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4th September 2004, 03:38 PM
Pstr2blvia make the first post

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4th September 2004, 06:26 PM
This thread is open for new members, so if you'd like to join, just come on in. Sorry, but no Dark Jedi or Sith allowed.

1: Respect everyone, especially people higher up than you.
2: Please, don't stray off topic.
3: Try to make it an IC thread...

CURRENT MEMBERS (http://pstr2blvia.com/Zadok/NJO/MemberList.htm)



Honorary Members:
Matev Kenas - Master
Zekk - Investigator
CallistoX - Master


Jedi Adept: This group is hardly considered a jedi, having only begun their long path to wisdom. They are trained in the fundamental ways of the force until deemed worthy of special training as a padawan.

Jedi Padawan: These are the newest members, lacking in training both in force and combat skills. Can only use basic force moves. They will be trained by the designated masters until the masters feel they are ready to take the Trials.

Jedi Knight: These are the normal rankings, showing proficiency in either Force of combat skills. Can use level two force moves. Training is optional, and are able to take Trials whenever they feel like they are ready.

Jedi Master: These are truly great Jedi, commanding mastery over the force, and demonstrating immense combat skills. Are able to use all force skills. They are the only ones allowed to train and/or promote people from lower ranks.

Honorary Members: Members who used to be a part of the NJO, but have left, or been inactive.

Jedi Council: These people decide upon all matters of the clan. In essence, they are co-leaders. The Leader can override the whole council if necessary.



Jedi Consular: These are jedi usually more into studying the past and present to make sure that history doesn't repeat itself, focusing more upon Force abilities than Combat skills. (Invent things, etc...)

Jedi Sentinel: These jedi keep watch in the galaxy, looking for problems that need to be solved, focusing more upon Combat skills than Force abilities(Clan battles, quests, etc...)

Jedi Guardian: These jedi are combatants, who fight for the protection of justice, keeping a level balance of both Force abilities and Combat Skills. (Common member)

Jedi Master: These Jedi complete all three classes, combining all the characterstics of the Jedi Order.


10/3 - We have a chat thread now in the Misc Clan Forum. Check out the link below.
1/9/06 - The Lightsaber Creation page is now finished. Check out the link below.]
3/29/06 - Revamped the Force Moves Training Regime. Check out the link below.


Clan Chat (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=492382)

Quest : Restore Order to the Chaos (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=21832)

Force Training (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=87)

Force Skills (http://pstr2blvia.com/Zadok/NJO/ForceMoves/JediForceMoves.htm)

Force Skill Requirements (http://pstr2blvia.com/Zadok/NJO/ForceMoves/Advancement.htm) *NEW*

Lightsaber Training (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=13976)

Lightsaber Skills (http://pstr2blvia.com/Zadok/NJO/Lightsaber/Lightsaber.htm)

Lightsaber Creation Page (http://www.pstr2blvia.com/Zadok/NJO/Lightsaber/Blades/LightsaberCreation.htm) *NEW*

The Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy,
Jedi use their powers to defend and protect,
never to attack others.
Jedi respect all life, in any form.
Jedi serve others rather than rule over them,
For the good of the galaxy.
Jedi seek to improve themselves
through knowledge and training.
Ever seeking knowledge and peace,
a Jedi never uses the force
to gain wealth or personal power.
Because hatred, anger, fear, and aggression
are made up of negative energy,
Jedi apprentices are instructed only to act
when they are at peace with the Force
There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is the Force.

5th September 2004, 02:17 AM
OOC: Sweee! First one to report in! ^________________^ Pstr2blvia, are you going to old the NJO quest after your current one in the BA finishes?

"Hey... Come on, wake up! You're the only one still in this transport..."

"Huh? Oh... Excuse me..."

Kathy looked at the pilot standing over her, and smiled while rubbing her eyes somewhat. She, again, had fallen asleep during the hyperspace jump. And even though that was perfectly normal as most Padawans and Adepts chose to sleep during the jump, Kathy was always one to see hyperspace through the windows of the ship. Which ment that her sleep was usually one of exhaustment and lying on the metal floor, using her wings as a blanket. The man helped her up, and she slowly walked out of the ship and hanger, greeting a nearby astromech droid with;

"Hello, master Zadok... I'm going to bed..."

The only thing 'awake' on her was the part of her brain which told her how to walk, and where to go. Though she bumbed into a couple of closed doors during the trip to her room. Finally, she got there, but after having bumbed into her door again (and opened it), she walked over to where she thought her bed was, and slowly set herself down, again curling up somewhat to make sure her wings would cover her again. It didn't take the girl long before she fell asleep. Little did she know that she was lying on the ground.


Slowly, the winged girl woke up again, streching out her wings, arms and legs as she opened her eyes. What am I doing... On the floor? The girl stood up, fixing her ruffled blue robe, before using the foodprocesser to make breakfast (which was lunch, and involved a lot of bashing the device with a fist). As she sat down to eat, she wondered for a moment what she could do today. Going on the trip to find the Lightsaber crystals was one thing, of course... But the preperations weren't ready yet and she had to find something else to do. The girl decided to just go sit on a bookshelf in the Archieves while reading something informatife. After having finished her 'breakfast', the girl ran out for the Archieves, hoping to find a useful book on basic Force techniques or meditation.

OOC: Sweet! Looks like there's a Sith / Dark Jedi clan registering! ^___^ *Forsees fun clan wars in the future.*

5th September 2004, 12:53 PM
Ooc: I have returned, but under a different name. When are the rest of the clans registering?

Ic: Tarcisus woke up. It was the big day: excursion for crystals for their lightsabers was coming soon. Today he would train hard and study as well. He threw on this robe and belt and went off to the training room. He thought of everything he had to do today. He didn't feel like doing work, as he grumbled his way down the corridor under his breath. He needed to work on his impatience.

Ooc: i'm in the training room also, waiting. greetings everyone. I may recreate Tarcisus, so bear with me. sorry this is short. i cant stay.

5th September 2004, 01:40 PM
Tim walked into the NJO base. He walked up to Zadok, and bowed low.

"Sir, I have come to rejoin the NJO, after my slight . . . absence. Will you still have me?"

OoC: Hello, again. Where's the banner for this clan?

6th September 2004, 12:33 PM
A mysterious stranger known as Tarios steps up to state a question.

"Does one require to be of BA or T'L inorder to seek membership into this clan? or both?"

He stands to wait a reply.

6th September 2004, 10:36 PM
* Kyra walks in *

" I am just showing up so every body knows i still want to stay in the NJO "

( Yea, a clan quest would be cool. could we do one? )

7th September 2004, 04:55 AM
A tall man not belonging to the clan walked into the HQ of the NJO. He wore a long dark red full body cloak with a hood that his his face. He looked around at the clan, not sure who was the leader, and opted just to announce himself before they got angry for an intrusion.

Charnel: Members of the New Jedi Order. I am Charnel, envoy from the Dragon Riders Clan. I've been sent to make you aware of a happening of great importance to GUA and to request your support.

Charnel waited to see the clan's reaction before he went on with the reason he had come.

7th September 2004, 06:17 AM
OOC: Tytrox: you need a BA char, basicly, but he or she can be simulair to a T'L char.

Kathy was just about to enter the archieves, but then saw two strangers waiting in the hall. Skipping to a halt, the winged girl wondered what this was about, and approached them. One of them looked familiar... Charnel? I haven't seen him since we slayed that Dragon of Darkness... The other she didn't recogninge, though. But then, the mysterious one spoke, though it was one of the weirdest questions she ever heard.

"Does one require to be of BA or T'L inorder to seek membership into this clan? or both?"

"... What?"

The girl had never heard of anything like 'BA' or 'T'L'. Mentally shrugging, she looked towards Charnel again, listening to what he had to say. A great happening? I wonder what he means... She slowly nodded at him.

"Welcome to the Jedi Temple, Charnel, and sir. I don't know why you are here, but I'll alert the Council of your presence."

She wanted to turn around, but stopped halfway, turning back to look at Charnel and the stranger again, beconing them to follow her as she started to walk towards the Council Chambers.

"Um... Please follow me. Charnel, could you tell me about what event you are talking?"

7th September 2004, 06:54 AM
OOC: Jedi quest, Jedi quest, ooooh Jedi quest........do I have to say more? When will you old quest be finished Pstr2blvia. BTW just out of curiositie, why the name Pstr2blvia I mean it does not mean anything, neither is it a name (well oke it is, but not as I mean.......)

Ic: Revan enteres the great halls of the Jedi temple, after some training he is kinda tired but still looks if though he had just stood up out of bed. He generously greeted some Jedi in the hall that passed by him and continued to his chambers.

OOC: Damn short post.......

7th September 2004, 07:18 AM
OOC - Sorry guys, weekends are the absolute hardest time for me to actually post **mumbles something about Tau's perfect timing on the weekend** As for a banner, Here is a link (http://www.pstr2blvia.com/Zadok/NJO_Smaller.jpg) And the quest will be up the moment I can type up an intro. (Finally finished Piciking up the Pieces...911 posts...sheesh!)

**Zadok is seated at the Council table, scanning over documents and manifests in regards to the scheduled Jedi mission to Ilam. As he continues to peruse the documents, he can overhear talking in the atrium, as if someone is annoucning their arrival. Looking up, he sees Kathy approaching with two new comers to the Jedi Temple.

"Well, Kathy. Who is it that you bring in tow today? Is that Charnel I see?"

7th September 2004, 07:39 AM
OOC: Damned. That means that either a miracle happens and one of Delita's quests DON'T go as fast as the light, or I'm not able to enter it. Grmn...

Kathy approached her master, and bowed a little. Stepping to the side, she allowed the newcomers to come in front of the Council (though... Kathy noticed a couple were missing) and say what they wanted to or had to. The girl noticed that Zadok had buried himself in books and documents, and she hoped it had to do with their upcoming journey. She smiled a little and pointed at the strangers.

"Sir, this is Charnel, from the Dragonriders, and this..."

The girl looked over to the other one, scratching her neck a little and streching out her wings in a confused way.

"I don't know who he is. All he did was ask a question about using BA... Characters or something. I think he wishes to join."

She bowed once more to her master, but then walked out of the room again, leaving them to discuss their business in privet as she went towards the Archieves once again. She wondered whether there were any books on how to construct Lightsabers...

7th September 2004, 07:46 AM
Tarios, a rather medium-built and average height figure and young-looking man, steps forward to Zodak and announces.

"I apologise if what I have spoken seemed to be a little indifferent, what I said wasn't important. What I wish to do is become one with the Jedi and improve my strength and abilities as a Jedi. I request to run through the training however as for recently within the past year I discovered I had become Force-sensitive I believe, and I wish to find out if what power I felt is true that exists in me."

Phoenix Ash
7th September 2004, 11:13 AM
DragonsPhyre, softly cursing to himself, swiftly walked into the Jedi Headquarters. He wore loose navy blue clothing, and had a staff in his right hand. The half-elf looked briefly for Charnel, and when he couldn't find him, decided to ask the first Jedi he came upon.

"Excuse me. I am DragonsPhyre, and I'm looking for Charnel. He might've come this way recently and I'm supposed to be helping him on a diplomatic mission on behalf of the DragonRiders. Do you know where he went?"

7th September 2004, 11:36 AM
Zealot walked upto the council, closing the doors behind him. He gave a slgiht bow and then turned to the council.

"Council, long ago i was in this clan. But left due to" he struggled with his words, "...unforseen matters. I request permission to once more join this clan."

He dropped his head while he waited for his answer.

7th September 2004, 11:50 AM
OOC - Sorry guys. I can't write the intro until later tonight. My computer at work has contracted a Sasser Variant and shuts down every few minutes.

**Nodding to Kathy as she left, Zadok turned his gaze upon the two that stood before him, and listened as one introduced himself and gave his reason for approaching the council. But before Zadok could respond, another entered, looking for Charnel. And before Zadok could speak to the newest arrival, yet another person entered the council chambers, though this newest arrival Zadok recognized as one of the older members of the Jedi order.

Hmmm...busy day.

**Turning his attention to the still unnamed applicant, Zadok smiled and nodded his head with approval.

"If what you speak is truth, in that you have Force Affinity and that you are willing to endure the rigors of Jedi training, than you are most welcome to join the Order.”

**Depressing a button upon the table, a console screen rose from the flat surface and Zadok began to tap at the keyboard until he paused and looked at the applicant once more.

“By the way, I never got your name.”

**Zadok continued to tap at the keyboard, filling in the necessary information and entering the newest member into the Jedi Databanks, only pausing when he could fill out no more save the name.

“Zealot, if you can commit to staying with the Jedi Order and completing the necessary training, then you are also welcome once more into the Order. I will return your status to active duty. You are once more a Jedi Adept. Now go and receive the necessary training so that you will be prepared for the mission we are about to embark upon. Oh, and Zealot…may the Force be with you.”

**Turning his attention to Charnel and the other that arrived speaking of official diplomatic missions, Zadok spoke clearly.

“Greetings. What manner of diplomatic mission brings you to our chambers?”

7th September 2004, 11:56 AM
Zealot bowed as his wish was granted,

"My thanks reach to you Master. I shall train harder than before, in a attempt to regain what was formerly lost."

He moved away from the council chamber and walked back to the familiar sight of the Jedi headquarters.

"Back, at last...."

7th September 2004, 12:00 PM
Upon great interest on advancing skills he may have the opporunity to develop, he maturely replies.

"My name is Tarios"

OOC: im yet to create a BA profile for Tarios, will be done soon.

7th September 2004, 12:03 PM
Van walked into the temple. He peered about looking about at the student's and approved. He then made his way toward pstrblvia.

"i am here. what is new

7th September 2004, 12:09 PM
"Well Tarios..."

**Zadok tapped a few more keys and then nodded his head with a smile.

"You are now a member of the New Jedi Order. Feel free to peruse the Archives, the Databanks, and to receive training in the manners of the Force and the lightsaber. Congratulations. Now do you have any questions that I might be able to answer?"

OOC - Training is of course done in th4e Academy in the NJO thread.

7th September 2004, 02:11 PM
OOC: I feel like joining back up in a position where I can be inactive, so I'm gonna be around as a normal member, but I may not be terribly active.


A soft hiss echos through the room as the metal door pulls back automatically, the whirring beeps of a droid filling the room as it passed behind the character who stood in the opening. A delicate face, unlined in any manner peered curiously into the large room, innocent eyes darting from person to person. Teeth that would soon be to fall out and be replaced with other, more adult ones, grinned from between thin lips. The child stepped forth, into the room, gazing about in wonder.

Silver hair tumbled down off of his head, obscuring his piercing blue eyes that devoured his surroundings, and he skipped lightly up to Zadok, as he appeared to be the one most in charge. His childishly high voice came out loudly yet distinct and clear, only a faint accent detectable in it, a twinge of a british sound in it.

"'Ello, there. My aunt told me to come here for training. She said to arsk for master Earendil."

Bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet, he looked up expectantly, eyes sparkling at Zadok, hoping he'd help. He had only heard tales of his uncle, the ex-master of the Jedi from his aunt, whom he had lived with on several planets over the years, and he was waiting to see him, and train under the Jedi he so admired.

OOC2: Heh... have fun with my character. XD

7th September 2004, 04:30 PM
Charnel: I have been sent here by Clanmaster Tim to inform you of the recent actions of two rouge factions. Dureing a recent quest to stop the theft of some Red Dragon eggs, we captured an Officer from the Dark Elf kingdom of Valnoria. We "persuaded" him to speak and learned that a small group of Valnorians is working with a sect called the Ashur Cultous from another world called Jhera that is planning a full blown invasion of our world, and they have an extensive Dragon smuggleing operation all over the world. The officer informed us they had 5 active sites and had already transported 17 Dragons through the Demon Gate to Jhera. I however believe this is much bigger than he knows and Jhera may already have several hundred dragons for their Dragon Cavalry. I understand that this would normally not interest you at all, but I have seen the power of the Ashur Cultous first hand, as I once ruled a portion of Jhera before I was almost singlehandedly overthrown by the Cult's leader Marduk, and now he has billions of followers poised for a second invasion.

Charnel siesed at this point to hear the Clanmaster's opinion on his lengthy explanation.

Phoenix Ash
7th September 2004, 05:16 PM
DragonsPhyre, seeing Charnel finally, quickly and silently stood next to him as Charnel explained the issue. DragonsPhyre cleared his throat and spoke in a soft, clear voice.

"We really could use your help. I'm not too clear on the issue, but it's clear enough that we'll need all the help we can get to stop them."

He looked expectedly at the Jedi leader.

7th September 2004, 11:23 PM
Now do you have any questions that I might be able to answer?

*Tarios gladly replies*

"Indeed I do. Recently when I discovered I had force-sensitivity, i have been also discovered the ability to manipulate fire and almost create it out of thin air if i tried my hardest, but at this stage if i tried it i'd probably collapse due to the amount of energy currently needed for me to be able to do such power, however from what i know, the power i feel from it is not linked to the force. Where shall i be able to improve my power of fire-manipulation?"

8th September 2004, 01:05 PM
*wakes up and start blinking*
arrr what? eh, can someone get me something to drink? *looks around* right.. what was I doing anyway...
*picks up the datapad and read the title* eh ancient techniques eh? don't remember uploading this... bah
*begins reading it once again*

9th September 2004, 12:09 AM
Ooc: Nice to see you're back Earendill and I guess you char is just called Earendil?, btw Vortor, your Are lazy.....

Ic: Revan now proceeds to the council where he know all the masters will be waiting. He has some questions for them. He walkes towards the twoo masive door which seal of the chamber and sees them swing open as he aproached them. Behind the door lays the chamber of the council and he loweres his head as he enters, out of respect for his masters. Then he walks directly up to master Zadok who seems to be sitting in the middle of the room, which does not surprise him for he is the head or the order after all. then he noticed that Zadok was allready speaking to someone, a young boy. He did not know him but the boy seemed somehow familiar to him, strange he would ask him later. For know he had to wait untill Zadok was finished and sat down on a nearby chair.

9th September 2004, 01:51 PM
OOC: Erk... I hadn't thought of a name yet. But he's not Earendil. Earendil's his "uncle". So um... I'll think of a name when the RP'ing calls for it.


Dazzling orbs of azure lighted upon the entry, watching the solemnity of the occassion with glee, his grin still showing from under his faintly tanned skin. He had just arrived on a ship from Tatooine, and the desert sun had had its way with his usually pale flesh. The curious look remained immovably on his face as he stared at the new entrant, then back at Zadok, waiting to see if he had an answer.

"Or maybe you know my sister? Aradia?"

OOC: Just for reference to those of you who don't know, Aradia was my sith character. I just needed to fit in a post to answer Revan's question about my name.

9th September 2004, 06:21 PM
OOC - Sorry guys, life has been hectic. But now to business...Oh, and it is good to see you again Earendil. :-)

**Zadok nodded his head to the young arrival, acknowleding the young man's presence. But the elf also held out a hand for silence, the Jedi Master wishing to grant the diplomatic emissaries his full attention. Listening to Charnel's explanation, Zadok nodded understanding and agreement with Charnel. When the man finally paused, Zadok spoke.

"As you have said, this would normally not concern the Jedi as it is beyond the Republic's borders. But if life has taught me one thing, it is that conflicts seldom remain within the borders of their origination. What is it that you desire of the Jedi? If it is help, we will aide you to the best of our abilities, as long as it does not take away from our primary focus, the protection and stability of the New Republic. When would this aide be needed? We are about to send out a large contingent of Jedi on an important Republic mission and therefore if the need is urgent we will not be able to oblige immediately."

**The Jedi Master continued to gaze at Charnel with a focused intensity. At first it appeared that Zadok had overlooked or not heard Tarios' question. But with a quick glance and a nod, the Jedi Master made the necessary connection with Tarios and began to address the young man's concerns. But as Zadok spoke to Tarios, one thing became glaringly obvious, the Master's mouth was not moving...the voice was in Tarios' mind.

"What you speak of, the ability to manipulate flame and fire is a gift. One that should be honed and refined. However, the Jedi do not specialize in this skill, relying instead upon their ability to hear and use the Force. You are in luck though, I too have such an ability and train people that are skilled in the same area. If you wish to learn of such things, go to my dojo where I can train you and refine your gift."

**Before Tarios could even ask, images of Zadok's dojo flashed into the young man's mind, maps and directions that you lead him directly to the Fire Master's dojo.

OOC - This is a summary of what I just said...

1. Charnel, we can help but not right now as we are about to start a quest for lightsaber crystals.

2. Tarios, if you want training in the ways of fire, go to my dojo in the Academy...though I think you already knew this.

3. Earendil - I'll deal with your new char the moment I'm done with Charnel...and you have got to be kidding me when you say that this boy is related to Aradia.

9th September 2004, 06:57 PM
Charnel: I do not come asking much of the Jedi, only that you help us to take out Jhera's active connections in this world. There are 6 sites from which the rouge elves are operateing. The main site is the epicenter of it all and so deep in Valnoria that we are sending only myself and a small strike force of Dragon Riders and allies to deal with it. The main site and 2 others are all linked directly to Jhera via a demon gate each of them leading to an unknown point within the other realm. These 2 other gates will also be delat with by the Dragon Triuum as asking you to pass through the gates to shut down the Jheran operation would certainly exceed the point to which you are willing to become involved. However, we are shorthanded and request any help you can offer in takeing down the other 3 sites. It is imperitive they be attacked so that reinforcements cannot arrive from them at the main gate after we have already entered Jhera. We must move immediately to prevent their strength from growing further so if no aid can be sent the Dragon Riders completely understand and will harbor no ill will.

Charnel, now thinking his chances of recruiting help thin, waited for a reaction from the leader, hopeing to get an answer before returning to his clan.

9th September 2004, 07:48 PM
OOC: Well, he's Aradia's much younger brother, meaning she was/is probably about 12 years older than him. Since this character is 12 or younger (I need to decide sometime soon... >_> ), she would have been at least 12, and seeking training already, which she received under Earendil, then under the Sith. All the kid knows is what his aunt told him, which is that his sister left before he was born to train under Earendil as a Jedi, and he'd one day do the same. So, while he's related, he's not familiar with the Sith and all that stuff. Btw, Aradia used to be a Jedi, who deserted to the Sith. I hope that makes some sense.


He continued to wait, twirling idly around on his feet, tilting his head back and looking up at the ceiling. When he stopped, he stood still, wobbling slightly and holding his arms slightly out to his side for balance, giggling in amusement.

10th September 2004, 11:10 AM
**As Charnel explained his needs, Zadok's eyes glanced down once more at the table and the paperwork he had been sorting through. On top of the stack of papers was a single sheet of paper, a message from the Jedi Outpost of the planet Ilum.

"We are in need of reinforcements and of suppies. Though the threat is not urgent nor the danger imminent, it is only a matter of time before he will not be able to repel their attacks. It is unclear what the intruders seek as this is a Jedi dig, nothing of value to a treasure hunter or a space pirate. Simply come when you can, please. May the Force be with you, Zadok.

Your friend and brother in the Force and in the One,

**Zadok breathed a heavy sigh of frustration; he could not be in two places at once. Looking back up at Charnel, Zadok nodded his head as the decision became firm in his mind.

"The Jedi's primary function is to defend the Republic and her interests. To this end, as I said before I cannot send a large contingent to help you. Also, as I stated before, we are about to embark on a mission of importance to both the Republic and the Jedi Order; so the Jedi are already focused on another mission and would be unable to aide you in your struggle."

