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28th March 2005, 03:04 AM
Callisto, make the first post.

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28 March 2005 - Made a new clan thread on request of Callisto. Yay. 'bout time he got around to PMing me :P

28th March 2005, 07:47 PM
Brethren of Elements:

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Members: 14

AliDheren (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=117373#post117373)
PhoenixAsh (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=903#post903)

Council Lords:
Assistant Headmasters:
MasterHiei (http://www.geocities.com/shocker862002/Masterhiei.html)

RP Councilmen:
Alannon (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=17583)
Legion (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=429)
MasterHiei (http://www.geocities.com/shocker862002/Masterhiei.html) (temporary)
Tarukai (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=654)

Alannon (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=17583)
Legion (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=429)
Tarukai (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=654)

Callisto (http://callistox0.tripod.com/rpgstats)
CuteCat (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=8860)
EvilRed (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=138509#post138509)
Hawk (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=8862)

ArchedEdge (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=721887#post721887)
car'a'carn (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=41797)
DarkStrike (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=39097)
im4evil (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=40249)

Honorary Members:


Headmasters (Commanders, 2 Max.): The Leaders.

Votes on every clan-affecting issue and member status.

Each vote on clan issues is worth 2 votes.
May approve or disprove any member getting kicked, accepted, promoted, or demoted.

May instantly promote or demote normal members until the Paladin rank if both Headmasters agree.
If one Headmaster is absent, the remaining Headmaster may promote one rank per week.

The Headmasters may also remove a normal member in the same fashion as promoting/demoting.

Votes with Assistant Headmasters to select or remove RP Council Members.

3/4 of the Headmasters and Assistant Headmasters must agree to remove or select an RP Councilman.

Votes with Assistant Headmasters when promoting or demoting between Paladin and Lord ranks.
May not disprove a unanimous Council Lords’ decision, with members, to demote or remove a current Headmaster from his position.

Council Lords (7 Max.): Consists of both the Assistant Headmasters and RP Councilmen.
Votes with Headmasters on clan-affecting issues.
Votes members out with a 5/7 decision and 1 Headmaster’s approval.

4/5 of the required votes must be RP Councilmen.

A unanimous vote is required to demote or remove a Headmaster.

2 regular members must also support the Council Lords’ decision to demote or remove a Headmaster.

A 5/7 vote is required to select a new Headmaster.

Both Assistant Headmasters must approve of the possible Headmaster.

- Assistant Headmasters (2 Max): Second in Command. This rank has almost the same power as a Headmaster, except their decisions usually require a Headmaster's approval in the end anyway.

Selects and removes RP Councilmen with Headmasters.

3/4 of the Headmasters and Assistant Headmasters must agree to remove or select an RP Councilman.

Advises Headmasters to promote, demote, or remove members.

Both Assistant Headmasters must agree to promote a member and 1 Headmaster must approve.
The Assistant Headmasters may also demote a regular member in the same fashion.

Votes with Headmasters when promoting or demoting members between the Paladin and Lord ranks.

- RP Councilmen (5 Required): These members decide whether new members are accepted or not. This position holds no rank in battle, therefore these members hold a rank in the Lord position.
Votes in new members based on RP skills shown in an evaluation spar. A majority vote of 3/5 and 1 Headmaster’s approval is needed to accept a member.
A unanimous vote with 1 Headmaster’s approval is needed to demote an Assistant Headmaster to a Lord.
A unanimous vote with both Headmasters is needed to remove an Assistant Headmaster.
A 4/5 vote with 1 Headmaster’s approval is needed to demote a regular member.

Lords (1 per Element Max.): These are the top-ranked normal members of the clan. They lead the battalions in battle as well as represent their respective elements. In special clan training times, only these members, and headmasters, may train other members. Loyalty, activity, and elemental knowledge are a must to achieve this position.

Paladins: These are the more skilled and experienced fighters in the clan with both weapons and their elemental magic. If their lord is absent, they will take their place. Activity as well as average elemental knowledge will grant a member this rank.

Footmen: Relatively inexperienced members. They will remain here until they have demonstrated activity for a small duration of time.

Honorary Members: Technically not a part of the clan, but because of a history with the clan or an outside show of honor, these ranks are allowed only to fight with the Brethren and cannot be involved in any clan decisions.

BoE Clan Lounge (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=1256)
BoE Fortress ( http://callistox0.tripod.com/boefortress/)

New ranks in effect and new people added. (8/31)

28th March 2005, 08:38 PM
*Ali walked into the hall. Many members where gathered there, listening to Callisto's announcement*

*She nodded at most of his words and could not hide a smile. This was the beginning and still the legacy of the Brethren and she was part of it, with all her brothers and sisters of the Clan*

*She started to mumble a prayer then. It was a blessing. One of her most powerful ones. And though she spoke in her dragon languague, that was similar to the song of bells, metallical and strong but musical and spiritual, all the brethren understood what she meant*

Be this day the powerful link that binds the ages, those given, those to come. May all of us here, and those gone, and those to join in further days, be one. May all be strong and loyal. May our deeds proclaim the greatness of all elements and may our secret source of power be the unity of elements. May we be blessed by the principle of all beginnings and the final of all ends.

28th March 2005, 09:54 PM
A stranger to the fortress strode across the east drawbridge. But not a total stranger. He had come to know of the Brethern of Elements a long time ago, and recently, he caught word of them again. After passing a trial, his fate had led him here. He smiled, looking up to the open gates that stood before him. He silently wondered what ventures were held within this stone giant.

He pushed the doors of the great hall open, looking upon the people gathered there with curious eyes. The elf that stood in the doorway looked nothing short of angelic with the bright morning sun shining from behind him. He was clothed in a long white cloak that swept across the floor, small golden inscriptions glittering on it as it did so. He had long silver hair that reached down to his mid back, silver bangs that dangled over deep powerful blue eyes. There was no doubt to those who knew him, who this man was.

Valanir steped into the hall, looking to the clan members around him, smiling to those he knew. He walked towards Callisto, one he knew, the one that had tested him. He smiled to him, stoping, bowing respectfully. "Callisto." he said, with a clear voice. "I have decided to take up your offer. You may have the assurance that you have another sword in your ranks."

He smiled looking to his right, before his mood changed. The elf laid eyes upon Ali, and smiled when she looked back up, finishing a deep draconic prayer. He nodded his head in respect, speaking with a clear happy tone in his voice. "Greetings, dearest Ali."

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28th March 2005, 10:20 PM
*Stepping into the newly re-done Brethren of Elements great hall, Callisto looked out one of the central tower's windows and over the walls of the great fortress. The bright sun began to rise, revealing the hazy mountains in the distance as well as the close, protecting green of the forest tree tops. The rest of the soldiers ouwld arrive soon to begin business once again, but Ali had already arrived, finishing a prayer, which to Callisto, sounded like a blessing to the Brethren from Ali's culture.*

A rising sun, a blessing. The Brethren of Elements may be the start of something great, and maybe, even, something more.

*Callisto turned to see one of the newer members, and probably the one with the most potential. Valanir, a user of the impossibly rare element of Alpha and a fellow elf had entered the great hall. The rising sun shown off his bright robes, nearly illuminating the hall even further.*

"Callisto. I have decided to take up your offer. You may have the assurance that you have another sword in your ranks."

"Well, you are most welcome here and please, feel free to get to know the surroundings and anything else that interests you. Speaking of your fighting abilities, I would like to know something of your abilities. Just something basic so I could have an idea of how to use you in a battle, assuming one comes this way."

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29th March 2005, 06:45 AM
Yaki walked down the muddy road quietly. Her dark grey jacket hung open as usual, showing the white shirt beneath. She also wore blue shorts and orange training shoes. A black belt held together her shorts and shirt, and on it hung a couple of bags and a beautiful dagger. It was very tiny compared to the large sword strapped to her back, though. It was a warm day, so she felt happy that she wore the clothes she did. They didn't let in too much heat. A dirty grey cat-tail hung behind her, the tip angled upwards so it wouldn't drag in the dirt. Her cat-ears, in the same dirty color as her tail, were currently pressed down against her shoulder-lenghted black hair, mainly because of the toy lying on her head. It was a doll resembling a cat, that had probably been white at some point very, very long ago. It had a freaked out expression with its mouth and eyes wide open, and the fact that the eyes had no pupils or such, leaving only white eyeglobes, didn't exactly help. Both of them were looking at a map Yaki was holding in front of herself.

"According to the others... The new boe should be around here somewhere..." she mumbled. The doll, no matter how unlikely it seemed, shook itself off and looked up at the horizon.

"You pronounce it 'Be-oh-Ee', not 'boe'... There's a large fortress over there... That should be it." the doll, named Roko-Ro noted. Yaki nodded, which almost caused the doll to fall off.


"...Hey, isn't that Valanir over there?" Roko-Ro suddenly asked. Yaki looked up just in time to see Valanir enter the large fortress.

"Yeah, it is! He probably knows if this is the right place!" Yaki called out, folding her map until it looked mostly like a cube, and putting it in one of her bags. She picked up her pace, entering the fortress just in time to hear the words 'assuming one comes this way'. She looked around a bit, picking Roko-Ro off from her head and holding him in his tail instead, and noticed both Valanir and Ali. A large smile appeared on her face as she ran over to the two, waving with her free hand.

"Ahah... Hello Ali, Valanir! Eh... Is this the new boe?" she asked.

"B-o-E, not boe..." Roko-Ro corrected her, sighing.

"Sorry... The new BoE. Is this it?"

29th March 2005, 11:43 AM
*Ali laughed at Yaki. Happy to see her arriving into the Brethren Main Hall*

Well you may say it as you like,Yaki, as long as you remember that being a part of the Brethren of Elements means something important to you and Roko-Ro. Yes, this is the place and, as Callisto said, you are free to wander around, since this is our home now. Why don't you join our Headmaster requirement and give him a notice about what you both are able to do

Meaning that you must send him your stat's link, to put it in the first post

*Then Ali saw Valanir and gave him a slight, but respectful bow. Her eyes had a shine, though, of deep happiness. Since her memory was lost, the Brethren had been her dwelling but not until now she really felt it like a true home*

You were with Shade and her fellows, Yaki. Where are they? I am sure that they are willing to arrive. This magnificent fortress has many tricks around...

She was thinking in the many walls and entrances. A kind labyrinth though. She decided to hook her spirit sense into those going in, to guide them if they found themselves lost.

29th March 2005, 01:45 PM
Four figures enter the fortress. One has a perfect face, with brown hair and black eyes to match, but she also has swollen joints and her abdomen area is stretched out. When she walks, she walks slowly and deliberately, as if planning each step. This figure, as many who recognize her would know, is Shade, and she is pregnant.

Another figure is hunched over and green, with buggy eyes, antennae, tendrils, and pincers. Instead of walking, this figure hops on all four feet, like a rabbit, only this is clearly not a rabbit, rather, a giant bug as many would recognize as Mantidae. She hops so that she is always one step ahead of Shade, ready to protect her if need be.

"Are you okay, Shade?" She asks the future mother through telepathy. In response, Shade simply nods and responds. "Yes, i'm fine, Mantidae, thank you for asking."

Alongside Shade is a peculiar woman dressed in a green rubber jumpsuit, with antennae much like Mantidae, but the rest of her being human. Over her head, as always, is her helmet, with a visor so thick that no one can see what her face looks like. She smiles beneath her helmet as she walks alongside the pregnant woman. "How's the baby?"

Shade looks down with a warm smile on her face as she feels the baby move in the womb. "It's just fine, Mantis, thank you for asking."

Atop Shade's shoulder is a silver draike, a dragon but with subtle differences. A look of concern, this look appearing quite serious, is upon the little draike's face, but when Shade says all is fine, she chirps happily.

How the four arrive in the main room, they don't know; it is almost as though something is guiding them. As they see Ali, they all convey their greetings and Shade waves to Yaki. "Hi, Yaki." She says.

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29th March 2005, 01:56 PM
Yaki wasn't sure what Ali meant by giving a notice about what they were able to do. Shouldn't they already know...? And who was the headmaster? After a second she concluded that it should be this Callisto guy. And who Callisto was was pretty easy to understand as there was only one person that she didn't know the name of. Yaki's ears went into the air as she heard Ali's question, though...

"You were with Shade and her fellows, Yaki. Where are they? I am sure that they are willing to arrive. This magnificent fortress has many tricks around..."

"Ah.. We went different ways..." Yaki explained, scratching the back of her head a little. Then she changed hold on Roko-Ro, putting him on her shoulder. She corrected her goggles, that the doll had been playing with as they walked here. Roko-Ro sat up, sitting like some sort of parrot and looking around.

"Huge place... Yaki, it's easy to get lost in here. Maybe we should explore for a bit so we don't get lost if something bad happens..." he said. Yaki nodded. Just then, she heard a voice. Shade's voice to be exact.

"Hi, Yaki."

Yaki turned and looked at Shade and her group, her smile widening. "Hello Shade! And Mantis, Mantidae, and Jade... ... Huh? Are you going to have a child?" she asked. Roko-Ro sighed heavily, forgetting that Shade's group didn't know that he was alive.

"I'm fairly sure that she is... Because she did NOT look like that when we saw her last..." he answered.

"Uh, Roko-Ro... Don't you think you'll scare them?"

"What do you - oh..." Roko-Ro said, as he realized his mistake. "...We should really check through the base..." he added.

"You're right... Uh, Ali? Do you think you can tell Callisto - assuming he's the headmaster - of what we're able to do? I'll go and get more familiar with these surroundings..." she said, before giving both Ali and Valanir, as well as Shade's group quick hugs, as that was the only way she knew to say good-bye to a friend. Then she waved to them, patting Callisto as she passed him on her way out. Remembering that he was a headmaster and should be treated with respect, she then glomped him from behind before going out of the room.

"Bye!" she called to them. Roko-Ro looked pretty embarrassed, his ears pressed against his head.

"Yaki... That's NOT respectful..." he said, sounding almost accusing. Yaki was blushing faintly with her ears drooping, simply smiling like a moron as she slowed down and looked around to remember how the base looked.

Oh? I thought he could just use the link in my sig... That was why I didn't put it up. Sorry... (Wonder how Callisto handles Yaki's "respectfullness"? :icon_blus Teehee!)

29th March 2005, 07:11 PM
*Callisto stood in the main hall, greeting those who were newly arriving to the re-done fortress. The first was Yaki and her little pet Roko-Ro, the latter of which appeared quite wierd to Callisto, but if it helped the clan, then it shouldn't be scolded. He then waited for others to arrive as he felt a slight whack on the back of his head, almost going for his sword, but not quite. It was just Yaki leeaving the room to go explore more of the castle. The little doll then informed Callisto of the abilities used by both of them, but the doll wasn't too much special, in combat terms, besides the fact it could speak.*

"Alright, thank you. You can look around if you feel like it."

*Just as Roko-Ro finished up, Shade and her group of travellers entered the hall, also letting Callisto know the basics of what they could do. Most, in fact all, of them didn't like to fight, but Callisto knew they could have some purpose later; like a covert mission or something.*

"Alright, welcome to the Brethren of Elements."

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29th March 2005, 11:16 PM
Enix was astounded by the size of the new fortress. The last one had been big but this was beyond his wildest imaginings. As he shoved open the doors he found himself with his mouth hanging open at the sight he beheld. The sculptings were detailed and the walls far more beautiful than its predecessor. He noted the new figures standing around chatting, but ignored them for the moment as he took in his new surroundings.

Finally, he broke from his splendor and took and crossed the distance between him and Callisto quite quickly.

"The new fortress is quite a sight Callisto. I see the new recruites have arrived safely. Haven't had a chance to introduce myself. Look like a strange bunch of... err... people." Enix stole a glance towards them as he spoke, "And what, praytell, is this? A cat doll?!" As he finished speaking the half-elf bent down and gave it a good poke in the head.

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30th March 2005, 10:40 AM
Callisto didn't seem to get offended or anything by Yaki's behavior, Roko-Ro noticed. Good... He looked up slightly at the half-elf that entered. Another member it seemed... He simply sat close to Callisto and looked like a real doll. That is, until the half-elf leaned down and poked his head, pushing him to the ground. Roko-Ro sat up again, shaking it slightly and stared at the half-elf, his ears at the sides of his head. After several seconds of staring at the newcomer freakily, Roko-Ro decided to answer his question.

"Yes, a cat doll. Name's Roko-Ro. Don't mind me..." he simply said, stood up, and walked over to the other crowd, waving with one of his arms as he waddled there. He would have followed Yaki, but he would probably just get lost... Question was if this was better. Feeling that he should apologize to Shade and the others, he managed to look apologizing and tried to scratch the back of his head, which was actually harder than it looked due to his short, stubby arms.

"Eh... Sorry for not telling you this earlier." he said, sounding a bit embarrassed. He looked back at the half-elf, just to see his expression, and then looked around at the group.

30th March 2005, 03:22 PM
"Hello Shade! And Mantis, Mantidae, and Jade”

“Hello!” The little draike chirps happily, causing a few giggles from Shade as she translates. The others quickly convey their greetings, but Yaki seems to be more interesting

“Huh? Are you going to have a child?"

Shade smiles warmly, but before she can answer, the doll seems to…breathe.

"I'm fairly sure that she is... Because she did NOT look like that when we saw her last..."

Shade and Mantis’s eyes widen instantaneously as they hear and see the doll speak. Mantidae lets out a shrill chirp of surprise, and Jade takes to the air with a yelp, stopping going up only because of the ceiling above her. Slowly, the little draike calms down, landing neatly on Shade’s shoulder. Soon, however, it registers in all four of their minds that this doll isn’t a doll, but rather a living creature instead.

“Yes,” Shade says when she finally manages to find her voice. “I am going to be having a child soon.” As Yaki hugs her, she feels some irritation in her chest and grimaces. Pregnancy apparently leaves some parts of her body to be more…sensitive than others.

Mantis receives the hug with ease, and Mantidae tries to return the hug, but finds that her stiff insect arms would not allow her to hug the woman. Jade says, “OOH!” And licks the girl in return, prompting a bout of laughter from the other three.

"Alright, welcome to the Brethren of Elements."

Unable to do her usual curtseying, Shade simply nods. Mantis executes a formal, stiff bow, as that is all that her suit will allow for, and Mantidae taps her pincers on the ground in a salute. “Thank you.” They all convey, Jade giving a short, happy chirp, and Mantidae sending the message through telepathy.

"Eh... Sorry for not telling you this earlier."

“Don’t worry about it.” Mantis says happily.

Phoenix Ash
30th March 2005, 05:01 PM
DragonsPhyre looked at the at the fortress and grinned. Finally, the old, run-down headquarters had been replaced. He straightened his clothes and made himself presentable before walking through the oak doors. Once inside, the Water mage nodded to everyone and murmured(sp?) the now ritual greetings. He only paused when he saw the now pregnant Shade.

"Ah, hello, Shade. Apparantly, a lot of time has elapsed since we last talked. . . You seem to be pregnant. Congratulations. And hello to the rest of you, as well."

31st March 2005, 01:12 AM
Red foot steps were soft and barely heard, as he approched the new fortress for which he will find the BOE clan. Yeah the clan he is trying to torment and take control of the minds of certain people in this clan. This evil fellow appears and disappears as the shadows hit the ground . His body blends right into that of the shadows of the trees, making it seem he has disappeared ,but really hasn't.
His blood stained and torn black cloak, drapped over his head, showing only his red glowing eyes in the darkness of the hood. The wind is blowing just slightly to sent the cloak waving this way and that as he walked up to the front door.
Pearing into the front door he saw the others and tried to sneak by them as he hates to have a coversation and would rather plot things on his own. His eyes begin to roll back towards the direction that he was heading when he noticed the Lady AliDheren, in the center of attention . He stopped and glared at her for a few moments then moved on.
Finally reaching his room he begun to train in his dark arts, to build his Stats (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=138509#post138509) for the upcoming battle . It will be a toughy , but he is determained to keep this body he has gained possession of.

31st March 2005, 06:33 AM
"Don’t worry about it."

Roko-Ro nodded a little, letting his arm drop again before he would break any of the stitches holding it together. "You're taking this well..." he said. "Most people run away screaming or try to 'purify' me, thinking that I'm possessed..."

He waved to the other two who entered, then reached his stubby arms up toward Ali, like a child that wants to be picked up, and looked a little pleading. "Pick me up... It's very uncomfortable to seem alive around all these strangers..." he said. Turning his head toward Mantis, Mantidae and Jade, a move that should have snapped his neck off, he added; "Sorry about scaring you last time. It's one of the few fun things I can do in this body." Then he looked up at Ali again, ears lying flat against his head and his face seeming sad and pleading, almost like he was going to cry if she didn't pick him up. ...Not that he could cry. Not unless he was soaked... Not a very comforting thought.

31st March 2005, 02:56 PM
*Ali smiled at the whole scene. Specially when Roko-Ro answered Enix question. She was fond of Roko-Ro since she first met him and enjoyed all the tiny mischiefs he was able to perform in his awkward state. Sometimes speaking outloud giving Yaki some trouble or taking scary positions. He was quite humorous for his situation...*

Come on, Roko-Ro! I'll take care of you. Besides, you will have a better view

Ali laugh as she picked him up... she was taller than yaki anyway. Still she wondered what her friends could think for seeing her carrying a stuffed cat in her shoulder.

Sooner or later, all the members would know about Roko-Ro's secret, but she agreed on protecting him. Probably because of her own amusement. She winked an eye on Yaki... When he came. Evil Red. She was intrigued for the special attention he seemed to have in her, and remembered the ghostly figure in green aura that whispered something to her ear.

She looked at Yaki, for she probably was recalling the same thing. Did Ali knew him? For the little she could take on the rest of the members, he was one powerful earth master once, until he turned into this devilish creature with dark magic... And he was up to something, because he did not tried to scare the new members and simply went away, to his chamber*

*Once he left, Ali drew closer to Valanir. Somehow, whenever she felt lost and felt the vertigo of the abyss opened in her memory, his proximity healed her, as if he was the only bridge, the only ever present reality*

More like herself, she spoke to Shade:

I see that you already know Dragonsphyre. The one that gave up Roko-Ro scheme is Enix, and the one that came is Evil Red. We are still missing some members, though... Kyra will probably come with Stiek, then we have Tarukai and Hiei... and of course Vincent, our other Headmaster... I heard that wolfstrike was joining too...

*Then she looked at Shade... she was tired...*

Shade, you should sit down and rest. Isn't it amazing how different life is when you share it with another spirit? I can feel your baby's spirit and its strenght. Its a powerful Aura and that will affect you even more than a normal pregnancy

*As she spoke, she drew a chair close to Shade*

31st March 2005, 04:38 PM
"You're taking this well..." he said. "Most people run away screaming or try to 'purify' me, thinking that I'm possessed..."

The thought had everyone's mind but Jade, who by this time is following the doll with her eyes. A talking doll doesn't seem to make much sense, and her face shows comical confusion. She has no clue what to say, so she remains silent, popping up every now and then with a confused grunt. Shade smiles at this and ruffles her draike's head.

"Well," Shade says. "I've seen weirder things." Next, this "Roko-Ro" apologizes, and Mantis speaks. "Don't worry about it. I'm just glad that my eyes weren't playing tricks on me." Mantidae chirps in agreement, as does Jade.

At this moment, a new figure comes in, and the way he glares at Ali makes Mantis cringe, and Shade and Jade begin to shake in fear. Mantidae chirps in surprise, but says nothing more, waiting to see what will happen.

"E-evil?" Both Shade and Jade ask at the same time, continuing to shake, as the man certainly has a great presence when he comes through the clan, even though he says nothing.

The sorceress accepts the pro-offered chair and sits down, still shaking, wondering what is going on. Just then, the baby moves in Shade's womb, and Shade smiles warmly, forgetting everything at that moment, knowing that there is probably nothing to fear, not with Ali around. She nods as Ali talks to her about spirits within spirits. She doesn't quite comprehend it all, having not been able to do this herself, though her secondary element is spirit. But, she gets the gist of it and nods. "Yes, it is quite tiring," She says. "But it is well worth it." She beams her radiant smile once more, and then it slowly fades.

Shade's, much like Jade's, face has a quizical and frightened look on it, however, and her skin seems to have paled just a tinge.

31st March 2005, 05:25 PM
Wolf walked threw the front entrance of the new clan fortress. Almost as a shadow another man walks in behind him, he has fought in one of the previous tournaments in Wolf’s stead. He moves from the doorway into the shadow of the corner. His black attire hides him well there. As for wolf himself he was wearing his usual red armor. He looked to be cleaner and better rested then the last time he had come to the clan. Wolf and Cronos (the guy in black) said nothing as they enter. Wolf knew he could speak to anyone here but was deciding to remain silent for the time being.

31st March 2005, 08:38 PM
Stepping lightly outside, Tarukai walked up to the doors of the new fortress that withheld the clan. He sighed, and smiled. "It's even better than the one before, as always." He said to himself jokingly. Walking in, his cloak flapped behind him a bit. This was a rare attire for Tarukai, as he usually wore his black Japanese priest kimono. He wore a black shirt, semi-baggy black pants, a flat full-brimmed hat sat atop his head, being black in one half, and separated with a jagged edge into a dark blue. His cloak mimiced this pattern, as he wore these clothes only occasionally, when he wanted to look nice. Striding in, he wore his black boots as well, which were even rarer for him to wear. The clomping sound of the boots brought back memories for him. Keeping his head down, the shadows beneath the hat hid his face, and his black hair was now only about shoulder length. Tarukai strode in, and looked around, his left index finger and thumb grasping the front of his hat brim. He looked up, and then around more.

"It's a great place. I love it. Callisto, how do you guys always get such great fortresses built?" He asked, taking off his hat, his ears like a human's, with a very slight point at the top. Tarukai tossed the hat like a frisbee onto a chair, watching as it landed on the top corner of it. He began to laugh a bit, and walked toward the others, his cloak flowing gently with every step. Walking up to Shade, Tarukai smiled, and waved. "Hello Shade, how've you been?" He asked, then looking around to the others. "How about you Jade, Mantis, Mantidae? And Ali, how go things for you?" He asked, smiling to her as well. "It's good to be back in the encampment for our clan. It's nice to have a place to stay." He said, walking past Ali, and stopping next to her. He began to whisper to her in a very quiet pitch. "Ali, I have an idea for a way to get your memory back. We'll need to work out the details in a while. For now, we should wait for the rest of the clan to arrive. I'll talk with you and the headmasters about it later, alright?"

