View Full Version : Stopping Auto-things

17th March 2005, 09:01 PM
I realize that there are plenty of threads that have complaints about the codes but I haven't seen any sugjestions or polls. So easy to destroy so hard to create. I would like some recomendations. Should they use the image that appears twice, the codes, the image number thing (like in clicking your link), the codes but make them only numbers, the codes but make them only letters, or some other thing. I personally want to see them use the image that apperes twice but use only letters or only numbers cause some of them look alike. S and 5 or 1 and I or 0 and o or l and 1 or Q and 0. It really annoys everyone. Oh and to the admins: what was wrong with the click on the image that apperes 2 times?
Sorry there was an error with the poll i need to redo this. Look for it. The title will have a ! next to it.