View Full Version : Suggestion for Alliance submissions

4th April 2005, 10:42 AM
Hey, i've been looking through alliance submissions to find out about them...and from looking at these submissions i find out next to nothing about the alliance
they say the exact same crap over and over again but i admit it must be hard to come up with a what we can offer speech but how about some more useful information like..

Head account-
Alliance/Chain we are in-

Because alot of people are claiming to be alliances which (from what i was lead to believe) were those NOT in the chain of something like Striker Clan, PR etc..
Could these additional pieces of info be added to the submission requirements?
For those chains trying to merge with another chain it is impossible to figure out who is taken and who isnt etc...
Sure i realise i can message the leaders and find out but i'd rather not waste my time seeing as most "alliances" are in a chain already..