With that, Tarukai unclipped his cloak's pin on one end of its chain, and brought it around himself, dropping it on the back of the chair, folded up. He sat down in the chair, bringing one leg up, and over the other, and bringing his hands together while looking around the area. "How long do you suppose it'll be for the rest to arrive?" He asked to anyone, looking around the room.

1st April 2005, 05:28 AM
The ghostly figure , of the once well know founder and leader of this clan. Yes the old original earthen master, returned once more in search of his body. His body was not that visible and was hard to make out , as it was blurry. Few people could actually see him as he really looked , only two in this room could see him clear. Alidheren and Shade could see the figure as Redtigerfang. Reasons for this were unclear to the other members , but Shade was well know for meeting Redtigerfang as he was the true leader of the known clan called Armies of the Forbidden One as she is a member there as well. Alidheren's reason is a lot of a bit different, she has and untold love with him, not that she knows of ,but something of the future, maybe a relative, that she has not met or maybe even has not been born yet.

Ali and Shade experience
Light foot steps could be heard from the two memebers, as he walked threw the door of the fortress, his body was quite normal to them , except for the transparentcy. His head was covered by his green robe. His head was pointed down like he was looking at the ground ,concentrating in eternal thought. His hands were hidden under his robes , up the opposite arm's sleeve. He has a radiant glow of unnatural power. The one power that this evil Red does not possess.
Red's head lifts up slowly and turns towards to them both . He tries to speeak, but nothing is heard. In this state , he is visible but his soul does not appear to have it's voice attached. His once calm appearence tourned to a hatred as his head looks up at one of the towers and sees the Evil One . His eyes turn from a greenish color to that of a unnatural flaming red color. Quite chaotic in appearence , Red turns back to the hallway ahead . His pace has quickened , as it seems it has more of a purpose now.

As he entered the hallway his transparent state, slowly disappears in front of the two memebers eyes. The ghostly figure of Redtigerfang was gone again , leaving the respected few in ahhhhh as to what they just saw

1st April 2005, 12:09 PM
*Callisto finished writing down each member's strengths and potential battle abilities in one of the command room-like rooms in the fortress. Now all he needed was Vincent's and Hiei's recorded, but they were out on missions currently, dealing with other matters.*

Well, it's time this should be moving along.

"From what I've noticed recently, Yaki, you seem to be the most reliable initiate, so I will increase your rank to a Knight. I'll see how you do there, and maybe the rest of the members can begin to use their potential."

1st April 2005, 12:43 PM
*Ali was listening to Callisto's decision and nodded in a cheerful agreement..*

*But just then something happened... Strange and terrible. She saw a spirit coming. A bare spirit wandering in the halls. He had a green aura... And she had the feeling of knowing him. She looked at Valanir, but he was not seeing this ghost. No one else... until she saw Shade's eye fixed in him, as he moved forward*

*The name came to her memory, oddly enough... for she had no recollection of him, though she understood he had something to do with Evil Red...* Redtigerfang...? Her voice was cold and probably no one listened...*

1st April 2005, 12:43 PM
As soon as Roko-Ro was picked up, he stopped moving and hung limply like a real doll. He snapped up and collected the names of the persons, knowing that Yaki would need to know them. He also noticed the shadow that had scared Yaki the last time and the newest person's whisper to Ali, even though he wasn't supposed to. So she had lost her memory...? He decided to keep that fact to himself. He wasn't sure how she'd react if she realized that he had heard it. He didn't react to anything, until he heard Callisto. Sighing, he jumped down to the floor and waddled over to the leader.

"Yaki isn't here right now... She left to explore the fortress." he explained. "I'll make sure to tell her, though..."

He had barely finished when Yaki came in through one of the doors. She looked around in the room, seeming surprised. "So that door leads back here? Okay..." she mumbled. Shrugging, she went over to Callisto and picked up her friend, holding him rather loosely in his left arm.

"Hey, Yaki. Callisto just said that you'll become a Knight." the toy told her. At hearing this, Yaki's ears twitched a little, the cat-girl looking at Callisto in surprise.

"What...? For real?" she asked, seeming stunned, before smiling widely. "Thank you!" she shouted, hugging Callisto tightly without thinking. After a few seconds, she realized what she was doing and stopped, blushing in embarrassment and scratching herself behind one of her ears.

"Ahah... Sorry?"

1st April 2005, 03:28 PM
The Evil ones state in his room seemed to leave him with a slight bored stare down at the fields below. His eyes blinked once,as he focused back on the plan . He pulled out a parchement, from under his robes. Pricking his skin where his finger is with a needle . Blood formed from the tiny hole . The evil one flipped his finger over and begun to write on the parchement.

Flashes of red light lit the room with each word he wrote.Whe he was done he wrapped a small piece of cloth around his finger, to stop the bleeding , rolled the parchement up and shoved it back into his robes once more.

Evil got up and walked out the door, and down the hall. He didn't use the shadows to travel this time, as he didn't care if anyone saw him or not. Evil's foot steps were slow moving but they made a loud thud evertime his foot hit the ground as he walked. He walked the opposite direction of the main hall. He stopped for a moment to listen to that of the words coming from the main hall. After about 15 minutes he shook his head and started to walk again . He wanted to explore this fortress a bit to get the lay out of it, just in case.....

Phoenix Ash
1st April 2005, 07:59 PM
DragonsPhyre smiled as he watched Yaki's reaction to her promotion. He also noticed others had arrived, including some really weird guy that DragonsPhyre's gut was telling him he knew. Hm...Need to figure that out...

"I'm getting bored. Anybody have any suggestions as to some clan activity we can do?"

2nd April 2005, 12:52 AM
"As of now, we are on leave waiting for Marushia to begin the next round of his tournament. We are active, but the activiy is based upon his speed. Other than that, I suppose those who aren't in it can do something interesting, or bring back some information."

2nd April 2005, 04:32 PM
The moonlight of the midnight hour enchanted that of the library. The Evil One lay dormant, in a chair for hours now reading a single book. As the midnight gaze of the bright moonlight engulfed the room with shadows, the Evil One did not move, just read, the same book. The book was quite thick in pages, with a leather bound cover, red in color. The title of the book was writen in a green color. It's words glow with delight as the title is shown clear ORIGINS. The book lay tightly in between his hands ,as his clawed fingers etched the cover , calling a eerie noise . Now this book was no ordinary book , it was the begining, it had everyone that has been in the Brethren of Elements, from the past to the present. It has a long history of the one founder Redtigerfang,and his past through that of the clan itself. The book even has designs for a tome that no one has ever heard of , or can find. The writings here were writen, by Redtigerfang himself.

Knowledgeable old bastard

The Evil One thought, as he turned that page. Reaching inside his robe he pulled out the same parchment from before, still blood stained. He unrolled it and pulled out a feather pen, with a small bottle of pigmented ink, and begun to write a few things down on it. His had shake ever some rapidly ,as his hands sweat. The room seems wickedly hot right now. His body becomes moist with sweat ,as he got to his feet . He turned his head to the window. Staring at the window for a few moments , his eyes fluttered ,with a dark red glow. The shadows about the room burst into a steady movement. Two hands formed,from the shadows, one for each window.


The Evil One shouted. The two hands lunged into action , pushing the windows open . The night air engulfed the room with a cool breeze. The drappes blew back and forth . An exhale could be heard coming from his mouth. Then he sits down , letting the wind blow threw out the fortress. Sending chills about the people, that lay snuggled in their beds at this hour. At this point he feels relaxed , and more knowledgeable of the people and the surroundings he has threwn himself into.

This Fiend has quite an evil grin on his face , as he turned the page. This chapter has a whole list of uncharted tomes, that Redtigerfang came across in his travels. Quite unawhere of what may lie within them . Maps and detail descriptions of the tomes lay within the spine of this book. A evil laugh bursted out of his mouth. He pulled out another parchment from his robe and copied the maps on to it.

The Evil one got up with the book still in hand . He slammed th book shut and tossed it on top of the tallest bookself , so no one would think of looking for it there. He rolled up the two parchements stuffing the blood stained one in his robe first. He then reached down for the other one . He grabbed on to the edge, just as it unraveled a small portion of itself. As he pulled it up ,the portion caught on a nail, that hung out of the side of the table, tearing the chunk off. The piece gusted up into the air as the wind ,lifted it out the window and to the courtyard below.

Not noticing the the piece that was missing, the Evil One Rolled it up and shoved it into his robe. He turned and walked out of the room leaving the cold air to blow threw out the fortress. He seem quite unaffected by the cold . Walking into the shadows , with that evil grin on his face once more. His body just disappeared into the shadows.

Balan IronBreaker
2nd April 2005, 04:48 PM
The hall seemed new as did a few faces that shown inside it. Yet it had a familiar atmosphere and that was confirmed by familiar faces. He was not quite sure why he had returned to this place, but he knew where he was and what he was to do. The figure that walked into the hall immediately caught the attention of those who looked at him. Some out of curiosity and others yet out of happiness in seeing him return. His pale skin shown in the light and the red and blue markings on his face were defined against it. He brushed aside his whitish hair to look around with his eyes. Those same peculiar eyes, stark white with no pupil or retina, and yet he was not blind. As he moved his armor made no sound and only his footsteps made noise. He removed his cap and gave a bow then spoke.

"Good day m'lords and ladies. Some of you know me and yet others do not. I am Oni Link, the Fierce Deity, and I wish to join this Brethren of Elements once more. I believe I am eligible with my expertise in the realm of the spirit, as Miss Ali Dheren will confirm. I am ready to have an evaluation if it need be. Thank you."

His voice was as unique and interesting as his looks. It had an almost warmth and it felt like he was speaking through his soul. All this could be felt... ye not heard. His voice was as monotone as his face was calm and serene. He gave no smile and no frown, he simply spoke what was needed then stopped and waited for a response. If he needed to do anything he was ready. He was not exactly sure what he was to do in the first place, but this seemed like a good idea.

2nd April 2005, 05:32 PM
*Ali was thinking of the words Tarukai whispered to her. She drew closer to him, now that Shade seemed a little calmer after the passing of the strange ghost*

*She whispered back*
How do you think that we can do that? I certainly need to get better, for I am feeling things I don't entirely understand... Like now, someone is comming. His spirit is strong in mine but I do not know who he is or where did I knew him... I can feel his power, in spirit above all...

*This she was saying when, precisely, a figure came into the Hall*

Here, this is him! *she said to her comrade when Oni Link appeared. Her heart felt a new joy she could not trace back. And her confussion grew as he spoke of her as witness of his power.

2nd April 2005, 06:25 PM
OOC: Trying my best here, bear with me…


Mantis, Shade, Jade, and Mantidae notice the newcomers arrive, but decide not to say anything, feeling somewhat out of place as they only know one or two people. The more people that enter, the more Shade appears to grow uncomfortable, shaking at various occasions.

One man, Tarukai, catches Mantis’s attention. He seems to be familiar, but from where she knows him she doesn’t know. As he speaks, she vaguely recalls the man’s name, and suddenly realizes where she’s met him. She was on a quest with Kiara when they first met.

His name…What’s his name? Tar- something. Tarot? No. Tarnascious? No. Taru- Taru…kai?

This name seems to ring a bell, and she decides to try to use his name.

""Hello Shade, how've you been?" He asked, then looking around to the others. "How about you Jade, Mantis, Mantidae? And Ali, how go things for you?"

Shade also remembers the man’s name, but not where she’s seen him. Jade, however, remembers everything, as does Mantidae.

“Hi, Tarukai!” Shade calls out. “I’m fine, thank you.” She motions down to her stomach and smiles warmly as something inside it moves a little. “I think the baby is saying hi to you, too.”

Jade flits in happy circles around Tarukai, before landing back on Shade’s shoulder eventually and licking her face, prompting a bout of giggles from the sorceress. “Hello!” She says, as Shade translates. “How have you been?”

Mantidae says nothing, clacking her pincers (appendages) on the ground and chirping in greeting.
Mantis extends a hand to Tarukai and smiles beneath her metallic helmet. Her metallic voice says, “Hello, Tarukai. I last met you when I saw Kiara, right? And I have been fine, thank you for asking.”

Suddenly, Shade lets out a small, frightened gasp as she sees some ghostly figure appear. She sees the ghost’s features, but knows not who it is. Her eyes go wide in fright.

Mantis, Jade, and Mantidae look in the general direction Shade is looking and see nothing, prompting a comical confused expression from Jade, the giant mantis to assume a confused posture, and Mantis to scratch her helmet in confusion. She shrugs. Perhaps the baby is making her see things?

Even scarier, to Shade, is the fact that this…ghostly figure…cannot talk. This prompts her to feel somewhat sorry for it, yet despite this, her body is shaking.

Suddenly, the figure vanishes and leaves Shake shaking her head. But she also sees that Ali may have seen it. “A-ali?” She says, her voice very frightened. “D-did y-you s-see th-that?”

OOC: Ali, answer this as though I asked you normally; ignore the brief time change and maybe answer me in the morning or something…

Eventually, the time begins to grow long and it soon becomes night. Mantidae says goodbye to everyone telepathically and leaves outside, staying the forest, her natural home, for the night. Jade perches obediently on Shade’s shoulder, and the two head for bed, leaving Mantis alone. She quickly excuses herself and follows the other two.

Soon, they are asleep. Jade is sleeping at the foot of Shade’s bed whilst Mantis is sleeping in an adjacent room.

A chilly breeze blows throughout the castle, causing Mantis to shiver and wake. Seeing no one, she pulls the covers tight and returns to bed, muttering something about drafts.

Shade, deep in sleep, does nothing but shiver a little, while Jade appears not to notice this breeze at all, nor any other sounds in the fortress.

As the new day’s light pierces through both of the women’s rooms, Mantis gets up and begins her morning stretches, also changing her suit, before quietly sneaking into Shade’s room. By this time Jade has already awoken, and is about to lick Shade to get her up, when Mantis ruffles her head. “Shh!” She says in a quiet voice. “You’ll wake Shade.” The little draike nods and returns to sleep, with Mantis heading out of the room to see if the others are up and about. Within two hours, the little draike can stand it no longer, wakes up, and licks Shade’s face. The sorceress awakes sputtering and giggling. Soon, after she awakes, Shade gets dressed, and draike and mistress return to the main room.

They arrive just in time to see a pale man enter the fortress. Mantis pulls up a chair for Shade to sit in, and they decide to remain quiet, educating themselves as to the usual procedures in the fortress by simply observing. But Jade, however, has a question for Callisto. She speaks as Shade translates. “Yesterday, Master Callisto, you mentioned something about a tournament. What is the tournament like?” All three of them silently agree with the draike’s question, having never been involved in a tournament before.

Behind the man, a knock sounds at the fortress’s door, and a telepathic voice sounds throughout each member’s, even the newcomer’s, head. “Can someone let me in? It’s me, Mantidae.”

Mantis turns and looks at Ali. “Do you mind if I let her in?” She asks, not willing to breach protocol so soon, having only been in the clan for about two days.

2nd April 2005, 07:43 PM
Yes, of course. This is her home and she can enter whenever she wants, Shade. Come in, Mantidae *Said Ali to Shade. The morning was bright and she was wondering herself about the ghost they saw and about Oni Link. She saw Mantidae coming in and welcomed her...

Then, Ali drew closer to Shade and asked her...
hey, you saw that spirit, didn't you? I'm not sure as how to describe it... But I believe that his spirit has a powerful link with Evil Red. And therefore it creates a new puzzle for my memory to solve

*She then gave a long glance to Oni Link* As for him, I'm sure that he shouldn't need any trial to get in here. I can feel his power and his spirit is bright though you see in his face marks of pain and sorrow long time endured...

*She decided to talk to him even before the Headmaster said anything. He knew her and he could help her, then... probably it would be great to count on him in Tarukai's plans...*

She patted Jade gently, bowed to the nice quartet, and then went to Oni Link...

Forgive my silence, Oni Link... my soul hasn't been able to expell entirely the shadow that blocks my memory and therefore I've lost many things. Many of those I loved and fought for. Yet my eyes can still see beyond and I see that we share a strong bond. But i don't know what it means. Maybe you could explain this to me and shed a little more light over my darkened spirit.

2nd April 2005, 09:54 PM
Tarukia nodded back to Ali, and said no more. He knew there was something between her and Oni Link, but didn't know quite what. When Shade responded to him, Tarukai smiled pleasantly back to her. He noticed her pointing out the pregnancy, and Tarukai laughed a bit. "Well, that's great! And Congratulations Shade. Anyway, it's been great to see all of you again. And I'm glad you remembered my name. That save me a load of time doesn't it." He said jokingly, then stretching a bit, and yawning. Stopping, and returning to his normal position, Tarukai noticed the newcomer, Oni Link, with a keen eye. He feels familiar almost... but I can't quite place it. He thought, shaking his head and closing his eyes. I'm over thinking it. I should just enjoy the new fortress.

The next day

Tarukai walked out into the main area of the building, where Ali and Shade's group were. He was now in his normal, black Japanese priest kimono. These clothes are really more comfortable. But only by a little. He thought, looking at the other few. Now barefoot, Tarukai's feet made little to no sound as he walked in, depending on who was listening. With Oni Link having a connection to Ali... he might be able to help us out getting back her memories. He thought, walking over to the same chair he sat in the day before. Let's hope I'm right about this.

3rd April 2005, 06:55 AM
Bowing slightly to the people in the room, Yaki noticed that there were more of them now. She left the room again, walking around in the entire castle so she could remember what it looked like. After a while she noticed that people were starting to go to sleep, but... Where was she supposed to sleep? They never told her... She followed Shade quietly, going into a room close to the pregnant woman's room. There, she just put Roko-Ro on a table at the bed, put the large sword on her back at the floor next to the bed and lay in the bed, curling up and soon falling asleep. Roko-Ro sat and watched over her, not sure if she would have any nightmare or if she would sleep peacefully. Soon, he fell asleep as well...

~Next morning~

Yaki woke up by something soft poking her back. She curled up further, mumbling something.

"Wake up, Yaki!" Roko-Ro said into the catgirl's ear. Yaki opened her eyes slightly, stretching and letting out a long yawn. Sitting up, she shook her head lightly, going out of the bed. It seemed that she hadn't even nuzzled into the covers, the bed looking almost like it did before she went to sleep. She soon fixed the small difference. She 'combed' her hair with one of her hands, not caring really if it was well done as long as things didn't get stuck in it. Then she adjusted her goggles, before strapping her sword to her back and picking up Roko-Ro. Opening the door and walking out into the corridor, she looked around, noticing that nobody was there. Lucky! She snuck out, going into that large meeting room from before, and noticed that quite a few of the members were already there.

"Good morning!" she said cheerfully. She started to wonder slightly if they had breakfast in this place, but they should have. Looking around, she sat down on an empty chair, putting Roko-Ro in her lap. She wasn't secure with him being unprotected when around strangers. How could she forget him the previous day...?

"Um... Do we get breakfast, or is that something that we have to make ourselves?" she asked after a little while. It might seem like a bad question, but she had to know.

3rd April 2005, 08:10 PM
*Ali laughed at Yaki's question*

Well, certainly all new members have to cook for the old ones... With the risk of being called upon attention if meals are not as high as our tastes. Yet, you have to bear in mind that we all come from different places and races, so it is not easy to learn when you begin. Later on, you will be the old one and new members will cook for you

*Ali's face was stern as she was pointing a fact*

If you are good enough, you can help Shade. Standing in a kitchen could be strenous for her condition


After that, Ali let out a clear laught... The joke was so real that Callisto had to explain them about the Drones!
She loved that joke...

3rd April 2005, 11:19 PM
*Dealing with the organization and duties of the squads of the fortress, Callisto halted the procedural stuff to welcome a new face. Apparently he was known in the outside world, and so would welcome this new hand for the time-being. He appeared to be potentially strong, hiding his power until it was needed, but that was just a first impression.*

"I am Oni Link, the Fierce Deity, and I wish to join this Brethren of Elements once more..."

Once more...? I don't remember him being a part of our clan, but it must have been a while ago. He will still be welcome, but since I don't remember him, he will have to take the trial.

"Welcome Oni Link. If you wish to join us, you will have to pass an evaluation. In which you will have to fight one of our Brethren. Then our council will determine if your abilities are sufficient. Rest up and let us know who you would like to fight against for your judgement. Also, Jade, you can find information about the tournament in the library (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=10324)."

OOC: FYI, the fortress does have little NPC/drones who will open doors, clean, and serve you food and such. They are our "army" if another clan, like The Evil Army, decides to raid again, but otherwise it will just be us.
Also, if anyone asks a question like Shade's in the future, I'll say "library" or something for the "place to look."

Balan IronBreaker
4th April 2005, 04:17 PM
Oni Link gave another bow and walked around the hall as people discussed things of less concern to him. Strange objects flew around here and there, people talked of things such as meals and the entrance of others and some seemed to glance at Oni then turn back to their own business. It had seemed he had overestimated the state of his return. Yet it was no matter, he was neither hurt or at all bothered by it. However something did bother him very much.

"Forgive my silence, Oni Link... my soul hasn't been able to expel entirely the shadow that blocks my memory and therefore I've lost many things. Many of those I loved and fought for. Yet my eyes can still see beyond and I see that we share a strong bond. But I don't know what it means. Maybe you could explain this to me and shed a little more light over my darkened spirit."

Link walked up to Ali and looked at her questioningly. He then put up his hand and held her face softly letting her eyes lock with his. He looked at her deep and long peering into her very troubled soul and spirit. Something is not right... at all... His eyes flashed white and he backed up a step letting his hand fall away from her beautiful face. He bowed again and took off his cap once more.

"I am very sorry Miss Dheren, we have very strong bond indeed. I do not know what causes this loss of memory but I curse at it. You are one I cherish much and who I have shared knowledge, pain, and happiness with. I cannot nearly explain well enough the relationship between us; you are a teacher, a student, and a friend. Perhaps in time you shall see.

He then turned and looked towards Callisto who had halted his doings to give Oni his attention. Oni Link Bowed again as the master began his sentence.

"Welcome Oni Link. If you wish to join us, you will have to pass an evaluation. In which you will have to fight one of our Brethren. Then our council will determine if your abilities are sufficient. Rest up and let us know who you would like to fight against for your judgment."

"That I shall leave up the Brethren themselves, including you. Whoever I shall fight, I respect, and whoever the rest may be who shall judge this skirmish, I shall also respect. I care not who it is and I trust in the decision made for me."

Oni replaced the cap upon his head and returned to his still stance, simply waiting for the next response, whatever it may bring. He stood with his face still calm and making him look more like a statue then a being.

5th April 2005, 12:57 PM
The slender appearance in front of the massive drawbridge took one last glance over the sunlit environment. Sweat trickled over his pale head, the beads glimmering like pearls as they reflected the golden rays that were cast down from the fiery giant that had dominated his journey towards the stronghold. Dracadas sighed as he recalled what had brought him here, far away from safety and isolation. At first, he had been able to shake off the dreams of previous brotherhoods, the comraderie, the unified glea when victory was ascertained, people to help you out when inevitable defeat was to be suffered.

Let's hope I've come to the right place...

Actually, the only evidence that the renowned Brethren of Elements were what he sought, was his student. Of course, he wouldn't say things like that out in the open - Ali Dheren would probably hold a far greater rank here than himself - but it was true nonetheless. Trees and pastures past his light blue eyes as he turned to face the fortress. The spirit mage's feet slowly moved over the bridge, the black boots and the dark material covering his legs moving like tar.

Once he entered, there was no going back. He had done it before, but moving against your nature was a difficult feat to perform. Dracadas forced himself to move on, images of earlier allies firm within his mind as he reached the gate. Slowly the massive woodwork bent away from his eyes, driven away by servants which obviously saw no threat in a lonesome traveller, tired, green robes filled with dirt around a battered torso. Taking a deep breath, the spirit mage stroke a silverish gauntlet past the boiled leather sheathes that were connected to his back. The feeling of the swords gave him confidence. Then he treaded through the gate, into the magnificent hallway.

Man! The stories are nothing compared to this!

The architecture was astounding. Ready for battle, but still beautiful when it met the eye. And the people... it must have been the greatest variety of mages and warriors Dracadas had ever witnessed in one spot. Even without using his powers, he could sense the strength amassed in the building, physical, mental, and spiritual. The lighting seemed near-natural, but more comfortable than the piercing sunlight outside, and so the albine mage's millimetred hair no longer jolted blinding gleams of reflection abound. His eyes scanned for anyone he knew. He didn't find anybody. Nervously, he looked down and fidgetted the collar of the dark green robe until his eye finally caught a person who walked with authority around here.

I'll take the chance...

"Pardon me, sir," he spoke to the man. "I have heard a lot about the Brethren of Elements and I wish to join you, if this is possible. I know some people around here and they will be able to confirm that I can be a worthy asset to your ranks."

Hoping that he had done nothing wrong, Dracadas hoped that Ali would show up. It would definitely help, as he didn't know exactly what to say. All he could do was stand to look the man into the eye and await an answer. Every fiber in him hoped it to be positive.

5th April 2005, 02:45 PM
Shade overhears the conversation about the younger members cooking for the older members, and heads off towards the kitchen. Suddenly, she feels weak, and has to take a seat. Mantis comes running in. "Hmm," She says, waiting until Shade is back on her feet. "Are you okay?"

Shade nods and smiles her cheerful smile once more. She begins rummaging about cabinets and the like, with Jade getting ready to light the fire under the stove. But Shade is so confused about the different races and everything that she sits down and thinks hard.

But Mantis is one step ahead of Shade. "I'll be right back." She says, returning to where Ali Dheren is. "What do the members here like to eat?"

Shade sighs and tries to get up again, but finds that she is a little weak and sits back down. She feels so...helpless, yet, as she's eaten more and more, she knows she is being quite helpful to the baby.

5th April 2005, 05:59 PM
OOC: Shade, I said in my previous post that we have others to cook for us. So your post isn't really needed...or clan related.

