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Always Greener
9th April 2005, 12:05 AM
Alliance Name:
Paradise Lair Clan (PLC)

Alliance Member Count (on forums): 292 (starts from 6 Feb 2004)

Alliance Forum Link:

Brief description of your alliance:

Long time ago, Paradise Lair wasn't a clan but the beach-theme board for general discussions. During I started playing KoC, I introduced the KoC to my officer KahluaBlue who is the owner of Paradise Lair. After 6 months, we decided to make a clan section (PLC) which is for KoC players. There're 6 sections in Paradise Lair Forum. Only section 5 is for KoC purposes. PLC is 15% of the content of the forum. Our clan is different from the others. It contains much more general discussion stuff than KoC.

Q1. Which clan are both of you in?
A1. We're formerly Stealth Soldiers Alliance members but SSA isn't popular enough to breakthrough. So, we decided to leave SSA (sorry, Ice-Princess, please don't mass me) and passed my former KoC account in SSA chain to my Vietnamese classmate. Then, we join a BIG clan called Phoenix Rising with a new account under AntihopE (Annihilation Rank). We're PR Ignition Rank Members. I also joined PR ignition squad called AntihopE's Inferno. Hehe... I may become a popular target for Striker Clan. We originally have Chaotic Paradise (CP) but KahluaBlue wants more members and concentrates on Paradise Lair, so, we merge CP with Paradise Lair and finally PLC has been introduced.

Q2. Who are in-charge of the clan section?
A2. It's me (AntihopE_Rocks_Your_Life) and my officer KahluaBlue. Both of them are invulnerable. Eventhough AntihopE wants other new players to join under me because she doesn't want more officers. AntihopE doesn't know about PLC yet.

Q3. Do you have any recruiters in PLC?
A3. No, you can use PR Wildfire and clickwhore if you really want to. We don't click (may be a few) but we're still strong.

Q4. How many KoC players are there in your board?
A4. Fewer than 8... Poor!

Q5. What do you provide for your clan?
A5. We have a special strategy which allows you to receive an excalibur within 1 hour after you registered your KoC account. We provide farms. Of course, support, tips, protection... By the way, if you want graphics and forum skins, KahluaBlue and some Graphic Team members are experts about them.
You can meet a lot of non-KoC members (more than 180) there. PLC may be another version of GUA (except PLC is a non-offical KoC forum and only 292 members).

Q6. Do you have allies?
A6. Probably PR and some PR in-chain clans. We'll apply later.

Q7. Do you have enemies?
A7. Striker Clan (owned by LordStriker) and its in-chain allies, KanKardesligi, OPRA, Infern0 Circle, DrunkenTerrorists, The Untouchables, Dragon Legacy. They can still have the same access as non-KoC members but no clan access for them.

Q8. Who can post in this GUA thread?
A8. The following members have been approved to post in here:
1) GUA staff members
2) Phoenix Rising (Honoured, Ignition Rank or above) members (if you make the first post and your GUA nick is different from your PR nick, please show me your PR member link e.g. http://www.phoenixrising.ws/forums/member.php?u=242 )
3) Other people who want to post in this thread as follows:
--- Not available yet ---

If you want to post in this thread, please PM me in KoC before your 3rd post.

OR PM me in PLC

1. PLC is part of the Paradise Lair forum. Our forum still called Paradise Lair.
2. Please forgive me with my English level. English is my second language.

Approved: ~ Haplo

The moderator contact for this thread is iXaB

2nd May 2005, 12:34 AM
Please notice that rules for Round Table changed, if you haven't i'll quote what's stickied on the Announcements: (http://www.giveupalready.com/announcement.php?f=40)

You might have noticed the Round Table has been cleared out, and post count has been restored. All recruitment threads are now required to keep a list of approved posters, and moderators have been assigned to review threads and assist alliance leaders with their threads. This is an effort to clean up the Round Table once and for all, and eliminate thousands of worthless posts meant to bump threads.

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So the first post is missing the list of approved posters needs to be on the first thread. I'll send a PM with a copy of this post will be send to Always_Greener, the thread starter.If he's inactive, doesn't lead the alliance anymore, doesn't want to have the responsibility of this thread or any other thing, please contact me.

If you have any problems with undesired people posting comments you don't wish them to be there, report the post to me.

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If you have any troubles, doubts or anything don't hesitate to send me a PM.


I've tried PM'ing Always_Greener and says the user couldn't be found. Who ever leads this alliance now, contact me thanx.

Always Greener
2nd May 2005, 02:18 AM
To the moderator iXaB,

1) there is no underscore but a space between "Always" and "Greener".
2) The leader of the clan is me and KahluaBlue (I don't know whether she registered GUA or not.).
3) I'm still checking around the GUA.
4) Edited the enemy list.
5) Approved list added in Q8...

2nd May 2005, 03:32 AM
Hello, I made it in here. (Sorry for the delay Always Greener, I did something wrong w/ my password. lol)

We are still very much hoping for others to join us. Please check it out & let us know if you have any questions or need help. Thanks. :)

13th June 2005, 01:33 AM
Checking back, would like to remind others to please check it out. Friendly, helpful, good support & more. Thanks. :)