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14th March 2005, 06:34 PM
Ok well let me explain my problem first. Ok when i boot up my comp it loads up all the way to the thing where it says windows xp professional, and those blue lines going acroos the screen. After that my comp reboots, and continues.

I tell my friend this problem he tells me this.

sorry to break it to you man, i think it might be a hard drive
problem. everything in your computer is stock, besides ram and your
graphics card. the hard drive is the only thing that could be doing
this, do this,

reformat once more, and run a scan disk and defrag.

maybe it will find an error in the partition and fix it.

oh, and make
sure when your reformat, don't use hp discs at all. waste of
time. just do this,

insert the windows xp disc, it'll prompt you to
"Press any key to boot from CD..." press the "any" key and continue.

it'll start going and doing the preloading. once done it'll say press
enter to continue
press enter, then F8 to agree to EULA, then it'll
say something like install windows and total install windows or "press
D to delete partition" then press "D" and then it'll show you the
drives and then you select your hard-drive and press enter, it'll say:
NTFS Format(quick), NTFS Format, FAT32 Format(quick), and FAT32
Format. Select NTFS Format(the one that doesn't say "quick") and your
set. select it and it'll start installing, then it'll restart and do
another install, when it restarts, do not press "any" key to boot from
cd. just let it go. But now heres the thing. I put in the windows xp cd and then it won't boot it up. My bro says I have to use the original HP disks. And so we do but after 4 hours of reformatting adn upgrading back tp XP a few minutes later it had the same problem.

Even going into safe mode or any mode it stops at a windows 32 file called .MUP

Please help.

14th March 2005, 08:43 PM

This link should be helpful. Scroll down a bit, they will give you the answer to your problem.

15th March 2005, 01:22 AM
If i was you i would have done chkdsk first in dos, this would have at least let you check if windows has an error. Anyway whats done is done.

It sounds to me that you have a nackered hard drive, i say this because it cannot store the windows information properly and is making it boot funny with blue lines. As you have just done a proper install it sounds incredibly unlikely that windows has somehow currupted itself again.

15th March 2005, 06:20 AM
Those blue lines are just like this, but just window professional not service pack 2.

Nuttin wrong with it, its just my comp won't boot up. And looking at the link that raven put up the MUP.sys file should not be doing anything wtih this.

Its that as soon as it loads the whole window screen and all, its just reboots and starts all over again.