IC: *Callisto is a little surprised at Oni Link's reply since it would be a privelege to pick your opponent. But at his wish, Callisto let the brethren decide. Whoever was ready would fight him right away. Oni Link seemed confident about his abilities. Whether nhe knew it or not, people had been rejected from entering the great clan.*

"Which of you members are willing to fight Oni Link for his evaluation? The first who thinks they're schedule is open can come to me and request it."

*Soon after the mandate for the members to spar Oni Link, another guest arrived. The slender man with a sword on his back claimed to know people as well. He also wished to be admitted into the clan.*

Wow. In a matter of weeks, we've gotten many times more members than we used to have. Apparently spreading to word of our clan lately has helped. Hopefully we will be providing a service that's not just for bettering fighting abilities, but to save people.

*Callisto quickly respoded to the guest's question, making things as friendly and efficient as possible. By his offer and the way he looked, he could possibly already posess much strength.*

"I accept your offer to join the Brethren of Elements. If you wish, you may choose an opponent to fight against for your evaluation. I'm Callisto by the way. And you? As a matter of fact, I believe we could have you spar one of our new applicants as well. Would you mind if you fought Oni Link?"

*Callisto motioned over towards the other applicant in the room, also waiting for someone to spar.*

6th April 2005, 07:03 AM
Grinning, Dracadas's stance became more comfortable, and from his eyes shone relief for being admitted, though the spirit mage attempted to hide it under a neutral smile, and a confident glance in Callisto's direction. He was glad that the leader had negated the fact that he had not mentioned his name when Dracadas previously addressed him. For a moment he had shuffled a foot over the ground, tensed, but now he stood perfectly calm, balanced. As the headmaster spoke of another applicant, the spirit mage's eyes shot in that direction.

Oni Link? Now where do I know that name from... ah, Ali!

Vaguely the image of an alabaster building passed his mental eye before he bowed politely to Callisto's presence, yet he made sure that the man's eyes interlocked with his own misty glare.

"I am ready to fight anyone, sir, especially when it concerns a future friend - or so I hope." He was quite satisfied with the little knowledge of diplomacy he had, now that he could use it. There was no use in disrespecting an eventual ally. The mage's head rose to normal stature, and the sheathes attached to his back clunked back into place as he awaited Callisto's orders.

6th April 2005, 07:40 AM
Sorry guys. I wrote a post here yesterday but my internet connection at the office failed and the post was not sent. Too bad. It was nice, specially concerning Dracadas and Oni Link. I will try to post something about it but I have little time today

*Ali was still laughing at Shade and her bad joke*

I'm so sorry Shade! Yaki... It was a joke! You don't have to cook! Look at this magnificent place. Don't you think that it is well provided with service and defense? Our headmasters have drones that take care of such stuff and others that serve as infantry in case of invasion...

*Ali was still talking when she turned to the entrance of the hall, even before the new figure entered. She felt like pulled to that spirit powerfully...* "Master Dracadas!" She murmured even before he came in.

*Was he in trouble? What had made him go to the Fortress of the Brethren? But soon she found, and what she listened made her full of joy...*

*Since she came back, she had been training with Dracadas to recover her dominium over her spirit powers, and she was certain to be learning a lot more of what she already could have known. His spirit was not only powerful, but deep and gentle. Able to discern the subtleties...*

*She was amazed but happy to learn that he intended to join the Brethren. Just like Oni Link and internally she thanked the idea of having them sparing at each other. She knew that both were far more powerful than her*

*A little look around made her feel incredibly lucky, or blessed... Not only her friends from the Brethren, but respected masters and beloved friends, Dracadas, Oni Link and, of course, Valanir...*

*Still she had to look up, in direction of the personal quarters, not able to know what was going with that strange member and the ghost that seemingly was chasing him...*

6th April 2005, 09:27 AM
"Well, certainly all new members have to cook for the old ones... With the risk of being called upon attention if meals are not as high as our tastes. Yet, you have to bear in mind that we all come from different places and races, so it is not easy to learn when you begin. Later on, you will be the old one and new members will cook for you. If you are good enough, you can help Shade. Standing in a kitchen could be strenous for her condition..."

Yaki blinked in confusion as Ali started laughing. Why was she laughing...? Yaki looked over to Shade instead, wondering what Ali had meant. Shade, it seemed, had gone into the kitchen to cook the food. Roko-Ro was holding his paws over his mouth, trying not to laugh. How naìve were they? Nobody would go from serious to laughing that quickly unless it was a joke! Soon enough, Ali confirmed that thought.

"I'm so sorry Shade! Yaki... It was a joke! You don't have to cook! Look at this magnificent place. Don't you think that it is well provided with service and defense? Our headmasters have drones that take care of such stuff and others that serve as infantry in case of invasion..."

"Oh... Then I see..." Yaki said, seeming a little embarrassed. She wasn't sure what to do... She looked around a bit. Shrugging, she decided to try and learn the names of the people here, being quiet unless asked something.

7th April 2005, 11:29 AM
"Dracadas and Oni Link. Would you please follow me. RP Councilmen, please go observe the fight through the seeing pool (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=14703) in a couple hours."

*Callisto then led the two applicants out of the fortess and on a hike through the forest. Two spirit-users battling would be a interesting fight indeed, and definaely an educational one for Callisto.*

7th April 2005, 01:24 PM
Yaki blinked as she was handed a bit of food by someone, though she didn't recognize the person. It must have been one of those 'drones'... She thanked the person quietly, munching on some of the food and giving a bit to Roko-Ro. Soon, both of them were done eating, not sure exactly what it was, but judging by the way it had looked they weren't sure if they wanted to know in the first place. Yaki looked around the room. Callisto was leading two other persons out from the fortress, the rest just talking to each other or hanging around. Yaki then looked out the window. It was very nice weather outside... Why was she stuck inside? The catgirl got to her feet, putting Roko-Ro on her head. Then she suddenly stretched, letting out a yawn.

"I'm going outside!" she called out cheerily, before running over to the door leading outside and going through it. She didn't think much of where she was going, letting the sun warm and sooth her and the wind blow back her hair with a calm breeze as she slowed down to a walk. She kept herself around the base though, not wanting to get lost this soon. While walking through the fields, she thought she noticed something, but it was probably nothing. Still, she stopped and looked around. There really was something there that wasn't supposed to be there... A piece of paper, it seemed. Not wanting anyone to litter around in such a beautiful place, Yaki halfly runned over and picked it up before the wind could catch it. Some sort of map...? But it was broken...

"...Should we tell the others?" Roko-Ro asked. Yaki nodded, not thinking about that Roko-Ro was on top of her head.

"That's probably the best... Maybe someone recognizes it..." she mumbled. "But on the other hand... It's broken... We should probably find the rest of it..."

"Yaki... I kinda doubt that the rest of it is in the fields... Someone else should have the rest. And they might want it back..."

"Well... I don't want anyone to get angry at me. We'll keep it a secret for now, okay?" Yaki concluded, petting Roko-Ro's head with her free hand. She folded the piece of map together and put it in one of her bags, before continuing her walk across the fields. Somebody might ask for the piece, or else Yaki could ask around. When she got back to the base, that is. For now she just enjoyed the weather...

8th April 2005, 03:20 AM
Walking from the shadows, The Evil One noticed , Callisto taking the two newcomers out for a test in the back nine.He quickly made his way across the courtyard and jolted past,yaki and Roko-Ro, leaving behind a cold feeling of empty hearts. With him running a small gust of wind appeared behind him and blasted a small peice of paper, that was laying on the ground to float up into the air. The piece of paper gentally fell towards the ground laning on the top of Yaki's head.

The evil one pushed on not noticing the peice of paper trying to catch up with callisto and the two new comers, he wanted to see the battle , as it interested him. After a few moments he jolt out the door and down the path following Callisto.

Moments have past as Yaki was just finishing up the ghostly figure of Redtigerfang reappeared. His body as usual was transparent. His modded seemed different these days .. as he knew that his body will be his soon and he will not be a ghost anymore. As he walked down by Yaki she could vaguely make out his form ,but he was lettting her see him as he seem to take a liking to her and her living doll. See ,being a ghostly figure enabled you to see things that most think no one ever notices.
Red walked over to Yaki he wave at her and walked off, his ghostly body still didn't let him speak with anyone , but with a whisper.

9th April 2005, 01:25 AM
Due to lazyness, this post will be substandard of my RPing. Probably. Sorry for the inconvience :heh:

"Ah. There we are... The Brethern fortress..."

Stiek had been traveling for some days now, going nowhere in particular, just looking to train Kyra a little in different enviroments. But it seemed that Kyra got the gist of fighting already as he seemed pretty beaten up, when she seemed relatively unharmed. The girl was just tired, the Rawulf Warlock happily carrying her back to the fortress. He was used to doing so.

"Hey Kyra, wake up! We're there."

"Mmmhuh? I just wanna sleep..."

"... Heh..."

Stiek set off again, running at a somewhat lower pace than he would if he carried no one, but still, fast enough to find himself in front of the fortress' door. Slowing down, he put Kyra down on the ground, before knocking on the door.

"Oi! We're back! Someone open the door!"

^^; I don't think I can just teleport in.

9th April 2005, 07:57 AM
Don't worry Legion, I got your back : P
A Ball of fire lands in front of the BoE Fortress, and Hiei steps out eating a cheeseburger. He blasts open the door, allowing Legion in. He walks over to his AHM seat and sits down. He pulls the lever to raise the leg rest and flips on the switch to get the motor running. He then calls out to his fellow brethren with a sound muffled by the half-masticated piece of bread and meat in his mouth and a little shaky due to the motor chair.

"Thiiiiiis plaaaaaace is sweeeeeeeeet. I caaaaan't tellllll yooooou guysssss hooooow many timmmmmes I accccccidentaaaaaaly waaaaalked intooooo anotherrrrr fortressss."

Hiei flips off the switch as a thought entered his mind.

Where was Callisto going when I saw him earlier? The guys he was with arent in this clan. That must mean.... Hello, looks like Hiei is at Midevil times, I got the dinner, now it is time for the tournament.

Hiei jumps off his seat spilling mustard on his shirt doing so, and runs after Callisto.

10th April 2005, 04:47 AM
The ghostly figure seemed to just walk around the fortress, not caring if any one had sen him or not. His proud stance and walk made him feel almost human again. Red walked intothe training room, as you would think that a ghost would not be able to do this , but thats not the case with him as he , isn't really a ghost , just misplaced soul. A wandering soul if you must know.
He saw all the dumbies scrattered about the room. Looked at the weapons that lay dormant against the walls. Red walked over to the weapons rack and grabbed a one handed axe . He next begun to swing it around with ease, as he was experienced with it ,when he had a body. The motions of each swing were quick and powerful. He turnewd and looked at one of the dumbies and ran over towards it he jumped into the air . The axe begun to glow in an off green color. On his descent he swung the axe down at the ground. He sliced the dumbie and the axe sung into the ground . A few moments past and a loud noise could be heard coming from the training room. As the power took affect, large boulders hurled out of the ground ans smashed the dumbie to bits.
Red's face grew into a smile as he begun to errupt into loud laughter. His voice is coming back. As it is getting close to the final confrontation , between him and the Eivl One.

10th April 2005, 06:24 AM
Yaki didn't get to go far until someone bolted past her, taking away the joy she had felt moments ago. She stopped, looking behind herself sorrowfully, and feeling like she would cry. Roko-Ro didn't show any changes, as usual, but he felt the same way. He grabbed the piece of paper that was about to fly into his face, looking at it. Not thinking much about what was on it, he handed it to Yaki, who folded it and put it in her bag unenthusiastically. A few moments later, a second figure appeared, walking by. Some kind of... Ghost? The ghost waved to her, before continuing to walk. Yaki waved back, uncertain. Continuing to walk, she soon regained the calm joy of nature, deciding to walk back inside. If there were ghosts and people who spread sadness outside, she'd prefer not to be there. As she was coming in sight of the door though, she heard someone.

"Oi! We're back! Someone open the door!"

Yaki quickened her pace, but as soon as she was reaching the door a fireball fell from the sky and landed hard, almost hitting her. She jumped back in surprise, looking at the figure that stepped out of it. She held her hands over her heart, her ears drooping more than usual and her tail wagging a bit. The figure simply blasted open the door to the fortress, something Yaki couldn't understand as the door wasn't locked in the first place. She started to go inside slowly, when the same person ran out again, disappearing after Callisto. She looked after the person, before looking inside carefully. As soon as she dared to go inside, a loud noise was heard from somewhere, the training room Yaki remembered. At least she assumed it was a training room, what with all the dummies and weapons. Soonly after, laughter was heard from the same room. Yaki picked Roko-Ro from her head, going over to Ali and the others where she could feel safe.

"This... Happens often...?" she asked, still scarred from almost being hit by a falling ball of fire. Even Roko-Ro was looking scared, very unnerved by that laughter.

10th April 2005, 12:59 PM
*Blinks slightly at all the confusing things going on.* Uh... I think I'm gonna go to my own room now... And come out when you need me... Oh, and Legion is a Lesser God. So I don't think you'll meet him XD...

Wait a sec... Stiek's a Rawulf (an evolved dog), and Yaki is a catgirl... This is gonna cause trouble :heh:

"... Huh..?"

Stiek watched as Hiei... Appeared as a flaming ball, kicked open the door, holding a cheeseburger. He could understand little of what he was blabbling about, but nevertheless, picked up Kyra again and walked into the fortress, before things would go nuttier. Was Kyra messing with his... No, she wouldn't be able to mess with his hearing, or smell... Damned, I thought I would go nuts when I was 40,000 years old... He sighed. Tomorrow things would be better. Kyra stirred a little, turning her head.

"I'd better get you to bed... Hmm... What's that smell?"

Being a Rawulf, Stiek still had his ancestor's sence of hearing and smell, even though that meant he saw the world without colours. Sniffing the air a little, his ears rightened completly, his tail wagging a little underneath his robe. There's a cat here? Grinning a little, he licked his nose, looking around whether this cat was near. But all he saw was a girl who looked somewhat catlike, carrying a plushie toy, hurrying away.

"Nice to see you..."

Watching the girl go away, Stiek sighed again, but then walked into the fortress again, heading towards Kyra's room, mumbling something about 'there being better times to go and exhaust Light Elementalist school girls so you have to carry them back to the fortress they lived in'.

If anyone needs Stiek or Kyra, just send a messager to her room >.>

12th April 2005, 05:28 PM
Wolf had long since walked off to look around the fortress, which in some ways he was still doing in others he was lost. He had taken no effort to keep track of were he had been or how he got where he was. The stonewalls of the deep recesses of the fortress looked a like for the most part. Other then the torches being in different places in some halls they were identical. He now wondered aimlessly threw the fortress looking for some life and only finding wooden doors scattered throughout the place.

Meanwhile Cronos had not moved from his shadowy hiding place for the simple reason that he didn’t quite trust everyone here yet. He had fought against some but that was a long time ago. But after keeping an eye on the area for the past few days he emerged from the shadows. Only to find himself caught in chaos of the moment. Ok that was weird and I do believe that will be my cue to exit till I am needed at least. With that Cronos slipped out the still open door.

Phoenix Ash
14th April 2005, 07:20 PM
DragonsPhyre shifted his weight a little while leaning in a shadowed corner. The half-elf was growing impatient for something to do, but felt the only thing he could do was watch everyone else. Then he saw Ali's joke on Shade. Poor choice of targets..But gives me an idea...

The Water Mage stepepd out of the shadows quickly and soundlessly, staying true to his brief training as a Ranger far past the time of the clan. He left the staff in the corner, knowing that no one would be foolish enough to mess with the Assistant Headmaster's weapons if they knew him. Those that tried...Well, they would find that cold doesn't have to be physically touching you to cause pain. His sword, however, remained in its sheath on his waist.

Soon, DragonsPhyre arrived in the kitchen, almost bumping into Shade and Jade. He broke in a smile upon seeing the two and cleared his throat to gain their attention.

"Shade, Jade, and quite possibly your friends...whereever they are...Would you like to have me take you on a full tour of the Brethren of Elements fortress?"

14th April 2005, 07:32 PM
Shade lets out a small gasp of surprise, and guards her stomach with her hands carefuly, until she is sure the danger has passed. "A tour?" Shade asks. "I'd love that!"

Jade lets out a shrill chirp and takes to the air, before landing back down on Shade's shoulder. "Yes," She says, the weary Shade translating. "I'd like a tour!"

Mantis enters, hearing the racket, and then learns that a tour is going to be departing. "May I come?" She asks, then calls for Mantidae. "Mantidae! There's a tour going around the keep!"

Mantidae comes bounding in, the floor vibrating slightly. "OOOH! A tour!" She makes a sound remarkably similar to that of Jade's. "Can I come?"

15th April 2005, 04:11 AM
The training room seemed a little small for Red's liking as he earthen powers could easly collapse the room, without a second doubt . Even in this form he still possessed great power, but when he gets his body back , the power will greatly increase, by many folds. Red wields the axe very proficiently and shows no signs of weakness with it.His powerfull chops send small shakes in the ground and threw out the fortress. His face grows even more angered with ever swing. His eye bright green. The glow of his eyes could be seen from the crack under the door , even thought the door is quite shut. The dumbies that lay in front of him are pretty much particles . Feathers and clothe lay about the floor as he is not holding anything back. The ghostly form shows no sign of slowing down as Red can not tire in this form.


Cries of loud and disturbing noises can be heard coming from the training room .

17th April 2005, 02:53 PM
*The sun began to set as Callsito strode along the outside edge of the central tower. Reading a letter he had just received, the next round of Marushia's tournament would begin. Callisto came back into the main hall to annouce the recent news.*

"Hey Hiei, Enix, and Ali. I've just recieved a letter from Marushia stating that the next round of the tournament (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=260330#post260330) will begin sometime in the near future, but no one really knows when that is, so be ready quickly."

17th April 2005, 03:33 PM
Ali listened to the announcement and nodded.

"Maybe I need to practice a little and get my spells checked... Do you mind if I go to the training room?"

*She asked to Callisto*

*Ali was not sure if she had any chance, given the fact that her grades were not great. Still she had to try her best for the clan... And she had to go through her spells, since her memory was getting a little stronger now*

17th April 2005, 05:27 PM
"No, I don't mind at all. It would benefit you to do so Ali since this letter from Maru suggests that we will be showing off our strengths next to be judged. I personally will be thinking of ways to show I'm powerful enough."

*Callisto went back to wandering outside the fortress, waiting and thinking as the sun settled down past the horizon, leaving a dim orange stripe across the sky.*

OOC: Kinda wierd being as we're already in Limbo, but whatever.

EDIT: Here (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=15506) is our thread for Round 1. I've also posted the link on the first post.

21st April 2005, 08:40 PM
As i sit here and think of ways to respond to certain rumors or truths that i here of this clan. As the once well known clan, that i could call my creation is not what it use to be, as it had changed in ways that i don't like and i can't do anything to change it . But to order some one to do something that doesn't pretain to what their character design is . This is quite wrong in my opinon, and should not be forgiven. Well as this is no longer my clan and the design for its original is no longer part of the rules they have writen up. There are too many non active memebers to count,and tnothing is done about this. I also feel that there is certain lack of respect, towards some people. So in all enlightedment and to make everyone happy, maybe some sad . I regretfully will have to say i am resigning from this clan.

21st April 2005, 10:37 PM
OOC: we must all do what we believe to be right, good luck to you in all you do may one day our paths cross again.

21st April 2005, 11:26 PM
*Callisto listened patiently, although slightly annoyed at what he was hearing. The spirit in the likeness of the old founder, Redtigerfang announced his resignation from the clan. Things were beginning to despair for the old clan, but it was not worth giving up on.*

I can't believe it...

"I'm sorry to hear that Red, but I wish you would stay. I did not make Shade and her group leave, they left on their own account. I did, in fact, make efforts to keep them in the clan, and even found possibly roles suited for them that they would have no problem doing. Also, I allowed the group to do as they please, and get to know the place, and the people.
Also, Red, by you resigning from the clan, you make the clan less of your prior vision, and make it fall furthur towards incapacitance. If you would leave us with a notion of what you had intended, maybe we can try and fix things to what they should be, with the disgression of the leaders of this clan of course. I would rather it be that you stay with us, as you do have the power to make suggestions for change. I am giving you another chance to try and stay and fix this. A leader does not back out of a situation they disapprove of, but rather find a way to make it into a favorable environment. However, it is still your choice, so choose for not your own sake, but for your own creation's."

If only I knew what they wanted.

22nd April 2005, 04:18 AM
I have been working countlessly with Dp on all my secrets of this clan,an what it use to be before the name change and rules changed. What the alignment was suppose to be and such and to repay him for his services to invision what i came to be know as the Brothern of Elements . i made him a banner

DpBanner (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v240/Redtigerfang/Dpbanner.jpg)

I did not want to be just another one of those i can't post because of exams, or i have too much work on my hands ,type of members so i will still be around if you have questions. I just won't be here to post about other stuff.

22nd April 2005, 04:29 PM
*Ali looked around kind of confussed for what she was listening. Everybody was acting a little weird... Speaking their minds in a strange fashion... Until she spot the ghost again. He was talking with Callisto... A sudden chill made her realize what was going on.

She did know who that ghost was. Not for her, but for another image of her spirit in a distant dimension called Aurell. Yes, he was Redtigerfang... he had been the founder of this clan for a long time. And in Aurell's dimension, he had another clan named the Spirits of Vengeance...

Ali frowned. In her empty memory dwelled memories of dragons and spirits other than hers... And now she understood why Redtigerfang had tried to contact her, and why Evil Red was acting strange towards her since her arrival.

This and many other stuff made Shade and her friends leave for a while. Still, she knew they were friends of the clan and very respected allies.

She wondered what Redtigerfang and Callisto were talking about, as he drew out a painting. She could barely see what it was from where she was standing, though she listened the opinion from the God of death, who was cheering the clan for its lasting lore.

This made Ali think about Tarukai's suggestion... they had to look for something lost... something that had to do with her memory. She was willing to try that out.

Finally, her mind went again to wander into the seeing pool, worried about the development of the test between Oni Link and Dracadas...

Guys, this is the formal clan thread... O_o let's us stay IC here Ok?
As for who Aurell is, check the lady in red in my sig. There are her brief stats and story.

23rd April 2005, 04:44 PM
"Red and DP, you guys need to let me know what is going on and what you want so we can make this clan fitted to what it should be. The same applies to the rest of you members. We are here to help you.
And by your response Red, I will assume you are sticking around for a little bit to try and work things out, am I right?"

Phoenix Ash
23rd April 2005, 06:59 PM
"Callisto, here's my thoughts on the clan..." DragonsPhyre looked pleased as he saw the banner Red made for him. "Thank you, Red, it's exactly what I wanted. I'll put it where I can find it and display it. Anyways, Callisto...My vision of the clan is one that doesn't analyze its members for combat capabilities, assign them combat roles when they're obviously not suited for anything involving combat...By the gods, Callisto, why would you assign combat roles to a pregnant woman? The Brethren of Elements was not created for combat, but rather for the unification of the elements for the good of all. A good place to start changing the clan is to change the primary focus from combat...but I don't know a good peaceful one is for a clan like this...Perhaps someone else can help with that..."

Balan IronBreaker
24th April 2005, 08:34 AM
"Quests... interaction... events... that is peace..."

The voice filled the walls of the hall although no one was to be found. Yet it was a familiar voice, whether old or new. Oni link was sending his voice to speak even though he was in battle. Between his pauses and breaths he spoke.

"We can exist as a clan without focusing on spars and combat. Quests, adventures, simply interacting as people on an equal level. If you must to get what I am saying, stop calling this a clan. I do not like clans, however I enjoy fellowships... or... Brethren. We are the Brethren of Elements, not the Clan of Elements. As for those of you who are leaving or even left, I say if you leave you are not part of the solution, don't give up on your ideals. Nothing great comes easy. I am not even a current member but this place seems troubled. Please heed me. I only wish to help."

25th April 2005, 04:39 AM
"Both DragonsPhyre and Oni speak good words," said a familiar voice. Valanir had shown himself again to the Brethern, after being out dealing with affairs unknown to the others. But it seemed he was keeping a close eye on what was going on even so.

"DragonsPhyre describes this clan as one who provides for the good of others. That is not always done through rash actions. Though I do not blame you for such thoughts... these are rather... difficult, and primative times." He said, turning to the window, looking out into the brightly lit landscape. "There are things to be done that do not involve sword or spell. I believe if we pursue these we will get closer to our goals then any other clan, am I correct?"

He turned back facing the group. "There are many mysteries about this place, and about the whole world. Mabye you wish to start there if you are hunting..."

25th April 2005, 06:04 PM
OOC: Ali, Enix, and Hiei, you guys need to post in our Round 1 thread (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=15506).

IC: *Through the advice of the three members, Callisto thought about how best to arrange the clan into being suitable for most people. Another problem was arising, and it would have to be fixed to make the clan ready to keep civilization in the world.*

"First off, Oni Link, I say 'clan' because that is what every other clan will call us. Also, DP, the only reason Shade would be involved in a battle is because she suggested being a healer, so I let her have it."

*The wandering, and most mysterious member of the Brethren made his voice heard. Valanir supported the two as well. Offering a necessary input of clear wisdom to the situation, he had made set the course for change.*

"Well put Valanir. However, despite the fact that there are things that must be solved by combat, you are right in the fact that diplomacy would be the best initial course of action, taken by us of course. Any enemies we may have may not return the favor, which is why I would like us to be ready.
But you have a point. Would making, maybe, the Assistant Headmasters ambassadors as well be a good start to this? If we do make someone an ambassador, they will have some duties to do between other clans. We are here to keep the world in balance, and not let the evil, and in some cases the good, become too powerful."

26th April 2005, 04:24 PM
Severe migraine... I'll try to post today or tomorrow, Callisto

Ali listened to all opinions. She saw the wisdom in most, and specially agreed with Oni Link and Valanir. Ali had no problems in defending what she considered right, but she was also eager to learn and research the powers of elements, as DragonsPhyre had well underlined.

Callisto's idea about having an ambassador was, in fact, an advance. But still there was the problem of ranks, since his proposal was to make one of the Assistant Headmasters the representative of the Brethren... The structure seemed somehow heavier than the building they were in. To be good, they really need to give life to their ideals, each member, holding any position, from footmen to Headmaster.

