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20th March 2005, 01:16 AM

How is it that during attacking, weapons are sabs?
and how is it that I sabs someone weapon and when I recon again it's there and not distroyed?


20th March 2005, 01:24 AM
if you attack and it says that weapons were sabbed, it means that they were already sabbed and you broke them by attacking. When you sab someone's weapons they dont automatically break or disappear, the person has to attack to break attack weapns, and they have to be attacked to break defense weapons

20th March 2005, 01:41 AM
If I subs someone a defence weapon, any one who will attack him will break the weapon, or only if I'll attack him?
Same question for the attack weapons, if I sabs someone attack weapon, if he attack any one it's subs, or only attack me?

Also, what can I do if I was subed? and how can I know about it?


20th March 2005, 08:20 AM
if your sabbed and are told (if the player apologises)then you have to sell it to avoid losing it
Yes if you sab someones defense weapon, the next person to attack him/her will break that weapon
same as if you were sabbed and same with attack weapons
If you have weapons that have been sabbed but not been attackedand havent attacked then nothing will be taken
there is no way to be sure if you've lost anything and how much, if you've been sabbed and you have attacked and or been attacked since then, check the details of the most recent after the sabbings and it will say something like
All were used
None were found to be sabotaged Or it will tell you what was sabbed and how many you lost

20th March 2005, 09:34 AM

and how is it that I sabs someone weapon and when I recon again it's there and not distroyed?


You have sabbed the weapon, but it will only break when it is used during a defencive action or an attack. The sabbed player can still sell his weapon...

21st March 2005, 11:54 AM
if you sabotage someone defence weapon,it will break when others attack him,so do the attack weapon,when he attack other,it will automatic broke.
you can check in intelligent list,see how many spy been detect by your sentry.4 times mean he failed 4 times,and left down 6 times and he might recon you for one time,and left down 5 times to sabotage you(for age 3,a person only can recon or sabotage someone for 10 times but i not sure it is same in age 4).once you notice the intelligent list got 4 times failed,you better guess what the 6 item which he been sabotage you.
for my advice,buy bmp and IS for you defence and attack weapon,it easy for you to trace what kind of weapon they been sabotage,besides that,only those who have a very high rank or have thousand plus soldier will get lvl 10 for the corvert skill.so you will be safe for being sabotage by normal player,but is more better for not sabotage others,unless you having a good rank for your sentry