**Taking a deep breath before continuing, Zadok looked at the other members of the Council before speaking.

"However, as I have also said and I sense it to be true, this conflict will not remain outside of the jurisdiction of the Republic if the Jedi do not act now. Therefore, to prevent any incursions into the Republic's domain, I will send to you a strike-team of Jedi, small in numbers but powerful in skill and knowledge. Though I myself cannot fight at your side, they will fight in my stead. Get me coordinates for the rendevous point and I will pass them onto the team leader."

OOC - I can't guarantee any sizeable numbers as I am only going to open it up for Jedi that wish to volunteer. As I said, I can't do it as I am WAY too busy with everything else but if you absolutely need my help, PM me and I'll see what I can do.

10th September 2004, 01:53 PM
Charnel reached into his robe and removed a small rolled up map of a forest and placed it before Zadock. The forest was huge, at least 700 miles wide at points. Slightly on the west side of the forest was a large clearing with indications of a makeshift military camp and tradeing post.

Charnel: This is the Warden Forest, some 4000 miles East of here. The map details the Valnorian operation where they're captureing common green dragons. Theis is the smallest of their operations and lacks it's own demon gate so it shouldn't take much to shut it down. If you are able to attack it that is. If now, we will probably be sending whoever we can. I will inform the Dragon Riders of your answer.

Charnel bowed and turned to exit the NJO HQ to return to the Dragon Riders with news of the transaction.

Phoenix Ash
10th September 2004, 02:19 PM
DragonsPhyre looked after Charnel as the man walked away. He looked back at Zadock, shrugged, and left the room silently after bowing. He was glad to be rid of this business and was still wondering why Tim sent him, when Charnel was obviously capable of doing such tasks by himself.

12th September 2004, 05:41 PM
(( Revan be quiet, I'll bust you down to private so fast! Zadok can I have what I train changed to.. nevermind but I would point out that lightsaber training is teaching how to guide yourself with the force, unless I get some moves to train.... ))

*Stands up continuing to read while walking towards the cantina to get himself a snack*
(( we do call it a cantina here? I might be playing too much KotOR ))

((yes I do realise that I just made a one line IC action but I can't help it I got a headache and stuff yes GOT not have and no I don't remember things ))

13th September 2004, 07:34 AM
OOC - Now that I have finished the Crystal Database, I am working on a set of Lightsaber skills that a person could learn. They will be more than simply learning to deflect projectiles, though that will be one of the skills you can learn.

**Having finished his official business with the foreign emissaries, Zadok then turned his attention to the young boy that had arrived, apparently a Earendil's nephew.

"Greetings young man. I apologize for the delay, but business is business. What is it that you said you name was?"

OOC - Yeah, putting your feet to the fire about giving that kid a name.

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13th September 2004, 01:51 PM
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At the mention of "young man", the small child turned, looking upwards at the large man who had addressed him, rubbing the back of his head slightly sheepishly as he forgot for a moment, stunned that he had been addressed.

"Er... my name is Tork. My aunt sent me here to be trained as a Jedi. I'm suprised Earendil didn't tell you."

He assumed 13 year old children didn't often come to the academy, and also assumed they would have been informed of his arrival, since his sister had done the same, and he figured they would know who it was. He shrugged though, and waited to see what he would say.

22nd September 2004, 07:48 AM
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Amethyst Shine
22nd September 2004, 04:12 PM
Hello. I am Amethyst, I'm new to these forums. If you consent, I would like to join this clan, I am very active and believe I can be of great use here.

27th September 2004, 10:45 AM
**Zadok winced as the young man mentioned Earendil being his relative. The boy could not know that his uncle had passed on, becoming one with the Force. Now was not the time to speak of such things and Zadok would take some time later to speak with the young man.

"You are more than welcome to join the Jedi ranks, Tork. You will start as a Jedi Adept and will receive the necessary training to advance."

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Amethyst Shine
27th September 2004, 02:39 PM
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IC: Kale walked into the NJO base. He looked around, then walked into the main base, his gi (karate uniform) rustling in the wind. He appeared human, but was really much more than that. He walked up to Earendil.

"I would like to join your Order," he said. "I believe I can be a big help in restoring order to the galaxy. My nephew is an inventor, he might be able to help as well."

27th September 2004, 03:41 PM
He nodded slightly to Zadok, apparently satisfied with his answer, his eyes swirling an odd blend of colors, a silverish gray. A faint smile came over his lips as he performed an awkward bow and stepped back, exiting the room, off to find training and quarters. Before he exited, he turned again, thanking Zadok, then headed off.

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2nd October 2004, 08:51 AM
Morrigan glanced against his window of a filled transport for new students to a so called “academy”. He stare out into space. Morri only saw the stars and the great galaxy from his home on earth. Being in space made him feel almost a little bit woozy, so he rubbed his eyes trying to stay awake. The child’s eyes were filled with determination and excitement. He couldn’t wait to see what he was going to. His black hair “charming” hair seemed to grab attention with some of the females on the transport already. He sighed and looked back into the window. The stars made him feel like he was going to find a reason why he existed instead of some one else. Wait, what was he doing here? Morrigan blinked wondering why he was going to an academy there was one at home.

“Damn I’m so forgetful, why would I forget what I was doing so soon!”

“You’re going to the New Jedi Order, just with the rest of the children”

Morrigan turned around; it was a female who was working onboard the transport. He smiled warmly at her, but then turned back around. The woman continued to rant and the child acted like he was paying attention, but he was too busy thinking what he was doing here. He also seemed to be getting very tired, just out of the blue. Why, well that’s because the hyper-jump to the academy was coming soon. Not that Morrigan knew anything of this as he was just trying to stay awake at this point. He slowly began getting drowsy over time until eventually he couldn’t even keep his eyes working. He fell asleep and knew it.

“I guess it’s time for a nap then. . .”

His mind was awake during the hyper-jump, but nothing else was. Like his soul was taken away, but he still had his own mind. Finally, over time. He woke up, but he did not see after the hyper-jump. He was the first to wake upon the dock of the order. The adults smiled at him and showed him where to get off. Drowsy, but awake, the kid continued off lazily not knowing where to go. Just hoping where he needed to go would ‘pop’ up in front of him. Maybe I’ll just head this way . . .

He showed his personality as a normal human on earth hoping he wouldn’t attract attention as he did with many females on earth. In which annoyed him, very much. Aimlessly he went forward; He pulled down on his shirt to make it look like he wasn’t a ‘bum’. He realized what he was here for; Morri was here to find a new life. To make friends and be able to express himself freely. The building seemed complex and he didn’t know where to go. He just sat there at the entrance over a period of time waiting what to do.

“Hello, can anyone help me? I’m lost. . .

2nd October 2004, 11:24 AM
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The energy cell is connected to the eeeh... Crystal, which produces... Kathy was reading a book on Lightsaber construction as she walked. She was just about to turn the page, but then looked to the side, staring directly at the docks. A new transport of hopefulls had arrived, some of the pilots and older Jedi knights apparently telling them where to go. Yet she had the feeling one of them would be somewhat lost. She decided to wait for who it was. As the hopefulls walked on, it was clear that one was still waiting for something. She observed him as he pulled his shirt right.

"Hello, can anyone help me? I’m lost. . ."

Kathy smiled. The winged girl snapped her book shut, and approached the hopeful.

"Hello, and welcome to the Order. I take it you're here to see master Zadok and become a Jedi Knight? If so, please follow me. If you are here on business, please, also follow me. Come."

Still smiling, the blonde girl turned around again, and walked towards the entrance she came from. She hoped he followed her, but did not look back to check. After several minutes, she had lead the young boy to in front of the Council chambers, and stopped there. Indicating the doors, she adressed him.

"I'm not sure whether master Zadok is here right now. But if you wait inside, I'm sure one of the council members will help you or answer your questions. Goodbye!"

The winged girl bowed forward a little, but then opened her book again and headed down the way they came; the young Padawan was heading for a different area of the Enclave to attent her studies on Lightsaber construction.

5th October 2004, 09:30 AM
**Zadok was just about to leave the Council Chambers, heading to the Archives yet again when suddenly he sensed that he was to remain with the Council Chambers, if for but a little longer. Normally Zadok would have discounted such feelings as a desire to simply relax in the Council Chambers rather than fulfill his obligations at the Jedi Databanks. But this feeling was more than sheer laziness, but rather a guiding of the Force and so the Jedi Master took his seat at the head of the Council, waiting for whatever event the Force desired to occur.

**Suddenly Zadok could here Kathy's voice speaking just outside the Council Chambers.

"I'm not sure whether master Zadok is here right now. But if you wait inside, I'm sure one of the council members will help you or answer your questions. Goodbye!"

**Zadok smiled and nodded his head, the reason for the delay now becoming readily apparent as he reached his hand towards the massive doors, allowing the Force to reach out and pull the doors open, exposing the foyer and the awaiting applicant to the Council.

"Greetings. I am Master Zadok, leader of the New Jedi Order. How may I help you?"


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5th October 2004, 01:06 PM
Sorry for any confusing rants. I tend to like to post so I myself can read it. Thus, creating that problem where I don't look in some one elses view.

Morrigan cocked his head at Kathy. Frantically trying to make a good impression he smiled and just nodded. He was quite capable of running a good conversation, but he was so lost all conversations seemed to just ‘fly’ by him. He pried his eyes forward down the corridor as he began walking with Kathy. Morrigan sped up, walking at the speed and recklessness of a child late for class. The feint sound of other children studying lingered around the corridor. Kathy was either light on her feet or the boy was just damn slow.

He sensed that Kathy was either somewhat nervous or busy. Smiles, the thing that can be sweet or wicked, but in the end it was always hard to tell why some one was smiling. At least for Morri that is. In a way, even though Morrigan was concerned about getting lost even though he had no idea where he was going anyways. He kept his eyes on Kathy just so he wouldn’t get lost. Beautiful, he grinned like every other kid in his teens. Gagging a little, Morrigan chuckled to himself and continued.

There are those who stare and there are those who try to make friends with you. Either way, you have no real friends. Earth, on Earth this is logic. A friend is merely some one who eventually uses you as a tool. He merely knew who he could trust and who would betray him. There was no point in judging Kathy, the angel. Or anyone else yet for that matter because there isn’t a real needs to classify anyone. This place, it seems quite… cozy. Maybe I should tell Kathy I don’t know why I’m here bu- He was cut off by Kathy who ranted about some one named master “Zadok,” was here.

“Thank you” Morrigan mumbled. He nodded to Kathy and turned around looking at a pair of doors. A human needed to eat feeding upon what is served against a plate. Morrigan was hungry and wanted to talk over something to eat. Or maybe just have a short conversation for a change. His stomach rumbled. His body; and soul felt weary after such a long trip. It was finally catching back to him. Momentarily, the doors simply opened. On their own that is, no one touched it. Mimicry?

"Greetings. I am Master Zadok, leader of the New Jedi Order. How may I help you?" The voice came from the room. Shocked, but more or so just curious. Mischievously the boy walked in feeling like he was “James Bond” from a T.V. show he would walk at a home. Mission, he was on a secret mission. At least that is what it felt like. Glancing at the man he replied, “I don’t know if I need ‘help’, but I would like a question answered.” He ranted, but continued, “Why am I here? This is such an odd place for me to be. I don’t even remember coming here.” Smiling he awaited a reply

6th October 2004, 12:27 PM
**Zadok smiled as he looked at the young man.

"I can only assume that you are here because you have dealing with the Jedi, either as a potential applicant or as a diplomatic envoy. Though from your demeanor and the fact that you arrived on a transport commonly used by recruiters to gather young hopefuls, I will have to assume that you are here as a potential applicant to the Jedi Order. Do I assume correctly?"

**The conversation felt almost like a game of cat and mouse and Zadok loved it as most of his interaction was with droids and computers, limiting the verbal bantering to small quips and short one-liners rather than an all-out verbal twister.

6th October 2004, 12:55 PM
Morrigan glanced at the fellow human with much interest. Slowly, the boy slopped his posture. Feeling a tad comfier seeing that there was no hostility in the building, yet. At last, he felt, safe… Something that had not come across him in a long time, Earth, no, home was a breeding ground of hostility. The air was clouded with an enormous amount of hate. To some people, the air smelled like dry-thick blood. Morri on the other hand, well… He was not very observant. Intelligent, but not the person who waits to fight, usually… Odd, why am I welcomed here? Is this an odd jester? Nah, if they wanted to fake their acceptance you would be able to see it. In their eyes, a man feels woozy when killing some one. A murder does not… Just like a liar can not hide against fear, unless he is truly evil.

Time passed by and Morrigan was almost in a trance with his own thoughts. He forgot all about Zadok, but remembered something amongst the lines of, “I will have to assume that you are here as a potential applicant to the Jedi Order. Do I assume correctly?" Puzzled for a moment Morrigan twas, there was something odd to that line. He was asking a question he did not have an answer for. Something against lines of a riddle he was not asking. Morrigan rubbed his back as if he did something wrong and was in that ‘mistake’ mode. His eyes shut and he smiled warmly smirking a bit.

“Ehh… I asked a question, not a puzzle, but if that’s what you say. I guess that’s why I’m here then!” Maybe if I tell a lie something good will happen; a home. A place where I can live in harmony crossing out all on earth and focusing on my duties here…

Glancing around the area Zadok of the, ‘council’ was. He quickly anticipated a reply and began tapping his foot. Tap, tap, tap… Morri was in a hurry, the boy wanted to eat already! He almost forgot that he was hungry. Words along the lines of damn it came to his mind as he just ‘had’ to remember.

7th October 2004, 10:19 AM
The lithly built young woman glanced around cautiously as she padded up the stairs towards the high arched double doors of this Jedi building, her feet making no sound on the marble underfoot, her hands spread wide to balance her as she sidled up, stopping at the doors.

She blinked, her large electric blue eyes looking strange in contrast to the deep blood red of her skin and the blazing oranges, reds and yellows of the hair that tumbled most of the way down her back, before smiling, a black tongue darting out to slide across pale lips. Her hands moved to her belt, gently pushing aside the long bladed knife in it's leather scabbard to close around a grapple gun.

She glanced about once more, still making no noise, before lifting the gun and firing it, the hook slicing up into the air in a high arc before sliding through an open window and hooking on the frame. The lightly built woman tugged on the wire, testing it, before quickly sliding up the rope, as swiftly as a normal man would run across the ground, before slipping in through the window and flicking a dial on her grapple gun, the rope and hook instantly rewinding and locking off again.

The young woman laughed quietly, the room she was in bare and sparten, evidently guest quarters of some kind, thebed neat and tidy, the floor clear and no sign of any owner. She tapped her teeth thoughtfully, before stalking over to the door and slipping out silently as it hissed open. Padding her quiet way down the corridor, she looked about, spotting a young boy take a deep breath and step though a set of double doors.

She smiled again, this time in delight at the nearing of her missions end. Sliding down the corridor again, she reached the wall and blinked, her eyes sliding closed and her body fading into intangibility. Still utterly silent, she slid sideways and walked through the wall, into the room beyond, before opening her eyes again, slipping back into phase space with the rest of realiity.

In front of her, his tall, white robed back to her, stood the Jedi Master, Zadok, speaking with a young applicant of some description, apparently oblivious to the young woman behind him, one of her thin eyebrow raised above massive bright blue eyes, a smile on her lips seeming to pull her high cheekbones into starker relief. She lifted a narrow finger hand to her lips in the ball of a fist, before coughing politely.

7th October 2004, 11:28 AM
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* Vortor sits watching as a young woman steps out of the wall behind Zadok and coughs at him as an attempt to get his attention*

"Hah, that's funny!" *he shouts a few seconds after the cough*

"Err, sorry, I'm just a bit... um, excentric, I suppose someone might say. Now, might you explain why you didn't use the front doors? I assume you wanted to speak to the council about some matter or another, yes?"

*waits for some sort of response from the woman >_>*

(( :O I talk funny don't I? um you guys can vote on if I should double space :D ))

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7th October 2004, 04:10 PM
**Zadok looked at Morrigan intently, as if the Jedi Master was trying to read something or perhaps find something. After a few moments of akward silence, the familiar smile returned once more to the Master's face.

"Go young Morrigan. Get some food in the cafeteria. I'm sure your stomach would be most appreciative."

**Zadok left it up to the young applicant to figure out how the Jedi Master knew he was hungry. No sooner had Zadok dismissed the young new applicant than suddenly the lithe figure behind him clearly heard him address her. But Zadok had not turned around to face her, and for that matter his voice did not appear to come from his general direction.

"How long did you plan on slinking in the shadows back there...Armarnia..."

**A playful smile spread over Zadok's lips as he sat down in his Council seat and awaited the new arrival's response. Surely the Mind Trick would not have gone unnoticed by own as cunning and sly as she.

7th October 2004, 04:24 PM
Armarnia smiled slightly, her pale lips curving upwards to reveal sharp white teeth, the colour a stark contrast to the blood red of her skin, her eyes darting to the back of Zadok's head, mentally working out how quickly she could draw her short blade and make an attempt on his life if she where forced to. She didn't know if her Phasing could dodge 'saber attacks however, and she didn't feel the inclination to try right now.

Instead she padded forwards, almost cat-like in her movements, walking rocked forwards on her feet, the balls lifted away from the ground, her long fingers closing over the back of the chair as she leant forwards, her face just beside Zadok's her eyes looking straight ahead at the other applicants in the room and then darting to the sides to the faces of the other masters. She smiled again and when she spoke, it was more of a purr then a voice, a whisper into Zadok's ear, aimed so none should hear.

"Only as long as it took for you to notice me. And I'll admit, I am impressed. Even one who's skin is so, loud, as mine, can still be trained well in the arts of secracy and silent movement. I am Armarnia, and I am an assassin. But do not worry, my dear Jedi, I have not come to kill you. No, not at all. If that where my intention, then you would already be fighting me. Instead, I have come to join you. After all, I cannot keep running at the beck and call of what remains of the Empire, now can I? I feel, perhaps, it is time to make something of myself, don't you think?"

With a laugh, Amarnia stepped past Zadok's chair into the light in the centre of the room, her long arms spread wide, a black bodysuit, traced with patterns of greys, dark blues, rich purples and even a few greens to break up the overall shape, covering her body, a tight chocker about her throat, adorned with some kind of symbol, like a tiger's head embossed with two cresent moons in opposition.

She was tall, lith and evidently powerful, though she moved with the bearing of a professional killer and made nor more sound in her passing then a breath of wind. For she was wise and knew that to a true assassin silence was not the aim, but rather, to fit in with the background noise. Mortals noticed moving patches of silence, but not one trained as this one woman had been trained.

"So? Look into my mind, dear Zadok, and tell me what you see, tell me if you think I'm ready."

7th October 2004, 04:55 PM
**Zadok listened intently to the words that Armarnia spoke, the playful smile never fully leaving his face throughout her explanation. The lady was indeed a creature to behold, extremely light on her feet, almost unnaturally quiet. He demeanor and mannerisms definitely matched her chosen profession, and there was little doubt in Zadok's mind that she was indeed very gifted at her trade.

"It was not your skin, or your movements, or even your sounds that alerted me, but actually your very presence. Yes, Armarnia, I could sense you long before I could hear or see you. I can see in you a powerful affinity to the Force, which no doubt hs given you aide in plying your trade. But as for a fight..."

**Zadok simply rolled his wrist as if rotating a pen between his fingers. Instantly the council chamber was filled with a loud clatter as the grappling gun and the long bladed knife crashed to the floor, pulled there by the sheer power of the Force. Skittering across the floor towards Zadok, the belongings stopped and slowly rose to about 2 feet about the ground, hovering suspended in the air between Armarnia and Zadok. The playful smile curled a bit deeper and with a nod of his head Zadok sent the belonging back to the assassin. The display was not meant to frighten her or even to impress her, but simply to show her that Zadok was not afraid of her.

"And that is only the beginning of what the Force can do. As for searching your mind, I already did that when I discovered your name. There is no question in my mind if you are ready as I have already said, I can sense the Force strongly in you. The question is, are you ready to commit?"

7th October 2004, 05:16 PM
Armarnia bobbed her head to one side, her long hair tumbling across her face, a smile on her lips as her fingers twitched against the palms of her hand, feeling the reassuring coldness of the concealed, monosharp throwing stars in each palm. She didn't move when her weapons where pulled away from her, although a swift mental calculation did occur, mostly invovled in determinging just how quick she would have to move to bury her stars in the Jedi's throat before he could stop her.

A glance at the man's face assured her that no matter how quick she was, or thought she was, it wouldn't be fast enough. Not to a man who could control the force as he could, not to one who could simply move a finger and throw her across the room. No, throwing stars would do little against him. And her own mental abilites where rough and violent, good for shoving unwary guards off cliffs, but lacked refinment.

She laughed quielt, before plucking her equipment from the air as it was returned to her, her eyes never leaving Zadok's face, studying the Jedi for any kind of decite ot scent of a lie, though she knew she would not finf anything even if it was there. She thought back on the various missions she had been engaged on in her short life and quickly came to the conclusion that it was unlikly she had been in less control of her fate in any given point of time then ever before.

"Am I ready to commit myself? Am I ready to give up a life of paid murder in exchange for peace and enlightenment? Am I, who was sick of the galaxy many years ago when I was left alone in it? Yes, I think I am. I will not permit others to live though what I had to do, it is not right."

8th October 2004, 06:14 AM
**Zadok's smile changed ever so slightly from a smirk of playful humor to a grin of contentment and satisfaction.

"Good, in that case...welcome to the Jedi Order."

**Zadok slipped a small chip into the computer terminal in front of him and tapped a few keys. A few beeps later the chip was back in the Master's hand. With a faint flick of his wrist, the chip floated across the room to rest directly in front of Armarnia, suspended in the same space only moments before her belongings had occupied.

"Take that down to the armory. There you will receive your training saber and your Jedi robes. From there it is your choice where you go. Oh, and Armania...May the Force be with you."

8th October 2004, 07:05 AM
Van talon threw open the doors of the temple. A blinding light from the sun obsured the sight of those in the temple trying to see whom has entered. His long brown robes flowed like water trailing him as he entered the temple. His brown hair was a short messy mop that slightly hid his emerald green eyes. He had a temperate look on his face from his long journey recently ended by his arrival at the temple. An shroud of mystery seemed to follow him. His hands were under his robes as he approached zadok. He bowed as custom demanded.

"All is well i hope."

[ooc: just checkin in]

21st October 2004, 06:32 AM
Since I'm looking for a new and interesting clan, a clan that can give me something else than al the usual medieval settings and adventures, etcetera etcetera, I have decided to join this clan. Pstr2blvia kinda' invited me, so if there's any point system for that (not that I noticed one on the front page, but just checking), he deserves the credits. For the rest: I simply hope I can join and if I can HELLOOOO to you all!! :D :p

And since there's no setting I will simply walk into a..ship and say 'high', hope that's okay. If it's not, please PM me, I will edit...

Walking up into a large, modern ship, Darius could hardly shut his mouth in amazement to all the new technologies he saw here. Not knowing what any of the things he saw around him could do, he was what one could call a beginner in technology, Darius dared not to touch anything and carefully walked forward, making sure nothing could possibly go wrong.

Since no-one had come to his eye, only the bleeps and bips of several machines could be heard, Darius decided to speak aloud, not wanting to be alone in such a weird room for any longer.

'..What if something went wrong?...What if I touched something and everything went wrong?..'

"Uhm, anyone here?"

There wasn't an immediate answer so Darius decided to speak some louder.

"Anyone here!?"

Bit short, sry 'bout that. Don't really know what to RP here, hope it's okay.

21st October 2004, 08:52 AM
Actually we are set in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. But I think we can get you there from the big ship. rofl

"Oh my, what do we have here?"

**A voice spoke out behind Darius, sounding more mechanical and robotic than human. The sound of movement accompanied the voice and a figure stepped out of the shadows. The figure matched the voice perfectly as it was a protocol droid.

