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15th March 2005, 01:50 AM
Alliance Name: Avlivan Alliance

Alliance Member Count (on forums):Currently 144, but we will be cutting that back soon..

Alliance Forum Link: http://loxxy.proboards26.com

Brief description of your alliance: Avliva was founded late age two by Loxxy, who has now since retired from KoC, and is now run by Kalki and myself (Xruul). Since Age 3 we have been allies of Phoenix Rising, several of our members being in Explosion, but there are some of us who arent in the PR chain. (Although not many..)

What we offer --

--We have our own chat.
--Our own clickmaster (which is generally unused due to obvious reasons..)
--Experienced members who have played over many ages

Anyone can feel free to join and be welcome.

Long Live Avliva!


Approved, IWRY

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