*Ali saw this clearly, as she begun to wonder what happened about the powerful blessing she did when she first came into the new fortress. But soon she realized that there was a reason for everything and this conversations were part of the greatness of the Brethren*

17th May 2005, 09:23 AM
*The fortress of the brethren of elements is the same, feeling unchanged in his heart, although he knew it was different. With each passing step closer to it, he felt that he was different. Many different things have pulled him away, forced him away from the Brethren. But not anymore. Through strife and peril he made his way to the fortress, cutting some of the forest overgrowth that had come as of late. His sword was itching to be used once more, and cutting mere overgrowth didnt satisfy the lust*

It has been too long...will they even remember me?

*Vincent continued on until he reached the front door. He paused as he reached for the door. Is it right to return again, when he basically abandoned them long ago? Will he be welcomed warmly or with disgust? Questions seemed to arise faster than the answers would come. And none came. His heart began to race as he thought of these. But he told himself to ignore these feelings and remain calm, and let time dictate what will occur. He slowly opened one of the double doors and peered inside. It was quiet...*

Maybe they are disbanded? No, it cant be...they have to be somewhere else...

*With careful and cautious steps Vincent slowly walked inside. It seemed a bit chilli inside as he closed the door. He didnt really notice much activity from here, but as he walked further inside, he could start to hear some voices in the distance. He walked in that direction, slowly at first, then faster as he recognized the voices. Finally he reached the lighted room they were in*

"...I have returned..."

17th May 2005, 05:35 PM
*As the slow current days wore on by, nothing seemd to be out of the ordinary any more. Life was the same for the past few weeks. The fortress began to get old, and news from the outside became less and less relevent to the Brethren's purpose. A message was quickly sent into the great hall as a visitor had arrived.*

Hopefully it's news that's actually important.

*The visitor managed to reach the hall in a reletively short time in comparisson to normal guests escorted by the guards. He was alone, but it was a great surprise. The crimson robes and black hair were unmistakable.*

"Vincent! Welcome back. How were your journeys? Please, this is your place of leadership as well, so make yourself any accomodations necessary. It's been quite hectic around here with only one Headmaster."

17th May 2005, 08:57 PM
"I am quite surprised that you would welcome me warmly, but...thank you"

*Vincent sat himself down on a nearby chair and tried to relax. He knew it was alright now, that they would accept him back, but something was still tugging at him. He shook it off and acted casual*

"As for my trio, let's say it ended up to be a pointless one, but I will dive into details later. Its good to be back, how have things been here in my absence? The halls of the Brethren seem a little more...empty than I last remember it"

17th May 2005, 09:14 PM
*Ali Dheren approached as she felt the presence of Vincent in the Brethren and haste to meet him. There was a shine in her eyes that prove her joy at finding him home*

"I am not sure if we are less, Vincent" *She replied to the words she heard* "But we are quiet. Right now, Oni Link and Dracadas are making an eval to enter the clan. It has been a slow one though"

*She stood next to him, and made a formal, graceful bow, that completed by a slight one directed to Callisto* "It is good to have you here, Vincent"

18th May 2005, 11:40 AM
"And it is a pleasure to see you here as well"

*He glances around the halls as if searching for something. He then faced back towards the others and began to speak again*

"Well I hate to spare the formalities right now, but I guess we need to get back to work in order to make our clan powerful, eh?"

18th May 2005, 12:00 PM
I completely agree

*Ali said, drawing a big grin* "And I am ready to help you in whatever I can. As time goes by, I get a bit more of my lost memory, but I am training and making myself all over again. I think I am useful now"

Phoenix Ash
18th May 2005, 02:41 PM
DragonsPhyre was simply amazed at what he saw. "Vincent, you're back! Very good. Now that we have a more balanced leadership..." He glanced pointedly at Callisto. "Maybe we'll do a bit better. What ideas do you have? We have members off fighting in some tourney I was unfortunately unable to attend...We got some new members, streamlined the ranks, and changed how things work a bit. I think you were here for most of that, though, or at least you were able to see the paperwork."

18th May 2005, 05:58 PM
"Oh yeah, you can never forget the paperwork"

*Vincent spoke to DragonsPhyre with a smirk. He hadnt noticed him earlier, and felt ashamed of it. He was delited to see his old friends from the clan, back in the glory days and beyond...He then began to speak once more, staring ahead in thought as he tried to answer the question*

"As to any new plans for the clan, well, I can't really say. Maybe a massive recruitment campaign. but before that, we must finalize and make sure the internal works of the clan are solid, like when everyone knows their ranks, the ranking system, the council members, and so forth. Our goal is to first be able to complete all those. I do believe once those are settled that we can finally make this clan a greater one than the gods can fathom"

*Vincent then faced towards Callisto, as if about to address him. He paused for a moment, and began to speak to him in a quieter tone*

"Callisto, we need to have a quick talk about what occured in my absence, or at least a brief update, then we can discuss what to do next"

18th May 2005, 06:11 PM
"Alright Vincent. Even though it's probably not anything that everyone could hear, it'd still be good if maybe we just talked alone."

*Callisto walked over to a nearby room and shut the door for confidentiality.*

21st May 2005, 05:26 AM
Several guards have begun to run around yelling and screaming atthe top of there lunges.

There missing, we can't find them anywhere.

The guards run past everyone telling them of the few books that are gone. They are no where to be found, and that they were writings of the original leader Redtigerfang. Most of the books contained information of how to unlease the true power from within. They also told several memebers that the last person seen in there was that figure that was dressed in black all the time. Yeah the one that sent shivers down your spine as he passed.

26th May 2005, 11:47 AM
*Vincent emerged from the discussion with Callisto, and proceeded to head back to the room where the others were. The information that was given to him wasnt too much of a surprise, except for one thing. But as time would go on, it would help solve some of these problems. Vincent sat down, took a deep breath, and began to talk to the others*

"Alright, I have a quick question for you all. Are you all aware of your current rank in our clan?"

26th May 2005, 09:15 PM
*As Alannon walked up the road towards the clan structure, he thought back on the time he had spent in earlier ones. As he thought of them, recalling his memories, he smiled slightly. He arrived at the main area shortly. When he arrived, he asked one of the servants where he could find one of the leaders of the clan. The servant quickly took him through a few passages to the closest leader, and then left abruptly. Alannon looked at the man briefly before speaking*

"Hello, I am Alannon, and I would like to join this clan again. Is it possible for me to do so?"

OOC: Okay, I know the post is a little undescriptive, but I wasn't in a very descriptive mood. Sorry. Also, by 'closest leader' I mean whichever one gets on first. Once again, sorry for lack of description.

27th May 2005, 08:19 AM
*Down the long and narrow path leading up to the Great fortress of the Brothern walks a man. The man go's by the name of Demon, he about 6'6" and is musculer in stature. Demon wears a very bright platered armor set. Straped accross demons back is a Master broad sword. Around Demons waiste is a belt with shinny disk's with spikes stiking out from all around each of them. Demon has in his right hand a Master compound bow. As Demon Draws closer upon the Great Fortress the day become darker as night begains to creap upon it. As the path becomes darker Demon looks upon the tree's and plant's that grow upon the earths floor. With but a single wink of his eye thay begain to glow with a bright light, lighting the pathway befor him.*

"Ahhhh that is better, much better."

*Demon continues on his journey to the Great fortress. As Demon draws upon the Great doors of the Fortress he begains to knock upon its doors and says.*

"Hello is there anyone in there that can let a man looking for shelter inter this Great and powerfull Fortress?"

*As Demon waites outside the Fortress for the reply, he begains to think just who might answer and what thay may be like.*

27th May 2005, 08:31 AM
*Ali Dheren was waiting for Callisto and Vincent in the Hall. She simply sat, her legs hanging playfully as her sight wander around the place, trying to gather her memories about Vincent and many other things. She listened to the inform the bots gave about the missing papers just when Vincent came out, followed by Callisto*

"Before you left, I was granted a place in the roleplaying council" *She replied, briefly, nodding and saying no more. She had nothing else to say about it.

Just then she sensed to new presences. Alannon was one of them. She knew him but it seemed to be part of her lost memories and her eyes told that to Vincent even before he appeared. The second one was quite different and much younger.

She turned to meet them and spoke diplomatically

"Welcome! May you talk to our headmasters. Callisto and Vincent are here! My name is Ali Dheren, for anything you may need" And she took a step back.

27th May 2005, 08:55 AM
*As Demon intered the Great fortress looking upon the women that has allowed him intrance. Demon then says to the women who has told him her name is Ali Dheren.*

"I thank you Ali Dheren, for it was getting dark outside and it looks like it may start to rain."

*Then Demon looks upon both the two men that are the leaders of the Great Fortress and address them in that manner.*

"Lords of the Fortress I am a travaler seeking a place to call home with beings that I may call freinds. I ask of the two of you to allow me to join the clan and aid you in all times."

*As Demon then closes his mouth and awaites the answer he looks upon the Great fortress in admeration for what the leaders and other members have down with the place.*

27th May 2005, 12:00 PM
*Vincent was surprised to hear the sounds of footsteps enter the fortress of the brethren enter so soon. He could tell it was non threatening, for they made no effort to keep quiet. Vincent slowly arose from his seat, and excused himself as he made his way towards the newcomers. He stopped when he glanced at one of their faces, perplexed*

He looks familiar...

*Then at once it hit him. It was Alannon! An old friend to Vincent. A fellow dojo master before they were banned! He couldn't believe his eyes. He walked over to him and gave him a firm handshake and a pat on the shoulder*

"My my my, Alannon, what ever brings you here? I haven't heard from you in...let's say a very long time"

*Vincent also noticed the other person, and listened to what he spoke of. He stood back away from Alannon and addressed them both*

"I am Vincent Nievara, one of the headmasters here of the Brethren of Elements. Alright, so you both wish to join our humble clan, the Brethren of Elements. Like many clans, we have a way of testing newcomers to see if they are worthy of being in our clan. Our council members shall be evaluating you in the way they see fit, although usually it is a spar of some sort. Council members, you may evaluate these two. Good luck"

OOC: If there isnt council members available soon, I will take one of them.

27th May 2005, 12:52 PM
*Alannon looks at Vincent, partially surprised to see him here, but also completely happy to see him again. He returns the handshake firmly and then listens intently as Vincent tells Alannon and the other newcomer about joining*

"Ah, a spar! I haven't had a spar in ages. This will be an excellent way to see how much I still remember from all that time ago."

OOC: Just checking: where will the spar take place, and will a link be provided?

27th May 2005, 08:14 PM
Out of the shadows from behind the main doors to the hall. A ghostly figure materialized. It's white outline shown true. The transparent body seem quite real and not much of an illusion. The figure seem to be standing in the doorway behind the two newcomers. It has seem that it is using it's own body as a barricade so no one can escape. The ghostly figure spoke. It's words echoed about the main hall, like a quivering wail of banshes in the night.

I am the guardian of this fortress, no one leaves with out my promission. A last i take no order from anyone. If there is a spar youse want i shall gives you one.

The ghost's face lit up with an evilish grin. A slight chuckle of delight rambled from the ghost's mouth. As he turned to the one called Vincent. His mouth opened wide as he yelled out.

Let me take these two on. It will be fun. I am crazy you know.

27th May 2005, 08:34 PM
*As Demon looked upon Vince and upon the ghostly shadow that has emerge from the walls of the great fortress demon says to Vince.*

"A spar would be fine by me as well, for it has been many moons sence I have had a fight as well."

*With that last word demon looked once more tords the shadow and with but a single thought the wall behind the shadow begains to glow with a emence and powerfull light.*

"And one said let there be light."

28th May 2005, 11:02 AM
*As Callisto stepped out of the meeting room, he did not share the same enthusiasm as Vincent did, but this Alannon did look familiar. He was promptly followed by yet another applicant wishing to join. This man was taller than most. Luckily for Callisto, the guardian, Red, wished to fight all of the applicants at once, eliminating confusion.*

"Alright. Alannon and Demon, you will be fighting Red here for your evaluation. However, there will be a third, Oni Link. His opponent left his battle and he will be re-tried. Whenever you're ready Red."

28th May 2005, 01:10 PM
*As Demon heard the word's from the Co-leader of the clan he looked upon the gardian.*

"Well, I don't supose you want to spar in a game of chess instead of phyically would you?"

*Demon chuckled to himself for he new that the answer to this would be in most case's a no. But Demon also new that his skills are as of yet at full streangth and this gardian's must be.*

Balan IronBreaker
28th May 2005, 07:31 PM
Oni Link appeared outside the door of the room where the random people of the clan... and not of the clan... were standing talking of plans. Oni was a bit frustrated that it took this long just to get attention to his evaluation and even more annoyed that he would have to start his fight over again if his opponent did not appear from where-ever it is he disappeared to. Fighting is something that should only be done when all else failed. Sparring was even worse to him. Oni always had to hold back and never liked a fight without a purpose. Friends are friends and enemies are enemies, actions towards the two should not be too similar. However he knew that sometimes with the systems of other's organizations a meaningless fight would have to be completed. It was bad enough but he was ready to get it over with so more productive events could occur. Still he had certain personal codes and ethics he kept to himself. With a long sigh Link brushed his hair out of his eyes and suddenly turned ethereal. Looking more like a ghost himself he slowly walked through a wall right next to the other ghostly figure and then materialized.

"Thank you sir, but no one tells me where I can and can not go. I also would like to move on with my evaluation. However, I refuse to participate in any other spar except a one on one match between me alone and my opponent alone. That man over there may take on the other challengers two on one but in that case I wish for a separate match of my own."

28th May 2005, 11:46 PM
*As Demon watched this new being appear and then say what he said, all Demon could do was watch and listen to what the leaders and any one els might say. For Demon has of not heard if he was or was not allowed in the clan or even how long it is going to take for the leaders to deside just how to have demon join the clan.*

"Well I say, this has been a little weird kinda. Silance for such a long time from clan members is not always a good thing."

29th May 2005, 02:39 AM
Red turned back at the newcomer his eyes gave him an uneasy stare. His dark eyes seemed to be cold and lifeless. He walked past everyone and out the door showing no fear for the task he has brought onto himself.

Follow me and show me what you got .

Red walked out the door while giving the newcomers a quite evil stare.

Boe evaluation (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=321412#post321412)

29th May 2005, 09:44 AM
*As Demon looked upon this being that people have been calling red's, He watched and listend to the man telling Demon and the others to fallow him.*

"Very well then, I will fallow you but not if you jump off the cliff though, ha ha."

*Ok so maybe it was only funny to Demon but atleast it put a smile upon his face. For he new that light would not help much against a ghostly being. Well not unless, Hmmm that may work but I have never tryed it befor Demon thought to himself.*

29th May 2005, 11:59 AM
"Thank you sir, but no one tells me where I can and can not go. I also would like to move on with my evaluation. However, I refuse to participate in any other spar except a one on one match between me alone and my opponent alone. That man over there may take on the other challengers two on one but in that case I wish for a separate match of my own"

"Vincent turned to face Balan and listened to what he had said. If he were in the very same situation, he too would be very annoyed, feeling like he wasnt worth the attention. So Vincent decided to take this situation into his own hands. He walks over to Balan and speaks to him*

"I see how this situation is treating you, therefore I wish to do the evaluation for you. Do not worry, I will not disappear like the other person did last time. Now, just follow me out here into the forest (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=322195#post322195) and we shall begin our evaluation"

29th May 2005, 12:37 PM
*Befor Demon begain to fallow red's out to the battle ground's he asked Vince something. Demon also made sure that reds was not there to hear what he had to ask vince.*

"Hello, what do you think I might beable to do in a battle against a being such as Red's if anything?"

29th May 2005, 12:53 PM
*Vincent turned towards DemonBlaster and listened to his words. Red had changed a lot for him, and he wasnt too sure about what his weakness was. But he knew to give one word of advice*

"Just know that he can be unpredictable in battle, thats all that I can really say. Be careful and try to prove your worth to the clan"

29th May 2005, 01:06 PM
*Alannon rose from the seat he had taken while waiting in order to follow Red to the evaluation site. On his way out, he stopped next to Vincent and put a hand on his shoulder*

"Wish me luck; I'm a bit out of practice."

*So saying, he left the room and followed Red out to the evaluation area*

29th May 2005, 01:06 PM
Ali Dheren watched carefully as the evaluations were planned, and then she walked in silence towards the seeing pool to follow their developments.

She had an inner certainty about some of the outcomes of this evaluations, but was eager to see how this went on.

That Vincent tried Balan was the propper thing, no doubt. And it was something interesting to see.

And she was curious about how Redtigerfang's ghost was going to trial the new aspirants. She wondered a lot about him. A lost voice told her...
Do you remember?

29th May 2005, 05:34 PM
*As Demon listend to vince Demon said.*

"Thanks for your point of view, I will take heed upon its wisdome."

30th May 2005, 12:41 PM
*Before Vincent went outside, he noticed that Ali was concentrating on Red, the reason plainly obvious; her memory was somehow wiped and she was trying to remember everyone. From the look in her eyes it shows that she was trying to figure him out, like a faint spark in her memory told her to try to figure out Red. And it was appropriate that she would try to recognize him. She was pretty close to him back in the older days. Vincent spoke quickly to Ali*

"Don't worry, Ali, we will help you restore your memories...don't think we've forgotten..."

*Vincent then proceeded outside, taking Balan for evaluation. The doors opened wide as the morning light entered the halls. The light reflected that of Vincent's hope...his hope for many things*

30th May 2005, 01:29 PM
*As bright light flashed across the hallway of the castle, the image of Demon begain to appear from withen it. Demon was knocked out so it seamed to be from the damage that he was taking from what was supposed to be a spar that Red's turned into a battle of life or death. As Demon begain to awake, he looked around at his surroundings.*

"Wa, ware am I?"

*As the stars begain to clear from his mind he begain to recanize that he was back in the castle.*

"Oh man that must of hurt a little to much and my self aware telepotation spell must have brought me here for safty. I ow my life to that spell many times over."

*As Demon begain to raise to his feet, stummbaling for the most part for his body was still in a weakend state.*

"I will not loose like that, I hope that Red dosn't think I am gone for good cause I'm coming back. Just give me a few more minutes of rest time."

*When Demon said that he feel into a chair that was next to him and breathed a heavy sigh.*

"Must regain my streangth though."

*As Demon sit there for a few secounds Demon remeberd that he had a healing potion as well as a mana potion in his bag. He reached into his bottumless bag and pulled these two potions out and mixed them together. As Demon drank the drinks down he felt his streangth and mana come back to him. With new found streangth and magical streangth he set out threw the hallway tords the sparring area once more. But befor he leaves he looks at those that may have looked at him in wonder of what he was doing and says with a slight smile.*

"Well then, that was a nice little wakeup call."

*Then Demon heads out back into the battle grounds but this time Demon thought a few secounds befor entering it and with his thoughts he reach's out into the air and begains to spread it apart with a thin long beam of light. As Demon reachs his hand into the light he pulls out his twin bladed lightning battle axe.*

"Ah, this is were you have been hiding my old friend. I am glad to see you are still as powerfull as the day I lost you. Know let us go into battle and show what true power is."

*Then Demon with his trusty lightning battle axe heads back into the battle grounds looking to bring death upon those who have challanged him.*

31st May 2005, 01:26 AM
Enix finally sat down to take a rest, trying to balance his daily training regement and evaluating was starting to get to him. His head had been pounding for days now at the monotonous routines. He hadn't even been able to catch up with his friends at the BOE. He had heard rumors Vincent was back, but he did not have the time to confirm them himself. Not much had changed, a battler teleported in and out quickly... same old same old he thought. The halls remained untouched in their decoration, and people milled about in conversation as usual. He sighed and rose, walking aimlessly about the main hall.

31st May 2005, 01:06 PM
"Hey Balan, if you are still alive, I am ready and waiting to begin your evaluation (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=322195#post322195). Just meet me outside and I will take you to the grounds"

1st June 2005, 03:41 PM
Red's servant runs in threw the front gate, with a parchment in his hand. He runs straight to Ali and hands her the piece of parchement. The parchment reads:

I think we should end this evaulation of Alannon and Demon now , it's not 20 posts or anything, but bosth have shown different looks of their Role paying. I all seem to think Demon is taking the spar way too seriously.

2nd June 2005, 07:07 PM
Ali was standing in the seeing pool. Her patience was indeed put through a test in the evaluation she was witnessing. She could not surpress the gesture of shaking her head from time to time.

A figure came into the room. It had the greenish sign of being created from Redtigerfang's ghostly power... a servant of his will. And though many members were gathered in the seeing pool, judging the evaluation, this creature came directly to her, and gave her a parchment. She took it and nodded. Just then the figure dissapeared.

Her eyes ran fast over the words written magically by Red.

"I think we should end this evaulation of Alannon and Demon now , it's not 20 posts or anything, but bosth have shown different looks of their Role paying. I all seem to think Demon is taking the spar way too seriously."

I am to show this to the Headmasters. They have to decide on this matter. Still in my own judgement, I agree. We have seen enough.

She spoke softly and then went to Callisto and Vincent with Redtigerfang's plea.

3rd June 2005, 01:37 PM
*Vincent rubbed his head in thought as he observed the 'spar'. It seemed pretty rough for just an evaluation, but it was an evaluation nonetheless. He had seen many things; anger, pacifism; peace. Some things gave him fear, not for himself, but for the clan or its enemies. Vincent took a deep breath, and found his answer*

"Alright here is my vote, however the other headmaster Callisto has his say as well..."

"DeamonBlaster, you are good in that you resort to violence only when necessary. You tried to settle the matter in other means, but only through force were you to go to action. There were some times that I didnt approve of...transforming into that deamon is one...can you even control yourself during that time? I would hate to see what would happen if you transformed in our clan halls...Otherwise you proved to be a very strong and capable warrior. Overall, I would say you are acceptable to join the clan, as long as you curb some of those daemon powers inside the halls..."

"Alannon, your start was a little sluggish but understood. Your knowledge and use of your element in battle is outstanding, although in my opinion you rely on it too much. There are some things a sword can do that magic cannot, although it cannot be described...Otherwise, I was impressed by your skills and the timing of those skills as well. You even took some time to charge up on some spells. Good or bad? I don't know. But it was wise. And you weren't gung-ho crazy on attacking like the others. Therefore, I believe you are more than acceptable to join our clan"

"My words arent final, remember Callisto still has a say in this, unless he chooses not to"

3rd June 2005, 05:40 PM
*Watching as the battle progressed, Callisto looked towards the stairs as one of Red's henchmen entered the room. He passed a note to Ali, and then left quickly, like he entered. Ali came over to Vincent and Callisto, informing them of the ending battle.*

"Yes, I believe they've fought long enough. Council, you may begin your assessment of these two fighters, Alannon and Demon."

*Callisto then went over the battle, and thought through everythign that appeared to go on, and what could have happened, in the ways of personal potential and skill.*

Demon: You seem to be too strong for your experience and yet don't have complete control over your removal spell. Sometimes, in a battle, that could be a liability. Despite that, you describe your situation well and, what I assume is, battle chat well, trying to unnerve your opponent. You know light decently well as far as I'm concerned, but you still have lightning skills to learn, but there are plenty of lightning members here to learn from. I have no problem with you joining us at this point.

Alannon: From what I know of Water, you seem to know what your element is capable of doing and you didn't god-mod with it. Though you overly used your element, you were still in the fight the whole time, focusing on the goal/target. Though your descriptions were a little short, the point was still gotten across, which is definately a bonus. You have my approval.

3rd June 2005, 07:26 PM
Besides the evaluations I want to mention something. There is much talk that the Big Ass Tourney of 2005 will help restore BA activity and general RPing levels. If this is true, we need to prepare for it, get more people to join up, and make sure everyone gets their respective ranks. Recruitment would be very helpful right now; the more members the more powerful we become. If you do recruit someone, you can either post it here, in the misc clan thread, or message me or Callisto. If there are any questions still about anything dealing with the clan, please ask! I want to make sure this clan is fully prepared for anything.

4th June 2005, 10:09 AM
*As Demon fallowed the person into the great hall's of the fortress, Demon listend to the wise leaders of the clan and took in what thay were saying about him. When all talk was done Demon replyed to the leader called Vince.*

"Vince, I can control were it and when my anger for other demons begains to rage up inside of me. But at times, deepending upon my mood it is hard and sometimes it just go's off. I will try harder though to master this so that I have total control over it."

*THen Demon looked upon the other leader called Callisto and replyed.*

"Callisto, I am sorry, I can't as of yet control my removel spell just yet. I am close though I feel, and I always have potions on hand to were if I do get removed, I can just take one and then I can get right back to the battle in a few minutes. My body over the ages of battling is getting stronger though. With this streangth I am able to stay in battles longer. But I will try to master this as well very soon hopefully."

4th June 2005, 01:17 PM
*After walking into the clan hall, Alannon listens to what the leaders have decided. He bowed slightly to each after hearing that he had been accepted, and then responded to what they had said*

"Vincent, thank you for your praise of my abilities. I have worked long and hard to increase them, and will continue to do so in the future. As to my using them a lot, well, I have spent a lot of time working with them. Also, I prefer the use of magic and normally use my weapons defensively rather than offensively."

*He turns slightly to speak to Callisto*

"Callisto, similar to what I said to Vincent, I have spent a decent amount of time training with my element, and prefer to use it rather than my weapons. I will use my weapons, when the chance presents itself; if it doesn't, then I won't. As to being short-winded, I feel that the most important thing is to get across what I mean in as clear a manner as possible. Sometimes a long-winded description can just get in the way and make it more difficult to get that point across."

*He looks at both of the leaders this time and bows slightly again*

"Thank you for, despite my flaws, accepting me into your clan. I will try my hardest to help the clan, whenever the oppurtunity presents itself."

4th June 2005, 02:19 PM
As a member of the council I think I have a word to say.

If I'd to vote for Demon's entrance I'd say No.
I did not like his movements. In a two vs one spar he summoned a chess board. That it is not very clever. He left the spar in the middle. I must admit that writing his rest in the clan's thread was smart! But his retreat was better written than the rest of the spar. His movements were clumsy and not very descriptive. Plus I could not figure, in the end, which was his element. He says light. I saw no light. He says lightning and I saw only bits of it.
I am nobody to judge on grammar, I am well aware of it, but Demon's writing was hard to read.