"Greetings, I am C6 guide and director of this Jedi recruiting ship. New recruits were not supposed to arrive until later, but oh well. What is your name young man?"

21st October 2004, 10:43 AM
lmfao, it never said you guys did :p

Darius nearly jumped up from the sudden voice that sounded. It wasn't a normal human voice, that was for sure.

"What? Who is there?", Darius called out, but just then a shiny mechanical 'thing' stepped out of the shadows.

"The C6 guide? What in earth's name is that?", he mumbled to himself before answering the C6 guide. "I'm Darius, for your information. Is this were I get to the New Jedi Order? I was looking for Zadok, actually."

Brick Mullet
21st October 2004, 05:44 PM
Anybody mind if I rejon with a new jedi character? And, anyone mind if the new character is like Jolee Bindo?

Keep these kind of posts for PM's will you? - BK

26th October 2004, 01:38 PM
"Darius...? Darius...? Oh, yes Darius. Master Zadok did mention that you might be coming, but he was not sure when you would be arriving, or for that matter if you would even know where the transport ships were located. But apparently the Force guides in mysterious ways as you are most fortunate to find yourself upon one of the New Jedi Order Recruiting Ships. We are actually about to make our return trip to Coruscant, specifically the Jedi Temple. Make yourself comfortable and I will be back once we are ready to embark."

**The droid turned and toddeled off towards one of the access ramps, heading to the streets outside to find potential Jedi and guide them back to the ship.

Darius - Have some fun with this now, you have been left alone on a Jedi ship. I'll let your mind take that where it will.

DV - Yes, you may rejoin the NJO. You will start as an adept and as for your char, his personality is your choice, but he will be an adept.

Brick Mullet
26th October 2004, 02:09 PM
OOC: Sorry BK. Won't happen again.

Tom Shiko walked of his space ship, tawords the jedi encalve located there. "Yes, I can feel it...the force flows everywhere here." Tom picked up the pace, looking around seeing all the new jedi around him. Then, he saw it. The enclave was huge. He found a driod near by the entrance.

"Hello, I was wondering if you could point me in the diection of a master jedi?"

26th October 2004, 02:20 PM
Hi, all. I was just posting here to let you know that I'm not (hopefully) off the NJO, I know I've been inactive in the clan thread. Also, I will be switching out Tim for a differant character for the NJO, a more fitting one. I will make an IC introductory post in the near future, but I have to be going now. So, hasta la vista, baby.

BTW, it is okay if the character is an android, right? If not, let me know and I'll change her around a bit. C'ya later.

29th October 2004, 04:07 AM
Um... There might be a bit of confusion going on about the unapproved element thing. I asked omega about it, and it turned out that we can continue RPing with the Force - as long as we keep it within the clan like we usually do.


Forget that IC post. Stupid computer went BZZT on me >.<

29th October 2004, 04:17 AM
Here it is, straight from the horse's mouth:

You can do whatever it is you've been doing, because you get people to agree to you using it, and you don't call it an element. If you want to do that, fine. This is to stop people from saying they use the gamma element or the xi element before they become official (IF they become official) for example.

That's pretty much it.

Oh, and no ability like that will be permitted to be used in the storyline Carnage and I are coming along with, the competition(s) and/or the quest(s). Just elemental magic and physical attacks.

29th October 2004, 03:46 PM
..That means we can keep on using it in the BA like others, e.g. Zadok, have done for oh so long a time, right?...I sure hope so...And let me see how much bleeping lights Darius can take before going crazy :p..

Before any of Darius' prying questions could be answered by the...artefact, for the simple reason that it hadn't even given him the time to ask them, he was left alone on a metal big thing that apparently was known as a 'ship', though it looked quite differernt from all things Darius had ever encountered which had been labeled the same.

'..And those were some strange 'ships' I can tell ya'..'

Seeing nothing that provided him with a proper place to sit, except for the floor which, surprsingly, didn't look that inviting. The shiny metal rather looking cold and painful than cosy and warm as a deep leather chair would. Wondering where a normal person, and not a living artefact, would live around here, he went on a little excursion.

Taking the first hallway to his right, leaving the weird reception-room with all its lights and sounds behind him, he passed several smaller compartiments. He saw some beds, finally, but they all seemed to be occupied by whoever lived in there. After the weird artefact Darius didn't know nothing for sure anymore and trusted nothing and no-one who, or which, he didn't know. Finally, after even coming back in the first room he had entered and taking yet another hallway filled with compartiments, all in all taking fifteen minutes or something close, he found an unoccupied bed and quickly grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Immediatly laying down, thinking about the things he had just seen and experienced, it wasn't for long before the 'ship' suddenly schoked heavily and Darius felt like they were rising.

"What the..?"

With a shock he jumped out of bed, having had little time to enjoy the comforts of a nice and soft underground to lay only for a couple of minutes, and ran towards the reception-room. Finding the artefact which, he had suddenly remembered while enjoying his own room and its luxuries, had called itself something along the lines of C6, he rushed up close to it and began to speak on an angry tone, ignoring the spectacle the lights and sounds made.

"Hey! Mister C6, I don't know what you think you are doing right now, but I order you to sail, or whatever you call moving this, this ship to our destination and not close the door and let this ship ramble about without any purpose."

"But Sir, don't you know what you have gotten onto then? This is a Jedi Recruitment Ship. We're about to fly to Corusant, the planet where our Jedi Temple is located. The Jedi Temple is our headquarters, an historic place where our great-great-great-grandfathers already started to fight the Sith while actually...", the robot started, his program running the whole history of the Jedi Temple as a reaction to Darius' obvious ignorance of the world around him.

"WHAT?", the young Fire Mage rudly interrupted him. "FLY? Towards ANOTHER PLANET? Look mate, I don't know how much longer you want to live, if you even call yourself a living thing, but you better stop making these jokes and let me out before I..."

"Well, actually, if I may be so frank, Sir, I'm a droid. A droid's an artificial being, also referred to as a 'robot', which is a machine programmed to have a mind of its own but yet still be able to perfectly carry out orders that his or her commander gives to him, or her. You see, I say his or her because we really have different sexes in our robot-culture. This was ordered by..."

Again Darius couldn't bring up the patience to hear out the droid and again his booming voice trashed right over the politely soft one of the robot.

"Look here, Mr. Robot, whatever that is, I want off this ship right now! All I wanted was to get to Mr. Zadok as soon as possible and apparently this was the wrong address. Now don't make me unleash my full wrath upon you and your pathetic little 'ship'!!"

"But we are heading towards Jedi Master Zadok. In fact, this was a close-to-base recruiting-mission, an CTB-RM as we like to abbreviate it, and we'll be there in a minute orso. But to correct you, Sir, this is most definately not a 'pathetic little ship', if I may quote you, Sir. In fact, the Starmaker EG-600, Special Edition, with several improvements and enhancements is one of the finest ships around in the galaxy. Its price-quality relation is truly remarkable..."

This time Darius did not interrupt the robot, or artefact, or C6, or whatever it was anymore. The information just given to him almost overwhelming his already messed-up mind.

'..Galaxy??...Flying towards Jedi Master Zadok?...What the fuck is this all about?...I wonder what this will turn out to be...Better not unleash my fury yet, what if this C6 is speaking the truth!?..'

"And so, like I said before, this ship is certainly NOT a pathetica little ship. No Sir. But, oh my, look what you've done! Because of your ignorant questions I almost forgot to start the landing procedure. Now, if you would excuse me, we'll be landing in a few moments. You can either stand here and wathc, quiet and observant, or you can go back to your room and wait for me to call you. But please, Sir, I must ask you to let me do my job. It's for your own safety you know."

Absently Darius nodded and kept on standing where he stood. After a few bumps and shocks, all perfectly absorbed by his body but not perceived by his mind, the ship came to a halt and the door opened with a hissing sound.

"Here we are, Sir. If you walk straight through, up that stairs, you automatically enter the Jedi Temple, though they sometimes send a delegation to welcome you. You might be so lucky, Sir, since you seem to know Master Zadok so well..."

"Err, yeah, thanks a lot.", Darius mumbled and with a head full of questions he left the ship.

..I'll stop here...Didn't feel like describing a world you have your base in without me knowing how [b]you[b/] see it...I gave you the opportunity to either greet me in person (Through the delegation), or do something else to contact me (Use thy great Jedi powers, oh-bi-wan ken-oh-bi-wan :p, rofl), do as you seem fit, ofcourse :D...Btw, I hope it's okay I borrowed C6 from ya', he was kinda' fun to RP :p..

29th October 2004, 04:24 PM
OoC: Don't feel like making a long exit/introductory post right now, so I hope you'll excuse me if this is rather short.

IC: Tim walked around the main Jedi Base, thinking about some recent development that had recently popped up. He soon found himself in the main chamber, confronting master Zadok.

"Excuse me, sir?" he inquired quietly, and rather distractedly. "I'm afraid I must leave your "order". It's just . . . not my lifestyle, and I don't need to be tied down with my obligations to the Jedi, and their senseless "no emotions" rule. I will . . . see you later." Tim now left the base, boarded a transport, and left.


On the same transport as Darius resided a being in a suit of armor. The armor consisted of a white suit, with a black collar and joints. It had black shoulderplates that jutted a ways out, and tapered down to a really sharp point. They were very sharp on the edges. Taking the place of the right forearm was a large gattling gun, half as long again as her left forearm. She wore a helmet, shaped like a dome slightly elongated on the z axis. It had a mirrored visor shaped like a pair of wings. The being left the transport as soon as it landed, not saying anything. She had come, now it was up to whoever had summoned her here to make the next move.

1st November 2004, 08:38 AM
Yeah, we can use the Force as long as the people we are RPing with agree to it. The difference here is that Force is not an element, but more a Clan-Specific skill...much like the Chaos spells used by the Heroes of Chaos a ways back.

It is so hard to find a good ancient document in his place, most people prefering the longevity and tranferability of datapads and the like. But nothing can replace the smell of an ancient manuscript or the feel of worn parchment.

**Zadok was buried deep in yet another study session within the Jedi Databanks, updating the archives to contain several documents that had been delivered from the Ilum excavation sight. As he lscanned the table and observed the various artifacts and manuscripts that were displayed there, Zadok could not help but smile as he delicately lifted one of the parchments and scanned over its contents.

Yad-Echad...you are amazing in you ability to discover the hidden treasures.

**Ever sense Yad-Echad had volunteered to spearhead the archaelogical digs upon Ilum, the apprentice Jedi had turned the dig for a weak distant operation to a full-time mind-boggling producer of ancient artifacts. Zadok could not get transports out to the distant planet fast enough to transport all the treasures that Ilum was revealing. But as Zadok marveled, he felt a sudden quaking in his robes. Reaching into his robes, Zadok removed a small electronic device and depressed a button upon it. Instantly a holographic representation of a droid appeared in front of the Jedi Master.

"Ah, C-6. I take it that your recruiting mission was a success?"

**The droid nodded affirmatively, the image flicking slightly.

"Yes, Master Zadok. We have several new Jedi hopefuls, many that should prove quite powerful Jedis with the correct training. But what I am calling ahead to tell you is that I have a special passenger on-board, one that you had told me might appear some time in the future. A young man that goes by the name Darius."

**Zadok's grin broadened as he heard the news of Darius' arrival, the Jedi Master having expected the news but not so soon.

"So Darius finally found one of the Jedi Recruiting Ships, eh? Thought I might have to drag him here myself."

**Turning back to the table, Zadok nodded his head to the several droids and Jedi gathered about the table.

"You all continue working on this, I want all of these artifacts catalogued and then stored in the Temple vaults, understood?"

**The group lifted their eyes only long enough to look up at Zadok and nod affirmatively before returning to the artifacts. Turning back to the hologram, Zadok focused upon the image of the droid.

"So how long before you are back upon Coruscant?"

**The image flickered several times and the signal appeared to nearly fade from existance, but before it did Zadok could clearly hear the droid respond.

"We just entered...atmosphere...bout to...Jedi-Restricted...atform seven..."

**The signal broke up completely as the atmospheric disturbances distorted and mangled the signal. But Zadok knew where he needed to go to and so the Jedi master turned to the door, his white robes flowing behind him as he jogged towards the landing pads located in the upper levels of the Jedi Temple.


**A droid turned to face Tom, looking up from a clipboard apparently not expecting the interuption from his duties. Today was a very hectic day as multiple ships were coming and going laden with passengers and cargo; recruiting ships, traders, Republic envoys, and various inter-planetary dignitaries, each with there own demands and requirements.

"A Jedi Master? Well you could try the..."

**As the droid began to answer, one of the main doors to the Jedi enclave opened and out strode a tall figure robed in pure white robes, definitely a Jedi.

"Ah...Master Zadok. Perfect timing. This man seeks to speak with a Jedi Master. What better master to speak with than the head of the order himself?"

**The tall man turned to face Tom and smiled, reaching out a hand in greeting.

"So, you wish to speak with a Jedi Master? Come walk with me and talk as we go."

**Zadok began to walk towards the most recent arrival to the Jedi landing pads, a recruiting vessel that had just landed upon platform 7.

2nd November 2004, 02:08 PM
Though the enviroment was overwhelming to Darius, his ears still functioned quite well and it wasn't before long that he could make out a way too familiar voice between the noise of all the artefacts, or robots as they seemed to call themselves, loading the cargoe in and out, and several people getting out of their ships and starting discussions with other people that had apparently been waiting for them. But between all the sound that gave, a logical result seeing that the numbers in which all of this was happening were much larger than Darius had expected it to be, thus huge, Darius picked up one single voice that stood out to all the others. A voice he had probably heard to most, besides his own, and even then this voice might come close, since it was the voice of his teacher, friend and elven priest, Zadok Ben Misgab. In short, Zaddie.

'..Zad? Zaddie?...Where, where, where?..'

Looking aroud with an inspeccable quickness, almost no detail going passed by unnoticed, he quickly laid his eyes upon a tall person, dressed completely in white. Knowing the several outfits Zadok possessed, he immediatly recognized this as being one of them, and started to make his way over to the Fire Master, and apparently Jedi Master too. As soon as the elf was in hearing range, Darius called out, greeting his old friend in the usual theatrical way he was used to.

"Heeey!! Zadok!! Long time no see, huh? How are you, how are you? C'mere, you sneaky little bastard. Putting me on a ship like that, with all these talking artefacts walking around, bothering me? Tss, how dare you!", Darius said jokingly, wide widely spreading his arms in order to allow a hug between him and Zadok.

'..I do hope I haven't interrupted anything special he was doing at the moment, I'm always one of these persons that does...Ah well, it's good too see him, no matter what I disturbed...Hehe, mean little bastard that I am..'

2nd November 2004, 02:35 PM
The armored figure walked over to Zadok, and saw Darius approaching. This man seemed to know his was around, although the figure didn't know who he was. She approached him.

"Excuse me," she said. The voice box, however, scrambled her voice, so no-one could tell weather she was a male or a female. She hoped no-one would attempt to find out. She valued her privacy.

"Who is in charge of the recruiting mission, and why have I been summoned here?"

Brick Mullet
2nd November 2004, 03:27 PM
"Well, what to you know, I thought I'd have to wait awhile to talk to one. Thank you."

Tom said to the driod, as the man dressed in white walked out of the enclave. As the man said to walk with him, Tom turned away from the driod. "Hum, well I wanted to rejoin the order. Now now, slow down there." Tom said as he sped up forward to keep pace with Master Zadok.

"Yes, I was a jedi before today, but never really learned force powers. I left for the war effort on the outer rims as soon as I got my lightsaber. I still have it too." Tom moved his robe out of the way to revel a lightsaber. "I was wondering, could you allow me to train here?"

3rd November 2004, 02:32 PM
**Zadok walked the length of the platforms, listening to Tom's introduction and nodded, glancing down and noticing the lightsaber at the man's side. Though he did not recognize the man, it was possible that he had joined the Order and left it before Zadok had joined, or perhaps that he had joined the Order and studied at one of the other Academies. Whatever the reason, Zadok did not recognize Tom.

"Well, if you wish to join the Jedi Order once more, you will have to do so as an Adept. And that would mean that you cannot use that lightsaber until you once more obtain the rank of Jedi Knight."

Assuming that he made the lightsaber at the appropriate level to begin with...

**Zadok turned away from Tom as he heard his name being called out by a rather familiar voice. Scanning the platforms, Zadok eyes locked onto Darius and the Jedi Master smiled broadly, embracing Darius warmly.

"It is good to see that you finally made it. Considering our recent conversations, I thought you might be heading out this way, I just wasn't sure if you knew how to get here. But considering the fact that you are standing directly before me now, apparently you found your way. Come let's go..."

**Zadok's words were cut off by a mechanical voice that addressed the Jedi Master. Zadok turned to the voice, expecting to see a droid and in fact, when he first looked upon the figure, Zadok almost mistook the individual as a droid. But the moment Zadok looked upon the figure, he sensed a Force signature that all living things exude, something that even the most human-like droid would be incapable of replicating. Considering the voice was scrambled and came as more mechanical than human, it was clear that the figure wished to remain obscure.

Hmm...a voice scrambling device and armor that covers every inch of the body...

**Zadok smiled as he noticed something. Though the armor and the voice did not show signs of a gender, there was specific mannerisms that the astute observer is able to detect. Even the simple way that a person stands can denote the gender of the person, something that only the most highly trained and rigid of individuals is able to mask.

If she desires such things to be kept secret, then...

"Summoned here? I am not sure that anyone summoned you, unless of course you are a diplomatic envoy or perhaps one of the other masters did so. Perhaps if I were to get your name I might be able to direct you towards the one that summoned you. Or even better the name of the summoner?"

3rd November 2004, 02:49 PM
The armored figure looked around, slightly confused. Then she started talking, half to herself and half to Zadok.

"The summoner . . . the transport . . . that's odd." Then she spoke to Zadok. "The being didn't give it's name. It just said to come here, and look for a guy named Zadok. Would you happen to know him?"

4th November 2004, 01:36 PM
Seeing that Zadok was very busy, as multiple other people, if they were human, also seemed to have buisness. This was a logical thing, as Darius knew that Zadok was leader of some kind of Jedi Order here, so that was to be expected. But there all of Darius' knowledge ended about where he was and what needed to be done, let alone about all the weird things he had encountered already on his way here. So the young Fire Mage wasn't really surprised that Zadok's start of Darius' introduction to the place was immediatly cut short by some sort of artefact, which also seemed to have a lot of humanlike features.


Almost not daring to interfere, Darius gathered all his bravery and still opened his mouth. His obvious ignorance of the situation and his incertainity about what to do could clearly be heard, even though Darius tried his best to sound confident and experienced.

"Euhm, Zadok? So, what is this place? I've met so much strange...'things' on my way here, I don't know where to start asking. These artefacts that walk around, this 'ships' which I don't find worthy of such a title,...As you can see I'm a bit confused. You wouldn't mind explaining a bit, would you?"

Luckily his jovial ability to remain optimistic and a bit joking had not faded away just yet, but Darius really was in need of some serious information.

Brick Mullet
4th November 2004, 03:21 PM
Tom nodded as the master talked. "I suppose I can't use it no matter how much experiance I have then eh? No matter. I suppose I gain a rank the old way? By training? Or would you like me to tell you the jedi code?"

The man turned the other way, looking toward another person. Yawn...this enclave sure is busy. Not like the one I come from.

8th November 2004, 12:51 PM
**Zadok's eyebrow perked up at the mentioning of his name in connection with a summons. He had not sent out any official summons except for one or two diplomatic parlays, but this one did not appear to be hear on a diplomatic mission.

"Well...I'm Zadok."

**Suddenly the loud whine of a transport's engines coming to life drowned out all possibilities of continuing the conversation upon the platform. Zadok looked to all three people he was speaking with and used the Force fo convey his words to them.

"Come, let us retire to the Council Chambers where I can answer your questions without competing against the roar of engines and the chaos of loading and unloading of passengers."

**Zadok turned and headed back towards the door which he had first entered onto the platform by, opening it to allow the others to enter the door first. Once the last one had stepped into the room, Zadok followed, closing the door behind him and instantly drowning out the roar of the engines. Now within the silence of the Jedi Enclave, Zadok addressed each member's concerns seperately.

"Tom, to rise among the ranks of the Jedi, one must train. But such activities are not conducted her, but rather at the Academy upon Yavin-4."

**Turning to Darius, Zadok smiled and nodded his head in appreciation of the young man's confusion.

"Yeah, I would imagine that this is a bit strange for you. To answer your first question, you are now within the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. This is the main headquarters of the New Jedi Order, of which I am a master and leader."

**Zadok finally turned to face the armored individual.

"And I do not believe that I have been properly introduced to you."

8th November 2004, 01:23 PM
The armored figure bowed, after following Zadok into the temple.

"My appologies," she said. "I did not know. A . . . friend of mine recommended that I find you. I seek training in the Force. As for who I am . . . are you entirely sure this room is secure?"

8th November 2004, 01:30 PM
The sounds of the engines all around Darius was deafening. On top of the fact that the poor boy was nowhere near a comfortable place he knew off, a lot of things were happening around him and the confusement in his head kept on growing. Zadok was about to explain something as yet another machine kicked in and made a sound so loud that even if Zadok would've shouted at the top of his lungs, Darius would still probably have not heard him. And his ears weren't the problem.

But before Darius could come with the plan himself, the elven priest's voice echoed through his head, and he guessed through the heads of the other two people wanting to speak to the Fire Master too. He wasn't surprised. Zadok had played this trick several times before on him and he had gotten used to it.

'..Which is one of the reasons I came here in the first place...To learn his tricks..'

As they moved on in Darius was astonished by the size of the building. If this was only one of the smaller halls, what would the big rooms look like? Now that Zadok could speak again, he did so and to Darius he spoke some comforting words, as well as some explaining ones.

"Err, yes. I came to join that New Jedi Order. I heard it was pretty good and could teach me a lot, and when I found out you was leading it, I came as fast as I could. Could you explain to me the concept of this Order? Tell me all you know, I am interested into the tip of my toes."


..Ghehe, giving you a finger on this one...It's up to you to decide if you take the whole hand ;)..

9th November 2004, 09:46 AM
[Out of Character]

Oke guys, I think I'm back from being away (terug van weggeweest) and ready to post some more. When gua changed from v2 to v3 I quited for a short time for school fucked up all the time I used to spend at gua. I guess the quest is already over, isn't it?. Well if not I'm willing to join.


[In character]

The small entrance to a dark cabbin opened and a tall dark man walked in, limping. A service droid awoken from its stand-by position and scanned the man closely. The it automatically switched itself on and started rolling towards the man. Yet it looked like the man had not noticed the peace of metal rolling his way and he continued his way towards the small bed in the corner. The man sat down and the droid approached in front.

''Sir, can I get u some...''

It could not complete its sentence a soft click could be heard on its back when it got shut off, yet the man had not moved a muscle. Blinking his eye the droid slid backwards to the corner where it originally came from and bumped soft against the wall. Now the man raised his head and if the droid would still have been there it would have gone to alarm phase 1. The eyes of the man where al swollen and red. Blood on the man's face showed that he had been in a fight, a rough one. His breath was heavy and small clouds of vapor appeared in front of his face as he breath out. This was Revan, the lost sith lord.


Alarms rang and red lights appeared flashin on and off on the rhythm of the alarm. Unseen another man sneaked into the Jedi temple of Corusant, clouding the visions of the gaurds running around, seeking their stations. The man kneeled down on the ground and a small hilt reflected the red flashing light. The man waited and when the moment came he jumped out of his hiding place behind a gaurd shelter and speeded over a small open area. Reaching the other side with no problem the man waited no moment and started running towards the barracks. Somehow the man suceeded in getting towards the barracks whiteout being sensed by the other Jedi and it also looked like he knew where he needed to be. The man opened a close door and he could see a small blood stain around the switch.

