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11th September 2004, 11:21 AM
Ferdinand sat quietly outside the City Hall of Chicago. His body was clothed normally, a suede leather jacket and blue jeans. The only noticable item he held was a ivory incrested cane, on which an emblem was etched. His tattered brown hair was waving violently through the wind, and he tried to remember why he was here in the first place.

The malkavian curse was stronger now on his being, though he was able to control his strange ways most of the time. Some would classify his as an obsessive compulsive, he often repeated himself three times, and would double step on every third step he takes.

The moon was just rising in the eat as the clock across the street chimed with the sounds of Midnight. He looked up to see a cat dart across the street, and he sighed.

Perhaps she isnt coming... I need her though. Without support of neonates and the Ancillae, i will not control this city. I must speak with her.

Ferdinand sat there tapping his cane against the sidewalk, notbreathing, but instead longing for the taste of blood.

16th September 2004, 09:14 PM
Shiori watched silently from her perch in the shadows, the long strands of her hair constricting about her features. Tonight she had let them flutter freely, tamed only when she pulled the top of her hoodie up to cover her face. For now she remained silent, the soft blue spheres of her eyes studying idley,weary of making her presence known. She wasn't hidden, quite the contrary, she just stood there watching from a distance waiting for the moment to approach him. He seemed distracted and she wasn't one to interupt a moment of personal reflection.

Her present outfit was average, caressing her form was a sleek pair of black pants, a low cut white tank top cut off at midrift, matched with a black hoodie pulled over and zipped up. She wore a few peices of jewelry; silver earrings and a slender matching necklace as well as a few rings fitted with onix stones. Black was a good color for her. Her already deep red lips were coated with a layer of lip gloss, and her make up was basically non-exsistant. It wasn't as if you could see her in the eveloping darkness anyway.

She faked a sigh and rolled her eyes, giving her favorite impression of a bored and annoyed young woman fresh from her teenage years. Sucking at her teeth with an impatient "tsk" she finally made her way over to him, her steps light to contrast with the outfit, a delicate smile curved upon her face.

16th September 2004, 09:39 PM
Ferdinand gently tapped his cane as he waited beneath the pale glow of the street lights. If the young neonate, who had called him, didnt show soon, he would leave. The gentle tappings of her shoes brought the slight hint of a smile to the Malkavian's face. He was never one to wait long, but in this case... he had made an exception. He choose not to look in her direction, he wasnt very apt to looking at people, especially not in their eyes. Looking at a stranger's eyes could be suicide for any being who looked into the wrong vampire's empty gaze.

The gentle steps of the girl told Ferdinand she was of a light build. The way the steps echoed a rhythmic sonnet through the streets informed the insightful vampire that she was accustomed to impressing the wrong types of people. Undoubtably, Toreandor... Why else make such a fuss over a walk Ferdinand's judgement was without guilt, for he was not aware of his shuffle like walk. Most malkavians don't notice their eccentricities until it is far too late. He sat up into a more erect sitting position and gazed longingly down the street. His suede jacket ruffled in the wind, shaking his neck with the violent wisps.

"I suppose you would call this fashionably late?" the young vampire said with a hint of arrogance.

16th September 2004, 10:18 PM
She grinned nonchalantly, waving a few fingers in the air as if to dismiss the subject completely. The aura of pride hung about her, she held herself as if she owned the world. And perhaps in her mind, she did. Her digits were slender, decorated with the occasional flash of silver, her real nails were done to resemble a french manicure. Pushing a lock of hair behind her ears she removed the cloth from her head, staring shyly from between long eyelashes. They had an delicate red tint to them, the masacara adding a hint of color to draw more attention to her eyes.

She eyed him patiently, already weighing and deciding his nature and the limitations, or lack there of, of this interaction. Her mind cold and calculating, particularly meticulous. She absent mindedly pushed a few more strands of hair over her shoulder, mentally cursing herself for not restraining them before hand. Her lips part for a moment, a light joviant chuckle emerging. "I suppose you would be unreasonably early?"

17th September 2004, 05:36 PM
The plain faced man smiled and raised his cane to his mouth, kissing it three times. His hands shaked softly as he sat it down beside his lap. Ferdinand was not pleased by her sarcasm. He leaned back against the wooden rest of the bench. His glossy vampiric eyes never looking away from the dark corners of the nearby street. The oaken tint of his hair made his facial features barely visable in the hidden lot near City Hall.

Unworthy tramp. I'll teach her a Toreandor's place in the Kindred. But not tonight, no... We'll see how she reacts with the plan first.

He glanced her way, almost as if he was inviting her to sit beside him. The light crossed his face, showing a bit of his nose and mouth. His pink lips barely opened as he said, "Early is a virtue, for we only have the night to romp. Best to attend to business while the sky is still dark with the tar of sin. Speaking of business, why did you call me?"

17th September 2004, 06:24 PM
A brief moment of silence passed in the air between them, seeming to shiver in the breeze. It was anything but golden, nor was it the deep rich vibrant darkness of a moonless night. It seemed tainted, words left unsaid, thoughts left to sink into the depths unable to escape and shatter the barrier. Taking another farce sigh, the sound seeming muffled by the slight stirring breeze, she glanced around at the world about them. Her eyes were narrow, pupils which should be dilated in the overwhelming shadows instead retracted to a narrow gaze.

Turning back in his direction she tilted her head, leaning down so as to not raise her voice above a scarce whisper. "I think you know. And if you don't then I'm talking to the wrong person. I was told you could help me. Can you or can't you?"