Alannon: I'd say yes.
He was smart. Ready to interact both with DemonBlaster's and Red's posts, which I take it is bound to create a good team work in the future. His movements were clearly described, his writing was clear as well. His character was clearly presented by many dialogues that had humor and presence. In the end, he reacted properly to the difficult and incoherent scene DemonBlaster was creating everytime, adding the peculiar style of Redtigerfang himself.
His knowledge in his element is good and may be a lot better. I did enjoy reading his posts. So yes, i take him in and gladly welcome him in the Brethren of Elements as a brother.

4th June 2005, 02:57 PM
*As Demon listened to the other member of the council, Demon took heed into what this person was saying as well.*

"I am sorry you feel this way, I am a mixed up person in a since. I have both good and evil in my heart. For I have a rage that flares up inside without thinking about the outcome. I felt as though alannons double attack was rather weird in a since, its due to the fact that he was after every spell saying that he was rather short winded in a since. I will admit that maybe I was still god modding a bit and I am sorry for this. But, That is were members of a clan are supposed to help new members learn how to channel and use there powers and skills in a non god modding manner. I will take heed as well about my grammar and try to change this buy not only slowing down on my typing speed but also double checking it as well. Also I would like to add, since I have come to the Brother of Elements clan I have posted more then pretty much anyone ells. I am a dedicated poster to a clan that I am in and will try my hardest to keep the clan post count up and to keep the clan alive in this since."

4th June 2005, 03:02 PM
*Ali Dheren nodded at Demon's reply*

My vote is only one of may from the council. I say what I see and maybe it is my way of helping you. I am not to judge your alignment, though. Do not fear for that matter. And remember that this is not my decision alone. If you finally enter this clan, you will count on my help as any other member would. As I have the help of all others that are my brothers here.

I must add that god-modding is not a fact of experience, but of justice. If you are not fair to yourself, then there is a bigger problem than just inexperience and time. This changes fast as you discover why godmodding is not allowed.

*Ali said this with a calm voice. She was not smiling as she used to, though. Her judgment had been serious.*

4th June 2005, 03:10 PM
*Alannon turns to Ali as she delivers her judgement as well. As she speaks, his smile broadens some, causing him to show more emotion than he normally allows. He waits for Ali and Demon to finish speaking before also speaking*

"I am sorry I did not wait for your judgement as well; I did not realize you were a judge. I suppose I should check the listing of judges. However, I would like to thank you for your compliments and your approval. Also, I assure you that I will continue to work towards increasing my knowledge, in all areas, not just my element. Once again, thank you for accepting me."

*As he finishes speaking, Alannon effortlessly removes his smile, returning to his usual hard to read self*

4th June 2005, 04:16 PM
"Alannon and Demon, Vincent and I are not the ones who are letting you into the clan. That is the job of the RP council, which Ali is a part of. The rest, Hiei, Kyra, Enix, and Tarukai still need to give their evaluation of your guys' performances. We are only giving the approval that we find you acceptable to join. In theory, I really didn't need to give my o.k., but I thought there were things that were needed to be pointed out. If you don't mind, could you please be patient until you recieve at least 3/5 of the council's votes. Alannon, you have one approval, and Demon, you still need all three."

4th June 2005, 05:21 PM
Hiei sits on his high lofty throne, staring at the two brethren hopeful, his mind made up, about whether or not these peons would be deemed worthy to join as a low rank of the Brethren of Elements.

"Seeing as though I am not one for explainations, explanitory things explained, I will give a brief Judgement. I Will give Alannon a yes, but Demon you recieve a no. The main reason is that Alannon seemed very on the ball, sharp with his replies, while Demon, seemed discombobulated throughout the entire eval. It was less than amusing."

5th June 2005, 03:25 AM
That is my characture, I am supposed to be with it at times and not at other times. What everyone has to be totally sane to get a yes. Oh well, Its fun while it lasted atleast. Even though noone really gets my characture, but that is to be expeacted.

5th June 2005, 05:38 AM
"That not what he ment demon. He said you don't read the posts right correctly, like you don't respond to certain stuff posted , and ignore that it is there in writing. Also you say that some is greatly more powerful than you , but that person hads a hard time even touching you."

Red suddenly walks into the main hall.

5th June 2005, 02:05 PM
"Demon, you are not out of the runnings yet. However, just one more 'no' and you will be. Just be patient and wait to see what happens. _outlaw, Tarukai, and Legion still need to evaluate you and Alannon."

5th June 2005, 02:53 PM
Are those three still active posters? I havn't seen one with Tarukai, and Legion in it for a long time. Well if one of them say no, its been fun.

5th June 2005, 02:56 PM
*Ali looked at DemonBlaster with a serious look still*

Yes, they are active posters. And they are probably checking carefully your spar. Do not haste, DemonBlaster. Be still. Anything may happen.

*She kept quiet and gave a long look at Redtigerfang. Serious as well*

6th June 2005, 01:23 AM
Zealot sucked in a deep breath in as his eyes took in the sight before his eyes. It was not the first time he had been here, and he certainly hoped it wouldn't be the last. He was standing in front of the Brethren of Elements fortress, hoping to gain entrance into his old clan. He took several steps forwards, and faltered as jumbled thoughts ran through his head.

What if they reject me? I...I....must go on, i must not put this off for any longer. Either they choose to accept me, or i leave....

He pushed his gloved hand through his blond hair, and continued forth, the short walk upto where all the members met seemed like an eternity to Zealot, his footsteps echoed, and resounded within his head over and over again as he proceeded to the council.

Finally, he reached it, pairs of eyes turned to stare at him as he took one more step forwards and talked to the council.

"Council, i wish to rejoin the Brethren of Elements. I understand the fact that at times my loyalty to the BoE has not been straight and true, but i am determined to make it work this time. And rejoin the ranks of the Brethen of Elements once more."

He knelt and bowed his head, awaiting the councils answer.

7th June 2005, 07:36 AM
Don't question my activity. Just because I'm a horrible slacker when it comes to replying to clan threads doesn't mean I'm inactive. I'm a busy mod, don't bother me when I'm checking things for spam and the like. >.<

Someone was running, steps hearable coming from one of the halls leading from the Seeing Pool to the main clan hall, one step quickly following the other. Yet no one was to be seen. When this hidden person entered the clan hall, the sounds of steps was replaced with that of slight panting, coming from somewhere next to Ali.

"Sorry for being late. I got lost on my way to the weird pool thing."

A long sigh took place, whoever this person was clearly having run hard. The panting lessening, Kyra, the invisible girl, rightened herself, preparing to sound her verdict about the two hopefuls.

"I would like to start with Demonblaster, and... I'm sorry, but I don't think you're fit for the Brethren yet. As said before, your descriptions weren't as good as I hoped them to be, nor were the spelling and grammar. Though these last two things might be remedied by time. As for Element usage, there was little I read about, and as such I won't voice my opinion about it. Sufficient is to say that I found your use of the Light Element questionable."

"As for Alannon, I think he would fit well within the Brethren. Water is a rare Element to be found out there, and he used it well to defend himself from Red. His descriptions were fine, and he even did something which surprised me seeing the situation. I've seen little to think he wouldn't do well within our clan."

"Bye now! And hello sir!"

The girl turned, a bunch of pink hair suddenly appearing out of no where and disappearing again as it went past her sphere of lightbending invisibility. Again, steps were heard, but this time, they went away from the clan hall, Kyra deciding to go and find out where Stiek was doing. She didn't pay heed to the new arrival waiting there, believing it wasn't her task to welcome them. Besides, she was hungry.

7th June 2005, 07:20 PM
Enix smiled and walked silently toward Zealot

"Ahh, Zealot. It is good to see you again. Please stand, there is no need for you to humble yourself in these halls. From my point of view you would be welcome to rejoin. This clan has gained what seems to be a new life, and new members are always welcome. I would of course consult with the others, and you would have to undergo a spar with another member."

Matev Kenas
7th June 2005, 11:12 PM
The doors to the Hall flung open, wind whipping about, a man stood silhouetted against the light from outside, though there was no storm, it was a fierce gale had started to wreak havoc outside.

"I'm...free...I wish to see...Callisto...." he gasped and promptly collapsed to the floor, his seemingly endless black robes rustling about. His hair was short, brown and closely kept. But his face was concealed by the floor. It was as though hell had taken this man and spat him back out, who knew where he'd been?

"I'm free...purged....I can focus on....the magic..." He drifted to unconciousness.

OOC: Yay, my triumphant rereturn.

7th June 2005, 11:33 PM
*Callisto was surprised to see the return of yet another Brethren who had left to personal matters at his home. Zealot had wished to rejoin the ranks once again.*

"Of course you may return Zealot. You were a good fighter in the past, and I'm sure you still are. However, since your absence was far extended, you will need to go through an evaluaton trial against one of our members just to make sure your skills are sharp enough."

*Later that day as the sun began to drop from the apex of the day, the doors to the main hall were opened with seemingly great effort by this man. The black robes hid his exact features, but it was easily readable that this man was in an extreme state of lack of energy. However, this man also looked familiar. Maybe he was from some quest, or some battle...*

Oh my goodness...that man was one I fought once. He was an agent in the Evil Army!

*Callisto stood up quickly, placing hand hand down on a sheath of his katana, but kept his right hand free, as though casual. He took a few steps down from the throne towards the guest, hoping to unnerve the man by showing no fear. Before the samurai could negotiate anything, the man had a small request, and then slumped to the ground.*

Well at least he's not here to fight, or it appears as such.

"Guards, take this man down to the lower dungeon. I'll talk with him later."


"So, what is your business entering the Brethren of Elements?"

Matev Kenas
7th June 2005, 11:40 PM
Matev's eyes fluttered open and he hacked. A mildewy smell hung in the air and the stones he was chained against were wet. Struggling, he could feel the chains secure around his wrists, keepiing him from accessing his robes. Callisto stood before him, ever the proud samurai lord. He smiled weakly, still getting used to being fully in control of himself.

"C-C-Callisto, my old friend....don't you recognize me? Matev...? I'm here...t-to fight by your side, just like the old days..." He took a deep breath, looking his comrade in the eye, "I was under a bad influence, but I was finally able to break free. I'm myself, free to adventure like I used to..." He looked around again, his eyes adjusting to the gloom.

"Where are we anyway?" He asked, hoping he wasn't in any danger.

"I've got to convince him I'm on the level again..." Matev thought. He knew Callisto was noble and would have to be sure of his innoncence if he were to leave this dungeon with a minimum of hurts.

7th June 2005, 11:45 PM
*It was quite to Vincents surprise that the halls suddenly seemed to burst with activity. More and more people were coming, giving more commotion within the halls. Vincent half smiled as he gazed at the entrance, seeing many old faces come back. It seemed like a dream come true. Vincent slowly stepped out, letting the others deal with the evaluations. He went over to remind them*

"Ok guys, we got some more evaluations coming around. I hope you are all ready. And to those who are willing to join, best of luck to you. Callisto, i'll let you handle the rest, unless you need me"

8th June 2005, 01:08 AM
Zealot stood up as Enix and Callisto both talked to him. A smile spread across his face and a great weight was lifted from his heart as he was welcomed back to the clan, unless he failed the spar of course.

"Of course you may return Zealot. You were a good fighter in the past, and I'm sure you still are. However, since your absence was far extended, you will need to go through an evaluaton trial against one of our members just to make sure your skills are sharp enough."

Zealot nodded, and spoke to the people gathered before him.

"Which one of you shall I spar then? I realise some of you are busy, but i do not know fully who is. Therefore, i shall wait for one of you to challenge me."

Phoenix Ash
8th June 2005, 01:44 AM
"Hmmm...I need to practice. I'll take you on for this brief spar, Zealot. Welcome back to the Brethren." DragonsPhyre stepped back into the main halls and approached the warrior. "Follow me."

I'll PM you the link once I've made it(after I get my sleep, unless you want a crappy first post...) and edit it into this post as well.

8th June 2005, 12:10 PM
"I recognize the name from a friendly place, but your face is certainly from the Evil Army ranks. If you truly wish to enter our ranks, then you will have to fight one of us."

*During the time in which Matev was awakening, the rest of the Brethren had continued on without him. Zealot would spar DP for his evaluation, and Alannon had been accepted into the Brethren. A different fate was announced to Demon as he was rejected by the RP council. The Brethren were growing, and it would become like the old days with constant bustlings and purposes.*

"However, Matev, to make sure you aren't planning anything, I doubt I will allow you to spar either myself or Vincent. Another member may be your opponent, but be sure, the rest of us will be watching you also in case you pull a fast one. Got it?"

*Callisto delivered his response and then left promptly to attend to other matters, such as to find the one to spar Matev Kenas, an apparent traitor to the Evil Army, unless he was just a spy. He was a clever one. Either way, the spar would have to take place in a place where Matev had no idea where he was in the world, or a place in the near-by village, like a field similar to the recruitment one. However, it was still the choice of the Brethren who spared Matev on where it would be.*

8th June 2005, 12:17 PM
As Red's astral projected for waited on the out come of the evaluation. He just Rested on the floor, near the farthest wall from the rest of the members. he closes his eyes, while laying his hands palm first onto the floor. His body seems to have gone limp like he was sleeping or maybe even meditating, in a strange way.

Slight greenish glow appeared from under his eye lids. Energy swirls emerged from the surface that lay under his body. These swirls fromed into three softball sized balls. These ball hovered from a beam of earth energy, that seeped into the ground. As the balls moved so did the beams of energy. They just circled Red's body has he lay domant.

Red sudden rest, seemed to be as if he cared not from the talks and evaluations that are to come. Even though there are a few newcomers, showing some interest into the clan these days.

Matev Kenas
8th June 2005, 12:23 PM
Matev nodded.

"Yes, it was not my idea to enter the Army...but I doubt I'm remembered there anymore. If I have to fight to prove my sincerity, then so be it. I will do my best. I thank you for this chance." Callsito turned to leave.

"And also, can I have a glass of water, my lips are a dry for some reason." He rasped, then hung his head.

"Better than I expected, but it still won't be easy." He thought as he waited for exhaustion to overtake him or for the water to be brought to him.

8th June 2005, 01:50 PM
Ali Dheren could not help but doubt about this newcomer, Matev. Naturally driven to warm welcoming, she had some strange feeling about him. Silent, she decided to wait and looked carefully how Vincent and Callisto dealed with the newcomers.

She nodded silently as Dragonsphyre decided to try Zealot. But she was specially interested in the develop of Matev's case. If she had suspected that DemonBlaster had a weak chance to pass the evaluation, she also knew that her weird sense about Matev was far more complex... Being fair, in this case was not easy.

She could not help but smile awkwardly for a second. There was a deep, real interest in him to join de Brethren. What Ali could not figure out clearly was if this intention was as clear to him as it was to her... If being a spy, as Callisto suspected, he was finding himself in a certain strain, and even if unconscious it would surface one day or another. The odd feeling came from her sense that his expressed intention to join was not clear as well, as if cloaked by many layers of choices and former deals.

Being fair was not an easy deal this time.

As Matev asked for a glass of water, she attended him.

"Do not feel rejected simply by being tried. All of us are. It is more a way of presentation, you know?"

Ali tried to be earnest in her attitude towards him and wait till facts spoke by themselves.

Matev Kenas
8th June 2005, 02:59 PM
Matev smiled as the young woman raised a glass to his lips. He sipped at the water, whetting his parched mouth.

"My thanks. On both counts. Yes, Callisto has always had a flare for nobility and honor, very little of which my former......counterpart I guess you could say possessed. It took me a long time to rid myself of that crippling influence, but now I wish to make up for it and help my friend." Matev paused in his speaking, eyeing the girl.

"I'm sorry, I don't think I remember you miss...?"

8th June 2005, 03:08 PM
"It is not a surprise" Ali smirked. "As I cannot remember you either"

This she said non agressively but with a smile. "I will recover my memory one day... But let us take this as day one. My name is Ali Dheren. I am member of the Brethren beyond my memory reach and I am part of its council. I will be checking on your spar as well"

She left the water in his reach so he could take as much as needed. "Drink slowly. It will be better for you".

Then she took her distance again, letting Callisto and Vincent take charge of Matev's evaluation. She saw the figure of Redtigerfang resting, apart from everything else... And then went to check the evaluation of Oni Link. She was really hoping him to join the Brethren...

9th June 2005, 10:01 AM
Red opened his eyes. A flail of energy rushed out. The energy seemed so intense this time around that his eyes flashed from that of a normal human with green eyes to that of a straight energy form. The energy kept flashing in a bright greenish delight.

Red got himself back to his feet. Leanning up against the wall, his body straightened up to show a few scares. These scares ripped threw his skin. The scares seem to be deep enough to draw blood, but only a black ooze. The ooze just dripped down his body, just like it where blood.

Bringing his hand up Red touched the wound with his fingers. The ooze engaged his fingers. Looking at his hand, the ooze seemed to stick to it. He stretched his fingers apart, the ooze did not rip or tear apart. The ooze stayed as one solid mass, stretching from his hand down to where the wound originally started.

Red seemed to be in a dream like state. His body shook erratically. His energy exploded. The ground and the wall, where he stood encaved, leaving a crater at the point in tha wall and in the ground where he stood.

His body jolted back and forth and up and down for a few more minutes, then it suddenly stopped. Red returned to his feet causing him to break away the surface from which he stood. He fell to one knee, grasping his hand close to the wound once more. There was nothing there, no wound, no black ooze, nothing.

Red shook his head back and forth in a slight confusion. Then he got to his feet and ran out the main gate. He didn't even look back. The trail of his earthen energy left a crater in the ground from the place he crashed to that of the front gate.

His Power was quite out of control. Hi sub-concious mind has taken over his concious one. It is leading him off to the final battle, where his earthen abilities will unlock and destroy the Evil One forever.

The final days of either Red or the Evil One, have finally come. The epic battle is apon our very souls.

9th June 2005, 12:35 PM
*As Vincent turned to take care of some paperwork, he overheard something. It wasnt the chatter of newcomers or the sounds of sparring in the distance, it was something else, something much closer. Vincent turned around and didn't see anything unusual. He shook his head and began to walk away. Then the building shook for a second. Without giving it any thought, Vincent ran for the front door. There was nothing outside. His eyes squinted, as if trying to get better focus on the situation. After a few moments of observation Vincent concluded it was nothing major and returned inside. As his eyes readjusted to the inside of the halls he saw a figure running towards the door. Vincent didn't know how to react, so he stepped aside to try and observe*

"Red? What's going on..."

*Before it could be given much more thought, he was gone. Vincent scratched his head in confusion. He walked back inside, and noticed a hole in the floor. Was that what the shaking was?*

No, Red....what are you doing?

*Vincent kneeled down to observe the small crater. Questions arose in his head. Was it accidental? Why did Red leave like so? He knew he couldn't answer the questions yet, for the figure of Red vanished from all sights; Vincent headed back to the main hall and waited to see if Red would return. In the meanwhile, his focus was the evaluation, and making sure the clan would remain running*

9th June 2005, 01:19 PM
Ali was walking to the seeing pool when she catch the turmoil that took over Redtigerfang apparent rest. She stood there unable to speak or act. Whatever was going on, has to be. That much she knew.

She saw Vincent coming in and thanked Ador silently. They were friends, maybe he knew what to do. As Vincent kneeled next to the crater that Red's powers created in their sudden blast, she walked next to him.

"I don't know what is going to happen to our friend" She said, softly, kneeling then and touching the crater with her silver hands. Her eyes were shut.

She performed a spell on the floor, helping the displaced pieces to gain its natural union. It followed all the trail the pass of Red opened. While she did this, her spirit senses also catched some of Redtigerfang presence. His and his dark alter ego... She looked at Vincent.

"They are going to fight" She said.

10th June 2005, 12:40 PM
"They? What are you talking about?"

*Vincent was confused, and now beginning to worry a little. Red was a tough fighter, but he wasn't sure who he was fighting. He knew Red from ages ago, but the Red now...well, was nothing more than a visible enigma. His emotions flared high and low, but his confidence always will stay the same. He turned his head towards the door once more, feeling a gap in his heart, as if Red vanished forever... Vincent then gazed into Ali's eyes, which reflected back hope...*

"Ali, what is happening with Red?"

10th June 2005, 09:28 PM
Enix felt the entire fortress shake, he steadied himself on a nearby wall, but the floor seemed to move out from under him. He fell backwards and landed solidly on his back, sending pain all through his body. He lay there, doing nothing for a few moments, trying to reassemble his thoughts. The quaking stopped and he stood; he checked his body over for any damage and found none other than a few minor pains.

What the hell was that? I thought the evalutions were supposed to be done outside of the fortress.

He took off at a run to find Vincent, and see what was going on. After a few corridors he entered a room that looked as if someone had focused all their power into the walls. A whole side of it was in ruins, and there, standing in front of the most damaged area were Vincent and Ali.

"What happened here?! It looks as if someone went berserk and tried to blow the place up!"

10th June 2005, 10:42 PM
*Ali was still working her magic in restoring the broken walls and floor that signaled the pass of Redtigerfang energy*

"I am not sure, Vincent. I wish I could explain this better... My memory loss is no help.

Somehow, there has been an evil spirit living in Red's body, being what we have been calling Evil Red. But not long ago, a ghostly form of Redtigerfang, the one we knew, appeared in the Brethren.

Somehow both of them have been facing eachother, threatening themselves in pulses of power, trying to discover or protect secrets from the early stages of the Brethren and showing us either one face or the other...

But now, Redtigerfang has found himself ready to fight off the evil dweller from his body. It is, at most, what I have been able to understand from the latest events... I know it makes little sense..."

*She looked at Vincent and Enix, wondering*

"Should we do something? Look for him or something?"

11th June 2005, 08:38 AM
Senna slowly opens the doors leading inside the building wondering why isnt there any guards at the gates. He had much confidence in himself and he was ready to join the Brethren and was sure that his knowledge of the Fire element will be welcomed in the Brethren. He saw a persons talk in the hall way, so he spoke with a lightly raised voice.

Hello, my name is Senna. I think i am worthy to join the Brethren of Elememnts and that my knowledge of Fire can help you in your mission. Could you take me to your Headmaster?

11th June 2005, 06:17 PM
OOC: Sorry for the lack of posts...I've had a busy few days. In addition, I may be rather erratic with my posts for the next couple of weeks.

*After hearing that he had recieved the votes needed to be allowed to join, Alannon had sat down to rest, recovering from the evaluation. He stayed there, eyes half-closed, his body slumped in the chair for a while. Around him, people arrived and talked, and the clan went on as it normally would. Suddenly, however, he felt a sudden surge of power and heard a loud noise. His eyes snapped open and he was instantly at the ready. He stood and went towards the noise, and saw Vincent walk by when he drew closer. After finding Vincent, Alannon followed him to where Ali Dheren was standing. He didn't interrupt them, choosing to listen instead. He knew he should alert them that he was there, but he didn't want to interrupt them yet. As he listened to their talk, he grew more worried. Suddenly, he heard someone running up behind him, and moved to a better hiding spot. After letting him pass, he heard Ali explain more about Red, and also, to his surprise, she mentioned something about her 'memory loss'. He suddenly stepped forward into the room, puzzling these things through. As he entered, he spoke to the three gathered there, in response to Ali's question*

"I say we find him. I can't let an old friend come to harm; that is against everything I stand for."

11th June 2005, 06:42 PM
Ooc: I wish to request to rejoin the BOE with intentions of staying active through the duration of the summer. Most of of you guys here know me, or atleast hopefully remember me somewhat... I hope


Loud thunderous claps rang through the hall of the Bretheren of Elements hallways as a dark figured made its way through. The light behind casted a shadow on the frontside concealing his face and who he was. His eyes peered out through the shadows and stared sternly through his face. The doors strangely closed on their own as if held by some magic force that was unseen.

The halls grew dark lighted only by candals on the wall. The figure continued, not fully visible. His yellow hair brougt down infront of his face, his black shirt and black jeans. Those that knew him would not recognize him. He looked younger, stronger, and completely evil. The hiss from one of the swords was very strong it sense the prowess of the figure roaming the hallways. The hissing sword lay in a sheath attached to a metal chain around the figures body.

Voices eminated from a room nearby. The sounds echoed through the hallway causing the small lights from the candles to flicker distorting the shadows behind the fighter. "This place is much bigger than I remember my love." There rested a small flower, a rose. The rose was black with a sort of enchantment on that made it extremely deadly to breath in its gasses if you were mortal. The rose held a personality of sorts, and reminded him of his love, the Demon of 1,000 Roses. It was the rose in which he aimed his comment.

The voices became clearer as he saw shadows dancing on the floor of many people in a single room. The figure cascaded himself into the room and bent to one knee on the ground with his head down to the ground. "As some of you remember I am Strider Mokaro. I wish to rejoin the Bretheren of Elements. I left before for reasons of my own, but I have found myself and I wish to start anew with my place of origin from so long ago."

Strider then stood and showed himself. His semi-long hair pulled down across one eye leaving the other open. His figure stronger looking than what it once was, and his once pure white clothes became dirtied to the blackest of black on his body. His other sword, the Elemental Masamune lost in battle.

11th June 2005, 07:01 PM
Ali found herself surprised as if the sudden uprise of Redtigerfang had shaken many other things. She saw Senna again asking to enter again. Her memory could not be that confused! She clearly remembered trying him before... but he left without notice.

Alannon would be confused, as well, since all the Redtigerfang business was really strange for all, even for those that knew Red from a long time ago.

But then, her heart felt again a new presence, a new but already known one... He carried a strong sign of power over life... Strider? She smiled as he spoke all of the sudden, as if he had been for years there!

Vincent, Callisto... I will go with all that you have to say about all this matters...
Going after Red, and trying in both the disappeared Senna and the warmly welcomed Strider!

11th June 2005, 07:28 PM
Strider stood with his head held low. Ali... he had always missed her in the back of his mind. Then again he missed everyone here, even Red who had seemed to have brushed right past him without a single pat on the shoulder. Strider looked behind for a quick moment. There was something wrong, and he would help in anyway shape or form.

