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12th April 2005, 05:37 PM
Alliance Name: Legions Of Achaea (LoA)

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LoA is a newly forged alliance that was started at the beginning of Age4, We have recently set out on our own and become Independent from StrikerClan.

Our forums are new and have undergone heavy construction in the last week, we only have 17 registered members but the command chain has over 100, and rising. And also working on several alliance merges for the near future.

We have no enemies, we are completely neutral with large contacts.
We are free to use just about any recruiter in the game except the CR ((we got banned when we left SC)) We have mIRC channels on irc.chatchannel.org (#LegionsOfAchaea), and soon java applets that will be plugged into the forums and an easy to use LoA version of mIRC.

On the way is a *possible* Recruiter comparable to the Clickwh*re (dont hold me to it yet lol)

If the alliance grows overwhelmingly we will upgrade to either Invision Powerboards or VBulletin, and i will soon also be purchasing web hosting/domain and be paying for web development for a website so we can take a piece of the internet and call it our own :). That about sums it up.

If you have any questions for me you can either sign up at our forums and message me there or send me a koc message.


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