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6th April 2005, 05:24 AM
I think it would be a nice idea that you can do some banking if you are playing KoC. not real banking ofcourse but banking with gold from the game. Now you have the problem that you aren't sure if you money is safe if you log out of KoC. There should be a way to make sure that your money is safe. that's why I think that a personal bank for every player would be good. A bank where you can put some money on so that it is safe. ofcourse there should be some rules to make sure nobody violate the use of this bank. players should for instance only put money on the bank when they are logged out. So a solution could be that if you put money on your bankaccount it is for a longer period of time, for instance minimum a day. There can also be a limit on the amount of money you put on your bankaccount. So players don't put their entire capacity on the bank. A good idea would also be to put interest on the money that's on the bank. something like 5% per hour or otherwhise. So your can earn something with it. Hopefully the staff of KoC will find this a good idea and it will be realised in Age 5. thank you

6th April 2005, 06:02 AM
yeh but with interest big TBG people will be able to put 100 million in the bank and get 5 million per hour. thats a bit much, considering that if they saved up, there would be no "oh LS has hand of god now", there would be the top 1000 with hand of god and cannons and 500 billion SA and DA, etc. Right now just bank in weapons, eg buy 10000 knives per week then sell them off and you have 7.5 million to do whatever you want with whenever you want. Maybe there could be ounter interest, so that if you left it in there for too long then your gold would go down by 5% per day, os with a bank it kinda takes away the excitement of getting 20 million gold when you need 24 million.

6th April 2005, 12:40 PM
Ahh, the return of Kings of Portfolios... The game's fine like it is. More gold on the battlefield.

6th April 2005, 02:08 PM
Perhaps instead of finding new ways for people to keep their gold safe or otherwise take it out of circulation we should focus on incentives for players to keep their gold in their treasury.

More gold on the battlefieldThis makes the game more fun and interesting. Banks in any form take that away in my opinion. If you read the bank thread last age I discussed banking, but in the sense that there is already a bank in place. From what I got out of it the majority thinks that one is fine and shouldn't be changed. Now a few ideas for incentives:

Perhaps the interest idea could be incorporated such that you gain interest on gold that is sitting in your treasury. This was suggested last age and I thought it was an interesting idea.

Also I was thinking that maybe your stats or random factor could be influenced by how much gold you have in your treasury. At first I thought it could be based on how many turns of TBG you have, but then I thought that it could possibly be abused by players with small armies like spy accounts.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that since there is already a bank and it seems to be one that most people think works fine, there should be some sort of incentive to keep gold in the treasury. Any thoughts?

6th April 2005, 02:20 PM
Greater chance of soldiers inflicting more damage since they have more to defend.
Scenario 1: We've only got 500 gold in the treasury, who cares? Let them take it. That can be made up many times over in one turn.
Scenario 2: We've got 500,000,000 gold in the treasury! Get out there and fight! Defend it with your life!

6th April 2005, 02:39 PM
That sounds about my line of thinking; however, I feel a measure would need to be added for attacks as well. If not, then only defensive players would do this. Perhaps the more gold you have when you attack, the lower your chance of dealing far less damage than your SA is.

Also I think your scenerios need to be changed slightly. Let's say I have 1 million gold and a person much higher rank than me has the same. To me 1 million is a lot of gold, but to someone else it's chump change. So perhaps how "hard" your troops defends should be based on either your rank and/or army size.

6th April 2005, 05:22 PM
A bank would turn KoC into MediWar which would not be good. You want a bank go play MediWar. You can also buy weapons and sell em back later to bank if you want to.

8th April 2005, 10:02 PM
perhaps allow officers to bank gold in their commander's bank.

that gold is not able to be stolen in an attack, but can be stolen by spies.

so basically, when you get an officer, they would mail you a request to bank gold in your vault. as soon as you hit 'accept transfer' the gold is brought to your vault.

the gold cannot be accessed by the commander, but the status is always available to look at (to ensure that it has not been stolen), and can only be seen by the enemy if they do a successful scouting party. the officer who owns the gold can withdraw it at any time, but can only deposit through the request as described above. (stops people from choosing denny as their commander and banking all their gold with him without his permission)

in order for the gold to be stolen from the vault, spies must be used as they are normally in a sabotage, but, unlike mose spy activities, it will cost turns.

the success of vault raiding is dependant on the sentry numbers of the vault owner (the commander) and the spy rating of the theif

if multiple officers have gold in a commander's vault, they can only take the gold that they deposited, but any successful raids will steal gold from all the accounts with the commander.

if someone decides to ditch the commander, the gold goes from the vault to the commander's account (so be sure to withdraw your accounts before switching commanders!)