Ali's voice came sweet to him. The voice and soft words, tempered but controled. Strider's heart was naturally lifted, but he still held his head low. "I fear that if you knew some of the things I have done of late that my welcome would not be so much as enjoyed. Untold evils, but incomparable cleansing of my soul. I fell in love and lost her. I walked the world and done many things. I am not clear of who I am, but I feel this is where I belong."

Strider finally picked his head up, his eyes still faced the floor. Pain welled inside him, and his body language reflected to it. However he was still not a member of the Bretheren of Elements. He couldn't expect a welcome from Ali to automatically mean that he was once again apart of this clan. He had to prove himself, and he thought that maybe he could help them find Red.

"If you wish for me to prove myself, I shall. I probably could help you track down Red. From my experiences tracking has become and acquired ability. I will try and help you. If you wish for another way please let me know." Strider spoke directly to one of his old friends Vincent. He knew he could trust Vincent, but did he feel the same way. Strider bowed and grabbed at his sword, presenting himself as ready for any order. "I have also become and experienced soldier in my journies.

11th June 2005, 08:57 PM
*Alannon watched the new arrival with interest, wondering who this person could be. Although he wished to depart to find Red, to see if he could help him, he was also quite intrigued by this new person. He introduced himself as Strider Mokaro, a name that he did not recall, although it did sound slightly familiar*

I wonder when he came here...I don't remember him at all...

*Alannon stood back from Strider, watching Ali's response and waiting for one from Vincent and the rest of the clan. As usually happened around new people, his face had become a blank mask when Strider arrived. He would have left to find Red already, but had recieved no true response from Ali or Vincent, and did not wish to disrupt the clan so soon after joining it again*

12th June 2005, 02:03 AM
*After the commotion of Red's apparent hole-making. Callisto had to return to clan matters. He was concerned for Red, but Red could handle things himself for just a little while longer. Three new applicants, assuming Matev Kenas was indeed a true applicant, had arrived, but none of them were truely new.*

Hmmm, this could work to the safety of everyone if all three need to apply. And by what Ali says and the cross story of Matev, apparently he conquered his evil spirit. If he had, then maybe he could help Red with his.

"I have a plan. For all these sudden, new evaluees, I suggest that the three of you, Matev, Senna, and Strider, all fight each other for your chance to prove yourselves. I will lead you to your location, and then you may begin however you wish."

OOC: I'll edit the link into here.

12th June 2005, 05:27 PM
So now Strider has returned...maybe its truely happening, the Brethren is finally being restored...

*Vincent listened carefully to Strider with hope in his heart. Each new member joining the clan brought more prestigue and power to it. And with the older member's returning, he couldn't be any more delighted. As he was listening to Strider, Strider glaced directly at Vincent*

He remembers me, as I do him...

"Strider, I am glad to see that you have returned. Although you have to be approved by the council to enter. Callisto has already set that up, which he did impressively. To everyone wishing to join, good luck, try your best, and make us proud"

*Vincent then walked away a short distance towards Ali. He listened to her intently as he tried to figure out what was happening with Red. So much information was being thrown at Vincent. Red was fighting himself? It was confusing to think about, so he just decided to gather the information and think about it later. If it was a threat, then they had to do something about it. It had manifested itself in the Halls of the Brethren only as a small earthquake, but if it were really a battle for his soul, it could end up doing more damage than good. And if that were the case, it was the duty of the Brethren to do something about it. Vincent called Callisto over and had him listen to the situation*

"...So as you see, I feel that we need to do something about this. Whether or not this involves the whole clan, we need to find Red and help him out. Maybe a small party sent out to help. What do you think?"

*Vincent valued Callisto's opinion, for his knowledge of Red and the clan was as extensive as his, and he knew that it would be better if they came to a consensus on this issue*

12th June 2005, 08:59 PM
"Yes Vincent, we should go and serach for Red, but not right now. Wait until tomrrow, and see if he returns. If not, then we'll go out and search for him. Either way, I do think that we shouould get a search group together, unless it will be just us officials."

12th June 2005, 10:03 PM
Ali Dheren listened to Callisto's choice. She was not sure of him coming back. Not soon at least... The searching group was to be made.

"Callisto, Vincent, if there is a searching group, count me in."

She could still follow the confusing presence of that spirit... or spirits... it was not easy to discern, but the presence was unique, anyway and she was able to follow it.

She did not say but, if no group was formed, then she would follow the trail alone.

12th June 2005, 11:19 PM
"Ali, it is much appreciated that you wish to find our old friend Red. However, Callisto is right. He might return the next day good as new...look, this will be discussed more in detail later. For now, our primary focus is the evaluations. When the situation changes or Red does not show up soon, we will make a plan to help him out"

Maybe we are just overreacting...

21st June 2005, 04:46 PM
OOC: So, what happened to the BOE not falling from the top anymore? Anyways, let's see what I can come up with....

*Alannon shook his head, knowing that what Vincent said was completely true. They should wait for Red, see if he could handle himself, which Alannon didn't doubt. However...*

*Alannon walked the short distance over to where Ali was standing*

"If you go looking for him, I'm going with you."

21st June 2005, 05:04 PM
Ali looked grateful at Alannon.

He fought Redtigerfang in a rather difficult situation for himself and still he was eager to help. That meant a lot, and gave Ali the last confirmation of him being a true part of the Brethren.

Thanks, Alannon... For my part, we are two already. And Redtigerfang has been away for time enough.

Then she turned to the headmasters, asking

Callisto, Vincent, shouldn't we get on the move? I can begin the search and those that want to join may follow me later...

22nd June 2005, 02:12 PM
It seems like either way we choose they will still go...

*Vincent gazed upon Alannon and Ali, both determined to find a fellow member of the Brethren of Elements. A mix of feelings stirred within himself, both personal feelings and what his job told him he had to do. He knew Red ever since he first came into this world, before he even knew his own element. He was someone to be respected, everyone grew to like him. He closed his eyes in thought, struggling within himself to find the right answer*

"...Well, if you guys can gather a few more people, than maybe we can send a search party for him"

*He looked towards Callisto, hoping that his decision didn't ruin any plans of his. He knew that something had to be done sooner or later, but he wasn't sure where to begin*

22nd June 2005, 05:11 PM
"Yes, I think enough time's past to begin searching for him."

*The group was gathering to begin their search for Red. Soon they would set out, but supplies were needed to be gathered and a few more people would be nice as well. However, everyone in this clan would likely go after Red without rations anyway, but who knows where he went. Thinking things through was always better.*

As long as he didn't hurt himself, or anyone else, this shouldn't be too difficult.

22nd June 2005, 07:20 PM
As the day begun to turn to night, a loud explosion could not only be heard, but seen as well. The explosion seems to be a bright green mass of energy. The energy seems to be a slight release, or a slight loss of control. All heads point towards Red as he just left the fortress, in a hurry.

Birds and other animals bolted for their lives as the earth erupted. Trees and other plants uprooted and fell to the ground. The surrounding area shook ever so ferociously. Many cracks shot out of the forest and almost reached the very edges of the fortress’s property. If Red was trying to conceal himself he wasn't doing a very good job.

A gigantic green bubble could be seen a few miles away. It was making its way threw the forest, with ease. Everything within its path was obliviated after the ball past over it. After a few moment the bubble disappeared. The neverything seemed back to normal.


A loud ferocious battle cry could be hurt from the same direction as the bubble came from.
Has the battle already begun. It is hard to say... Only one power could be seen and that was the power of earth. It could have been Red's or was it the Evil one, finally unlocking Red's ultimate power.

23rd June 2005, 07:12 AM
Nesuke was felt shakes from miles away, looking suspiciously to the east, hje had a feeling it was the BoE Headquarters.

I remember the location from long ago, this isn't good, this is evil....

Nesuke made his way through thick and thin to travel the miles and miles to the headquarters, his feet were an execrable mess by the time he made it down the long path toward the large hall of which he once remembered so many memories.

Enduring the painful past he made his way to the door, looking around suspiciously he knocked on the large wooden door, creaking in pain while Nesuke's grinding knuckles intercepted the the old material.

I will have to return if I am to look out for the clan, maybe I will be able to revive the place...

23rd June 2005, 02:36 PM
*The rumble caused by the strange attack knocked Vincent to the floor. He rubbed his head, feeling it throb a little. He made sure everyone was alright, for this shock was much larger than before. He ran towards the door once more, and as he was opening it, he saw someone there, someone who's face he hasnt seen in a while...he stepped back, almost forgetting about the attack. He cocked his head slightly to the side*


*He opened the door further and waved him inside. He warned him that something was happening with Red, and that he should stay in these halls in the meanwhile. He pointed Nesuke towards the Council members, then looked outside. The destruction was far worse than anticipated....it almost struck the BOE! Vincent's heart began to race, just as it did when the BOE was threatened once before. He ran over to Ali*

"Ali, if we wish to save Red, gather a group of Brethren and find him. Whatever is happening to him isnt just going to hurt himself...others are at a risk. We must do what we can to stop this and save Red from himself"

23rd June 2005, 02:47 PM
Ali listened to Vincent. She was at ease now that they understood her primary concern. Red could deal with himself, maybe but... at what cost?

"All right, those who are ready, follow me. You already saw the green light. There we are heading. Do not waste your energies just now. Few of us knows what is ahead but I am sure that any chance we have to aid will turn to be strenous"

An old image came to Ali's memory. One that made her recall how twisted things could turn... how twisted they went when Redtigerfang met his evil will... She was there! Now she remembered. What were they doing there? Vincent knew... he knew!

Her eyes were bright as she called upon Arcanus and mounted him, her weapons ready.

Let us go!

She shouted, as she speed Arcanus on the cracked trail of Redtigerfang.

23rd June 2005, 03:27 PM
*Alannon had almost been knocked down by the force of the sudden blow, but managed to keep from doing so, thanks partially to a chair. After he regained his balance, he walked over to the door, just behind Vincent. Vincent spoke to a person Alannon didn't recognize immediately before stepping out and looking at the place. Alannon walked out after him and looked outside at the cracked ground. Ali rushed out as well, calling up a strange creature as she did so. She jumped onto it before telling everyone to move*

*Although he needed to conserve energy, he also needed to get to Red as quickly as he could. So, he began walking after Ali's retreating form. After a short distance, it stopped retreating from his view, and he was speeding up quickly. A line of suspicious puddles were left behind him. Eventually he managed to catch up with Ali, keeping stride as they headed towards Red*

23rd June 2005, 06:15 PM
Nesuke was confused, he didn't know what was going on. The place was a mess, all 14 inhabitants of the hall were running riot around the place, Nesuke had nothing to do except help the BoE with their problem. If anyone had a solution, it was Nesuke...

"Guess I turned up at the right time...."

Nesuke insisted to Vincent as he smiled, remembering his old student.... He longed to go back to those memories, where peace and serenity were something treasured. Nesuke looked down the line at the destruction, which lay before him. His senses knew that RedTigerFang was at the bottom of this, the great aura of which he felt was certainly the feeling of his old colleague.

"I'll get cracking on following this trail of remorseness...

Nesuke refused to enter the halls and ran down the path following the trail of which Ali and Alannon had ran. He strode effotlessly, catching up with the two in double quick time, he knew hi sword skills would be a match for the great powers, which lay inside the evil before him...

23rd June 2005, 06:37 PM
Well with out any more waiting here is what every one has been waiting so long for

No one post til after Alidheren and alannon posts

27th June 2005, 07:16 PM
Tommy was a little more than confused. He had heard of the great congregation of the Bretheren of Elements quite a while ago from a passing merchant-but it seemes that there was some sort of civil strife going on in the place at the moment. He adjusted the light green-lenses glasses on his face, and pushed his hands into the pockets of his light grey coat that lightly hanged to his ankles. He smirked in his mind at the thought of the different reactions to the blindingly bright and colorful tunic right under the coat. Tommy was approaching what looked like the entrance to the mail hall. A man in red had opened the doors and offered someone to come in, but he had refused and gone running after some others...what was going on!?

Tommy's almost six foot body seemed to cower at the size of the place...Tommy poked his head into the main hall, looking around for anybody that might tell him about joining the Bretheren.....

29th June 2005, 11:51 AM
*Callisto raised his attention to a new face entering the great hall. Being about average height for a human, he seemed to be at least reletively mature.*

"Welcome. If you wish to join, you'll have to go through an evaluation spar so we know what you can do. If it pleases the council, then you may be accepted."

29th June 2005, 04:55 PM
*Marik approached the fortress of the Brethren of Elements with caution. His light brown eyes scanned the outside of the fortress, while his long rabbit-like ears listening for anything out of the ordinary. The reason for his caution was what Marik thought to be an explosion coming from the the Brethren's fortress. The explosion had knocked him off his feet and blinded him for a few minutes. As Marik neared the entrance, he noticed how his small stature was microscopic compared to the giant fortress infront of him. Even the entrance seemed big, but that was because he was small, less than 5 feet tall. He brushed some of his dark red hair out of his face and entered the great hall. He quickly noticed two men, one tall, the other relatively normal height. He walked over to them and looked up.*

"Could one of you tell me who to talk to about joining the Brethren?"

29th June 2005, 05:25 PM
Ali Dheren listened to Marik's question as he came, cautious, into the Brethren's fortress.

She walked towards him calmly and presented herself, extending her long, thin silver hand to greet him.

My name is Ali Dheren. Welcome to the Brethren. You may be looking for Callisto and Vincent, our headmasters. I will take you to them. But you may already know that anyone interested in joining our clan has to go through an evaluation spar. It will be evaluated by our council and they will decide if you stay. I wish you good luck.

Ali told him to follow her then, looking for Callisto or Vincent.

I know that we are suposedly in Red's quest but things have to be moving in here as well!

29th June 2005, 05:42 PM
*Marik looked up at the woman in front of him. He extended his fur covered hand to hers and shook it. He released it and let it sit at his side.*

"My name is Marik, nice to meet you Ali."

*He listened to what she said about an 'evaluation spar.' He nodded and followed her to wherever they where going. Marik took the chance to look around at this place but his mind was on the the evaluation spar Ali told him about. I hope this test thing of theirs isn't too hard...I hate tests.*

29th June 2005, 05:53 PM
"Welcome. If you wish to join, you'll have to go through an evaluation spar so we know what you can do. If it pleases the council, then you may be accepted."

Tommy looked over at the person addressing him, apparently in charge.

"I understand, I would like to try my hand at an evaluation spar then."

30th June 2005, 12:35 AM
"Alright, well since this appears to be convenient timing, and most of us are busy with other matters, how about you, Tommy, spar our new arrival, Marik for your evaluation.
Also, does anyone have an opinion about what to do with Matev and Strider's fight as well as Oni Link's battle with DP?"

30th June 2005, 05:49 AM
Hiei listens as Callisto speaks of evaluation spars that have gone awry. Not knowing what to do suggest, he asks his good friend Nova. Upon hearing him ask what she thinks, Nova places a finger on her chin as if pondering. She lowers her head as she thinks, causing a few black hairs to droop in front of her pale face. She quickly raises her head with a cheery smile on her face.

"Maybe we should just judge them as is." The girl suggests.

"Ehh, I dont like that idea, more work for me. Hey Callisto, kick them out! Thats what Nova and I think at least." Hiei responds.

"Hey!" Nova says out loud, knowing that her friend twisted her words.

She gives a half-hearted attempt to hit him and slaps him on his arm. Her frown, quickly turn to a smirk.

"Tag, you're it!"

Instantaneously Hiei begins to chase after her.

30th June 2005, 11:10 AM
"Well, Matev seemed to be the most remaining active, so I think maybe we should judge him. But Strider and Oni Link have gone inactive, so I think you're right and we shouldn't vote on these last two."

30th June 2005, 12:12 PM
"Alright then, I suppose me and Marik will go get ready then."

Tommy turned and saw the one called Marik, lookign him up and down. This wouldn't be an exceedingly easy fight. They weren't just going to let him in. Tommy walked up to Marik and extended a friendly hand.

"Hello, my name's Tommy, but most call me Tom."

PMed Marik, we should RP a fight in the main hall or somewhere else?

If you're doing a spar, then it should be done in the BA. The background, location, etc. don't matter, as long as the thread itself is in the BA. Thanks :)--Shade

30th June 2005, 01:15 PM
Hiei, stops chasing Nova as he hears Tommy suggest that the evaluation should take place in the main hall. He throws a fire ball that hits the floor about 10 inches in front of Tommy to alret him of his presence.

"Don't fight in the Main Hall. Do you know how long it takes to get blood stains off the walls and carpet??!?!?!"

With a heavy sigh, Hiei quitely returns to looking for Nova.

I know it wasnt In character but I was bored so whatever.

30th June 2005, 02:31 PM
*Ali frowned for a second...*

"If I may have a word on Oni Link's behalf, he has been trying. He was interested in joining, did a good work in his first eval. Then that one was discarded and he was asked to do a new evaluation. Then he became inactive for a while but I am pretty sure that, with all the moves he had already done between both evals we can give a judgement...

And my word would be to accept him"

Ali said this with a clear voice, looking both at Callisto and Vincent, and hoping for her brother council members to consider her words as well.

"As for Strider. I need to check what he did in his own spar. I like the idea of new recruits to fight themselves but we must be part of action to encourage their commitment, as it happened with Redtigerfang in Alannon's evaluation"

30th June 2005, 02:47 PM
"I appreciate your concern with this, Ali, but one of the things we are looking for here is that they will be active in our affairs. If they cannot show that skill, then they won't be allowed to join. Oni Link though is a specail exemption, because he was practically ignored earlier. If they get moving soon they still have a chance of making it. And with the recruitment ideas, we are just practically throwing ideas out right now. I do like your idea though of throwing one of the council into the fight as well, if not to judge, but to experience working with these individuals first hand"

1st July 2005, 12:19 AM
Callisto, no offense meant, but could you clarify what you want with the eval spars? I have the time to do it, but I can't tell if you want someone to just find out what's keeping them from posting, or what....
Alannon, no offense taken. Why would I? It's a question. What I'm looking for in Eval Spars are three different things. General RPing, Elemental Knowledge, and Activity (the least important, but still important).

With RPing, I want them to describe things well around them, and just RP. We know what it looks like.

Elemental Knowledge is important to us because we're the Brethren of Elements. We need to make sure that someone doesn't cause a fire with their high winds spell (a bit extreme, but you get the point).

With Activity, they should post in the thread reletively often. Over the course of two weeks or a little longer, there should be enough posts to make a fair judgement on their skills. Also, in the two weeks, this implies that they post. We don't want some member that isn't really serious about joining and would hardly post anywhere.

With the spars, as of now, I want our two new applicants, Tommy and Marik, to fight each other since most of us are busy with BAT2005. However, there is still Arched Edge. Alannon, you can go ahead and fight him since he's also wanting to join. Since there seems to be confusion, let's clear up what we want to do with the following three applicants (Reject/Vote). Here's my opinion:
Matev Kenas: He posted quickly, but I think it may have been a fad. (Either)
Strider: A previous member, but inactive for a long time and recently inactive. (Reject)
Oni Link: He's had two chances to be active. I don't doubt he's good, but he isn't reliable. (Reject)

OOC: Mods, this is about accepting members and clarifying the system, so it is clan business.

2nd July 2005, 03:27 PM
*Alannon walked over to where Zealot had been waiting. He made sure he had the man's attention before speaking to him*

"Zealot, I will be your opponent in your evaluation spar. Follow me, we should try and get this done."

*So saying, he turns and walks out of the clan building and off into the distance, quickly leaving view*

OOC: Ok, here's the link: ArchedEdge Eval (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=21260).

Oh, and, sorry for the crap post; I just needed to get Alannon and Zealot out of the building.

2nd July 2005, 08:32 PM
Duke stepped into the fortress of the BoE. He was inside a large room, larger than any he had ever seen. The sheer magnitude of the place humbled him, yet he felt at ease within the walls, as if he were protected by some greater force. He had heard much about the brethren, and was awestruck with their fortress. He felt it proper to introduce himself, even though he saw no one.

He spoke nervously, as if expecting to be thrown out immediately "aahhhh.....hello, I'm Duke Harlequin and I was intrested in joining the brethren." His speech got progressively louder, as Duke gained confidence in himself and the last 5 words stood a chance of being heard by someone nearby. He had a strange feeling that there was no need to move, and so waited for someone to notice him where he stood.

3rd July 2005, 10:53 AM
While still chasing Nova, Hiei notices a stranger waltz through the entrance of the Brethren's domain. He seems nervous, shaking uncontrolably. Hiei listens closesly as a weak voice emerges from this child in dispair.

"aahhhh.....hello, I'm Duke Harlequin and I was intrested in joining the brethren."

Immediately Hiei thrusts himself into the air landing a few feet in front of Duke causing a circle of fire to form around the two. The young human stands up and and slips his hands into the pockets of his red silk pants.

"Well Duke, what makes you think you are brethren material?"

3rd July 2005, 12:55 PM
You couldn't make it easy could you? I also remembered that I have no link to my character in my sig, so here's one (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=356086#post356086)if you want to take a look.
Persieving, at first, the "greeting" as an attack, Duke had drawn both of his swords, and held them at the ready. When the man jumped into the ring of fire he had cast, Duke realized that he was just an eccentric, and rather strangely dressed, member of the brethren.

The strange man slipped his hands into his pockets, and spoke, "Well Duke, what makes you think you are brethren material?"

"Well, I am good with both of the magics I know, which are fire and wind. Also these flames are rather uncomfortable so if you don't mind...." Duke sheathed both swords and held out his hand. Concentrating on the flames around him, he pulled, pushed, and generally moved air around them. Without any oxygen to fuel them the flames extinguished themselves. "There we go, much better," he said with a grin.

3rd July 2005, 03:44 PM
The right eyebrow of Hiei raises slightly as the newcomer mentioned he was able to use fire and wind.

"Fire and wind you say? In that case I shall provide the perfect evaluator for you, because you see, you must pass a evalution in order to be accepted into this clan. By the way, the last thing you should be is comfortable."

He walks away from the brethren hopeful but as he leaves he decides to leave a memento as well. He snaps his fingers and 20 fire shards are launched toward Duke seemingly from Hiei's back.

3rd July 2005, 06:08 PM
Duke dove on to the ground to avoid the shards, as the man walked out. He was either testing Duke, or nuts. It seemed that the latter was a more likely possibility than the former, but Duke followed anyways.

"So who are you going to partner me up with for this evaluation thing?" said Duke as politely as he could to the man who had attacked him. He was anxious to pass this test, and make it into the BOE. "And do I have to beat them, or just be good enough to come close?"

3rd July 2005, 08:01 PM
Hiei walks out of the head quarters sensing the peon behind him. He hears the questions, but rather than tell him the answer he would continue to keep giving him hints until all was known. He forms a disk of fire and tosses it over his shoulder, wondering how seemingly weak adventurer would evade it.

"All will be revealed in due time."

Okay, here's the deal, enough of this crap in the main thread another one will be made in the Battle arena, I am going to evaluate you, and No you dont have to beat me. If you did there would be no point in the evaluation. :P

21st July 2005, 07:12 AM
Hi guys...I remember this clan :) My old slef was in it :D I remember some ppl here :) Im probably not good enough to join again...I think ill train/do something speccy first hhe :P jost joking...but yeh ill try and get better...and hopefully get in the clan :P

21st July 2005, 10:57 AM
I remember your avatar, but not enough to know who you are/were. I suppose if you use a bit fewer simley's, we could let you have a try at getting in. Are you planning on applying now or not? Or were you just posting saying you re-joined GUA?

21st July 2005, 11:24 AM
Ali turned her attention away from the seeing pool and the curren evaluation to look at the newcomers. She was specially suspicious about the last one. She found no data in her memory, not even deep in her spirit, about him.

His face said little as well. She turned to Callisto.

"I do not remember him either, Callisto. As for his avatar, isn't it one of those random in the site? I see no particular signs in his spirit that lead to information about his past in the clan. I'd like to know about him"

She was unsure about his intentions as well. Trying to learn who he was would do perfect to know if he was interested in joining, as well.

"I want to know what is Duke Harlequin's sleeve as well. That one seems really interesting, don't you think?"

She turned then back to the seeing pool to continue her judgement on the ongoing evaluation.

Analyst, this is the formal thread. I suggest you to participate IC when you post here. It makes things more interesting and it will help us to know your character a lot better. If you can provide us a link to your character stats as well would be really appreciated. Thanks

22nd July 2005, 03:35 AM
Hey Ali-I remember you, Vincent etc.

I swear this is gonna be my last post Out of Character! (I swear) Ill try to join in , but I'm not getting the roleplay story here...maybe someone can pm me or somehting (idc?)
I think Im retarded or something-I forgot how to raise stats etc...maybe that someone can pm me about that aswell...thanks (if you do pm me) next time i post here ill be IC I swear! Oh and btw I need help with my quest...its on the last post of the first page and no one has replied (yeh i know its bad :( ) so yeah....and ill post IC next time(I've said that about 4 times now, havn't i?)
Edit: I've made a new thread for my Character, and even though it suks its the only one i got :D


Edit2: I'm bored, so I think im gonna do the roleplay thing :banana:

Syba waited for Ali to finish the evaluation, he did not say anything before, becuase he was hesitenent, and didnt get the chance to make a good impression.
"Excuse Me." Shyba said.
"Is it alright if I you know....try out for this clan?maybe after you evaluate..."

OOC: Crap, but oh well. My avatar is the random thingy in the Gua thing! lol My av before was a pic of a ninja zombie thing...ill try to get a better av...quiet busy atm with other forums.

23rd July 2005, 11:30 AM
*Vincent took a look at the applicant with a curious gaze. Did he know this stranger, or was it someone that looked like someone he met in an earlier adventure? He shrugged, seeing that he was being taken care of by the council members. Vincent cracked his neck, pondering what the clan should do now that it had gathered so many members. They had to do something to keep them all active, but what? Surely there was work to come their way...*

23rd July 2005, 07:09 PM
Shyba turned and noticed Vincent.
"Hey! Vincent!" Shyba said.
"Do you remember me? I was Legendary Ninja, and now im in my after life...I was re-born into this human..." Shyba said, trying to sound like he wasn't lying.

27th July 2005, 01:08 PM
Legendary Ninja? Impossible...