''Damn, to late...''

He harshly opened the door and spotted an exact replica of himself sitting on the bed. Only the person sitting had read eyes, a thing he had not. The man on the bed stood up and flipped the cap hiding his true face base backward. Now his real face could be seen and also a bloodred head out of which small spikes tend to grow. The man now reached for something that hung around his belt and activated his lightsaber just when he pulled it from under the long robe. The red cling emitted from the hilt as the man jumped towards the man standing in the door opening. But the man was prepared for this and blocked the attack from the man. With this his cap fell on his shoulders revealing his true face. This was the real Revan. Settler of Dantooine, Jedi padawaan.

Revan, injured and tired faced the sith and knew if he would not get help soon he would be slain. So when he blocked the hits from the sith, which came quicker and more fierce everytime he blocked an attack, he reached out with the force and far as he could.

''Guys, I encoutered a sith in the Temple and need some help, details will come later.

12th November 2004, 10:20 AM
**Zadok smiled at Darius' enthusiasm and nodded his head.

"Well, the Jedi Order is designed for those that are sensitive to the Force, those who can hears its beckoning call and are willing to go through the training to refine that gift. At its core the Order is designed to maintain peace and stability through the Republic which spans most of the galaxy, including your home planet Darius."

**Zadok looked to the armoured figure and smiled, stifling a chuckle at the question.

"Um...uh...yeah, its secure. Why do you ask?"

**Suddenly Zadok felt a stirring in the Force around him, faint at first but the longer he observed it the stronger it grew.

What is this disturbance I sense?

Revan, I am going to RP that the first part of your post occurred here and that the second part occurs in my next post. Normally I would respond right away, but I want to answer everyone's question before racing off again.

12th November 2004, 03:04 PM
The armoured figure looked around.

"Because I like my privacy," she said. She tapped a couple of buttons on her helmet, and the voice scrambler deactivated. But she still didn't take off her helmet.

"My name is F'lana," she said. Her voice now had a heavy African-American accent, and she spoke in a near-whisper, as if anxious not to be overheard. "As I have said, I have come for training in the ways of the force."

12th November 2004, 05:54 PM
((message from Yavin Four))

~a beeping can be heard in the flight control room of Yavin 4, the sound of a ship entering the System...scanning it shows that the shields and weapons are powered down and it has just left hyperspace...it is identified as a Corellian YT-2000...it's marking beacons transmit the identification of "The Phoenix"...the transmitter in the tower beeps to life, indicating and incoming transmission...a metalic voice can be heard over the speakers~...This is The Phoenix to Yavin Four Flight Tower, requesting permission to enter Yavin System and approach Yavin Four for landing...~the speakers go dead as the ship awaits reply~

13th November 2004, 01:45 PM
Another hit fromt he red saber made Revan stumble backward and he allmost tripped over a bump in the floor. The Sith in front of him showed now mercy and did not know how long he was going to be able to hold on. Yet, trusting the force he was stronger then he expected and the Sith adept was only slowly winning ground. Then Revan let down his defense for just a second and the sith made thankfull use of it. Aiming his lightsaber for Revan's now unproctected stomag he slashed forward. Revan had allready noticed that he had made a big mistake but the only thing he could do was drop his lightsaber as quickly as he could and hope that it would deflect the attack. It did, but with a cost, the force of the hit made Revan's saber fly out of his hands and land on the floor making a deep carve before it was shut down automaticly. Reaching out with the force Revan tried to get grip on the hilt but it was to far away and before he knew it the sith stood in front of him, his saber high up in the air. He had only time to jump away and used the force to ascend to a higher level. He had now a few seconds and send out another distress call.

''The situation is getting out of hand here, I've lost my lightsaber and are defenseless, I'll try to hold on as long as possible but please don't hesitate.''

Then he suddenly saw the saber of the Sith shoot from under him and before he knew the platform he was standing on collapsed. Now the situation was realy getting worst. He found himself trapped in the debris that consited of to many particles to be lifted up by the force. And his enemy was allready preparing for his final attack. He tried to free himself but in vain, trying to pull his legs out resolved in him getting even more stuck. But then something got into his mind and concentrated on the small peace of the support pillar that was still stuck in the wall. He focussed on the force and the pillar came lose from the wall directly shooting for the Sith.

15th November 2004, 10:30 AM
**Zadok smiled as the armored figure finally deactivated its voice-scrambler, confirming Zadok's suspicion that she was indeed female. The comment about privacy made Zadok wonder.

"Though I understand the desire for some privacy, what exactly do you have to hide. You are asking to join an Order that prides itself upon its trust in its members and you are unwilling to trust them?"

**But before she could respond, Zadok suddenly felt a massive disturbance in the Force followed by a cry for help.

''The situation is getting out of hand here, I've lost my lightsaber and are defenseless, I'll try to hold on as long as possible but please don't hesitate.''

**Zadok's eyes widened as he recognized the voice to be that of Revan and then the Jedi Master knew that the disturbance he felt was from an attacker...a Sith infiltrator.

"I'll be right back."

**Without another word spoken, the Jedi Master vanished from sight as a surge of heat and a puff of smoke was left in his place. The Jedi Master could have used the Force to get to the room, but instead relied upon his Mastry of the Fiery Arts to get him there a bit faster. Suddenly there was a surge of heat and an explosion of flames in the room behind the Sith Adept, forming into the shape of a man. The Sith was already brining his blade down towards Revan when suddenly it stopped mid-air, connecting with a snapping hiss with another lightsaber blade, this one green and definitely bearing in it a power far greater than the Sith's blade. Zadok had arrived at just the right moment.

15th November 2004, 10:34 AM
Armarnia smiled, her long-rifle in hand, the sight glowing a dull green as she lay with her cheek to the top of the stock, her finger light on the trigger as she panned over the little fight in front of her. She spoke quietly, knowing that Zadok would pick up her words via the Force. Her questing sight finally settled on the back of the Sith's head and she half-squeezed the trigger in preperation for firing.

"Master Zadok, are you both alright. I'm on the walkway about fifty meteres above your head. I have a bead on the Sith. Say the word and I'll scatter his brains across the floor."

16th November 2004, 09:36 AM
Sensing the strong apearance of his master Revan no longer focussed on getting out the pile around his feet but instead he focussed on a force jump. As he saw the two lightsabers colided just in front of his face he bent his knees slightly and leaped up into the air. He saw that Zadok had just stopped the sith in time but was not going to stand aside. He had followed this being allmost around the whole galaxy and now his retribution would be swift. Yet he had not aquired the strenght to saber him down and would have to rely on the force.

"Master Zadok, are you both alright. I'm on the walkway about fifty meteres above your head. I have a bead on the Sith. Say the word and I'll scatter his brains across the floor."

''This could be my only chance''

He noticed that the small support pillar was still hanging against the wall and with a small wave of the force its last connection to the wall snapped and the pillar floated in the air. Revan's feet touched the ground and he now jumped for the sith adept raising his lightsaber up in the air. He then struck down his saber and saw that the sith was clearly in fear now, his saber moved quickly aside to block the incomming attack but he was to late to see that pillar comming from behind. Revan's lightsaber sparked as it made contact with the other but then his opponent got thrown aside by the pillar. He was smacked into the wall and lay there, out of consiousness.

''Dodge that, he'll be fine.''

22nd November 2004, 08:30 AM
**As the sith attacker was slammed into the wall by the pillar that slammed into him, Zadok breathed a small sigh of relief. Walking over to the far wall, Zadok depressed a button upon a panel and instantly a mechanical voice responded through a set of hidden speakers.

"Security, what is your request?"

"This is Master Zadok, we have an intruder down in the student dormitories and I will need him tranported to the brig."

"Roger sir, I have two G-2RD's in that sector, they should be with you momentarily."

"Thank you."

**Zadok then turned to face Revan and smiled with yet another sigh of relief.

"Are you ok?"

25th November 2004, 01:29 PM
Looking towards his master Revan sighted heavily and with that a long journey of suffering had ended. His sith opponent had been beaten and peace could return to his head. No, the case could taken care by the academy itself and was no longer his concern. Then he opened his eyes and looked into that of Zadok.

''Yes thanks, that sith got me pretty bad but I think I'm allright, no need to go into such horrifying bacta tanks. I've been following this Sith for days. I spotted him first when I went to Kessel to do a little research in the mines, things seemed a little stirred up there. I thought I had discovered something, but then this guy here showed up and atracked all of my attention. Yet it did not seem as he had allready detected me, and if he had he was hiding it well. So I went on to follow him, until I accidentely discovered that his main objective lay somewhere in the NJO. And that's when I lost sight of him, then moment I see him walking away from his ship sealing off the entrance with me in it. So I had to get off that ship, yet I could not risk being detected. You see Kessel is kinda a planet full of crime and specialy the docking bays, they like to hang out there. So I managed to sneak out undetected and did not know to get to Corusant. My ship, I had left behind when I set off to folow that sith and there was no other ship around that would be capable of taking me to Corusant quickly.''

Revan paused for only a few seconds to breath deeply before he contineud. He looked at the sith once more and as he focussed on the force he could see that he had still signs of live.

''Then this pirate showed up, with fast ship, I don't realy know his name. But he stated, as all the pirates smugglers and other scumm does, that is was the wastest ship in the universe. Yet I could not persuade him to take me to Corusant, so I manipulated him a little, only a little this is. With the man now convinced that he realy needed to take me to Corusant as quickly as possible, did so but when I arived I saw that it was allready to late. On the landing strip not far from here I spotted something that would be called a sith scout ship in the Jedi database. So I hurried over tot he academy only to find out that I had been late, but not to late. I found the sith in my room were I ended up when trying to find my comlink and that's the story as far as I can remember. But if you will excuse me now, I do feel verry tired and realy need some sleep. I'll be in my room if you need futher information.''

Then he looked into the bright of his master again before he turned around, heading for the barracks.

Even though this post is In Character, let's keep fighting the Sith / random Sith encounters in the BA, okay? I'm not going to give you an advantage just because I'm in this clan. - Legion

24th December 2004, 07:32 PM
You hear the sound of feet rising and falling coming from a nearby hallway along with sounds of robes dragging along the corridor. It is not long before you see the silhouette of a man appear in the distance of the hallway. It is not long before the silhouette of the man turns into a man wearing a long brown cloak with the hood draping over his face. His identity a mystery to all but those jedi who have long studied at the temple, his path shrouded in mystery yet a path of benevolence. He spoke calmly and softly with great care of what he said. His voice was enchanting and seemed to reverberate without it actually doing so.

"How bodes the temple?"

25th December 2004, 03:47 PM
Tim, a former Jedi, sat in one of the passenger seats of a transport to Yavin IV. Some time ago, he had left the conclave because he disagreed with the Jedi code. But since then, he had learned many things, and one of them was that there were many ways to intepret codes. So now he was on his way back to the conclave, in the hope that he could rejoin the ranks of the Jedi. After a while, he got bored and grabbed a book from his backpack to read.

By the time he finished the book, the transport was entering the atmosphere of Yavin IV. A few moments later, the ship touched down and the doors opened. For a moment, the bright light burned his eyes, but then he took a pair of sunflasses out of a pocket in his tuxedo and put them on. As he decended the ramp, he looked around, trying to spot an authority figure who could authorize his reintroduction into the conclave.

31st December 2004, 12:19 AM
I vote to kick forsaken out
failing that I vote to revoke his lightsaber because he didn't do that huge post thing to make it

also we got a thing in the first post (the mod's post) telling us not to RP in here guys
and I think I should probably be taken off the trainers thing because I don't ever train anyone...

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31st December 2004, 03:47 AM
Vortor, read what my warning says. You are allowed to RP in here, but keep the Sith encounters and such to the BA. This way we'll keep it nice and tidy here and I won't have to break out my warning stick. Oh, and I promised I would do this. *Kicks Vortor's butt.*

Scary, having a mod comment in your own post.

As for Forsaken, all he wants is to have a silver coloured beam I think. Which is fine. I'm talking to him right now to try and help him (yes, Pstr2blvia, I don't really have that kind of autorithy but no one else is there to help).

At any rate, I pointed out that we don't do Yuuzang Vong (yet). So he says he'll have to rewrite his history anyways in order to make it fit. So I say we give him entry once he's finished. I know him, and I highly doubt he would do anything against the rules of this clan.

Draco... I think the word you were looking for is 'enclave'?

"A disturbance you say? Oh my... Just around the corner?"

A bronze-clad Protocol Droid was troddling after an R-unit, which was beeping and whistling, as if it felt frightened of something. But as they both rounded the corner, they both saw it. A bright whitish silver bubble, blue swirls surrounding it, sticking halfway out of the wall. Both droids were silent for a moment, staring at it's beauty, but then the R2-unit whistled something along the lines of "Uh... Shouldn't we do something about that?"

"I am not sure, RX-D2k54A. You said it yourself, it's some kind of time-space anomaly... I am but a simple protocol droid, what do I know about it?"

The R2-unit whistled in anger, turning around and wandering off. The Protocol followed after it, yelling slightly.

"What do you mean, 'wave your arms at it and yell shoo'?!"

Unknown to them, the vortex bubble of energy slowly began to react more violent, electric sparks running across it and the wall which surrounded it, the swirls which came out of it all touching each other, causing sparks, and streching out further... Until the whole thing collapsed, leaving a spherical hole in the wall. But, that was not all it left. A young, fifteen year old girl was seen, wearing the least of clothes, two large angelic wings sticking out of her back stood up from where the energy vortex was, streching her wings out a little and dusting herself out. Blinking, she turned around, staring at the hole she had made behind her back. ... Uh-oh...

"... Master Zadok isn't going to be happy about that... That's the only try I'll make at trying to enter this dimension indoors... Too dangerous..."

Scratching her the back of her neck a little, the girl choose to go away and let the Jedi Master discover her wreckage on his own. But on the other hand... The girl didn't realise the entry into this world took her longer then she usually needed to. Hopefully it was just a simple matter of carelessness and the Sith throwing her barings off...

1st January 2005, 07:07 PM
As Tim was looking around, he sensed someone approach him. He looked around and saw a woman.

What an unusual eye color, he thought, as the woman spoke.

"I don't know," he finally said. "I just got back, myself. I used to train here, but let because of . . . personal obligations. But if I remember correctly, it's this way." He started walking towards the main Jedi enclave.

Vampiric Angel
1st January 2005, 11:45 PM
((OOC: Should I make a NJO char. and do I join by posting or.......? I'm just really confused on how to join, any guidance would be great, thnx.))

Talen walked through the doors of the Jedi Enclave, amazed at the beauty of the structure. More beautiful than my mind could imagine. Talen was walking aimlessly through the corridors of the Enclave, when he noticed someone walking in the oppisite direction of him, in the same hall. "Excuse me, where might I find the Jedi Council of this Enclave? Or the NJO leader?" Talen stood there waiting for a response.

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11th January 2005, 10:50 AM
:heh: ... Kathy's turning into some kind of public relations desk person thingy... Who welcomes new people and takes them to Zadok...

"Excuse me, where might I find the Jedi Council of this Enclave? Or the NJO leader?"


Perhaps it was because she was a little foggy after each jump between dimensions, or perhaps she was getting careless. Either which way, she hadn't immediatly seen the newcomer approaching her, causing the winged girl's face to flush slighty. Nevertheless, she smiled at him, wondering whether he wanted to speak the council for joining or perhaps political business.

"Sorry sir, for letting you wait. I'll take you to Master Zadok now, if you wish. Please, follow me."

As looked around for a second, getting her barings straight, she beconed the newcomer to follow, turning ito a side hall which she knew would take them to the New Jedi Order's leader. She knew it was a shortcut, meaning that within no time, they stood before a door, the girl again turning towards the man.

"This is master Zadok's office. He is the leader of the Order and will respond to your needs. Just step through these doors, hopefully he'll be there to answer your questions. I have to go now, so... Goodbye."

Bowing slightly, the winged girl walked off, heading for the sleeping quarters to take a quick shower and have a snack of some kind. But as the Padawan Learner left, another couple of voices came within hearing range. One of a droid, the other of an old friend. As the two people to whom the voices belonged came into view, it turned out one was a Protocol Droid, one of the many wandering around the Enclave. The other being, however, was hidden by a blue cloak with hood, furry, shoeless feet and hands streching out of his clothes, a dog's snout poking out of the shadows of the hood.

"Really sir, I can't imagine why you are so concerned about the young lady's welfare. Times are peaceful, and I assure you, we take good care of our-"

"SHUT UP! God... Zadok should really turn you into a recycling bin..."

"No sir. I won't shut up. It is my duty to make sure... Oh, hello there. Are you also having an audience with the Jedi Master?"

11th January 2005, 12:28 PM
Tim trailed along behind Kathy and Talen, adn followed them into the main council chamber. He stood by, watching, at the interplay between one being he recognized as Stiek and a droid. After a moment, the droid addressed him and the other who had followed the Kathy.

"Indeed I am," he said. "I was just wondering if I might get some Force training, actually."

Vampiric Angel
12th January 2005, 09:17 AM
Talen followed the winged beauty through the halls of the Enclave and arrived at the Master's door.

"This is master Zadok's office. He is the leader of the Order and will respond to your needs. Just step through these doors, hopefully he'll be there to answer your questions. I have to go now, so... Goodbye."

"Thank you, and fairwell," Talen said with the upmost sincerity. Talen opened the door to the Master's office and walked through seeing him sitting at his desk. "Excuse me, sir," Talen said seeing the master raise his chin, "Master Zadok, my name is Talen D'aar of the Zeison Sha, I have traveled long lengths to come here. I have had some minor training in the force from my grandfather. He was a Jedi Knight by the name of Kalutika Ar'Kaenan, and I beg of you, please let me train here." With that said Talen lowered to one of his knees, keeping his head down, and fists on the floor. Talen patiently waited for and answer.

13th January 2005, 06:16 PM
Pard re-entered the temple from his long journey. His robes still slightly messed from his journeys. His brown hair and beard had grown long during his travels. Truly someone who hadn't spent much time in public. He quickly went to his room and trimmed his hair and shaved down to a long goatee. He donned a clean robe,grabbed his lightsaber and started about the temple again in search of zadok, leader of the jedi. The hallways were vast and hard to navigate if you had never been here. He had hoped to find zadok so that he may see if there is anything important that is going on or that he missed.

14th January 2005, 11:18 PM
NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS OF NJO, NEW AND OLD: The Clan Quest is still active and now is a perfect time to join up. We are just arriving at the planet's base, simply RP that you have been at the base. This is open to everyone. Also, check to see if you are listed in the NJO Member's list. if you are not there, PM me a link to your char's profile and if you can also send me a pic.

**Zadok looked up from his desk, Talen's voice pulling the Jedi back to the present and away from his papers. So intent upon his work, the Jedi Master had not even noticed the newest arrival within his chambers. Smiling as he pushed away from his desk, Zadok rose from his chair and came around to stand in front of the man. Gently touching the man upon the shoulder, Zadok nodded as he spoke.

"I can sense in you the Force's touch, its movement is very strong for one not formally trained in its ways. Arise Talen, you are more than welcome to join our Order. Come, let me show you about our complex."

If you can PM me a pic and a link to your char's profile, I'll add you to the list.

15th January 2005, 08:03 AM
Tim approached Zadok as he was about to leave.

"Excuse me, sir," he said. "I just wished to inform you that I have returned from my leave of absense, one for which I appologize. But in that time, I have learned much, and thus I have returned and am ready to resume training, with your permission."

15th January 2005, 11:48 AM
The blue and white tunnel of hyperspace travel evaporated before Aviels' eyes. According to her systems' navicomputer, she had safely arrived in the intended system, where Yavin 4 resided. Oddly enough, her radar was picking up small contacts a few kilometers off her port side. Her R4 unit frantically chirped and beeped a few seconds after the contacts came within range of her radar.

"Yes, R4," said Aviel, "We'll avoid that debris field. Don't worry, Yavin 4 is a moon, not that giant red gas ball near the debris field."

Her R4 unit responded with a subtle whistle, and nothing more. Aviel sighed. Ever since the destruction of the first Death Star, the large debris field left over was a huge navigational hazard. Even after an Alliance HazMat team had come and swept the area of what debris they could find, the problem hadn't been solved.

Aviel checked her fuel tanks - half full. The jump had taken quite a bit of fuel, but at half full she would still be able to fly for atleast another fourty-five minutes. As her Viper Mark II fighter accelerated past the red gas giant planet, the smaller, more tranquil looking Yavin 4 came into view. From space, one could see that much of its' surface was dominated by forest, but there were still large bodies of water as well.

"R4, are we within communications range?" said Aviel

R4 chirped and whistled a response back, acknowledging Aviels' query. She nodded, opening her COMM channel, then closing it again. Aviel had forgotten that she didn't possess the correct frequency to contact the facility below, if it was even there. She'd have to broadcast in the clear, which was always a risky procedure. Either way, she didn't have a choice in the matter. Reluctantly, she opened the COMM channel, and switched the frequency to an open broadcast, to which she spoke:

"This is Heartbreak One, to any and all Alliance facilities. Requesting permission to land, do you copy? Over." said Aviel

Hope that was good enough. :) I didn't want to take the liberty of just landing all by myself. Takes the fun out of it. ;)

15th January 2005, 01:59 PM
Posting in the quest will be monday I think, kinda busy now........:(

He was just walking through the main as Revan noticed that a bright red light was flashing on and off on a console just a few meters away from him. He looked curiously around and spotted no one running to catch it, that could only meant that it could be one from space who tried to contact the facility, either way, he was not going to wait for someone else to get it and quickened his pace. Lots of new members had joined the ranks of the NJO since he had arrived from his trip so he would not be surprised to hear a unknown voice on the other side. Now standing in front of the console he recognized it as one which could be founding the main hangar, or outside of them, that would mean that he had walked the whole end from his room to the hangar without noticing, strange.

Hmm no transmission code, not one of ours.

~COMMLINK Enabled~

"This is Heartbreak One, to any and all Alliance facilities. Requesting permission to land, do you copy? Over."

”Heartbreaker one, this is Jedi base Corusant. You have permission to land, you can dock in….eeuh……..*Quickly looking over the screen Revan realised that he did not actually know what to look for. Thinking then, he realised once again, that the Jedi base had only one main terminal………* Sigh…..you can land in the main dock, standard procedure, see you there Heartbreaker.’’

With that Revan pressed the large green button flashing right in front of him, with which the connection was broken. He headed for the hangar, which was, only a few steps forwards. If this was indeed a new member, he’d be the one to greet him, no she sounded like a woman over the link.

’’I got to get out more…’’

15th January 2005, 04:42 PM
Well, ah...I did say that Aviel traveled to Yavin, but we can just skip that and say she went to Coruscant instead. :whistilin Also, it's Heartbreak One not Heartbreaker One. Just being a little picky. ;) Though Heartbreaker One also sounds good...Hmmm - might have to consider changing it now. :p

Aviel didn't have to wait long for her transmission to be picked up, and quickly replied to. She was surprised, though, when the receiver came back on the COMM channel - mainly since he sounded like he had no clue what the hell he was doing.

”Heartbreak one, this is Jedi base Corusant. You have permission to land, you can dock in….eeuh…", the Receiver stopped short of what he was going to say, and the COMM was silent for a few moments, until he responded again, "…..you can land in the main dock, standard procedure, see you there Heartbreak.’’

She sighed. Whoever the controller was, he must've been new. Regardless, Aviel gently guided her Viper Mark II down through the dense atmosphere of Coruscant. Her eyes widened as she took in the vast expanse of the planet - nothing but buildings, for miles around. Hovercars and various other craft littered the sky, like ants scurrying around.

