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11th March 2005, 02:29 PM
I have been playing the game since Age 3 and have a few suggestions of my own which probably have been brought up in this forum before but never assembled together as far as I know.

1. Allow commanders to drop officers at any time in the game. This has been suggested numbers of times but not in a fashion as I see. The problem with commanders not being able to drop (ditch) officers is the fact that sometimes their own officers don't follow the guidelines of the chain and the commander has no way of dropping an officer. The dropped officer would be their own commander and is allowed to choose another commander when this happens.

2. Click credit system should be from your officers only. A grandchild of the chain of command should be the responsiblity of your officer who is the commander of that officer and no other. Therefore the click credits go directly to the commander of the officer and not up the chain. What this allows is a commander to have control of their officer, yet be responsible only for their own officers and not a sub-officer.

3. When there are attacks, it would be very beneficial to have a way of knowing who the top officer of the chain is for the person you are attacking rather than click up the line and slow down the system that way. Looking up and down the lines is okay too, but knowing what chain it is makes decisions more immediate with fewer mistakes.

4. To still make the system work "up the chain"... Instead of click credits, it should entail "Army size". This makes more sense. The total army size is the combination of all your officers and subs, correct? The top of the chain would get credit for total army size of the entire chain rather than "click credit", kind of hard to explain, but easy to picture. This eliminates the "Middle officer syndrome". A goal can be reached or obtained this way, maybe not a "Top-Down" system but rather a "Gained" system of power.

5. For seizures, wouldn't the combined strength of all your officers under your command and their army be your total army? And the leader of that army would command their officers to target a common enemy? Forming a strategy to the game makes it more playable. Wouldn't it be VERY cool to be the lead officer using the combined strength of your entire chain to work for you? (Imagine the combined strength in that!)

I know (arguably) that chains of command work the way they do because of the layout of the game itself. Making for a more playable KoC is another idea. Perhaps these ideas can be implimented in the next Age, or even gradually implimented in Age 4. I like the game and enjoy playing it.
Hopefully for the better, these ideas will help make KoC a more enjoyable game for everyone.

20th March 2005, 08:27 PM
lol i put foward this idea a few days ago, maybe a week or more..and i had my thread locked for it....

20th March 2005, 10:23 PM
Good suggestions and I do support your ideas but...