*Vincent looked at the newcomer with a curious look. Could it have been true what he said, or was he merely toying with Vincent? He tried to look upon the figure, to see if he could unravel the mystery himself. From what he could see now, he couldnt tell. But he knew that over time he would learn the truth. Vincent smirked and said a few words*

"Well, if you are Legendary Ninja, some things have changed for you. And the reasons for it unknown. But in either case, welcome to the clan*

28th July 2005, 04:58 AM
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IC: Shyba had a faded look on his face.
He expected for Vincent to remember him.
Shyba gave a faint smile and turned back.

10th August 2005, 09:13 AM
While Shyba spoke about his past, Ali Dheren came out of the seeing pool with a broad smile in her face. She was shining like being happy. Her eyes were sent on Duke and then on Hiei and Nova.

I must say I enjoyed this evaluation, like few I've ever did. Duke has interesting qualities and I do believe he should be admited in this clan.

Ali relaxed. It was amazing to realize how easy it is to speak her mind when things work just fine. She even found new realities about Hiei and Nova. So she added...

This is the good part of being in a brotherhood, Duke. It is full of life and surprises. If you have enough votes, I'll be more than glad to welcome you here.

11th August 2005, 03:26 PM
*Vincent returned to the main hall and slid into his chair. It had gotten quiet already, like it had before. Was his attempts to bring back an old clan to its prior glory too daunting a task? Or was he not trying hard enough? He scratched his chest as he observed the workings of the fortress, of its intricite detail and design. It led him to thought once again*

This place is truely amazing...if this place was so well built, then it was truely meant that the BOE will live on though many thousands of years. The design of this building couldnt suggest any less...

*Vincent sat up in his chair, leaning against his hand, deep in thought as the others did their own things...*

14th August 2005, 09:59 AM
Tarukai padded into the main hall, seeing Vincent there. "I'm sorry about my abcense Vincent. I was caught up in many personal issues, most regarding family. I hope you can forgive me. Am I still on the council or not? I haven't been here in a while, so I wasn't sure." He said, walking over to Vincent. "I'll remember not to forget and not tell you about leaving temporarily." He said, looking at the ceiling as well.

14th August 2005, 11:20 AM
*Callisto returned form the seeing pool deep in the Brethren's fortress, and stood in front of Duke, the current evaluee. He seemed quite tired after that little run Hiei and Nova had given him.*

"I think that both your skills and state of mind in battle are acceptable. I have no problem allowing you to become a member of the BoE."

*Callisto returned to sit in his chair while the rest of the council made their decision.*

15th August 2005, 07:56 AM
Shyba didn't know what to do. He just standed in his own corner, secretly seeking for attention, but of course, Shyba did not say anything.

17th August 2005, 08:55 PM
Tarukai padded into the main hall, seeing Vincent there. "I'm sorry about my abcense Vincent. I was caught up in many personal issues, most regarding family. I hope you can forgive me. Am I still on the council or not? I haven't been here in a while, so I wasn't sure." He said, walking over to Vincent. "I'll remember not to forget and not tell you about leaving temporarily." He said, looking at the ceiling as well.

OOC: Sorry for my lack of activity, I dont have an excuse for it.

*Vincent nodded as he listened to Tarukai. Maybe he had found some more adventures outside these halls that had occupied his time...maybe he would use his help to further strengthen the brethren. He looked into Tarukai's eyes as he spoke, seeing that his words were indeed genuine. Vincent let forth a smirk and replied to him*

"Well, I still approve of you being in the council, so long as this doesnt occur too often. Oh, and Tarukai, you might be of more help to us than you might think..."

18th August 2005, 08:49 AM
*Ali Dheren had watched carefully for Zealot's spar against Alannon. She had her veredict now. In easy, quiet steps she came to the hall to greet the contenders. She bowed and then turned to the Headmasters*

"First, I must say that Alannon has proven to be a good accepted member of the clan. Congratulations, brother and friend, for you have been precise and skilled when trying Zealot.

As for him... I believe he may enter. I am aware that he needs a bit more practice. But who of us do not? I found the entire spar fast to read. Magically rythmical in spite of the actual time it took, which I find a virtue. They were both precise and determined. Some actions may need more description or clarity, specially in Zealot's account.

This is my opinion and my vote."

She bowed again at Zealot and Alannon and smiled at them. Leisurely she crossed arms and awaited for others. A casual glance made her look at Shyba. She was unsure about what he should do. She was not able to offer herself to spar him, but if no one else did, she would.

Then, kind of mischievously, she moved closer to Alannon, and added. I liked the diamond's spell. Used when your foe is more drained could cause real alarm. Then, she smiled jockingly and said: Have you ever heard that diamonds are girls best friends?

18th August 2005, 05:29 PM
Guess its about time to post here again O.o;

"Ah... the Brethern of Elements... always so busy as usual. Though it is a bright thought that we have so much interest in the little group.."

The voice came from an open window in the great hall, the silouet of a man inside it, against the light of the sun. He hoped gracefully down, to where the light could reveal who held the voice. It was Valanir, of course. Chosing the strangest entrances where the sun was to lie. Though he had made few appearences to the fortress in the past, he still remembered that it was here and the people that resided inside it. A smile crept across his face, before taking a gentle bow which seemed unnessesary, but a part of his elven respect.

"Greetings again everyone, I trust everything is well?"

19th August 2005, 09:01 AM
Shyba sighed, and fell quiet sleepily on the wall. Of course, he wasn't really sleeping, he was just restless.

19th August 2005, 12:15 PM
Tarukai smiled when Vincent replied this way. "I'm sure I can search around for some travelers who will be able to strengthen our reserves." He said, looking around a bit. "I'll make sure it doesn't happen again. and thank you for not removing me from the council." He said, bowing to Vincent, and standin up again, turning and walking into the room nexto the main hall.

19th August 2005, 12:31 PM
Now I realize something is missing. The post I was writing when the power failed

Ali forgot all about diamonds all of the sudden. Something really valuable came with the sun.

She smiled and turned towards the greeting voice.

She saw Valanir, brilliant white in the windowsill. How long since he was there the last time? Many things passed since then. Many new members came and many stories have been written.

She looked at Shyba again. Somehow there was a strange feeling in his presence. She wished someone else paid attention to him.

I don't remember what else was I to say

19th August 2005, 05:04 PM
Valanir smiled to himself and sat back on the windowsill. As he had stated, the fortress and its inhabitants were very busy. Mostly he had noticed in past months the arrival of new members, and their judging by those of higher power within the clan. Yes... although he had not chosen to show his face, he had been watching from a distance.

He walked the length of the hall for a moment, taking in the sights once more. His eyes wandered to those of the clan. Some bored, and waiting on the side. And others busy going about their business. Valanir was a figure who normally stood out in his white and gold trimmed robes, but he appreaciated the lack of attention for once, except from one soul..

His gaze met with Ali's, someone who he was very familiar with. "Ali!" He called to her with a slight laugh in his voice, moving down the hall towards her. He smiled as he came close to where he could talk at a normal volume. "My my, our paths cross again..." His voice was merry and slightly joking. He was compelled for a moment to hug her, but it quickly crossed his mind that with these halls she held a much greater position than he did for the Bretheren. Instead he bowed low and respectibly, before taking her hand and laying a gentle kiss on it. The gesture was uncommon between them... Valanir saw it as more of a joke. "It is good to see you again fair princess," he said with a chuckle standing up properly. "How are you?"

19th August 2005, 05:18 PM
Ali was not good to concealments. Used as she was to dwell in the realm where there are no deceptions. Still, she was raised in diplomacy. Everybody could notice how excited she was for Valanir's visit. But she managed to act with fair grace. She bowed back at him, standing in her place next to Alannon.

A pleasure to see you again, sir. I am sure I speak for the Brethren to express our warm welcome to this fortress that you may consider a home.

There was a strange shine in her eyes as she spoke. Almost like if she contained a laugh.

And since this is your home I won't have to ask what brings you here...

19th August 2005, 05:35 PM
"Hrmph," Valanir muttered, looking over Ali. He still acted formal, playing along, but he couldnt help the smile as he spoke. "This is more of a gathering place for me instead of a home... My home lies far away from here." He threw a glance behind him, observing the others going about their business. He gave one fake laugh before continuing, "The warmness of the welcome to my dear home seems definately apparent."

"Of course this may be a home to you dear Ali," He said turning back with a slight grin. "All the pleasures here for your picking, and probably good pay too. A home and good company correct? I usually prefer the outdoors myself and what the wilds have to offer." He walked slowly in circles around Ali, playfully mocking her. "But I guess these simple pleasures are all a princess needs correct?"

19th August 2005, 05:45 PM
While I'm in this world, yes, this is a good place to be.

Ali spoke, casually but getting tired of the joke. She walked towards the window now and let the sun shine on her face for a while. She looked pale, like alabaster under sunlight.

She turned then, resting her elbows in the windowsill.

The many princesess you know from your constant travelling need more things. I am content of what I have here... My treasure is well kept.

And it was. Her books had a safe library there, and she could spent a good time researching, writing, learning her inherited lore. She relaxed a bit and looked at Valanir.

I must say I miss walking in the open in search of adventures and casual meetings with friends that use to fly from one place to the next.

A bright image came from her lost memory. She recall the first time she found Valanir, being a gereli with no idea of magic but close to find it.

19th August 2005, 06:19 PM
"Flying from here to there eh?" He could see Ali was growing tired of the fake talk, as she moved away to the window. "Not certainly a humane method of travel. But whatever you prefer dear princess." He almost bit his tounge after that final word. Though it was amusing, the fake talk was becoming dry and he felt that vibe from her as well.

He walked over to her, and gently rested against the wall beside Ali, though staring away into space. "Sometimes travelling the world is not all it is cracked up to be, espessially when it is part of an undying duty..." He trailed off, deep in private thought for a moment. The joy had left his voice for only a moment but he brought a smile back when he turned to Ali. "It is good I must admit to rest at some place you can call home, and even better when there are friends that await you there."

He gazed at her for a long moment till he realised he was staring. He smiled to ward off the feeling, and wraped one arm around her to bring her into a gentle embrace. He whispered softly in her hear, "Its good to see you love..."

19th August 2005, 06:37 PM
Ali moved forward to the embrace. Well, at least the scene was over. It was fun for a bit but painful when too long. Like if all her fears could suddenly be true or time did wash away her memories.

But Valanir was there, smiling and talking to her with warm words that made her cheeks go copper in her pale silver skin.

"I am sure you have many stories to tell. And I'd love to listen. I myself have something to show you. I've been working on my library. Do you want to see it?"

There was a mischievous glance in Ali's eyes. She would be more natural with Valanir without watching eyes.

"Do you want to come?" *She showed him the way out of the main hall.

19th August 2005, 09:55 PM
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IC: Shyba walked over to the exit, after hours of waiting inside for someone to notice and talk to him, as he took his last step to the exit, he hoped that someone would call his name.

20th August 2005, 02:05 PM
"I am sure you have many stories to tell. And I'd love to listen. I myself have something to show you. I've been working on my library. Do you want to see it?"

Valanir looked to her curiously for a moment. "Your own library eh? Many stories lie there I am sure... I'd love to have a look." He smiled brightly, but his voice was calm as before. Though he did have some interest in the library, he could see her embarasment clearly and this made him chuckle.

The elf followed Ali out of the main hall and deeper into the fortress. He had not been exploring much around the castle, as his brief visits kept him from doing so. It was a vast place, one for curiousity to thrive. He continued to follow Ali, staying close to her. He wondered for a moment what exactly it was she wanted to show him in the library.

22nd August 2005, 11:21 AM
*Vincent walked out of the chamber that he was in, knowing that he couldnt just sit around and ponder all day. He would need the advice of his fellow members, to see how they would best see fit the brethren of elements. He walked out and noticed some people walking around, getting to know the place. He smiled, seeing that they were curious about the whole setup of the fortress. When he was in the radius of everybody Vincent bowed and began to speak*

"I am sorry that nothing much isn't happening right now, for you see, we have not been called into duty yet. So, in the meanwhile, we shall continue to take care of those interested in joining. If any of you feel that the BOE could use some changes, big or small, feel free to let me know. After all, what good is our clan without its members?"

23rd August 2005, 05:37 PM
“As you see” Ali spoke after a long silence “This place is so big you can find yourself pretty alone if you are not in the Main Hall. My own quarters are very isolated because of the library I’m making”.

She stopped. There was a spiral staircase that went down. Ali stood in front of it and spoke some words in Dhaelorii, removing a protective spell.

“Even when this is a wonderful fortress, I must be aware of shadows” Ali explained at Valanir as she walk the stairs down. The echo became sensible to their steps and even their breathing. There were no other lights but Ali’s own shine.

She stopped all of the sudden, in the middle of the staircase and looked up at Valanir. His hair seemed clearer there, against the darkness, in her silver light. She sighed.

“I’m glad you are here! I do want to share this with you, Valanir” Nobody else had visited her library. It was modest even when it had thousands of volumes now. Ali Dheren took his hand and invited him to walk next to her as a child about to show a surprise to an adult. She was smiling.

Finally they reached the end and she whispered another word in dhaelori. Several torches lit at her command in a clear, cold white fire. They were in a huge cave. Its walls were covered by shelves and books but many were piled in the floor as well. It was obvious that they were being consulted.

Ali looked at Valanir and softly said.

“My memory”

30th August 2005, 04:45 PM
Valanir stepped forward into the white light, his eyes slowly rolling over the library and Ali’s works. After a moment he looked back to Ali. A puzzled look, even though he thought he understood what she meant. He looked back and managed to suppress a laugh of amusement, but secretly of wonder. “By the sun…” he muttered, starting to walk round the library on his own. “There is so much here… your memory? It must have taken you so long to compose all of this.”

He picked up a book from the shelves and flicked rapidly through it. Valanir’s mind however was preoccupied. He knew that the reason behind all these books was not just simple fascination in collecting books. Her memory… it was all kept here. A bank in utter safety, unlike what was in her head.

Valanir turned back and smiled to her. A simple smile. He wasn’t too sure if he was to be happy or sad. “You have been busier than I have thought. Though it is good to know you enjoy doing this.” He turned back to the books. “Its like giant diary… isn’t it?”

30th August 2005, 06:50 PM
Ali stood next to a pile of books, big and high enough for her to almost rest her body against them, while Valanir walk around. He certainly knew the purpose of the library...

A diary, that is accurate enough

She replied with a smile and blushed a bit, noticeable enough under the white lights.

If you have in mind that I hold the memory of several generations of dragons and their dragonblooded heirs... you will understand why so many books and why so many notes. If I could discern who this idea is from or that memory belongs to... when that happened and why?

This last she said with a short sigh, shruging like a hopeless child. Her hand draw a line in the back of several books in front of her, removing the inevitable dust as she walked next to Valanir. Then, she stood quiet and still for a second. It was hard to know if she was thinking, scanning him magically or just admiring him. Maybe her mind was lost in some ancient image pulling itself in her mind. Casually, she rested her hand in his arm, looking up to see him.

Some things should not be lost

Her eyes were bright as she said this and she looked deeply at him. She was able now to discern the complexity of his angelic soul but this only added the wonder she ever felt when Valanir was close.

It is when I turn into my dragon form... It is what I've discovered after several notes.

She explained, as if this had been the next line of an interrupted conversation, even when he did not ask.

As a dragon, my physical memory is wider and able to contain all the flow of memories, but when I'm back into human shape many memories struggle to take a place, forcing me to forget. Sometimes what I lose is what is more dear to me... My own life. My own story. Curious, though, I forget images but not feelings. They are present, trying to find their meaning.

31st August 2005, 08:02 AM
If you have in mind that I hold the memory of several generations of dragons and their dragonblooded heirs... you will understand why so many books and why so many notes. If I could discern who this idea is from or that memory belongs to... when that happened and why?

Valanir put one of the books down he was looking at. “That is something I do not understand… Maybe your ancestors passed on everything that they have achieved through blood and spirit. As I expect the line is long, it must be a great burden.” He turned back to her with a smile. “Do not worry though. It seems you have handled the problem well. Everything is all around us.”

He looked back to her curiously as their eyes met. He was unsure of what thoughts were in her gaze, and he dared not intrude. But he was reassured by her gentle touch. He chuckled at this, wrapping his arm around Ali, hugging her gently as he listened to her words.

As a dragon, my physical memory is wider and able to contain all the flow of memories, but when I'm back into human shape many memories struggle to take a place, forcing me to forget. Sometimes what I lose is what is more dear to me... My own life. My own story. Curious, though, I forget images but not feelings. They are present, trying to find their meaning.

“Hrm… yes…” muttered Valanir, dipping into his own river of thoughts. “Our physical minds seem to have our limits. Curiously enough how my angelic half did not pass on her memories to me.” He touched slightly the silver necklace that was around his neck, underneath his tunic. He could feel the blue sapphire underneath pulse as he looked for it. “Our boundaries are uncertain… between both physical and spiritual existence. Maybe you would know better in that aspect.” He chuckled, looking down to her warmly.

“And again, I am not sure of your feelings.” He said holding her close. “Though if I had to give an answer for them it would be this. Even when your mind may alter and have loss, your heart as you are now is as large as a dragon’s. And you will never lose what your heart holds dear. I am sure of that.” He smiled warmly again to her, looking to her bright eyes before he kissed her gently.

31st August 2005, 08:04 AM
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IC: Shyba shook his head. He couldnt just quit now. So, he waited back inside the hall, just wondering.

31st August 2005, 08:35 AM
Duke stood from his chair, and stumbled slightly, from his exhaustion. He had recieved two votes of acceptance, but the others around the hall seemed unwilling to speak their minds, while he was present. The young man walked away from the central chamber, to the outer section of the fortress he had been when he first arrived at the Bretheren of Elements' headquarters. Once there, he sat, and waited for some indication as to whether he was accepted, and drifted in, and out of conciousness.

Every second seemed like hours to Duke, as he awaited word from one of the bretheren, but he did not wish to intrude into their chamber. One couldn't be hasty about such things, so instead he sat on the stone floor of the fortress, and allowed his mind to rest. He could be here for quite some time, after all.

I'll spar against the analyst if noone else will, even if I'm not a member of the clan, right now.

31st August 2005, 07:00 PM
Ali kissed Valanir back, in full realization of how much he was an eternal present in her spirit. Her eyes closed, her spirit flowing. Amazing it is when two souls reach for each other in a simple gesture, entwining like vines.

I am lucky.She said after a while, resting her head in Valanir's chest. When I thought I was bound to be alone, the shadow of your flight invited me to look up.

Her eyes looked up at his, shinning. She smiled thinking at the cold words they both shared when he came to the fortress, as if they were almost strangers. Nobody was closer to Ali Dheren of Dhaelor than Valanir of Narsaldor. This much she could state when searching in books and writing down her memories.

I begun all this work for just one reason, Valanir. And that is to protect the simple aspects of my life… as if this was a fortress of time.

She caressed him with the back of her hand, gently. Recognizing familiar grounds. A long time passed since she totally forgot and ahead of lost memories, she had new and brilliant experiences. But books, images and words were not enough to contain the light of present. She kissed him again and muttered the words I love you to his ear, softly. Be sure of this feeling, for darkness and oblivion could not erase this truth.

1st September 2005, 09:35 AM
It wasn't clear when or where she went, but Yaki had at some point in time gone out of the building. Now the cat-girl was outside, having been on another trip to try and find the cure that Roko-Ro needed, but again failing. Maybe she should just find out what the cure looked like before she searched for it. Though, that was a problem for later. Right now she was just walking around and enjoying the weather, stretching, until she was thrown out of her thoughts and enjoyment by a bop on the head. Blinking, she looked upward at her friend, who in return almost fell off her head. The toy cat jumped down onto her shoulder instead.

"What is it, Roko-Ro?" Yaki asked. Roko-Ro pointed at a far-away building. One that Yaki recognized. "Hey... That's the B-o-E, right?"


"Should we visit?"

"Yeah." The doll looked meaningfully at Yaki. Well, as meaningfully as he could without pupils. "Besides, you have something that belongs to them, if I remember correctly..."

Yaki blinked, then hit her left, clenched hand into her open right palm, remembering. "Ah! Those pieces of paper... We never checked who they belonged to!" she said, running off toward the building, Roko-Ro having to cling to her hard not to fall off.

The two soon reached the building, Yaki carefully looking inside. "Hello...? Anybody here?" she asked, walking inside. She picked Roko-Ro from her shoulder, hugging him tightly as she looked around, her ears against her head.

(Eh... Back, after a few months of not being here. I feel too lazy to read up on what I missed though. Can anyone fill me in?)

1st September 2005, 06:58 PM
Valanir wrapped his arms around Ali’s waist, kissing her gently back for a long moment. He chuckled a little at her words, a warm glow in his cheeks as he whispered back to her. “And I love you Ali Dheren.” He smiled as he gently ran his hand through her hair, watching her shining eyes. “You may have a memory that will slip, and you may have to write what slips in these books but you will never lose my love. Like this fortress of time, but inside our hearts.”

He kissed her again for a small moment, embracing her warm touch. Ali was always beautiful in Valanir’s eyes, but he could never tell her how much so. Though in the shifting tides of his travels, the fighting, and the healing, he found a true sanctuary here. These moments were rare as both Ali and Valanir were not normal people. They had busy lives, both in unusual ways.

Valanir sat down and took rest on a large pile of books, bringing Ali to sit on his lap. His gaze slowly wandered away in wonder to the books, and he muttered still quietly, “It must bring you so much peace that this is all here Ali. A bank of sorts for everything.” He looked back to her with a warm smile, caressing her cheek gently with his hand as he spoke. “Its good to see you so happy.”

1st September 2005, 08:07 PM
Ali listened to Valanir's words carefully. She did not worry about missing them as a new trust was forming around her memory skills, not depending just in this library but her own improvement understanding her nature.
None of this mattered while she was in Valanir's arms. There are few moments so plenty in life, even in dragon's lifetime. She smiled at this thought and looked up at him. Silently kissed him again and then rested in his arms, looking all around. Not everything was there, of course and there was a good story behind how she found or got many of these volumes. Many were even stolen or fought for. She kept a brief score of those adventures.

I think I'm getting used to read books in caves!

She laughed all of the sudden. The typical image of dragons made a bit of sense… At least she was not into gold. She could lose all actually, even this books, she could start all over again. But I am sure you prefer open skies and free winds.

She blushed. A nice memory came to her mind. The day she met him and found his wings… Some memories come over and over again, full of joy. She always laughed at herself when this image came to her. She found a letter among her stuff in Kaem where she wrote some lines about this encounter, few days before being acknowledged as Lady of Kaem.

Many lives and he is still here…

She stood up and grabbed his hand. Let us go back to the hall. Being around memories is not so good when life is ahead, don't you think?

2nd September 2005, 07:34 PM
Valanir smiled as he watched Ali. She was in a state of day dreaming, her gaze lost somewhere else, even when her eyes were on Valanir.

But I am sure you prefer open skies and free winds.

Valanir chuckled, “Im afraid so. I was never much of a scholar, hah! I guess Im a simple person who just prefers a simple life.” He smiled as he saw her blush and simply kissed her cheek and hugged her, not wanting to intrude into her mind what she wasn’t sharing.

Let us go back to the hall. Being around memories is not so good when life is ahead, don't you think?

Valanir followed suit and stood up, squeezing Ali’s hand gently. “There is more material to the future than the past you can say,” said Valanir chuckling. “Let us go then.” He smiled, letting go of her hand and instead wrapping his arm around her as he followed Ali out of the library.

5th September 2005, 03:42 AM
It wasn't clear when or where she went, but Yaki had at some point in time gone out of the building. Now the cat-girl was outside, having been on another trip to try and find the cure that Roko-Ro needed, but again failing. Maybe she should just find out what the cure looked like before she searched for it. Though, that was a problem for later. Right now she was just walking around and enjoying the weather, stretching, until she was thrown out of her thoughts and enjoyment by a bop on the head. Blinking, she looked upward at her friend, who in return almost fell off her head. The toy cat jumped down onto her shoulder instead.

"What is it, Roko-Ro?" Yaki asked. Roko-Ro pointed at a far-away building. One that Yaki recognized. "Hey... That's the B-o-E, right?"


"Should we visit?"

"Yeah." The doll looked meaningfully at Yaki. Well, as meaningfully as he could without pupils. "Besides, you have something that belongs to them, if I remember correctly..."

Yaki blinked, then hit her left, clenched hand into her open right palm, remembering. "Ah! Those pieces of paper... We never checked who they belonged to!" she said, running off toward the building, Roko-Ro having to cling to her hard not to fall off.

The two soon reached the building, Yaki carefully looking inside. "Hello...? Anybody here?" she asked, walking inside. She picked Roko-Ro from her shoulder, hugging him tightly as she looked around, her ears against her head.

(Eh... Back, after a few months of not being here. I feel too lazy to read up on what I missed though. Can anyone fill me in?)

OOC: Erm, everyone's busy and I'm a loner.
Ali and Valanir are kissing n all :heh:

7th September 2005, 11:59 AM
Yaki bit her lip, uncertain. Nobody was here... This was way different from the last time she was here. The decorations pointed toward that this was the BoE's base, but somehow she doubted it as she remembered it as more lively. Had they moved their base? That had happened soon after she had gotten into the clan... But if they moved, why would they leave so much stuff behind? Had something bad happened? She shook her head. That couldn't be it. They were probably just out on a mission or something. She hoped that was the case. But still, if everyone were on a mission, why hadn't they put up a sign or something? Yaki decided to stop just standing there, and instead look for them. It would be much easier if she found someone to ask.

Holding Roko-Ro tighter to her body, she started walking around and searching for any members, first looking in the bedrooms, then the training room, before going to the library, very nervous and having her ears pressed hard against her head, her tail curved slightly in between her legs. You'd think that her step would echo, but she had the silence of a cat. Then, she noticed Ali and Valanir when she didn't see anybody in the library and decided to head back to the hall. The two were walking together, looking very happy. They seemed pretty cute together, two persons in love. Yaki let a wide, happy smile spread across her face, her ears flying up instantly and her tail moving back from between her legs.

