggest anything to do with the list above. These have passed through here so many times and have been discussed so many times that the ideas have pretty much been over-done. What i have written in brackets is relatively accurate, but im not gonna say which ones are and are not, however... what i will say is a request for people to stop making threads suggesting any of the above. Unless your future suggestions for these are that unique and original its not funny, your threads will be closed.

Any questions/comments, pm a KOC mod.