If it wasn't for her R4 unit highlighting the correct building on her tactical map, she wouldn't have known where to go. Ahead she could make out a building far stranger than any of the others. It had a more gracious, and elegant construction - looking more curved, and peacefull, rather then the blocky clostrophobic looking buildings littering the rest of the planet.

The main hangar bay was open, and Aviel skillfully guided her craft in. She cut power to the engines, and engaged the repulsorlifts, guiding the Viper gently down to the hangar floor. The dull thump indicating a secure landing prompted Aviel to disengage the repulsorlifts, and shut down the craft.

Once the canopy was opened, Aviel jumped down to the hanger floor, her black boots meeting against the metal below. Slowly she removed her pilots' helmet, letting her red hair drop down, and tucking the helmet under her arm. Aviel also unclamped her neck brace - a device strapped to a pilots' neck to prevent it from breaking or shattering - and tucked it into one of the pockets of her dark green flight suit.

She took a deep breath, and was surprised at the cleanliness of the air. She couldn't smell any oil, or burnt rubber, or any of the normal stenches a hanger would bear. Aviel unzipped a portion of her flightsuit, from the neck down, allowing her neck to breath from the sweaty interior of a flightsuit.

Aviel then noticed a man who seemed to be waiting for her. Odd - had he been waiting here the whole time? Regardless, she needed to make an impression on the people here, so she approached the man, putting on as good a smile as she could manage, and extended her hand to him.

"Hi, I'm Aviel Evas! Nice to meet you, uh...?"

15th January 2005, 05:58 PM
Stepping into the hangar Revan noticed the complete lack business, usually the whole hangar was littered by peaces of scrap metal that had been ripped off old craft and with mechanics talking too each other, discussing everything that might interest them. But now it was silent, just the breeze of a cold morning. It felt comforting to Revan and even though he did not expect vessel to arrive this quickly, he did take a look out of the huge opening in front of him. There the planet stretched out with nothing then city, industry and other things. He had once though about how many people actually lived on Corusant, but that had proven to be in vain, and head breaking. Now a small dot appeared on the horizon, nothing special on first sight but Revan feel something with this one. Even though he had not seen it yet, he was almost sure that their guest was soon to arrive.

Two druids had already dispatched and were heading for the landing zone, but Revan called them back and with a weak force push they were wiped of hangar floor and back into the corner they came from, the tall droid still muttering. Now the dot had grown bigger and it was clear that its destination was the Jedi temple. Almost forgetting to put on the guide lights, Revan quickly hurried over to the console next to one of the huge hangar doors and switched them on. Now a clear path could be distinguished in front of the hangar and even a rookie pilot would be able to guide his vessel into safety. But it prove not to be necessary. The pilot, whoever it was, guided the plane into the hanger, gracefully, with the elegance of a skilled pilot. Now Revan took his position opposite of the just landed plane and as the canopy slid open, he tightened his belt one more time.

A woman jumped out and Revan, first surprised by this appearance hesitated for a mere second. Then he know how foolish he had been, just assuming the guest were a man and regained his posture. Then he sees the woman approach him and the same time she closes in on him, he does the same thing opposite. This way Revan and the strange woman meat somewhere in the middle of the hangar, hands outstretched, both smiling. Why, nobody knows, probably out of generousity.

"Hi, I'm Aviel Evas! Nice to meet you, uh...?"

Taking a quick glance at the girl first Revan noticed nothing special about her. Just a normal girl which he saw day in day out. No wings growing out of her back, or arms……. Then he looked at her totally but now with through the force. This way he could see her aura, and what she may be hiding, but he found nothing that could lead to hostility or other means of harming people.

”Hello Aviel, welcome to the Jedi Temple on Corusant. My name is Revan, I talked to you over the COMM. Well I must say that I’m rather new to the whole system here (that was a lie) but things get better all the time. Now may I ask what brings you here?’’

15th January 2005, 06:39 PM
”Hello Aviel, welcome to the Jedi Temple on Corusant." said the man, "My name is Revan, I talked to you over the COMM. Well I must say that I’m rather new to the whole system here but things get better all the time. Now may I ask what brings you here?’’

"Revan," said Aviel, "That's quite a nice name. Well, I'm here for the same reason most everyone comes here. I...", she briefly hesitated admitting to a man she hardly knew, "..I would like to see if I can become a Jedi. There've been some...some things, to say the least, that led me to question certain lies I used believed were true. So, ah..how, exactly, do I go about doing this? A-are you a Jedi?"

Aviel knew that was a ridiculous question - of course he was. But she had to ask, more for the sake of trying to change the subject than anything else. If he wasn't in charge, then she would have to find out who was, and then try and figure out how to approach them and what exactly it was she would have to undergo.

15th January 2005, 07:06 PM
Looking at the mid age woman Revan noticed that she hesitated a bit with her answers. She did not fully seem to trust him, a thing he could understand very well for they had just met. He himself also had had some trouble with adapting to the whole social culture whiting the temple and academy. Everybody seemed much more open in here then on the rest of the, planet. But that was thing you got used to within less then a week.

"Revan, that's quite a nice name. Well, I'm here for the same reason most everyone comes here. I...I would like to see if I can become a Jedi. There've been some...some things, to say the least, that led me to question certain lies I believed were true. So, ah..how, exactly, do I go about doing this? A-are you a Jedi?"

A bit confused by the questions thrown at him Revan turned away his eyes and scratched the back of his head. The woman in front of him seemed to know not much about the Jedi, or at least that was what he expected. He focussed his eyes on the woman again and now that he had formed his answer he opened his mouth to let his thoughts flow into words (poetic eh?).

”Hmm you’d be surprised to hear that most of the people that come here are actually just ‘tourist’. People that like to see the temple from the inside and then hope to see us use our force powers or something… But the reason that you have come here to become a Jedi enlightens me. Even though many new Jedi have joined our ranks, we can never have enough. But you say that you think that some lies are true. Could you give me a example of that. Not that I don’t believe, but mostly its otherwise, people who discover that what they thought was the truth is actually a lie, you can trust me. And whether I’m a jedi, well yes and no. I do have strong affinity to the force so does that make me a Jedi? No, I’m still a padawaan, learning to become a Jedi knight.”

15th January 2005, 07:14 PM
”Hmm you’d be surprised to hear that most of the people that come here are actually just ‘tourist’. People that like to see the temple from the inside and then hope to see us use our force powers or something… But the reason that you have come here to become a Jedi enlightens me. Even though many new Jedi have joined our ranks, we can never have enough." said Revan, "But you say that you think that some lies are true. Could you give me a example of that. Not that I don’t believe, but mostly its otherwise, people who discover that what they thought was the truth is actually a lie, you can trust me. And whether I’m a jedi, well yes and no. I do have strong affinity to the force so does that make me a Jedi? No, I’m still a padawaan, learning to become a Jedi knight.”

Aviel hesitated again. She didn't want to be telling this man anything of her past; not at all. Getting it off her chest would be a usefull thing, but not here, and not now. She'd have to deny telling this man anything, atleast for now.

"I...don't really want to talk about it." said Aviel, "I mean, it's not something I'd like to discuss openly. It's not about the Jedi, it's just something else." she sighed, "So...who exactly is in charge here? Or who would I see to, ah, get started?"

You dork, it was "lies she thought were truths" - meaning what she thought was true was a lie. :p Sorry, just being picky again. :)

15th January 2005, 07:28 PM
"I...don't really want to talk about it." said Aviel, "I mean, it's not something I'd like to discuss openly. It's not about the Jedi, it's just something else." she sighed, "So...who exactly is in charge here? Or who would I see to, ah, get started?"

I was clear to Revan that the Aviel did not want to talk about her past and even though he was still curious about certain things he stopped questioning. If she were to tell him once, then that would be her own decision, for now she needed to be taken to Zadok.

”Sure just follow me, its no really far from here.’’

Revan walked over to Zadok’s office but even without knocking he knew that they had to wait. Revan walked over to the large door.

”This is the office of Jedi master Zadok Ben Misgab. He is the head of our order and will see you. You can wait here on this chair or if anything else that suits you.”

Revan looked down the long corridor and spotted several sofa’s and all sorts of table’s and chairs in front of other offices.

I’ll be around now, if you need anything just don’t hesitate to ask either me or any other NJO member you encounter. May the force be with you.”

Last post for the day, its late here in The Netherlands ya know…… well see you round.

15th January 2005, 07:47 PM
Alright, later. Thanks a bunch, too. :)

I’ll be around now, if you need anything just don’t hesitate to ask either me or any other NJO member you encounter. May the force be with you.” said Revan

Aviel waited until the man had gone out of hearing distance, before she let out a deep sigh, and sank into the chair next to the office door. She didn't know why she was so nervous. Perhaps the strange man asking about her past had gotten her a bit shakey on the inside.

Regardless, she had to present herself formely to this Zadok fellow, whoever or whatever he or it may be. Aviel had forgotten to ask if she could get her clothing from her cargo bay and change into something more suitable than a sweaty flightsuit. She still had her helmet with her too, and her gloves and everything she should have left in the cogpit.

She felt like a total mess, and yet she still had to pull it together before she had to present herself. Taking a deep breath, and releasing it, she calmed herself down and began thinking in her head what she would say to the person or thing in charge.

"Hello, Master Misgab," thought Aviel, "My name is Aviel...no no, is it proper to use his last name? I don't know how these Jedi react to formalities...maybe I should address him fully? No..no, what if..", she continued to ponder, lost in thought - not paying any attention to the office door, or the corridor and the people in it.

15th January 2005, 10:48 PM
**Zadok looked up from Talen and gazed upon Tim, his eyes and entire demeanor shifting from one of joy and welcome to reserve and concern. It had been some time sense Tim had left the Order, a parting that had gone both unannounced and unexplained. Such an act in a military situation would have received a harsh reprimand and disciplinary action; but this was not a military, this was the Jedi, closer to a family. Though the Jedi Master did not intend to punish Tim, his actions would have to be accounted for and explained.

"The Jedi is a sacred Order, one that bears with it a tremendous responsibility and calling. Your oath to this Order should not be so easily set aside, your duties and responsibilites not so quickly left unattended. You say that you wish to rejoin the Order and continue your training? How am I to be certain that urgent business will not demand your attention and circumvent your Jedi oath once more?"

**The rebuke was unusual, as the Jedi Leader was known for his merciful and accepting manner, making such conversations both uncommon and tense. Zadok did not want to be so strict, but a Jedi's committment must be to the Order, and unwavering in its devotion. Breathing a sigh of resignation and sorrow, Zadok shook his head and returned his gaze to Talen once more, the closure of the conversation with Tim designed to give the Padawan a chance to both consider his actions and reevaluate his commitment to the Order. If Tim still desired to be a Jedi, the Master would accept him once more into the Order, but only if the Padawan showed a genuine commitment to the Oath.

"Come Talen, I will show you to the living quarters, and then..."

**Zadok glided past Tim and made his way to the door, stopping at its entrance as he suddenly sensed yet another presence on the other side of the door. Pausing, Zadok closed his eyes and focused upon the presence, his mind locking upon the Force signature and honing in upon the patterns that were individualistic to each creature. Suddenly, as if he had hit the unmute button, Zadok could clearly hear thoughts and words from the presence, an internal conflict that was arising within the individual.

"Hello, Master Misgab, my name is Aviel...no no, is it proper to use his last name? I don't know how these Jedi react to formalities...maybe I should address him fully? No..no, what if.."

**The Jedi Leader could not help but smile as he eavesdropped upon Aviel's thoughts, her nervousness at meeting Zadok both apparent and humourous to the priest. Smiling as he pushed the door open, Zadok continued to speak to Talen.

"...then I will show you around the complex to aquaint you with our layout. Oh, and Aviel..."

**Turning to face the young woman as he stepped through the doors, Zadok smiled at her reassuringly as he spoke.

"...Simply call me Zadok."

**The move was meant to calm Aviel's nerves and perhaps make her feel a bit more relaxed, though the opposite effect could just as likely occur.

15th January 2005, 11:20 PM
The door was suddenly pushed open, startling Aviel from her train of thought, and revealing the man she had been brought to meet. He was very tall, with a well groomed mop of blond hair atop his head, and long flowing robes. As he exited the room, he seemed to speak to others that were no doubt behind him.

"...then I will show you around the complex to aquaint you with our layout. Oh, and Aviel...", he said, suddenly turning and facing Aviel, smiling as he spoke, "...Simply call me Zadok."

The shock only lasted a few seconds. Aviel's face flushed red with utter embarrassment. She was a tad scared of what had just happened - not to mention slightly pissed off, too. She had forgotten the numerous rumors of Jedi being able to read minds, deceive them and even manipulate them. Then again, the fact that he had used his ability to aid her in some way or another was comforting.

Aviel half rose, unsure wether or not she should disturb Master Zadok and his guest. Amassing whatever amount of courage she could muster after the embarrassment, she fully stood up from her chair, her helmet and gloves still tucked under her left arm. Hesitantly, she spoke.

"E-excuse me, Master Zadok?" said Aviel, "I'm Aviel Evas, as you..probably already know. Uhm, I'm here because...well, I-I want to become a Jedi."

" 'I want to become a Jedi?"! How pathetic was that?!", thought Aviel, "Might as well say 'look at me! I'm a moron!'...wait...he can read my mind, can't he? Oh crap."

You and your jedi mind senses :p

16th January 2005, 08:48 AM
Tim nodded and was about to speak when Zadok left to show Talen around the enclave. He sighed and took a seat.

Why did I not see this coming? he wondered. I did leave the enclave without any explination. He's right. How can he be sure that urgent buisness won't demand my attention? How can I? I didn't easily set aside my oath. I had no choice. For one thing there was that little bout of amnesia. For another . . . oh, who am I kidding? Sighing, he rested his head in his hands and waited for Zadok to return.

17th January 2005, 02:45 PM
I joined this clan with the most pretentious and righteous pretentions. Seeing the level of activity I have shown, I can openheartedly say that I have miserably failed every singly one of my previously, and now it shows: foolishly, made presumptions as well as promises. I hope I can make it up again by trying to become active again.

I will not mend myself with the Quest just yet, since I DO have a lot of Mod-Work as well as other RP obligations, but the Training section does seem like something I could at least post in...

I hope my promises don't prove false this time. Forgive my impolite absence.


After Zadok's sudden retreat to some sort of disturbance, Darius had retreated into his rooms. He had simply unpacked and layed down, trying to think over his most recent perceptions. He had seen the most wonderful of things, yet not understood a single thing about them. Their beauty partially lay in the mysteriousness, yet it was also a bit of an unpleasantness since Darius was a person who rather knew about what was happening around him. His eagerness to learn, especially from Zadok whom he concidered someone almost as close as a father to him, would of course help in the process of beginning to understand all of these things, yet his impetuousness would work against him.

'..A controversion...Hope it doesn't prove to be a fatal one..'


After several hours of being in something like a half-meditational state, Darius got up again. He felt slightly refreshed and decided to go out once more. Surely there was something to do around here and whether it was training in the ways of the Jedi or simply a lot of information about the planet he had just landed on, Darius didn't care. Fact was that Darius simply wanted something to do again.

[OOC: Okay, crappiness .com ... Anyhow, at least I'm 'back'... Hehehe :whistilin]

Vampiric Angel
18th January 2005, 08:13 AM
Talen watched as Master Zadok spoke to the two newcomers and waited for Zadok to show him around the complex and show him his living quarters.

18th January 2005, 09:22 AM
**Zadok smiled at Aviel's flustered reaction, the woman behaving in the manner Zadok had expected and seen many times in the past.

"I'm Aviel Evas, as you..probably already know. Uhm, I'm here because...well, I-I want to become a Jedi."

**Nodding reassuringly, Zadok gently touvhed Aviel's shoulder to calm her gittery nerves.

"It's alright. No need to be nervous. You are welcome in our Order. Return to your craft and unpack your belongings into room..."

**Zadok pulled out a datapad and tapped the screen several times before smiling and nodding.

"...room 324. And welcome to the New Jedi Order."

**Turning to face Talen, Zadok smiled and looked at his datapad once more.

"And Talen, you will be in room 128. Come, I'll show you to the living quarters and then perhaps to the databanks."

Talen - I need a link to your char's profile and a pic for your char as well.
Aviel - Got your link and am just waiting for your pic.
Darius - Can I get a pic of Darius so I can add him to the member's list.

18th January 2005, 11:36 AM
"It's alright. No need to be nervous. You are welcome in our Order. Return to your craft and unpack your belongings into room...", said Zadok, quickly pulling out his datapad and briefly tapping in a few commands, "...room 324. And welcome to the New Jedi Order."

Aviel was stunned. The Master had actually accepted her, without formally interogating or interviewing her or anything. These Jedi were a lot more lax, and much more humble then Aviel had thought, and she was liking it more and more. On the inside, Aviel was extatic - this was her chance to become what she was meant to be. And all she could manage to say to the Master was:

"T-thank you, Master Zadok," said Aviel.

She wanted to say more, add in all that garbage that new employees usually give - but here, she wasn't an employee. Granted, she was still new and had almost no idea how things worked, but the atmosphere itself was far more pleasant than any business. She smiled as she strode her way back to the hangar, leaving Master Zadok and his guest alone.

After finally reaching the hangar, she noticed that her R4 unit had somehow managed to get out of its position atop the Viper Mark II, and was now tweaking every ounce of performance out of the ship. She decided agaisnt protesting to her R4, happy that it would go to such lengths to keep the ship in such good condition.

Aviel approached the small cargo bay of her fighter, punching in the correct external code to open the hatch. Once the hatch was lowered, she grabbed the small green duffel bag, and closed the hatch. She swung the bag around her neck, laying her pilots' helmet and gloves ontop of it, holding them with her left arm. Now, all she had to do was find the correct room.


About an hour later, Aviel finally found room 324. She, obviously, had taken the long way around and nearly gotten herself lost several dozen times. The sight of the numerous Jedi and their infamous Lightsabers was shock alone to keep her staring at them as they walked past her. It had taken all her courage to step up and ask a Jedi for directions - which he most humbly and kindly gave to her.

When she arrived at room 324, however, she noticed that there was no door handle. There was a keypad next to the door, but it looked offline. Did she have the wrong room? She hesistated for a moment, before sighing and putting her head to the door - which then slid open. Aviel nearly fell inside, but regained her balance fairly quickly.

The rooms' interior was very pleasant - a comfy looking bed to her right, a window across from the door with a desk under it, a refresher station to the left, and a few drawers.

"Not bad..", thought Aviel, "Better than I expected, even."

She threw her duffel bag on the floor, next to the bed, along with her pilots helmet and gloves. Once the door was closed, she unzipped her flightsuit all the way, and began her task of changing and unpacking.

Sorry for the exceedingly long post. Heh. :whistilin

Vampiric Angel
19th January 2005, 02:54 PM
"Talen, you will be in room 128. Come, I'll show you to the living quarters and then perhaps to the databanks."

Talen nodded slowly and followed Zadok to his quarters.

24th January 2005, 02:01 PM
Lights flashed through the transparisteel viewport, and a loud whistling could be heard through the duristeel as the transport settled to the dock. After several seconds, the steady humming of the engines fell away, and the semi-silence of the spaceport. Loud shouting could be heard as the spaceport workers ran out of the station and up to the ship to begin the re-fueling and re-stocking of the ship.

Nathaniel stepped out of the ship and looked around himself. It appeared that he was finally in the right section of Coruscant. From here, he should be able to board a transport speeder to the Jedi Temple, or so he was told. The Coruscant night was cold and dark, the smells of the metropolis drifting in the air.

Looking around, Nathaniel started off toward the nearest taxi speeder, and climbed into it, shaking his head to get his white hair out of his eyes. Looking to the aqualish taxi pilot, Nathaniel told him the destination, and sat as the speeder hurled down the traffic lanes of Coruscant.

After a few minutes, they arrived, and Nathaniel climbed out of the taxi, paying the driver for the ride. Turning, Nathaniel strode into the temple. After walking a good distance into the Temple, Nathaniel came to something that looked like a gathering chamber.

"Hello? Is anyone here?"

Nathaniel waited for a response....

25th January 2005, 12:46 PM
OOC- Before I start, I am joining yes, if you accept...

It was a silent time in space, not a squeak of a mouse could be heard. Space was always silent, no noise could be heard. A stranger had been crossing the galaxy, when he noticed his ship was running low on fuel. He looked for the nearest inhabitated planet, which he guess was the large round object in front of him.

The traveller landed safely on the surface of the planet and looked around, he took off his flying gear and laid it in the cockpit of his flyer, he then raised his brown hood to cover his demonised pointy ears and looked at a fortressed hall in front of him.

The traveller eventually got to the door of the hall, he knocked and waited for an answer, he didn't quite know what the building was inhabited by, but he had his Saber at the ready in his boot and using the force, could pop it out with his mind into his hand and strike any offence that gets in his way.

The one unusual thing about the traveller was, he was blind, and solely depended on the forces to guide him through, he could see things with his eyes closed, with ear and force....

I wonder where this will lead me to...Death? Success? More Travelling?

Quite obviously, the traveller doesn't want to travel anymore...So maybe his encounter will bring success...

25th January 2005, 08:28 PM
Tim continued to sit in the room where Zadok had left him.

Maybe it was a mistake to come back. No! I did the right thing . . . I think. *Sigh.* I wonder wht Zadok is doing now. He probably has more important things to do then deal with a rogue padawan, it's such a big base after all. I'll just sit here and wait for him to return. Tim took a flask of water from his hip and took a long draught from it, waiting for Zadok to return.

25th January 2005, 08:41 PM
**Zadok had just finished showing Talen around the Jedi Enclave and was about to return to the council chambers when suddenly he felt an extremely unusual energy signature radiating from the Enclave's Entry forum. And this was not a disturbance in the Force, but rather a paradox of mana energies. He had only felt that particular mixture of energies once before...


**Zadok turned right down a corridor and pushed open a pair of double doors. Smiling as he looked into the forum, Zadok instantly recognized the young man that stood in the middle of the atrium.

"Nathaniel? What brings you to the Jedi Temple?"

Nesuke - if you want, make your char drop into the atrium to make this a bit easier.

Draco - i'm making my way back to you, I promise.

26th January 2005, 04:09 AM
Nathaniel had jumped slightly as the doors opened and the man appeared, until he realized who it was standing there. The sight of the man brought a smile to Nathaniel's face. Perhaps he wasn't as lost as he had feared. Walking across the room, Nathaniel stopped a few feet away from Zadok, and bent in a bow. When he stood back up, the smile was still there, but slightly skewed by confusion.

"Nathaniel? What brings you to the Jedi Temple?"

"I am not sure Zadok, I was hoping you could tell me..."

For the first time in weeks, the pulling and dragging sensation had finally receeded. Calmly, he waited for Zadok to speak, to give him some direction in this unfamiliar place.

26th January 2005, 04:11 AM
OOC- Ok Zad! ;)

The traveller had no answer, but he heard voices not so far away, he reluctantly scaled the fortress walls until he found that two jedi knight were reminiscing of their old times. The two began to walk in, but the large swinging door that they had been stood at was now swinging shut behind them!

The traveller swiftly swung his arm out which made the door swing open again.

Using the force has it's advantages!

The traveller waited until the two knights had gone and then snook into the building, his first reaction was to get into the central area of the building, so he began to make his way down long corridors. Eventually he saw a door which was named 'Atrium', The travller slowly swung it open and what was behind the door....well......that was to his surprise...

31st January 2005, 10:53 AM
"I am not sure Zadok, I was hoping you could tell me..."