"Ali! Valanir!" she called out, pouncing the two from behind and hugging them tightly around their necks, one arm for each person. Roko-Ro, having fallen out of her grip and hit on the floor when she pounced, (though he wasn't hurt due to his soft body,) stood up and brushed off his dirty grey doll-fur, not that it'd help any. He waddled over to the rest.

"Hi!" he said, smiling as well as he could. "Where is everyone? This place seems emptier than usual." he asked in a curious tone, looking meaningfully at Yaki. Her cheerfulness from seeing the two seemed like enough to show that she had been searching for someone, but she might have to loosen her grip a bit unless she wanted to suffocate someone. That someone being Ali or Valanir.

7th September 2005, 01:32 PM
Walking slowly next to Valanir, Ali had a timeless sensation and felt a strange reassurance in future.
Well I don't spend my entire day in the library, you know? And I chose to have my quarters up there
They were in an open corridor and she pointed to one of the towers of the fortress.
Not only a wonderful view but, they say you may spot friends coming by earth or air. I decided specially because of the second chance
Her words were silenced by a funny cry "Ali! Valanir!"

Ali smiled and laughed as she felt Yaki walking behind them and jumping on them cheerfuly. Woha! She was coming from the library. The seal of the secret passway was just shut, luckily... How didn't she noticed earlier Yaki was around?

My my! You have the skill of a cat, no doubt!
She said as she hugged her dear friend back. Still no luck, huh? She added as she saw Roko Ro being taken from the floor and held again by her catlike friend. He started shooting questions as an archer in battle. Ali gave a shiny look at Val before replying.

Well, I'm not sure. We were checking some volumes in the "secret" library but I take we were not long there. Were we?

Her eyes had a hidden joke.

The entire Brethren have been busy lately because of a certain tourney in which many of our members are involved, you know? I am in there myself but I am taking a bit of air before the next round.

Ali sighed. She did not like to participate in tourneys nor spars. Yaki could well recall how little she enjoyed their admission evaluation. Roko-Ro did a wonderful move with that dagger... She smiled again.

Let's go to the hall, we can talk a bit there and wait for the rest to show up.

Just as they went in, she saw the same dark figure, alone and waiting.

Didn't you see him, Yaki? Good Ador, you are still here, then! I am so sorry, Shyba, right? Well… I guess I'll have to try you myself. I am not good at spars. No good at all.

12th September 2005, 03:16 AM
Shyba turned around at once with a quiet suprised look.

13th September 2005, 07:17 PM
Valanir walked back with Ali, still enjoying their time together. "I understand," he replied softly to her, with a mischievous smile. "After all I’m sure you don’t want to spend your whole day with your nose in books." He listened to her describe the tower, before he was quickly interrupted by being strangled from behind.

"Ali! Valanir!"
Valanir barely managed to choke out a reply, "Yaki?"
The half-angel managed to get free once the catgirl loosened her grip. He laughed slightly, rubbing his neck. "Well, well. Yaki and Roko-Ro. It has been some time since I have seen you both around here. How are you?"
He listened to Roko-Ro curiously. Valanir in fact had been wondering the same thing when he had arrived here recently. He turned to exchange glances with Ali.
Well, I'm not sure. We were checking some volumes in the "secret" library but I take we were not long there. Were we?
Valanir smiled in return simply, and said nothing else as that was enough.

Valanir followed The others into the Great Hall, stopping to find that same lone figure he had noticed when he first arrived. Ali noticed him as well, offering a friendly fight. Valanir chuckled as he stood by Yaki and Roko-ro. "It looks like this place is about to get a little interesting... Come on."
The elf walked over to where Ali and Shyba stood, his silver hair shifting gently in the breeze that came through the windows. "A friendly fight within these walls yes?" he interrupted as he came close. "I am willing to entertain Shyba in this way if you do not wish to Ali. However if you dont, I shall stand here as a referee if you would like." He smiled, glancing to Shyba. His eyes seemed to shine bluer than normal for a moment. Even though Shyba's name was never said, somehow Valanir knew it.

14th September 2005, 07:13 AM
"Oh. Hi Valanir." Shyba gave a faint smile.
He knew Valanir's name from hearing his name a couple of times in Ali's conversation with him.
"I don't mind if either of you do it" Shyba said, even though he had a faint thought that Ali would be harder to spar because she was a woman.

14th September 2005, 07:22 AM
Yaki loosened her grip on the two, not wanting to suffocate them as atleast Valanir seemed to have problems breathing. As both of them went out of her grip, she picked up Roko-Ro and smiled happily, hugging the doll to her chest. As the two continued to walk, Yaki went with them, now certain that she was in the right place.

"The entire Brethren have been busy lately because of a certain tourney in which many of our members are involved, you know? I am in there myself but I am taking a bit of air before the next round."

Tourney? Yaki wondered. What was that? Sounded kinda like 'Turkey', but it couldn't be that... Maybe it was a nickname for some-- She felt like slapping herself. A tournament, that had to be it. Though, why did Ali be in something like that? She didn't really like fighting, right? And they could atleast have left a note or something instead of just disappearing without a trace... Wondering about this, she didn't notice when they entered the hall.

"Didn't you see him, Yaki? Good Ador, you are still here, then! I am so sorry, Shyba, right? Well... I guess I'll have to try you myself. I am not good at spars. No good at all."

"Wha--" Yaki bumped into Ali, now noticing that they were in the hall and Ali had stopped. "Oh, sorry." she said and scratched the back of her head, smiling awkwardly. She backed away a few steps, looking at the figure standing in the dark but not having any problems seeing his details. A brown-eyed human with black hair. How could she miss seeing him before? He was just standing there and looking mysterious... Or surprised, right now. Maybe she had thought he was part of the furniture or something. She decided not to tell him this though, as she didn't want to raise any trouble. And well, telling someone that they looked like furniture would probably piss them off.

"It looks like this place is about to get a little interesting... Come on."

Yaki looked at Valanir, but still kept her distance, hugging Roko-Ro tighter. Listening to what they said to the furni-- erm. Human, she found out that he was named Shyba, and in the mood for a fight. She wasn't sure how Ali and Valanir knew that though, you sure couldn't tell it if you looked at his expression. Yaki looked at Valanir, waiting for a moment where she could give him those pieces of paper. Putting her right hand into one of the bags hanging at her waist, she felt if both of the papers were still there. They were, rustling a little as she touched them. Nodding to herself, Yaki took up her hand again, hugging Roko-Ro with both her arms, but now having her right hand clenched with two pieces of paper hidden inside it. Roko-Ro just acted dead, looking at Shyba in a creepy way.

7th October 2005, 11:59 PM
Shyba looked back at Roko-Ro, giving him a 'What the!?' look.

Then he looked at Yaki.

Heh. She probably thinks I'm a peice of furniture or something. I kinda like it this way. Shyba thought

Then he looked back at the wall, staring blankly.

14th November 2005, 11:54 AM
As it happens, time passed through Ali's life without her noticing. Since she started to work with her library, a certain rythm turned into monotony in the outer life, while she was dragged to the adventures of lost History.

This, her dragon condition increasing its domain over her human one, and silence kept her away from her brothers activities for too long.

Nobody could blame her. Adventures took most of them away constantly and the Great Hall, training grounds or other facilities were lonely. And it is true that, ocasionally, some of her books trapped her in a dimensional adventure, so nobody in the fortress would find her until she made her way through.

One afternoon, in late fall, she closed a book and gave a long, quite walk around the fortress. It was clean, full of light, but the weight of loneliness was evident in its walls.

She secretly longed for the return of her brothers.

25th November 2005, 09:42 PM
*Callisto walks by the ranks of all of the soldiers of the Brethren of Elements fighting force. At last he passes by the remaining officers of the Brethren. Ali, Legion, Hiei, PhoenixAsh, Vincent, outlaw, Tarukai, Red, Hawk, and wolfstrike. The leading force was much smaller than when he joined, but of the same quality.*

"I will miss you all, but take care, and never let the Brethren of Elements fall."

OOC: First post is edited accordingly. When you people decide on a new leader and such, adjust it and have the active leader make the post. I'll get an e-mail when I get PMs, so I'll be able to help you guys right away. Peace.

Phoenix Ash
26th November 2005, 12:27 AM
"The Brethren fall? Never, Callisto, for as long as we live to defend it."

DragonsPhyre stepped forward and to the front of the massed soldiers, their burnished mail gleaming in the clear, bright sunlight. He himself still wore his light blue clothes and light leather armor, but wore only his sword for a weapon. His blue-grey eyes swept over the small army, made up of pikemen, swordsmen, calvary, and archers. Most of them seemed young to the half-elf and memories of his own young days flashed in his mind, images of his days as a Ranger melding with memories of his time in the Unicorn Dojo and participating in quests and spars.

So much over so seemingly short a time...

He called out in his most authoritative voice. "PRESENT..." The sounds of hundreds of swords unsheathing echoed as they, DragonsPhyre included, pulled them out and kissed the hilt. "...ARMS."

The pikemen lowered their pikes to forty five degrees to the ground. Swords and sabers now were raised. Bowmen held out their bows as if for inspection. Off to the side, the smaller group of mages that helped the Brethren's army in battle knelt, their fists resting on their hearts.


Within moments, everything was back as they were and DragonsPhyre turned to Callisto, bowing slightly before speaking in a softer voice.

"It was an honor to fight with you. May your sword stay sharp and your flame always burn."

27th November 2005, 11:33 PM
Ali Dheren turned into her spirtual form for a second, like a revelation of another realm, showing her true self to Callisto in a way of earnest way of thanks.

Our spirits are one, and we will not fail

She said with the clear, metallic voice of an ancient, mystical dragon. It sounded like bells tolling good bye, announcing a new era and hoping for the best.

We shall prevail!

She joined her own sword to DragonsPhyre call and raised Shellardan in a regal salute. The cavalry, under Arcanus, also presented their respects in a perfect formation and made an escort to follow Callisto to the main road.

May Ador guide your Path, Callisto, and may he allow us to cross again, brother of soul!

Ali Dheren secretly prayed when she saw his figure fading in the distance. The powerful reading of his fire core remained present though and she knew that her spirit sense would be able to follow him for ever.

20th December 2005, 04:18 PM
A Dwarf walked in the forest, near the keep of the Brethren of Elements. He looked at the castle wondering who might own such a huge place. Not only was he small, but he was a humble man from a small village. He was suddenly interrupted as a man who was riding a chariot which was pulled by a horse. He yelled: "Eey sonney! Need a ride?" Chronicius walked up to the man and asked: "But good sir, who lives in that castle? Would they take in such a small, humble man." The man pointed at his axe and said: "Well sonney, you look like a fighter to me, so I guess they can use ya'! They are the Brethren of Elements, a gang of mighty mages and fearsom warriors. I believe you will fit just fine in there." Chronicius tried to hide his inexperience and nodded with a brave look upon his face. Talking more couragious then he actually felt, he said: "Fine then, let us go to that keep."

Chronicius climbed on the chariot and sat between some crates who seemed to be filled with food. The man explained, as if he could read the Dwarf his mind: "I am delivering food to them you see?" Chronocius nodded, and sunk away in his own thoughts.

It was five years ago, and Chronicius had just recently found out about his Earthen gifts. The woman he loved, and who he would marry in a couple of years, was looking more beautiful then he had ever seen before. Her long red hair came to the height of her waist and her brown eyes sparkled in the rays of the sun. She looked so happy that day...

And then the worst events in the young Dwarf his life happened. He roared.... The village of Chronicius had been terrorised for centuries by a demon, who was aiming for virgins. No matter if they were young or old he would catch them and eat them in such a short distance of the village and so slowly that their screams would be heard until the night fell. The demon came into the village at an incredable speed. His black skin, and his burning red eyes were terrifying. They both ran away in different directions, the Demon favoured Chronicius his girlfriend. The poor Dwarf listened the entire night to her crying. From that day one, he wanted revenge.

And he hoped that the Brethren could help him in this mission. He whiped a tear of his face, and looked concentrate, focussed upon the task that laid before him. If the Brethren wanted to test him, he would take what ever task they had for him. He knew that he could convince anyone that he was worth it. He looked up, as the man stopped and yelled: "We're here sonney. Go knock on that door over there and ask for their leader!" Chronicius nodded, and jumped off the chariot. He thanked the man and walked towards the massive oak gate. He saw that there was a small door in the castle and rammed the back of his axe against the door. A guard peered through a small opening. Chronicius took a couple of steps back and said: "I am here you idiot!" He was getting a bit fed up with people looking over him. The guard looked down and said: "What do you want?" The Dwarf replied: "I want to see the Leader of the Brethren of Elements. I want to join." The guard laughed and opened the door. He pointed towards another massive door made out of oaktree, but this one was open.

Chronicius walked into the beautiful crafter Main Hall, he looked around him and saw many other mages and warriors. They all seemed awfully skilled, while Chronicius was still an apprentice. But he continued, walking until he reached the centre of the halls. He cleared his throat and said with a clear voice: "Hello, my name is Chronicius. I want to be part of you, part of the Brethren of Elements. Who can help me?"

20th December 2005, 04:52 PM
Ali Dheren was working in her hidden library, used now to the isolation of the once lively fortress. The members of the Brethren had gone to look for their own paths and she was working on hers within that cave.

A new presence disturbed her reading. It made her rise her eyes from the book. Someone was coming, someone new. She left a little metal sign to mark her reading, closed the book and walked up and out of her library.

The silver lady went to the main hall. She wondered what could she say, or what word could she give to a newcomer. Nothing but legend prevailed this days within its laws and ways.

The sign of that new spirit came to her had a deep burden of pain, solidified into a powerful revenge. He had the sign of Earth and this made her think of old friends and a lost quest. When she finally found the newcomer, she smiled in a warm but solem way.

Welcome, Chronicius, to the Brethren of Elements fortress. My name is Ali Dheren of Dhaelor, council member of this legendary clan. Accept my reception since our headmasters are not available at the moment. What can I do for you?

She bowed at the dwarf. Her silver skin shone slightly, maybe just because she was glad to see someone in the hall apart from ghosts and memories.

21st December 2005, 04:37 AM
Chronicius bowed back and said: "Ali, nice to meet you. I am looking for a group of people who can help me out, and which I can help. If we manage to form a solid alliance, we can healp eachother out. What I need from the Brethren is something which I want to keep for myself for the moment though."

Phoenix Ash
30th December 2005, 03:43 AM
"Even from one of those in charge of the clan, Chronicus?"

DragonsPhyre stepped wearily back into the main hall of the Brethren of Elements, feeling somewhat ... aged. Both clans that he had been in for years were in trouble, as members seemed to have disappeared and scattered to the four winds. Hsi staff made a soft tapping noise against the stone floor and his clothes, once pure crystalline blue, were now dirtied from weeks of travelling. He bowed to Ali when he saw her. "I see you are still here, Lady Dheren. I cannot tell you how glad I am that you remain in these halls. Will you assist me in my call for us to elect a new leader? Since Vincent has not been seen for some time and Callisto has left... We need Headmasters, as us Assistant Headmasters are only temporary leadership."

Blue-grey eyes searched the dwarf's features. "Hello. I am DragonsPhyre, once Headmaster of this clan, now Assistant Headmaster along with Master Hiei. I am also the leader of the Kings of Dragons, who are also having a bit of an activity problem. In any case.... While I send out messages to those Brethren I can reach, please tell Ali and I of what you want. I heard mention of an alliance and something that you need from us."

He waved over a passing soldier, one of the few that didn't go back to his farm or pastures, and handed him a scroll. "Send copies of this message to all of the Brethren that you can reach. It's an urgent message. Ali, if you can spare horses for the messengers, I'd be grateful."

I'll be sending the following PM to all current BoE members:

"Dear Brethren,

A crisis approaches the Brethren of Elements clan. Our two Headmasters are absent, one of which has left the land for good. The other has not been seen for months. I now call all Brethren that still wish to be a part of this illustrious clan to return to the Hall to begin elections of a new pair of Headmasters and discussions of what path to set the clan out upon. Please hurry with all the speed you can muster. Time is of the essence.


Assistant Headmaster of the The Brethren of Elements
Bahamut of the Kings of Dragons
Tsunami Warlocks Archmage of the Armies of the Forbidden One"

30th December 2005, 04:31 AM
Chronicius looked up as a voice suddenly echoed throughout the former empty halls: "Even from those in charge of the clan, Chronicius?" The Dwarf his eyes shot around the halls. Could this be the time when he would finally meet the leader of this clan? He looked at the entrance he had just passed, and saw the man who spoke. His pace revealed that he was tired, or had aged. Chronicius could not tell for sure, since it was the first time he met him. He spoke to Ali, and his words shocked the young Dwarf.

What? Are the Brethren falling apart? Now what!

Then the figure turned to him, and introduced himself. Chronicius listened to his introduction and bowed at final. He said: "This alliance I spoke of, was between myself and you as the Brethren of Elements. I am indeed of need of something, but since the future of you is so uncertain I still shall not speak about this. But if I truly believe you can, and wil help me I will tell you the entire story. For now, please respect my wishes." The Dwarf said the last few sentences with a voice filled with emotions, and tears rose up in his eyes. He bruskly whiped them away, hoping that DragonsPhyre or Ali had not seen them.

He sighed deeply and continued: "All that I need is the defeat of a demon. And I will sacrifice everything to reach this goal, including my own life. I know that I can not defeat this abbomination on my own, so I need your help. I will do anything to repay my debt and if it is necesarry, I am willing to aid you first...."

Chronicius his voice slowly echoed away, while he looked at both Ali and DragonsPhyre awaiting their reaction. Hope lit his eyes up, hope that they could help him in the revenge he sought.

30th December 2005, 07:02 AM
>Insert a lot of swearing, in reference to having forgotten he was part of this clan, in here.<


Something was running through the keep of the Brethern, throwing open doors, leaping down and up stairways and rushing past members and servants alike a raging wind; unseen, but not unheard. Finally, the invisible ghost managed to find her way to the main hall, skidding to a halt slightly.

"I'm sorry that I'm late!"

The invisible one was Kyra, a young enthusiastic girl who had managed to get herself lost in time and space. Bending forward and placing her hands on the knees, the girl panted for several moments as she became visible again, long pink hair falling over her face. Righting herself again, the girl streched herself slightly, got her hair out of her face but then looked at everyone present, the scroll in her hand.

30th December 2005, 03:30 PM
A man in a black and dark blue kimono jogged up to the clan doors, and pushed on one of them. He couldn't move it easily. "Damnit, when was the last time these dors had maintenance?!" He yelled, frustrated by being late to the conference, or so he expected. stepping back a bit and in a white fireball, changing to his normal, baggy, black attire, Tarukai sped forward, shoulder charging the door. This sent the door flying open, and he fell to the floor. As he pushed himself up, he shook his head a bit. "Ow... I think I was just pushing it wrong." He said, getting up and brushing himself off before changing back to his kimono and rushing through a group of servants. He slowed to a walk as he came near what other Bretheren members were there. "Am I late? *pant pant* If I am, my apologies. The doors weren't opening right." He said, exasperated, and panting out of exhaustion.

30th December 2005, 06:32 PM
OOC: A number of complaints regarding personal life to go here. I'll post here because I don't want to lose my place in the clan, but don't expect very good stuff right now.

After the messenger had managed to hunt him down, Alannon had rushed back to the Brethren from his training session, greatly disturbed by what he had been told. The last thing he expected was for this great clan to be leaderless and falling apart...

It had been a fairly long journey back, but he was glad he had made it; the last thing he wanted was to be absent at a time like this. As he approched the building, he saw a man force the doors open with his shoulder. He didn't immediately recognize him, but he knew that this was a member of the clan. Glad that he wasn't the one who had to open the doors, he walked through them, he saw the man dash off. Thinking he was late, he immediately concentrated a little, forming his spell, and as he did so he began to move more quickly, while seeming merely to walk. Behind him he left a number of ice footprints, rapidly melting. By the time he reached the conference hall, he was going just a little too fast, and flew past everyone, arms flapping, and ran straight into the wall. He rose slowly, shaking his head, and turned around to face everyone there.

"Am I late?"

30th December 2005, 09:10 PM
Hiei watches in the shadows as old members of this once proud and powerful clan had begun to assemble in the headquarters to discuss the problems that have become quite evident due to the lack of activity. He silently questions where the clan had gone wrong. This problem must be solved or else the brethren might not ever stand tall again, a fate that Hiei had dreaded for quite some time.

Hmmm, as Assistant Headmaster I should be taking the lead along with Pheonix, seeing as though our remaining Headmaster ahs gone awol. Well hopefully we can come together to fix this problem, and I assume deciding who's in charge should be number one on our list of priorities.

Hiei, makes his presence known by all as he steps into the light of the main hall. Upon seeing many members worried about their tardiness, Hiei puts up a soothing hand in order to restore order.

"Relax, this meeting cannot start until the master of flutes and flames has arrived. Now that I am here we shall wait for the return of the others to work out our issues."

30th December 2005, 09:50 PM
Ali Dheren silently watched the members of the Brethren coming in, greeting and presenting themselves in one or another fashion. She could see in each eye the traces of their adventures, how much they have lived and how much they were bringing to enrichen the life of the Brethren.

She could not help to feel the emptiness left by those who would not come back in this occasion. She lowered her head and silently muttered a prayer for them before walking to address Chronicius.

Do not be deceived, Chronicius. These are the winter days of an era and for us it means a crisis, for every season means a change, though none is as empty and cold as winter. Do not judge our power for the surface. Suffer no despair. For winter is a slow time. Many things are asleep. Many people go and just a few stay to guard the fire. But now is time for us to awake, and to reunite again.
We are a legendary clan because we have been here for ages, legends are written only by the passage of time. We have seen many winters and lived by many crises. Now, Chronicius, you are simply witnessing one of them, and I find that not even this is casual, for in a way, you are part of our new motion. Time will say if this it will be as friends or as brothers.

Ali Dheren stood then in the middle of the hall and looked at all her brothers of the Clan. She was not standing in any high position. Her stance and shine were enough to call attention to her without claiming any kind of leadership. She simply spoke as the present dweller of the fortress.

Now those that have guarded the fire of the Brethren, greet you all, brothers and welcome you. As DragonsPhyre said, it is now time for examination, decision and compromise. Many deeds and quests await us.

I suggest that DragonsPhyre and Master Hiei as our present Assistant Headmasters lead this meeting to choose our new council and organize the Brethren.

Ali turned to face them and bowed to them in the outmost respect. Then, she walked next to Chronicius and placed a hand in his shoulder to reassure him. If he needed help, now was a great moment to get it.

30th December 2005, 10:21 PM
I somehow didn't make it onto the member list before Callisto left (and neither did archededge), so I didn't get the pm. I may not be of any importance, but I'm at least gonna show up, damn it.

Everything seemed the same as the last time he had appeared here. The forest still grew thick, and the fortress still remained, adamant and everlasting. Yet so much had changed. The prestigious band of brothers Duke had been admitted to had at last defied the image its fortress would forever hold. The clan was no longer adamant, and strong, no longer what the young man had found on his first journey through the great doors that lay ajar before him.

The message Duke Harlequin held in his left hand had confirmed his suspicions. The clan had been falling apart, yet it seemed that at least one of the Brethren had kept hope. The sender, Dragonsphyre, appeared to be taking charge, at least for now, to gather the scattered brethren, and reunite them.

It's good to know that I will not be the last.

Sighing deeply, Duke took the final steps through the door, still ajar with a visible dent in the center. Once again his memories flooded back as he laid eyes upon the great halls that lay before him. Had it really been so long ago? The events that had come to pass within his first day still seemed fresh in his mind. He would have to remember to ask Hiei how Nova was doing.

As he approached the inner chambers, he could pick up the distant echo of voices. Some he recognized from his previous visits, but others he had not heard before. After a short argument with a guard about whether or not he actually was a member of the Bretrhren, Duke was admitted into the central chamber. The hall held many of the Brethren, yet it still seemed quite empty. Only one face of the party was recognizable to the young warrior: Hiei, as he had been his evaluater, though the rest - an elvish-looking man, a silver-skinned woman, a man in a kimono, and a pink-haired girl - he had never seen before, with the exeption of the first two, whom he had seen, but did not know by name.

I guess the elvish guy is DragonsPhyre, but who are the rest of them?

"Terribly sorry, if I'm late, but I guess most of won't know me. I'm Duke Harlequin."

Phoenix Ash
30th December 2005, 11:28 PM
My apoligies, im4evil. I would've sent you a PM had you been on the list. Thanks for replying anyways, though. And thanks to the rest of you for responding so quickly!

DragonsPhyre blinked a few times as members of the clan began streaming in, then smiled as they all announced themselves. He chuckled as Hiei entered and made his announcement. He winked as he responded to his fellow temporary leader.

"Master of flames, I'll admit. Flutes....eh." The half-elf looked around at the group that gathered, nodding respectfully to all of them. "Chronicus, what Ali says is correct. This is simply another crisis for us to weather, much as we've done before. You will get your help, no worries."

He motioned for Hiei to stand beside him. "Everyone, thanks for coming so quickly. I figured there was something wrong with no one here all this time, and us essentially leaderless. Well...officially leaderless anyways. I know that not everyone's here, but with Hiei's agreement, I would like for us to go ahead and start discussing potential new leaders. We also need to decide if we're just going to elect one new Headmaster and continue waiting for Vincent to come back, or go ahead and elect an entirely new pair.

"I would recommend demoting Vincent and electing a new pair of Headmasters. The Council, if the rest of them report in, can stay the same. That's my opinion. What are yours?"

31st December 2005, 04:02 AM
Same things as im4evil.

The rumours had spread far in the land that the Brethren of Elements was collapsing, they were leaderless, and the members were scattered throughout the land, without a direct purpose regarding the whole clan.

As soon as Zealot heard this, a letter had arrived to him, requesting that he head towards the headquarters for a meeting. He had travelled for a long time, but now he was here. Looking up from the letter, his eyes once again took in the beauty of the whole place. He smiled, as he remembered when he had been here before, and taken his evaluation with Alannon. But even before that, when he was a member of the clan.

He walked into the building, and followed the echoes of chatter towards the inner hall. There he found the congregation, most of them he knew. His face registered a look of surprise as he saw Chronicus, but it turned into a smile of recognition as he had made himself known. Stepping forwards he spoke.

"I'm also here. My apologies for being late."