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7th April 2005, 09:59 PM

This is the recruiting thread for G-UNIT KoC alliance. Welcome and I hope to see you at the forums.

Alliance Name: G-UNIT

Alliance Member Count (on forums): 6 (only released it to a select few yesterday. This is the official public launch)

Alliance Forum Link: G-UNIT (http://s10.invisionfree.com/GUNIT)

Brief description of your alliance: Were just an alliance based on having fun in a game where a lot of people are too hardcore, cheaters, hackers and over all not...good people. Sure we still offer you all that great things like sab help, a RECRUITER (http://www.energizedrecruiters.com/) (omg! thank you Mortified-Penguin), farms, active members like myself and other leader (Griffin8 [habsfan]) on the forum, in-game, or on IRC, but without all of the hastle with mega-alliances these days. Were all about having fun in the game and RL. No hierarchle guys to boss you around or, just a bunch of guys on a level playing feild sharing are experiences. Sound good? i hope so.

Alliance recruiter: (anyone can join as well, dont have to be in chain, but it would be nice if you could stop by forums)


(just look on the left and use the scroll bar to find "G UNIT" :D

Alliance IRC channel: irc.cyanide-x.net server.
channel name is #g-unit

The moderator contact for this thread is Haplo