**Zadok frowned at the response, as usually those that entered the Jedi Enclave came either with diplomatic issues or with a desire to enter the Jedi Order. Few came without any reason, which made Nathaniel's entrance a bit extraordinary.

"Hmm...well, are you here to join the Jedi Order?"

**Turning as yet another door along the Atrium's perimeter opened, Zadok looked upon a newcomer.

"Welcome to the Jedi Enclave. What brings you to our halls?"

31st January 2005, 11:10 AM
"Hmm...well, are you here to join the Jedi Order?"

Nathaniel thought for a moment, a frown on his face. He knew not what brought him here, knew only that something had brought him here, to this place.

"I feel I have been summoned here..." Nathaniel sat quietly, unsure what would happen. "Perhaps that is the reason I have come..."

2nd February 2005, 08:51 AM
Well, I had hoped that Nesuke would respond, but oh well.

"I feel I have been summoned here..."

**Zadok chuckled at Nathaniel's comment as it was a similar story the Jedi Master had heard several times. In fact, it was a similar story to his own. Before the priest knew about the Force, he felt a tugging within his soul to come to this place. He couldn't even explain it with words, simply a heavy urging of some sort.

"Ah, I know what you mean now. Kind of like something within you urged and pushed you here. That my friend is what we Jedi call the Force. It is an energy that will guide those willing to listen and obey. Tell me, do you at times feel like something guides your actions and hands, allowing you to do things you would normally not be capable of doing, feats of speed or strength that are beyond the range of your normal function?"

2nd February 2005, 12:15 PM
Nesuke looked over to see the two over in the large hall leading from the door he stood at, he was caught and was in a flurry of adrenaline.

"I...I mean you no harm! I have only come for fuel, but if you have something interesting for me, then I will stick around"

5th February 2005, 10:58 AM
A woman was running for her life until she found an escape in the subway rails. She began to wander in those tunnels. Little hope and chance to survive she had.
Many days to think but also many days of hunger.
And the worst, many places for she could not stay in the same spot for long.

One day, a stranger came to her. An old man he looked like. And not strong, but still she felt endangered by his presence. She tried to run away but just as she run, he was already there, in front of her...
Lady Gyrell *he said to her, so it meant he recognized her despite her pityful looks*you need to leave Celenn soon, and learn the power of your homeland, if you are meant to serve it as many of us have done. Head for the Temple of the Jedi and seek for knowledge there. Learn and be strong, lady...

*then, the man dissappeared in the darkness of the tunnel leaving Gyrell with many questions but something she really needed. A purpose. It took her a while to find the source and way, and a lot more to find the means to set herself into travel, until finally she arrived to the place that was known as the Jedi Temple*

*Once then, for what she learnt, the problem was to be accepted. The strager never told her what she had to do to be accepted in such a place*

*She managed to buy a decent red robe but that, and some books she could take from her library at the Celenntic University that she carried in a backpack,
were all her property*

*She walked in, and could feel her skin cold as her footsteps echo came back to her ears. All her senses seemed doubled there. No one seemed to be around. And yet it seemed as if she was surrounded by many presences, so she decided to stop and spoke outloud*

My name is Gyrell Aissax, from Celenn. I come in search of knowledge and master over my power... I come in search of help, to be true...

6th February 2005, 12:52 AM
"I...I mean you no harm! I have only come for fuel, but if you have something interesting for me, then I will stick around"

**Turning once more to face the stranger that had entered from the far side of the Atrium, Zadok smiled and nodded his head, the man's speech sounding more and more like a scavenger than a Jedi hopeful.

"Well, we can help you with the fuel, as for something interesting, that depends. What exactly do you consider interesting?"

My name is Gyrell Aissax, from Celenn. I come in search of knowledge and master over my power... I come in search of help, to be true...

**Zadok turned to see yet another new arrival to the Jedi Enclave. Apparently the recruiting ships and missions were proving most beneficial as the Jedi ranks were beginning to swell.

"I take it that you are Force sensitive?"

6th February 2005, 03:38 AM
"I take it that you are Force sensitive?"
the question got Gyrell completely by surprise...

she had, indeed, read about those ancient beliefs but she never thought about them and, of course, she never related her strange powers with the force

l really don't know for sure, sir. A stranger came to me and told me to look for this place and its dwellers... so you may know the answer better than I... and if what it is said about you is true, then you already know...

the truth is that as Gyrell spoke, a deep desire of say simply YES came into her heart. but how could she know?

6th February 2005, 09:01 AM
"Well, we can help you with the fuel, as for something interesting, that depends. What exactly do you consider interesting?"

The traveller smiled and stood bold when he heard the speech from the man across the hall.

"I am Nesuke, trained Jedi of the System Ga, my family was destroyed by the Sith and I have fled from my home planet and have travelled this far. My fuel was low, but if you are Jedi's I find you very, very interesting"

6th February 2005, 11:33 PM
Ah, I know what you mean now. Kind of like something within you urged and pushed you here. That my friend is what we Jedi call the Force. It is an energy that will guide those willing to listen and obey. Tell me, do you at times feel like something guides your actions and hands, allowing you to do things you would normally not be capable of doing, feats of speed or strength that are beyond the range of your normal function?

"That is indeed a familiar feeling....I have heard stories of this...Force..."

Nathaniel looked towad Zadok. He was still unsure about it all. Seeing the other two arrivals, He felt he was no longer alone.

Sorry for the low quality of this post. Filler posts are the devil. :/
Hello Nesuke, Hello Ali.
And sorry for the horrible delay on this post Pstr. DS has been taking a great deal of my time.

9th February 2005, 10:04 AM
**Zadok smiled at the woman's response, her comments both revealing and truthful as Zadok could sense in the woman a very powerful Force signature. Further tests would likely need to be administered to check her midi-chlorian count, but the Jedi Master could already sense what the results would reveal for both her and for Nathaniel. And if what the other newcomer said was true, than he too would be more than welcome within the Jedi Order if they so desired.

"Well, all three of you are welcome to stay here at the Jedi Enclave. If you desire to join our Order, you are more than welcome to be tested. If results are positive then you will be offered the opportunity to join. Come, let me show you to the guest quarters."

Congrats everyone. Welcome to the NJO. If you can all please PM me a link to your char profiles and also a pic so I can add you to the Member's List. We currently are in the middle of a clan quest that you are welcome to participate in. Also there is the Force Training thread, and once I put the final touches upon it we will begin offering a Lightsaber Training course. Again, welcome.

9th February 2005, 10:19 AM
*Gyrell's heart began to beat fast when she heard a welcome answer. She had been running for so long she couldn't even believe to really have a place to stay*

*About being tested, she just wished to pass all test positive enough to be offer the chance to join the Jedi. The Order she muttered... Her eyes became inquisitive as her heart felt full of what? light? a sureness that this was the place she had to be*

*Probably due to her historian background, she attempted to ask Zadok, as she began to follow him*
What makes the Jedi and Order?

25th February 2005, 03:31 PM
(( I could be a trainer again if you don't mind the eraticness of when I decide to post my short attention span and and short posts and the fact that with my current attitude I would be going further down the path to the dark side ))

* Vortor steps out of his quarters and heads down the long hallways that lead to the library *

(( feh I can't think of a word to go after that to describe why he might be going to the library so it just cuts off there and ends up being short which is often what happens in my posts as I always write them in a few minutes in the quick reply thing ))
(( my lack of punctuation is also a thing that seems to bother people (actually it bothers me because they read things I say wrong) ))

(( also in general I'm a short tempered teacher and if people don't understand the first or second time I tell them I snap at them and this will happen in roleplaying))

Edit: (( ahhhh. according to stiek and people I can do BA training in IRC so Zadok you can make me trainer again! just edit the first post to tell everyone to get IRC and stuff... and give me the list of those moves ))

(( channel #NJO ))

(( I ban you if you suck ))

edit: (( uh.. zadok it would probably make more sense to name the class of jedi that can use all force abilities something other than master as to seperate it from master rank ))

26th February 2005, 11:29 AM
The Gungan entered the NJO headquarters situated on Coruscant, he hoped that he wouldn't be out of place as a Gungan, because he had always been considered dumb and clumsy because of his race. This however was not the case for Boose, he was a very strong minded Gungan who knew what he wanted and would stop at nothing until he achieved it. Coming from Otah Gunga, a hidden city under the depths of a Naboo Lake, the gungan didn't have much experience when dealing with humans. Boose did know though, of the Jedi arts and it's capabilities, this was what Boose wanted, and he had traveled to the NJO in order to achieve his dream of one day becoming a jedi himself.

"Errr is any of yousa Jedi here?"

The Gungan stood in the entrance hall of the NJO, waiting for someone to aid him, not sure what it was he was supposed to do next. He looked around, his ears smacking the side of his head, he adjusted what he was wearing, not wanting to seem more odd than he already was. Boose wondered if there had ever been a Gungan jedi before, he certainly hadn't heard of one back in Otah, he hoped that he was to be the first one, knowing how proud everyone back home would be of him. His thoughts were forward thoughts, hoping he would be a strong jedi when his time came, as he waited in the NJO headquarters, his feelings only on the task ahead.

2nd March 2005, 04:56 PM
I regret to inform you that due to (major) computer problems, I will not be able to log on in the near future (not that it really matters . . . still waiting for Zadok to agnowledge myearlier post. . . .). I'll be back sometime in the future, hopefully with plenty of new ideas.

Until later, then,


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7th March 2005, 01:38 PM
What makes the Jedi and Order?

**Zadok nodded to Gyrell and indicated a door on the far side of the room.

"That is something we shall discuss during your training as a Jedi. But come let us go to the testing facilities."

**Leading Gyrell down several corridors, Zadok leaves Gyrell at the Testing Room and heads back once more to the main Jedi Council chambers. But on his way there, he passes through the main entrance hall and finds yet another newcomer to the Jedi Enclave.

"Errr is any of yousa Jedi here?"

**Smiling at the Gungan as he approached, Zadok bowed his head in greeting.

"Welcome, if it is Jedi that you seek, you have come to the right place as this is the Jedi Temple. What is it that you need?"


1. As for doing training over IRC, though that is allowed, I would rather not do it that way. If training is done in the Academy, there is a record of activity so that if a student is using a skill they haven't been trained in, we can prove they don't know it yet. Also there is the advantage that students will gain stats (I know stats are not that important, but hey they are cool to accumulate)

2. As for the Jedi Class Master and the Rank Master are one in the same. You must be at the rank Master before you can become a part of the Master Class. Though it can create a bit of confusion, it is purposeful in that only Ranked Masters are allowed to utilize all Force Skills and Saber Techniques as they need to in order to train.

7th March 2005, 01:52 PM
Boose watched as a jedi approached him, he was always awe inspired when in company of jedi, Boose greeted back to the man, and hearing his question, responded, clearly and confidently.

"Messa wanting to train to be a jedi, meesa been tolded that meesa being good enough"

Boose placed his long ears behind his head, his tall, lanky build seeming very weak and clumsy, but when Boose began to 'fight', or to do acrobatics, like most Gungans did, he was incredibly agile and relatively fast. Boose stood infront of the jedi, pending an answer.

14th March 2005, 10:04 AM
**Zadok's eyes widened a bit, surprised by the Gungan's request. Though the Jedi Master would have to check the archives to be sure, he was confident that this was the first time in the history of the Jedi Order a Gungan sought training with the Force.

"You...you wish to become a Jedi?"

**But the moment the question left his lips, Zadok felt a twinge of guilt as an older voice resounded in his memories, the words of wisdom of Zadok's spiritual father screaming at him through the ages.

"Look not upon the outer shell of a man, for such is the way of the flesh. But life can be most deceiving, and the eyes can easily overlook the obvious. Rather look to the heart of a man, for there is found the true measure of strength."

**Nodding his head to the unspoken rebuke, Zadok looked to the gungan and smiled.

"Well, if you wish to become a Jedi, the first thing we will need to do is have you tested. Come, I'll show you to the testing facilities."

Welcome to the Jedi Order. If you can PM me a link to your char sheet and also a pic of your char, I'll add you to the Member's list.

14th March 2005, 10:24 AM
The jedi's eyes widened in a surprised fashion as Boose stated why he was here, Boose cringed slightly hoping that it wasn't because of his appearance and speech that he might not be allowed. Gulping, he waited for the Jedi to continue.

"It is being ok?"

The jedi then accepted, much to Boose's surprise.Nodding gratefully as the Jedi offered to take him to the training area, to see if he was capable of being a jedi, as he had wished for so so long. Deep in the lake city of Otah Gunga, Boose had always dreamed of once coming to Coruscant and joining the jedi order. The gungan couldn't believe that his lifelong dream was moments away from coming true.

Pmed :thumbsup:

17th March 2005, 10:01 AM
A young human enters the room in a search for the leader. After searching for him a while he finaly finds him. The human had a blue robe, brown pants and a black boots on himself. His Stoormtropper Pistol was visible on the right side of his rope. He came to Zadok saying Hello Master Zadok. My name is Tillion and i wish to follow thw way of the Jedi. I know the Force is inside me, but i do not know how to control it. Can i join this Order and fullfill my destiny as a Jedi? I have some combat experiance and i know how to handle a sword, so i will probably know how to use a Lightsaber.

18th March 2005, 03:17 PM
**Zadok looked up from his various papers and smiled as he saw yet another new arrival to the Jedi Temple.

Apparently the recent recruiting drive is beginning to pay off.

**Looking over Tillion, Zadok nodded with approval as the Master Jedi could indeed sense a Force presence about him that suggested Force Sensitivity. Combat experience would be a plus though he may have to unlearn a few things when it came to wielding a lightsaber.

"You are welcome to join the Order Tillion. Come this way and I will get you your robes and show you around our facilities."

PM me a pic of your char so I can add you to the Member list. Oh and for all Jedi that have recently joined up, there is an NJO quest you are welcome to join. Read up and look for an opening.

18th March 2005, 03:52 PM
ooc: so thats it? im in? That was easy :D. Thx, you wont regret it ;)
Can i still learn elemental Magic and use it or i will just use the Jedi moves?
Thanks you Master, i promise to you that you will be proud on me some day. Tillion then followed Zadok in the tour of the of the facilities of the Order. He was amased with what he saw. Then him and Zadok came to the wardrobe and he has so excited to get his new robe and even maybe his first Lightsaber. As they walk in the room, Tillion says to Zadok Will here i get my new robes? When can i start to train the ways of the Force? I have so many questions and so little time? And finaly, when and will i get a Lightsaber, can i make it or will i get an already made one?
ooc again: Please post on my characters pade and tell me what good and whats wrong about it. I can join the quest right now or later? Can i post in the NJO training thread?
Man, im boring :D

21st March 2005, 08:51 AM
Yes, your char is allowed to learn elemental magic as well. The same Zadok here is the one who is a Fire master.

**Zadok chuckled as the new recruit was full of questions, understandable but almost overbearing. But Zadok was used to such barrages from new members of the Order, so the onslaught did not phase him.

"Yes, you will get Jedi robes that will even designate your new rank among the Order as Force Adept. You can start training the moment you get to the Training Facility upon Yavin 4. And as for your lightsaber, that is something you will attain when you reach the rank of Jedi Knight. Until then you will receive a training saber, weaker but nonetheless powerful."

**Having answered all of Tillion's questions, Zadok left the young man at the testing facility and returned once more to his paperwork.

25th March 2005, 09:37 PM
Phyrus' profile can be viewed by the link in my sig

Phyrus, a young but mature and stable man, steps forth to Zadok and says "Greetings, my name is Phyrus. I have had previous training through a friend of mine but wish to further my training and knowledge here. I have also received additional training with manipulation and creation of fire. What advice could you give me?"

Vampiric Angel
25th March 2005, 10:23 PM
((OOC: Yea sorry for my HUGE absence. But I wanted to ask since I'm an adept, do I get a training lightsaber? And if so, do I get to choose the color?))

Talen slowly walked into his dark quarters and collapsed on his bed, prepared to get some serious rest from his long trip. As he slowly drifted to unconciousness he began to have visions of his future. Becoming a Jedi Knight, saving people, and doing what he can for the force, the galaxy and himself.

((OOC: I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. I'll move it to the training thread if you wish.))

29th March 2005, 12:16 PM
**No sooner had Zadok seated himself at his desk and begun to look ove his papers when another voice interrupted his concentration. But such interruptions were to be expected and so Zadok did not react with anything save his normal patient welcome.

"Greetings, my name is Phyrus. I have had previous training through a friend of mine but wish to further my training and knowledge here. I have also received additional training with manipulation and creation of fire. What advice could you give me?"

**Looking over the new recruit, Zadok smiled. He could sense indeed that the man's Force abilities had been unlocked and his Force Signature spoke of one attuned to the subtleties of the Force. But the man's comment about fire definitely perked up Zadok's ears as such abilities were not common among the Jedi Order.

"Well, if you come in search of training with the Force, then perhaps you should seek membership among the Jedi Order as we would be more than willing to train you if you will commit to following our guidelines. But as for the manipulation and creation of fire, such skill are neither developed of honed within these hallowed corridors for only the Force is the focus of the Jedi. However, you are in luck as I myself am a Master of Fire Magic and I do teach such skills to those with the same gift. But such teaching can be spoken of later and in a more appropriate location, now let us return our attention to the Force and the Jedi Order in particular. Are you willing to abide by the Jedi Code?"

The answer will more than liekly be yes, but this is the only formality to becoming a Jedi. Oh, and its good to see you back Talen.

29th March 2005, 01:10 PM
Ken stepped out of the transport, looking around at the base as he did so. After the bleak, primitive world of swords and magick he had lived in for two years, this planet was a welcome sight. Not really knowing where to go, he conversed with his companion, a Fire Spirit named Kasaiiki.

Kasaiiki didn't really have a physical form. His soul was trapped in a hunk of ruby called a Spirit Stone. He was, however, able to co-exist if there was a living, willing host available. He could also speak telepathically with that host.

"So where do we go from here?" asked Kasaiiki.

As luck would have it, that's when Ken spotted several other new figures conversing with an important-looking person. So he decided to follow them. He didn't say anything, he just kept silent and waited for a break in the conversation.

30th March 2005, 12:07 AM
Smiling from the positive response received from Zadok, Phyrus happily but sensibly replied:

I am indeed willing to live by and obide the Jedi code.

4th April 2005, 09:27 AM
Zadok nodded his approval and tapped a few buttons upon a small console near his desk. A faint whirring could be heard and then a distinct click as which point Zadok pulled a small memory card from the computer console and held it out to Phyrus.

"In that case, welcome to the Jedi Order. It is a requisition order for a dorm room and a new set of Jedi Robes. You are more than welcome to keep the ones you have though they are not the standard issue robe and do not bear the markings to indicate your current rank among the Jedi. Come, let me show you around the facilities."

And no Draco, I'm not ignoring you. You char hasn't made an official entrance yet, at least one that I could see.

4th April 2005, 07:23 PM
Ken waited for a lull in the conversation, and was rewarded when Zadok offered to give one of the new students a tour of the conclave. He stepped forward and politely butted into the conversation.

"Excuse me sirs," he said. "I just arrived, can either of you direct me to the nearest, err, recruitment facility?"

4th April 2005, 11:59 PM
"Thank you" sensibly replies Phyrus, as he then steps down from the office and casual makes his way to his quarters to prepare for his training.

11th April 2005, 12:17 PM
"I just arrived, can either of you direct me to the nearest, err, recruitment facility?"

**Turning around to face yet another arrival to the Jedi Temple, Zadok smiled and shook his head. If things kept progressing in the same fashion, Zadok might have to cancel the Recruitment Drives as the Jedi Order's ranks were starting to swell tremendously fast. But that was a good problem.

"Are you here to enlist in the Jedi Order?"

11th April 2005, 12:25 PM
Several possible replies occured to Ben. Most of them noted the fact that he wouldn't be looking for a recruitment facility if he wasn't here to join the Order, but he chose the most sensible reply he could think of. Nodding, he looked the man he was talking to straight in the eye and replied:

"Yes, sir. I have heard that thos place provides excelent Force training."

11th April 2005, 12:32 PM
"Indeed we do. The Jedi Temple has one of the finest training facilities in the entire galaxy. But such facilities are only available to the Jedi, and to become a Jedi requires more than a simple desire to join. One must be willing to submit to the Jedi Order's leadership and guidance, adhere to the Jedi Code, and make a commitment that will last a lifetime. The life of a Jedi is not as glamorous as some may think, for it is a life of service, self-denial, and sacrifice. And so, I will ask you again, are you here to enlist in the Jedi Order?"

**The repitition of the question could be construed as doubt of the Jedi Master's part, but in truth Zadok was merely giving the young man one last chance to rethink his decision as to commit to the Jedi was to commit one's life, not a decision to be entered into lightly.

17th April 2005, 11:59 AM
Jedi use their powers to defend and protect...Jedi respect all life, in any form... Jedi seek to improve themselves... through knowledge and training....Ever seeking knowledge and peace...never uses the force to gain wealth or personal power...

Can this be? Could I have found a group of people whos ideals are so...pure?,...so close to what I have always searched for?...We will see....

The Orc's years of traveling may just have ended, he was tired and fatigued from the long journey from wherever he was before this-he never did bother to remember the names of places unless they added something significant to his knowledge and skills in magic and was pondering exactly what were the intentions of this place (for Drom wasn't sure what to call the "place" yet) when he saw what look to be some authority figure explaining how joining the society of "Jedi" was a lifetime commitment and should not be taken lightly. The old Orc stepped forward, still unnoticed as he had his hood over his face, and worked his way to the leader, and waited for a point he might jump in...

"....One must be willing to submit to the Jedi Order's leadership and guidance, adhere to the Jedi Code, and make a commitment that will last a lifetime...."

I see...

"So, if one was able to do all of those things, how might he become recruited to the Jedi?

The old Orc kept his hood on, still hiding his face in its shadows.

20th April 2005, 03:12 PM
**Turning to face yet another new arrival to the Jedi Temple, Zadok flinched momentarily. Though the figure's face was hidden behind the folds of his hood, the Jedi Master's elven eyes and nose was able to easily recognize the figure for what it was, an orc. But as quickly as he flinched, Zadok felt something else, a peacefullness that seemed to radiate from the figure, and a Force presence that was unmistakably calm in nature. This was no ordinary orc similar to the ones used by Zadok's ach-foe Melek-Tanneem. Breathing out slowly, Zadok calmed his heart and looked upon the figure once more, this time with the eyes of a Jedi Master.

"Well, if one is truly willing, all one has to do is ask."

**Zadok left the comment open, so the Orc could make his decision and state his desire.

20th April 2005, 06:04 PM
The Orc drew off his hood, revealing that he was in fact an Orc. His old, wrinkled and weathered face from years of arbtirary wandering. The Orc decided to state it simply.

"In that case, I wish to enlist in the Jedi order."

The Orc saw that this place would accept him,...even as an Orc.

25th April 2005, 12:44 PM
**Zadok nodded in approval and opened the door, indicating that he wished for Maugog to step through. On the other side was a small medical facility that would be responsible for doing a thorough evaluation of the Orc, including the most important test, a midi-chlorian count. It was the Orc's first step to becoming a full fledged Jedi.

Welcome to the NJO. PM me a link to your char sheet and also a link to a pic so I can add you to the member list.

25th April 2005, 07:20 PM
Yullic groaned as his limp form lay before his final destination, he had been traveling for months to reach this place, it was a temple that seemed like paradise to him, his tired form, covered in scratches and scabs, crawled slowly up the staircase to the main enterance. Yullic groaned each time the marble made contact with his weakened bones. His black hair, once fair and pretty was a horror to behold, half of it eaten away by the acidic rain that once in a while plauged the area, his once shining green eyes were nothing but a pale memory, their dull green shade revealing a tossing and turning sea of feelings behind them. His clothing, tattered and dulled, once well kempt and a dark brown and bright white, was now a totally tan-brown color, his skin was paler as well, and he was very skinny.

