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11th September 2004, 08:20 AM
Name: Darth Noir

Age: n/a

Affiliation: Sith

Species: Zabrak

Height: 1.70 meters

Weight: 175lbs.

Skin Color: Light brown, with the similar pattern to darth Maul, but in gold.

Clothes: Traditional Sith robes, Black. With strong deep brown boots.

Hair: None, He has Three horns, one on the left, one on the front, and one on the back. They are normal Zabrakian horns.

Weapons: Traditional Red lightsaber.

Personality: very quiet and reserved due to the fact he has worked for the Sith, and has been alone on most of his missions.

Sith Spells: None as yet.

History: Originally a Jedi Student, he began to feel frustrated early on, feeling he could be excelling beyond his fellow Jedi students.
Later on in his training, he felt the same frustration, but this time acted on it, he fell out with the Jedi, and fled to yavin 4.
There he found the ancient tamples of the Sith, and realising this was his destiny, stowed away on a ship and left Yavin 4 to begin training under The Sith.

23rd September 2004, 07:52 AM
cough so I must be assuming that the "Dark Jedi Clan" is set in the old republic because you clearly have a character from that time
also I'm pretty certain that Darth Maul was meant to have face painting and that was not his skin tone >_> incase you actually meant that it was the color of his face paint you did not make that clear or even mention it
also the fact that your character is set in this time means it's impossible for the NJO and the dark jedi clan to be associated
as far as I know at any rate

Edit: if somehow you are NOT in the old republic time set then you need to elaborate a bit more on the history
reposting is fun

also Yavin 4 has a Jedi Academy on it during the time NJO is set in :O