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The Truth
10th September 2004, 09:59 PM
Game name : Shadowrun
Developer : Enix
Release Date : 1993
Console : SNES (a Genesis version was also released)
Genre : Role Playing Game

Story : Set in Seattle in the not-so-distant future, you awake as Jake Armitage, and you have no idea what is going on. Awakening in a morgue, you were mistaken for dead, yet saved at the last second by your spirit guide. You will have to find out exactly what put you in the morgue, who you are, and what you were doing. With the help of your guide, you unlock repressed skills, find clues as to the whereabouts of local baddies, and set out to get yourself a heaping chunk of revenge.

Graphics : Mediocre by the standards set in the SNES generation. There is some decent color and nice menu screen interfaces, but the graphics designers may have been a bit lazy here.

Music : Outstanding. Some of the best Midi files in the world came from this game; if you can’t catch a smooth vibe off the kick-ass lyrics of Shadowrun, then I truly pity you.

Storyline Judgement : The storyline here is very good, but not great. When you get into details about what is going on you will find there is a lush environment surrounding you. Unfortunately, it is not always clear what you are supposed to do next. Shadowrun comes with a relatively significant learning curve.

Gameplay : Terrific. The RPG style play involves real time action, and although the details on the fights are lackluster, the options available are not. Heavy firearm fire is standard fare, and you will learn magical spells to help advance you through the game. You can also hire Shadowrunners, a community of mercenaries, hackers, and mages that will come to your aid for a price. Oh, and there is the matrix…

Originalities in the game : 10. This game was the first to really mention a concept of “the Matrix”. Made in 1993, this game includes an in-game feature known as “the matrix” where you jack into local computers and travel around, killing nodes and finding information to unlock passages, doors, and download files for use in “the real world”. Interesting to say the least. This game also features a pretty smooth leveling system, as you earn “Karma” points instead of leveling. Your character grows as a 100% reflection of your customization, so you can build a ferocious mage, a powerful gunfighter, or a skilled code cracker.

Of course, because I love this game, I usually just create the OMG WTF UBER-SUPER-JEDI character that owns the universe.

Replay Factor : Huge. This is a very quick RPG when you learn how to play it, and beating it in ten hours is not unusual. I have beaten this game no less than ten times and am looking forward to opening another can of RPG whoop ass.

Overall rating :
Story – 6
Graphics – 5
Music – 9
Storyline Judgement – 5
Gameplay - 9
Originalities - 10

overall score : 7. If the game were any better, you would know all about it and it would be one of those “all time classics”. This game, because of its shortcomings, is limited to being merely a great sleeper title. Make sure you check it out.

10th September 2004, 10:21 PM
Heh, I'd probably check this game out if I had a SNES. I have the newer systems, and all of my older ones are gone with the wind.

The Truth
10th September 2004, 10:24 PM

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