View Full Version : Bug Fix Solution

15th March 2005, 03:12 PM
HI, I signed up to give up already just for the reason to post about the bug problems In KOC. I have been reading lots of complaints about the bugs and I have a solution. I have contacted the owners via e-mail through their business queries link at the bottom of the main KOC page. here's what I wrote

"Hello , I speak for many other players as well as myself when I say fix your DAMN GAME!!! Too many bugs!!!! Fix Them!!!! Can't use your ads when they won't work cuz the page goes to "Not found" or a 403 error "Permission denied" Fix them you will loose many players....Look at the forum and read the negative posts!!!!! FIX THE GAME!!!!"

If we get about 500 or so of you to do this then maybe they will get the message that there is a problem and fix it. It seems that there no other way to contact them other then this since of course this game is the main main source of their profitable business. If the game down or begins to drop off in numbers of players it will shut down and they loose their profits.......SEND THEM A MESSAGE that we care about this game and want it fixed!!!!!!! It's the least they could do!!!