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12th April 2005, 12:23 AM

<player name> auto- programs <time>

i recently "overheard" a conversation on irc between some high members of PR in a discution about cheating, to be more exact how to cheat. I'm allready posted this on GUA but the thread got deleted coz they like cheating acusations.
KOC admins woun't do anything either coz there is no proof of these ppl actialy using the programs disscused about. The main idee is that they exist and since everybody wants too keep them silent i've decided to break the ice. The new CAPCHA test has been defeated and lots auto- programs appeard.
Noone will do anything about them if only the few top 100 players know about them so we make them public in order to start a scandal and have the admins take real measures against the use of these programs. I uploaded some interesting stuff in my ftp (what i got from their conversation) but unfortunatly the piece of resistance, the autobuyer doesn't work for me. I will try to get a copy and then mail it to everybody:
ww w.*********/autoclicker.exe
ww w.*********/autosender.exe
NOTE: Remove the spaces in the links after you paste them in your browser.

the autoclicker has been used by them do abuse click systems. It doesn't realy click for you so please just use it on wildfire a little to show them it's not good to steal clicks.
As proof that these tools exist i can mass message

if anyone gets this PM via KOC, DELETE IT ASAP, they are virus-infected files. These files are of a Trojan called PSW.Banker.25.S. i need say no more.

13th April 2005, 12:13 PM
Yeah on PR-forum we have some posts about this.
I got an PM from such an f. bastar. who wanted to draw my attention to it.
So I assumed something like this.


13th April 2005, 02:53 PM
So Capatia hasn't been broken? I think if I knew how to code I know it could probably be broken. I would reccomend you not clicking on any links sent to you in a PM through KoC. The admins need to be on the lookout for this. Have they banned the player who is putting this trojan out yet?

14th September 2005, 04:08 PM
Thanx for the advice!!!!!!!!!

17th December 2005, 10:42 PM
nice looking out