Yullic looked up at the guard, standing as a sentry for the powerful and influential beings in the temple, he reached up, his hands shaking as he did, he tried to talk, but was crying too hard to make any sort of understandable language. He coughed and spluttered, untill finally he managed to realize that the guard was talking to him, in the common dialect of the worlds. The guard was tall, very fit, and carried a pike. He looked down at the weakened young man and said, in a calm, reserved voice.

"Do you need assistance?" The Guard said.

"I. . . get in. . . enclave?" Was all that Yullic managed.

"Do you have an appointment?" The guard asked inquizitively.

"Must. . . Please . . . Let me . . ." Yullic gasped.

"Only people with business may enter the enclave, begone with you!" The guard growled and pushed Yullic away, Yullic began to cry, after all the danger, all the pain, all the torment that he suffered to be able to reach this place, this place that would teach him to protect others from the same fate that he suffered, he was turned away. His mind went array, and his heart broken as he slowly began to slip from consiousness. His eyes grew heavy, and he knew no more.

Hours later he felt a presence nearby, a kinder one than the guard's. He looked up, his eyes still dull with partial blindness as he stared up at the face of some person, he could not figure out who it was.

I know, Kinda crappy, But I hope it will be a good way for me to 'introduce' my character.

29th April 2005, 10:57 AM

Drom stepped through the door, into what looked to him to be some sort of examination room. Were they going to put him through some test? The Orc stepped into the room a little more and waited calmly.

(edited in reply to next post)

2nd May 2005, 12:02 PM
Cool intro, must say it is one of the more original one's I have seen. Look forward to seeing what this char will produce. Oh, and Mauagog, there is no need to post further for your intro. You can now join the training threads and the quest if you so wish.

**The figure that smiled down upon Yullic was robed in pure white, and the man's clothing combined with the sterile white walls of the medical facility would probably have led one to think perhaps they had wandered into the after life and that this figure was actually an angelic greeter. But such thoughts wouuld be quickly allayed as the figure spoke.

"Well it's good to see you came around. When the guard told me of your condition and I first saw you upon the temple steps I feared worst. But with a little time in the bacta tank and the excellent care of our medical droids it looks like you will pull through with little ill-effects."

**Patting Yullic on the shoulder softly, the figure stepped back and reclined into a nearby chair.

"So, stranger. What brings you to the Jedi Temple?"

3rd May 2005, 07:31 PM
"Well it's good to see you came around. When the guard told me of your condition and I first saw you upon the temple steps I feared worst. But with a little time in the bacta tank and the excellent care of our medical droids it looks like you will pull through with little ill-effects." The kind voice said, Yullic Den-Qrooma sighed with relief, he was saved! His body ached but he managed to sit up in his bed, he looked at the man, robed in white, the man's kind eyes glittering in the artificial light.

The Man then patted Yullic on the shoulder, this kind gesture seemed to relieve Yullic even further, he made a weak smile to the man, and watched him sit in a nearby chair.

"So, stranger. What brings you to the Jedi Temple?" Yullic immediately was caught up in emotion, now confirmed in his heart and mind that he was at the Jedi Enclave on Coruscaunt!

"I, I have come to Learn, to understand. . . I have these abilities, and I have this connection with everything around me, but I dont understand it. . . Is it the Force?" He asked, his breathing now normal and a hint of his true intellecual mind showing through. He looked at the man intently, wondering what he would say.

5th May 2005, 09:59 AM
"I, I have come to Learn, to understand. . . I have these abilities, and I have this connection with everything around me, but I dont understand it. . . Is it the Force?"

**The question posed made Zadok pause for a moment, and at first it appeared that the man was perplexed by the man's question. In truth, Zadok was observing Yullic closely, specifically searching the man for his Force signature. And though it was weak, Zadok realized that was only do to the man's physical condition and his lack of understanding.

"Yes, Yullic, it is the Force that you are sensing. And I can sense its movement within you. You say that you are here to understand and learn? Before you can learn I must know, what are your intentions with this knowledge?"

5th May 2005, 01:52 PM
Yullic looked up at the man, his face wracked with inner pain and his heart filled with yearning, he had been forced from a good education, and he could have learned to use his skills many a year ago, if it had not been for his cruel parents. He looked up at the man, Yullic's eyes glinting with tears, he choked, a tear dribbled down his cheek, he then opened his mouth, and closed it, he was unable to speak, the feelings were too much for him, but he needed to be strong, he was in a safe place now, now he could LEARN!

"I want to protect, to help others that suffered the same beginnings as me, to stop the pain that wracks many a persons heart, so much pain is in the galaxy, I want peace." He managed, he could feel the strains of different feelings inside his body, not all of them his own, he had a connection with things around him, but he never admitted it, but he knew that this Jedi could sense that ability, it was one of their amazing skills. Yullic looked at his hand, it was covered in bandages, and he knew that part of his hand had to have been grown back or at least replaced, maybe his finger, it felt the same however. He groaned, and laid back, his body weakened.

"So much pain. . ." He finished and looked up at the Jedi, Yullic was shaking, but he could not controll himself.

9th May 2005, 09:31 AM
"I want to protect, to help others that suffered the same beginnings as me, to stop the pain that wracks many a persons heart, so much pain is in the galaxy, I want peace."

**As Yullic's body tensed from the intense pain that wracked his body, the medical droids moved closer to administer the needed medications and pain killers to ease Yullic's condition. But before the droid could get close enough, Zadok rose from his chair and extended his hand towards the droid, shaking his head to indicate they were not to perform their programmed task. Zadok could sense that much of the pain did not actually originate from Yullic's own injuries, but from elsewhere. Such empathetic pains were common among Force Sensitives, and no amount of medicine or painkiller would eliminate them. Gently placing his right hand upon Yullic's forehead and taking the boy's bandaged hand with his left, Zadok closed his eyes. Instantly the Jedi Master's body began to radiate a brilliant green glow that bathed the entire room in its soft light. Flowing down his arms, the glow then encompassed Yullic's body, the Force energy flowing in and around the young man's mind and body, administering a healing to both the body and the mind that no matter of science could ever hope to rival. Opening his eyes, Zadok glanced down at the young boy and smiled, the soft curl of his lips both calming and encouraging. Suddenly Yullic heard Zadok's voice again, though the priest's lips did not move, the Jedi Master using his connection to with the Force to speak to Yullic's inner thoughts.

"Peace, Yullic. Your heart is pure and your motives are just. Rest for now and when you have recovered we will speak more."

**Releasing his hold upon the boy, Zadok looked to the medical droid and nodded.

"When he is better send him to the Council chambers, understood?"

**The droid beeped several times in affirmation of the Jedi Master's command.

9th May 2005, 01:52 PM
"Thank you. . ." Yullic gasped and drifted off into sleep, his dreams were calm this time, and his body was sore no more, he awoke hours later, his form now clothed in a cleaner Attire than he once wore, his body was stronger and his mind, more firm on the present, he looked about him, his mind becoming aquainted with the surroundings. The medical droid that had rushed to his aid came and beeped a few times, He nodded, and followed the droid through the hallways of the Jedi Conclave. Yullic had dreamed of this day his whole life, and his mind was sure that he could make a difference, he needed only patience, which he had plenty of. It took a good ten minutes to reach the Council Chamber, he watched as the doors hissed open, and he walked inside.

He bowed his head quickly and respectfully to the Jedi Masters, and then raised it to meet their gaze.

10th May 2005, 01:36 PM
**As the Council doors opened, all conversation dropped to a dull whisper and then faded to silence as each master turned to face the new arrival to their chambers. As each member looked over the young man, they each in turn shifted their gaze to the master seated in the center chair. It was the man who had spoken to Yullic in the medical bay, Zadok. The Jedi Master first looked to the masters on his right and then to those on his left. Though Zadok did not speak some manner of understanding passed between him and the other masters, affirming that the young man was welcome. Rising to his feet, Zadok stepped forward and smiled reassuringly at Yullic.

"Greeting Yullic, I am pleased to see you have recovered. I have spoken with the masters about your arrival and request. They have agreed that you are welcome to join the Jedi Order. Reaching to his chair, Zadok tapped a small keypad and a small card ejected from the armrest. Holding it out towards Yullic, the card suddenly lifted out of Zadok's hand and floated across the room to remain suspended before the young boy.

"Take this card and step through that doorway."

**Zadok lifted his right arm and indicated a doorway to Yullic left which opened the moment Zadok pointed to it.

"Give the card to the guard and he will give you your Adept robes and show you to your living quarters. May the Force be with you, Yullic."

Welcome to the clan. PM me a link to your char and a pic and I'll add you to the Member list.

10th May 2005, 02:21 PM
"Thank you Master Zadok, I will not fail you." Yullic said excitedly, and recieved the card, he turned around, and, as he did, another small shock of pain shot through his soul, but for some reason, he shrugged it off, the Force lifting the weight off his shoulders, he felt stronger, he was ACCEPTED. He smiled brightly, his body relaxing, a tear rolling down his eye. He walked through the doors, and before they closed, he turned and nodded to the masters, thankful of their decision. Moments later he was greeted by the guard, the man took the card from him and led him to a small room, he then handed Yullic a small box, most definitely holding his robes. He then nodded to the guard, and was brought to a long hallway.

"These are your Sleeping Quarters, Your room is down the hall, the third door to the left, welcome to the Jedi Academy." He said, and pointed to the door, Yullic thanked him and rushed down the hall, he looked at the door and it opened moments later, he walked in and smiled at the room, it was quaint, but better than the rag-tag room his parents had given him, he sighed happily and opened the package, inside was his robes, brown and white, He put it on, not caring how he looked, only knowing that he fit in the robes, and that he was a Learner in the Academy, what else mattered but that he could help people now!

My Characters Page is in my Signature, and my pic is here (http://live.quizilla.com/user_images/A/AcesRWild/1078016704_ctureGreen.jpg)

13th May 2005, 04:37 PM
"Raimundo. . . ."

"Mmmph. . . ."

"Raimundo, wake up. . . ."

Raimundo, laying on a bed in the transport ship, turned away from the android, mumbling in his sleep.

"Raimundo, we have arrived at Coruscant."

"Already?" mumbled the brazilian teen. "Alright, alright, I'm up." Raimundo rolled out of bed, mumbling an dlooking around for his stuff. Finding his bag, he picked it up and headed for the transport's exit.

Exiting the transport, Raimundo looked around. Making his way through the crowd of workers, he spotted an important-looking figure. He walked over to the man.

"Excuse me," he said. His voice had a Brazilian accent. "But do you know where I can find Master Zadok?"

17th May 2005, 08:02 AM
**The important figure turned around to face Raimundo and smiled down upon him. The man was not wearing the typical robes of the Jedi, the normal brown or tan having been replaced by a brilliant white that set him out among the rest of the people upon the dock.

"Zadok, you say? Well you happen to be in luck, for I am Zadok. What is it that you seek traveler?"

17th May 2005, 02:52 PM
"Ah, so you are Zadok," said Raimundo. "My name's Raimundo. I came because I heard you've got some of the best training facilities in the galaxy. I was wondering if it might be possible for me to train here?"

23rd May 2005, 02:20 PM
**The Jedi Master's customary frown faltered a bit as he looked over the figure before him. The request was most unusual and was uncharacteristic for those entering the Jedi Temple. In truth it was the first time that Zadok had ever heard of anyone seeking out the Jedi Temple for training. Most often strangers arrived either asking to enlist or for the Jedi's aide.

"You wish to train at our facilities? I am sorry, but you must be mistaken. This is not a training facility or a combat school, but rather the Jedi Temple. Now if it is training that you truly seek, you should head towards the Republic Schools of Warfare, located adjacent to the new Republic Senate."

You didn't ask to be a Jedi...what kind of a response did you really expect?

23rd May 2005, 05:14 PM
"Umm, heh heh, sorry," said Raimundo. "I do not seem to have made my request clear, One of my major flaws." Raimundo paused to gather his thoughts. "What I mean to say is, I wish to enlist in the New Jedi Order. So that I may, you know, train here and help people, and such. Sorry." Oh, man, that was so lame, he thought.

23rd May 2005, 06:43 PM
I want to join this clan, how do I?

24th May 2005, 12:48 AM
JMX: Sorry friend, I'm afraid the force is weak with you. (Read the first post, silly newbie.)

Oh yeah... Zadok, do you think we could at least be a *little* more selective about who we let join? please?
(totally on topic)

/me demands the right to be out of character in the clan thread

You have the right to be as out of character as you can in a clan thread, provided it is clan business. And seeing how this is clan business I don't see why this post is illegal. - Legion

24th May 2005, 08:16 AM
Did the NJO suddenly become selective in its welcoming policy, or perhaps we have merely decided that if you are a "newb" that you are not welcome. Strange, I don't remember that ever being discussed among the masters.

**Zadok smiled as Raimundo clarified his request. Zadok had figured that perhaps it was the man's original intent to join the Order, but he wanted to be sure of it first.

"Well, now that you have made it a bit more clear what it is that you wish, then you are more than welcome to join the Jedi Order."

**Reaching into his robes, Zadok removed a small paper thin card and handed it to Raimundo.

"Take this to the Disbursal Department and they will equip you with your robes and give you a key to your room. May the Force be with you."

Draco - You're in, now create a char stat sheet and PM me a link to the sheet and perhaps to a char pic.

JediMasterX - First create a char sheet and then make an IC post in here once you have.

24th May 2005, 11:17 AM
An RP character sheet? Cool with me, what need sto be in it? Do I post it on here?

24th May 2005, 06:17 PM
Remakaru walked into the Jedi Council chambers, his face betrayed no emotion but he had heard through the general populace of Coruscant that the Jedi were able to read even his emotions as little as they were. He was quite sure he could read the emotions of people to because he always heard the voices of those around him even though they did not speak.

Moving swiftly he stood before the 3 robed Jedi who made up the Council and bowed his head slightly singnaling some respect for there high positions.

"My name is Atre’Maka’Rutare’, among my people that is, I have found..." Remakaru stopped a moment to think, they had abandoned him yet he continued to call them his people; if only they knew how much of a hold they still had on him despite his exile.

"...I have found that among those of non chiss species that only master linguists can pronounce my name correctly, so I respectfuly ask that you not try and say, it among my people it could be considered insulting so i ask that you please call me Remakaru or if you must Rem" Remakaru said finishing his initial introduction.

"I wish to learn the way of the Jedi, if of course you are willing to teach me" The young Chiss asked the assembled Jedi Council.

Does this clan take a time period before or after episode 1,2,3,4,5, and 6? I assume it would be after the Yuzhan Vong attacks on the New Republic but as I've learned I'm not always right.

24th May 2005, 06:38 PM
Sare walked into the council chamber behind a man that he knew was named Remakaru by using a mind trick to figure it out. Sare was a Jedi Padawan from a Jedi Temple on the planet of Kashykk, the home of the wookies. Sare went up to the council and bowed lowly and said "I am Sare, a Jedi Padawan from the Jedi Temple on Kashykk, and I have transferred to this temple on Curscant due to need of more training. Will you accept me and provide me with a new Jedi Master?" Sare finished off by bowing and waiting for a decision by the council.

25th May 2005, 08:40 AM
This clan takes place just after episode 6, roughly 10-20 years afterwards. However considering I am just now starting to read up on the New Jedi Order books, we will assume for now that the Yuzhan Vong have not attacked.

"I wish to learn the way of the Jedi, if of course you are willing to teach me"

**The central figure of the council nods his head slowly, and smiles softly.

"If what you say is true, Remakaru, in that you wish to learn the ways of the Jedi and you are willing to abide by our guidelines, then you are more than welcome to join the Order."

**Tapping several keys on his personal terminal, Zadok initiated the necessary steps for the newest member of the Jedi Order. A small card popped out of the terminal and Zadok held it out to Remakaru.

"Take this to the Disbursal department and they will issue you your robes and your room key."

Remakaru - Welcome to the Order. If you can PM me a link to a pic for your char I'll add you to the member's list.

JediMasterX - Everyone that joins the NJO starts as an Adept without a single Force Power or lightsaber. If you could please adjust you character to reflect this and then repost another entrance, thank you.

25th May 2005, 10:57 AM
OOC: Sorry about that.

IC: Sare was only an infant when a Jedi Knight found him abandonded all aloe. The Jedi took him to Coruscant where Sare lived for most of his life until he learned of who saved his life. Sare was determined to be a Jedi one day.

As Sare walked into the council room he saw the Jedi Masters sitting there. Sare walked into the center of the room and bowed low. He then said "I am Sare. I was only an infant when a Jedi Knight saved my life. I wish to grow and learn the ways of a Jedi to pay off this debt. Please let me train as a Jedi." Sare bowed once again and waited for the council's decision.

26th May 2005, 10:35 AM
Sighing with relief, Raimundo took the card Zadok gave him, and walked into the Disbursal Department, where he walked in and was greeted by a receptionist. Raimundo showed her the card he got from Zadok, and was given a set of Jedi robes and a key.

"Whoa, nice threads," he said. "Thanks."

"Your room number is 1748," said the receptionist.

"Thanks." Raimundo set off for his room, to change into his new robes.

Paradise Wandering
26th May 2005, 07:07 PM
Is this the place?

A confused look spread across the face of a young boy. He had never been here, though he had heard much about it. It must be...

Raising his hand high, he pushed several buttons on a pad ajascent to a tall door. He wore a dark blue mage's cloak and was unarmed. The door quickly slid open with a whoosh! sound, and before long, he was entering the council chambers. At once he recognized one of the figures in the chamber. His blue eyes darted around somewhat nervously; he didn't know anyone else.

He reached for his hood, gingerly grasping it and pulling it off his head. The face of a teenage boy was revealed; with a handsome, clear complexion; thick, slightly spiked brown hair; and jubilant, bright sapphire blue eyes.

He grabbed the opening of his cloak, one hand on each side, and pulled it open slightly, making sure it was obvious that he had no weapons, and that his intentions were peaceful.

With that, he bowed long, low, and respectfully to the council before speaking. "Master Zadok, Coulcilmen," he said, nodding to each in turn. "I... I wish to enlist in the Order and train to become a Jedi. My name is Zachary Neron, Water Master, Prince of Lin'Hou. Will you accept me?"

Given permission to join by Pstr. I PMed him about it recently.

27th May 2005, 06:45 AM
Sare was sweating nervously. He didn't know if it always took this long for the Jedi Council to allow someone to train as a Jedi. He started thinking about if the Council was just wasting time just to make him look bad and then say "No, you can't train as a Jedi LOSER!" Sare waited impaciently.

27th May 2005, 10:02 AM
Sorry about that. Yesterday was a bit weird and I completely forgot to check the NJO clan thread.

**Just as Zadok had sent Raimundo on his way to Disbursal, the Council doors opened yet again. Another Jedi hopeful strode into the room and addressed the council.

"I am Sare. I was only an infant when a Jedi Knight saved my life. I wish to grow and learn the ways of a Jedi to pay off this debt. Please let me train as a Jedi."

**Zadok listened to the request with unusual interest, the plea be rather unique in its reasoning. Many joined the order to right a wrong done in their own life, yet this young man appeared to be returning a favor. It wasn't totally uncommon among many cultures, the young man's request reminding Zadok of a Wookie life-debt. But before Zadok could respond to the young man's plea, another person entered the Council chambers. Even before he removed his hood, Zadok recognized the Prince of Lin'Hou from the Academy and his encounters at Shade's hut.

Hmm...does Lin'Hou need the assistance of Jedi? Could the Prince's struggle be so great he seeks the aide from a galatic ally?

"I... I wish to enlist in the Order and train to become a Jedi. My name is Zachary Neron, Water Master, Prince of Lin'Hou. Will you accept me?"

**The request was completely unexpected and it took Zadok several seconds to stop smiling and actually answer both men before him.

"Sare, there is no debt to be repaid. A Jedi's life is a life of service, and tha act of this Knight comes without cost. However, if by repaying this debt you mean that you wish to do for others that which has been done for you...then you are more than welcome to join the Order."

**Turning to face Zach, Zadok smiled broadly as the Prince's request still surprised him greatly.

"Zachary, why is it that you wish to join our Order? What is it that compels you to become a Jedi?"

Sare, after you response you are officially in. Welcome to the Jedi Order.

28th May 2005, 08:10 AM
ooc: yey, I am in.

Ic: Sare bowed low to the council and said "Thank you where do I go now Master... sorry I don't believe you told me your name." Sare looked at the Prince who had just walked in. He looks like a cool guy. Sare thought to himself.

28th May 2005, 07:59 PM
ooc: Sorry for the double post, but can I go ahead and give my character powers and what not?

29th May 2005, 02:38 AM
if I understand correctly then this clan is set after the fall of the empire, I'll be RPing accordingly so if this is not the case some one should pipe up and tell me now...

the fall of the empire had brought about many changed, but perhaps none more so than for those in the ranks of the troopers. when the rebel alliance had because its massive push aganced what was the former glorious task force known to the commoner as the imperial army, many storm troopers, outer rim bases, and even a few star destroyers had surrendered on site. these were usually veteran units who had been fighting for 7 - 10 years, these were the units who had seen war and were glad to see an end to the blood shed it had trailed.
yet, life for a former storm trooper was far from easy, most people held a deep hate for the white armor, and to top it off Imperial credits, the only thing a trooper had ever been paid in, were now illegal in many parts of the galaxy.

TH-1136 had been his designated number when he joined, Jo had been his nick name, a proud member of the 138th hell paw brigade, Jo had been stationed on some godforsaken out post in a shipping yard for the past 2 years. a cushy gig Jo didn’t mind, save the fact that it got so boring, but, at least he wasn’t getting the action of the front lines. it turned out to have been a primary target for the alliance, due mostly to the fact that they could build and repair ships there as well as harvest all the metal that was needed from a asteroid field near by.
the take over had gone swiftly and safely, the commander had been a veteran, that is, in the sense he knew when it was time to give in and when the odds were impossible.

as it turned out all storm troopers were being de-briefed by the alliance, given a chance to exstchange there life savings for new republic credits (witch, with the exchange rate was only about 1 quarter what they had been in imperial), and go home. where ever that may be.

for Jo, his unit had been home for the past 10 years, he couldn’t even remember where home was. where was he to go?
Jo struck a deal with a cargo ship captain. he'd ride with him until he found a place worth staying, all for only 1/2 of his credits. steep, very steep, but for a man with nothing to really lose it was a good chance, a good deal for a new beginning.

*Jo packed his duffle bag with his things, they weren’t much, the Empire had trained all troopers to travel light, to depend on the empire as much as possible. there for all Jo really packed was a spare change of clothes, his trusty blaster, his helmet, and, his only trophy, a light-saber. it was a odd looking thing, not the kind one would expect a Jedi to carry, the handle had been adorned with 6 sharpened blades that protruded out around the part Jo figured the energy blade would come from, the base of the handle had a spear like point with a single small hole in the center. even de-activated it was a dangerous weapon.
Jo had tried to activate it a few times, played with the 2 buttons, he could never make it work though, it was thusly that it had simply become a trophy of his, a memento of his greatest achievement as a storm trooper...

grabbing his bag Jo checked his armor. the rebels had warned him about wearing it in public, of the hostilities it could cause, Jo didn’t care. this armor was like a second skin to him and he wasn’t about to take it off and put on some scrawny nerf herder commoners clothes. boarding the cargo ship Jo stashed his bag and took a seat, preparing for the journey ahead.

apparently the cargo ship he had chosen visited several dozen worlds, dropping of orders and supplies for out posts, picking up stuff from other's, yet, despite the places he had seen none of them really caught his interests, until the jungle world.*

Pilot ~ "were approaching Yavin 4 Jo, you might like this place!"

