View Full Version : Quick Verification Block suggestion

The Truth
16th March 2005, 05:32 AM
I love the verification block; having it their has (at least temporarily) rooted out autobuyers and allows for me to pillage TBG. Nicely done.

One quick annoyance is merely the fact that several character can be quite easily confused. Specifically, "I + 1", "H + N", "S + 5".

That is all I can think of. The nature of these characters makes them prone to confusion, but with the block-letter setup it is REALLY tough to distinguish them. Is there any way to just edit these six characters to make them more distinct? It would certainly cut down on errors during game and stress during sell-offs for upgrades.

Again, a small suggestion for a minor change. Other than that, great insertion of this system to stop cheating.

16th March 2005, 07:18 AM
Sometimes I can't tell difference between the a and 9 and q either when they are squashed up.

But yeah generally it's a good system. Without those few annoying ones it would be great. And you wouldn't even need to lose the amount of variations of code as you could replace the letters with ? or & or % symbols etc.. if needed.

One other thing about it - if you want to sab someone then you need to enter the code 11 times. Why not just make it so you only have to enter the code to enter the attack/spy page? I can't see any problems with this and you would only need to enter the code once.

16th March 2005, 08:46 AM
You know, when I was doing a quick attack (get a bunch of targets in different windows, and jst put in 15, for all of them, and run through all the windows and hit attack... atleast in AGE3 it was like that) I put in 15 turns, and the code I was given for all 10 targets, and when I went to run through, when I got to the second page, I ran into trouble, cuz the page reloaded saying I didn't put in the right characters. I know I did, but what happened was the page had be refreshed cuz of the previous attack, the info wasn't the same as b4. So I had to type in 30 letters as I'm doing a quick attack, and it was just really annoying. I was lucky that no1 saw me, and also that I didn't mix up any of the letters. That used to be 1 of the classic techniques in KoC, but now it's almost useless w/ the capcha system included.

and I even got a pic that looked like this (the attachment)... I don't know how I managed ot get it right, but I did. I stared at it for about 10 seconds trying to remember which was which.