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20th March 2005, 09:48 AM
Three years ago I wrote a poem for a poetry project

At that time an un-needed war was about to start, the world had a sudden grave fear for terrorism (odd since the threat was much greater several centuries ago when the terrorists were mostly in the western world), and people were distrusting each other...a lot of people believed to be Muslim were questioned for terrorism.

And what happened when people tried to fight this oppresion and reach out to society? They were considered on the terrorist watch list...Rock bands that wanted to break out....news anchors that complained to the government....it was a tough time for everyone as the government resorted to comformity to stifle any attempt for people to speak against the violence.

But its been three years since that time....and the movement against this violence and lack of love has hit mainstream status. International/National shows complain about the american president's actions....many songs such as Green Day's "American Idiot", Black Eyed Piece's "Where is the love", and Sum 41's "Still Waiting" became the anthems for the youth against the hate....the movement is growing.....but so the world's hatred.

So, while I was experiencing the violence created by a mass dictator....I wrote this:

Without friendship the world would not be;
Without each other we would not sail the sea;
But war goes on;
Soon man will be gone;
World peace will never be.