Jo had heard it before, he was rather skeptical because the last place the ship had landed that "might interest him" had been some dust bowl of a world...

Jo ~ "yeah? whys that capt'n?"

Pilot ~" because this is the home of the new Jedi academy! some nutters started it up again now that the new republic has started up again."

Jo ~ "really? now that is interesting..."

*after landing the captain told Jo that they would probably be about 2 hours unloading there stuff, and that if he wanted to leave then he would just need to be back after that time.
nodding Jo walked towards the massive temple, duffle bag slung over his shoulder.
weren’t they the ones who were legend to have guarded the old republic? Jo had heard legends about the Jedi and there ways of "the force" he hadn’t believed them, flat out. yet, if some one was creating a new Jedi order then perhaps there was truth to the legends. walking into the entrance Jo taped on the stone walls with the back of his armored glove...*

Jo ~ "hello? anyone here?"
Stupid, of course some one is HERE - here, just not "here"

Jo’s force sensitive but at the moment can only use it by taping into the dark side, (IE: getting really angry) he will need training and guidance before he can begin to use it. As for the light saber its from a Sith, it need a small amount of force to be passed though it before it will work.
;) ask ICly how he killed a Sith.

30th May 2005, 07:11 AM
ooc: If any of you Jedi are looking for a free RP without using stats, got to the free Battle Arena and click on the Force vs. the Darkside or click on the link in my signature. I would recommend that if your character is new here and you are training him by going to different place then I would advise you create another Jedi character who is more stronger for this one. Unless you want to be someone's Padawan or something.

31st May 2005, 08:15 AM
JediMasterX - Rather than double post, next time simply edit into your last post the changes. As for powers and skills, those are only able to be earned through training. But from the looks of it, you already found the training threads.

Hoax - Yeah, we are about 20-30 years after Episode 6. However main base is actually located on Coruscant again, with our main training facility being the Yavin 4 Temple. But don't worry, we will work with that.

**The massive stone door slowly swung open to reveal a sight most uncommon under the reign of the Empire. Within the walls of the ancient stone temple were contained a massive training facility, including dorms, kitchens & various training arenas. But the sight before Jo's eyes was truly amazing, for gathered throughout the main training arena were several Jedi, all training with various uses of the Force. As Jo looked upon the scene in awe, one of the trainers happened to notice the trooper standing at the entrance. The trainer waved at Jo before turning back to his student.

"Keep practicing Tevrel, eventually you will feel the Force moving through your mind and it will reveal a new world to you, one which does not require sight to behold."

**The young Adept smiled and nodded, following the trainers retreat towards Jo. Only then could Jo see that the child was completely blind, scarring on his face where once must have been two beautiful eyes. The trainer stepped towards Jo and smiled, nodding to the trooper before speaking.

"Welcome to the Jedi Training Facility of Yavin 4. What brings you to our doors this day?"

Paradise Wandering
1st June 2005, 09:18 PM
"Zachary, why is it that you wish to join our Order? What is it that compels you to become a Jedi?"

"I... I feel I have been called to the task, Master Zadok. Helping people willingly and efficiently has always been one of my best traits, and I feel that through the order I may be able to do so. I know well of the complexities and hardships that await me, and that the lifestyle of a Jedi is one of humbility, and labor. I am ready to take on these tasks and feel it would benefit my country, and the galaxy." Was his immeadiate answer.

He looked pleadingly into the eyes of each coucilmember in turn, and finally back to Zadok. "Will you accept me?"

I apologize for the shortness. But I am quite sick at the moment, and I just didn't want to be forgotten :P

4th June 2005, 01:14 AM
my bad, but it seems to work well...

*Unconsciously Jo snapped to attention, the white heals of the trooper boots clicking together, a sound that when in formation was quite loud, and when done with perfect timing was actually very impressive. for just one man though, and in a informal setting it was in fact a little inappropriate, something Jo realized only after he had done it.
extending a hand to the Jedi Jo wondered how many of them there were, not that it mattered though.
the child was a curiosity, blinded and horribly scared Jo couldn’t help wondering how it had happened. he also wondered why the child had not been given prosthetic eyes as replacements.*

Jo ~ "err... the names Jo... the cargo ship captain mentioned Jedi, since I didn’t believe him I had to come see for my self...

hey if you guys are Jedi then maybe you can help me."

*Jo put down his duffle bag and began riffling though it, trying to find his trophy...*

Jo ~ "I've acquired one of those thingies you guys use... light sword or what ever...
I've never been able to get it working though and I don’t know why, I've been over it with a fine tooth comb, a sonic screw driver and a good tool set yet I cant find anything wrong with the circuitry..."

*unbeknown to Jo, as he pulled out the wicked looking light saber a dark side aurora accompanied it. It was only small, just giving off a funny feeling to those who looked upon it, perhaps residual energies of the old user?
to Jo it didn’t matter though as he handed the light saber to his newly acquired friend...*

Jo ~ "the child, the one you were just with, what happened to him?" asked the storm trooper, nodding towards the boy...

4th June 2005, 01:33 AM
Walking through the cold chamber, Zahrael's mind wandered, flittered restlessly from thought to thought, never settling for more then a moment or two before being swept once more down the river of his conciousness. The walls around him acted as a cage, keeping his body from passing beyond their dimensions, but did nothing to hold in his mind. Throughout the building, he could feel life, if only dimmly. In this place, his senses came alive. His nose could detect the slightest scent, his ears could hear the weakest sound, his skin prickled slightly at the sensation of the air touching him. It was a feeling he had never registered before; the feeling of air touching his skin. It felt almost surreal, as if an apparition were touching his flesh; he could feel it, but not, at the same time. Zahrael shook the confusing thought from his head before continuing on down the hallway. In this place, he felt alive, in a way he had never been before.

His vision went blurry as his pale blue eyes slid out of focus, no longer seeing what was happening around him. In his mind, he saw what awaited at the end of the hall, seen the tall, blue eyed, brown haired man. Zahrael knew without being told; this was the man he sought, the man that had answers to his questions. As the vision faded, Zahrael's eyes slid back into focus, and he found himself leaning heavily against the chamber wall, his head beside a window. In the glass' reflection he saw his face, the large dark spidering birthmark that covered the left side of his face, and his white hair, which he had recieved from his father. Sighing to himself at the memory of his father, Zahrael pushed away from the wall and continued down the hallway, searching for the man he knew to be close by, the one that had trained his father, even if only breifly, known as Zadok.

sorry for short post, just felt like getting Zah's entry posted by tonight. :)

Edit: *sigh* it's one of those nights. Forgot to inform you, Zahrael is roughly Eleven years old, so he is rather short...

6th June 2005, 01:39 PM
**Zadok smiled at Zach's response, the elven priest not even having to ask the other Council Members for their response. It was clear the young man's heart echoed the goals and ambitions of the Jedi Order and that his membership within its ranks would be a welcome change.

"By all means, old friend. You are more than welcome to join our Order."

**Tapping a swift series of keystrokes upon the nearby console, a small data disc emerged from the console and Zadok held it out to Zach.

"Take this to the Disbursal Office and they will give you your Adept robes and will also requisition you a room. And may the Force go with you Zach."

**As Zadok handed to disc to Zach, the Jedi Master could sense a presence within the hallway outside the Council Chamber. Something about the presence felt familiar and yet different at the same time. Closing his eyes, Zaodk could sense the presence even greater now, and noticed the swirling of the Force about the figure.

Most odd indeed...

**Extending his right hand towards the main doors of the Council Chamber, Zadok called upon the Force which answered the Master's beckoning call, the massive doors swinging open slowly to reveal the hallway beyond.

Welcome to the NJO Zach. You need not make another post in here as you are already a member now. If you could please PM me a link to your char and a link to a pic, then I'll add you to the member's list.


Nope, I didn't forget about you Hoax, just figured I would finish with Coruscant before jumping back to Yavin 4

**The Jedi that stood before Jo stepped back everso slightly as Jo extended the lightsaber hilt to him, the Jedi's face clearly showing a disgust for the item. As the Jedi took the item in his hand, the man's face clouded over for a moment and his jaw clenched slightly. Closing his eyes, the man sighed heavily before opening them again.

"Yeah, this would be a sith lightsaber from the looks and feel of it. Has a rather powerful dark side taint to it."

**Closing his eyes once more, the man smiled faintly as the brilliant red blade extended from the hilt, a familiar powerful hiss escaping into the air.

"No external activator switch tells me it came from a rather powerful Sith, too. How did you happen upon it?"

"The child, the one you were just with, what happened to him?"

**Glancing back towards the child who sat with his legs crossed upon the floor in a clear meditative stance.

"Tevrel? His mother was a Jedi and she and his father were members of the rebellion alliance during the Galactic Civil War. Apparently the couple had made several enemies among the higher eschelon of the Empire, because about 10 years ago Tevrel's mother was captured by a company of Imperial soldiers. During the torture process it was discovered that she was pregnant and the Imperial interrogator threatened to kill the child unless she revealed the location of the nearby Jedi sanctuary. When she still refused to give the interrogator the information he wanted, he induced labor and Tevrel was born. Holding the newborn Tevrel in one hand and his mother's lightsaber in the other, the interrogator threatened to burn the child's eyes with the Jedi blade unless she gave him what he wanted. As he pressed the blade against the child face, both child and woman screamed in horror. At that same moment Tevrel's father and a small squad of Republic soldiers breached the Imperial base. Records are unclear what actually killed the interrogator. Though the soldiers and Tevrel's father claim it was a blaster shot, Tevrel's mother claims that the interrogator was killed by the very lightsaber he wielded. After the incident, Tevrel was brought to this compound for training and safety, where he has remained to this day."

I have no idea where the story came from, but I kind of like it...think I have a new char I am going to create from that one...:D

6th June 2005, 03:49 PM
As he strode forward, the door ahead began to swing open, the room beyond coming into view. For a moment, as he seen the large shapes, shadowed by the distance, he wondered if he was doing the right thing. It now occured to him that should any of these people be hostile to him, he had no one to help him, and was vastly outnumbered. Sighing quietly to himself, Zahrael set his shoulders, and continued forward. Pulling the long, metal shotgun's strap from over his arm, Zahrael stopped for a moment to ensure the gun was loaded and ready, in the instance of an attack. He knew it would do him no good here, but it was still a comfort in an otherwise worrisome situation. Slinging the strap back over his shoulder, he continued forward until he came to the open doors. Just beyond, he could see the man he had just viewed in his vision, the one that held answers.

Continuing forward, past the doors that seemed monstrously large to him, Zahrael stopped, standing in front of the tall man he had seen moments earlier, in the hall. Zahrael had learned long ago the dangers of bowing to someone that you did not know; he still had the scar that ran across his neck to prove it. Tipping his head slightly, Zahrael acknowledged the master as respectfully as he could without giving a stranger the oppurtunity to betray him.

"I have come for help...and answers. I was told my father has been here before... My name is Zahrael Italah Lysander."

Zahrael waited tensely for a moment, hoping for a confimation. If he had been wrong, then there was no way to tell how much time he had lost...

hmmm. That was one of those rp posts that you struggle through... ^^;

6th June 2005, 04:33 PM
I quit this clan, sorry. Just not that many active people and I might make my own clan or just be clanless.

8th June 2005, 02:32 PM
Sorry to see you go JediMaster, best of luck.

**Zadok looked upon the newest arrival to the Council Chambers with mild amusement and interest. The young man bore a striking resemblence to someone Zadok had known or met in the past, but the priest could not quiet put his finger upon the exact person.

"I have come for help...and answers. I was told my father has been here before... My name is Zahrael Italah Lysander."

**Zadok frowned at the name as it did not strike a chord of recognition like the young man's face.

"What help and answers do you seek, Zahrael?"

9th June 2005, 02:22 AM
Zahrael fidgeted slightly for a moment, looking around the room slowly. Turning back to the man, Zahrael cocked his head to the side. He was sure that this man held the answers, although rather or not he would be willing to give them, the boy didn't know.

"I seek information on the where abouts of my father; Nathaniel Lysander, as well as any information you have on...Prophetic talents." Zahrael's face took on a guarded aspect as he said it, and his muscles tensed, as if expecting attack or imprisonment. As he awaited an answer, he became all too aware of his vulnerability, all too aware of the lightsaber that hung at the man's belt. If he had misjudged this man, Zahrael's death would be swift in coming.

13th June 2005, 07:56 AM
**As the boy spoke the name of his father, Zadok realized why the boy looked so familiar. Nathanial had joined the Jedi Order some time ago, but had left in search of something. He was never really clear why he had to go, only that he had to.

"...as well as any information you have on...Prophetic talents."

**At this Zadok's eyebrow perked up, the young man's query definitely triggering the Jedi Master's curiosity, but at the same time answering many questions.

He is a seer, that would explain the swirlings of the Force about his mind. Always in motion, ever changing is the future. The ability to see possibilities through the Force is not unheard of...hmm...

"As for your father, Nathaniel. The only information that I am able to give you is that at one time he was a member of the Jedi Order. But he left the Order a while ago, and did not inform the council as to the reason or in regards to his final destination, simply that he had to go."

"Now as for the Prophetic talents you speak of...I take it you wish to better understand the reasoning behind the visions and dreams that you experience?"

**The Jedi Master smiled softly as he exposed the depth of his understanding of the boys experience. In truth the Master could have discovered this any number of ways, but the tell tale sign for the Jedi was the swirling Force energy, unique only to seers.

17th June 2005, 02:47 AM
ic: "Incredible! The layout of this building, the arcitecture, the dicipline that comes from inside. This is definitley the place" Dracos walked up the many steps towards the NJO HQ. (i assume there are steps?) His crimson cloak fluttering in the soft breeze, slightly revealing the dark robes underneath. As he neared the door, he stopped, and listened for any movement inside, when he heard some, he swung open the door, and strode in. He had heard about this place before, but never really had sought it out, until the dreams began. As he walked down the long passage ways, he looked into room after room, none of which held the face of whom he was looking for. Dracos quickened his pace, starting to doubt 'he' was here. Then, he caught a glimpse of the face. Ever so gracefully, he changed directions without even slowing down, and went back to the door. He knocked as he passed through and promptly invited himself to have a seat. He looked into a face he had not seen in a long time, what seemed to be ages, and grinned. " Zadok, my old friend, I have come to seek your guidance. I have been feeling compelled to come here and join the order of the Jedi, if it will have me."

17th June 2005, 10:32 AM
"As for your father, Nathaniel. The only information that I am able to give you is that at one time he was a member of the Jedi Order. But he left the Order a while ago, and did not inform the council as to the reason or in regards to his final destination, simply that he had to go."

Zahrael's expectations fell as he heard the man's words. My search continues, it seems...

"Now as for the Prophetic talents you speak of...I take it you wish to better understand the reasoning behind the visions and dreams that you experience?"

Zahrael's focus returned quickly, as the words filled his ears. Perhaps they could yet help him...

Keeping a guarded expression on his face, Zahrael nodded slowly. The thought of finally understanding his visions raised his mood slightly, restoring the hope that had been dashed only moments ago.

"Yes... I want to understand why I have them, and what they mean. Can you help?"

Sorry for the delay

20th June 2005, 08:58 AM
No need to apologize.

**Zadok glanced over Zahrael's shoulder and noticed Dracos' approach, the Jedi Master instantly recognizing his former fire student and quite happy and surprised to see him within the Jedi Temple.

"Yes... I want to understand why I have them, and what they mean. Can you help?"

**Zadok returned his attention to the young boy before him, smiling broadly as he nodded affirmatively.

"Yes I can, though if you will excuse me for a moment."

" Zadok, my old friend, I have come to seek your guidance. I have been feeling compelled to come here and join the order of the Jedi, if it will have me."

**Looking back to his former student, Zadok nodded as the man's introduction answered the question of his purpose.

"If you are willing to abide by the Jedi guidelines and live by the Jedi Code, then you are more than welcome to join our Order."

**Zadok tapped a few buttons upon his personal console and after a few seconds of whirring and clicking, a small disk popped up from the console. Grabbing the disk and holding it out to Dracos, Zadok nodded.

"Take this to the Disbursal office and they will issue you your robes and your room."

**Turning his attention back to Zahrael, Zadok focused his gaze upon the boy intently.

"The ability to see the future or at least to forsee possible events in the future is a characteristic found among what the Jedi refer to as Seers. They are people to whom the Force reveals itself through visions and dreams, often prophetic in nature though not all visions deal with the future. The fact that you see such visions and dreams signifies that you have a tremendous connection with the Force, a trait that I will say you share with your father."

**Zadok paused for a moment before continuing, the Jedi Master thinking about how best to word his next statement.

"As for their meeaning, such skills of interpretation can be taught, though we would only be willing to train those who are willing to serve as Jedi with the Order."

24th June 2005, 06:03 AM
" I am willing." Dracos took the disk from his former master, and quietly exited the room. Swiftly he walked down the hall to disbursal, to pick up his robes and get a room assigned to him. When he got there the clerk handed him some cream colored robes, at this Dracos asked politly, "Do you have anything darker, say dark brown or black?" The clerk looked at hiom quizzicaly and took the robes back into the back room and came out with a different set of robes, this time more to Dracos' liking. They were a dark brown on the outer garments, and under was a shade of light dust color. His cloak was almost black, and reached down to brush the floor when he donned it. The boots they gave him were black leather, but looked as if they hadn't been polished in a good while. I'll have to fix that. Dracos collected his other belongings, and took they key to his room from the clerk. He walked to his room, opened, and entered, and found it to be a meager room with little to attract the eye, but still very nice, despite the lack of furniture. Dracos set his belongings on the bed, and promptly returned to Zadock's office, awaiting instruction.

28th June 2005, 02:55 PM
Ooc: Hehe, remember me? I don't have a character page yet. I don't really expect to randomly come back with powers, even though I'm using my old character. Lemme know what the deal is. I'm happy to begin all over again. Also, I'll get a character page up sometime.


The hollow echo of footsteps rang quietly in the metalic halls as he passed. It was a padding noise, with an occasional ring as the end of a wooden staff hit the floor. Walking with the staff, although obviously not for support, the brown clad figure walked down the halls, smiling to himself. He had a hood drawn up over his face, and he continued towards where he imagined Zadok would be.

A soft whoosh rang in his ears as the automatic doors spread apart, allowing him entrance. He paused about a metre inside the room, and waited for the doors to close. Facing Zadok, he bowed low, then stood straight. He wondered if he would recognize him, considering he had died years before. What had happened, he was still unsure, but he now rested in his body of his youth. The wrinkles of age had disappeared, and his skin was smooth again. Upon looking, he was no more than 30 years old, if not younger. However, his hair was the same white color it had been before he passed away. His eyes were gray as well, though they had always been that way.

Smiling again, he stood still.

"Greetings, Master Zadok."

29th June 2005, 12:16 PM
Rahun had just gotten off the transport he had taken to Yavin IV. He couldn’t belive it, he expected a calm and peacefull temple. But this place was buzzing! There were people everywhere, he did see several jedi walk around. But mostly everyone here was in normal civilian clothes. He proceeded towards what seemed to be the entrance of the massasi temple.
On the way his tall figure bumped into several pilots dressed in the New republic fighter uniform. After kindly apologizing he moved on. He wasn’t used to places so crowded, back on Ithor everything was much much calmer. He had often said that it was to calm on Ithor, but now that he was here, in the middle of this, he was not sure if any Ithorian could hold out here.

He walked on, onto the steps and into the temple. It was less crowded here, he guessed that this was off limits to anyone who didn’t work or live in the temple. That obviously included him, but he had no idea where to go. All of a suddon he bumped into someone wearing the jedi robes. Rahun could feel the energy the man was emitting. This was one who was very powerfull in the ways of the force.

‘’Excuse me, master Jedi. Ithorians arnt capable of speaking galactic standart, so I am using this translation device.’’

Rahun quicly held up his translator, and pressed 2 buttons. A voice started to repeat what he just said, only this time, in galactic standard.

The jedi looked at Rahun with a surprised look in his face. ‘’Hey, sorry man. Im only a padawan….’’

Rahun still had much to learn…….

I also created a stat page, here it is. http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=377109#post377109

29th June 2005, 01:48 PM
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Earendil turned to look at the one who had bumped into a padawan nearby, and continued to smile. He turned to face the Ithroian, and did his best to speak its language, although he lacked the proper number of mouths to do so. However, he could usually be understood, and he was well versed in many languags of the galaxy.

"Excuse me. Could I help you with something?"

After that, he didn't know how to say what he wanted to say next, and he turned to look at Zadok, who was busy with another, and he spoke the standard language, hoping this new person would understand it.

"I am no master either, but I can direct you to where you wish to go."

29th June 2005, 01:57 PM
Rahun was surprised to hear this jedi speak its language. He put down his translator, and began speaking with the Jedi in Ithorian speech.

''Greatings, Jedi. I am Rahun Supudd. I have come here because I would like to inform about training. After the fall of the empire, the medical droids started taking samples of my races blood to check for Midi-chlorians again. They have stated that I am indeed force sensitive. I do not know the rules of your order. The old order only accepted baby's and very young children. If this is so, I would like to sign up any children I may have in the future, since force sensitivity is often passed down from parent to child.... But if you do accept adults, then I would like to inform you that I would like to join your order. I have sat still during the empires glorydays, doing nothing. Ithor knew no resistance groups. I would like to pay back this debt I have, and put my talent to use to help the new republic.''

The Ithorian looked at the Jedi, he hoped that he had not spoken to fast.

29th June 2005, 02:29 PM
Earendil blinked as the Ithor spoke, and coughed into his hand at the end. Indeed, he had spoken slightly faster than he could keep up with. He understood that generally, the Ithor wanted training, because he was tested for midi-chlorians. Luckily, he understood better than he spoke, and he understood the concerns about his age, and his wish to help the republic. Seeing as the Ithorian apparently understood standard, he decided to speak as such.

"When I was last here, we were indeed accepting people of many ages. Unless things have changed, you are welcome. However, that man there is one of the masters who can make that decision. I am merely... a visitor, for now."

He pointed to where Zadok stood, and smiled as he remembered his previous stay at the temple. Trying his best, he spoke in Ithorian again.

"I welcome you to this place, if you get training or not. It is good to see one that wants to help. May the force be with you."

He smiled again, hoping he hadn't insulted Rahun's mother by mistake or something of that nature.

29th June 2005, 09:28 PM
Deheron had been in the Library of the Jedi doing some research hoping to find something that could direct him to the history of Hagia, his home nation. He knew very little of Hagia, and any chance he had to get some time off and do some homework he did so. During this little stint of a week or so of free time, Deheron had taken the time to spend hours in the Jedi Library but also in the Public library, and took the oppurtunity to grab some Ale and taste some of the new fine wines that had been developed as of recent months also.

Growing up in a Monastary had accustomed Deheron to drnking much intoxicating fluids without the usual effects of drunkeness and hangovers...that is to say, he could get washed, but it took literally barrells of alcohol before any effect could be seen in him at all.

Returning from the local Winery, Deheron had dropped some books and scrolls off at the depository before he returned to his quarters for a night's rest. As he walked down the sacred and beautiful halls of the Jedi temple, Deheron noticed a familiar looking figure in the distance.

No, it can't be...No way...

Deheron walked slowly up to the figure, and once he was about 10 feet away the dim light revealed the person's face and features...and to Deheron's absolute astonishment, it was Earendil...the former master that had granted him access to the Jedi Order years ago when he was lesser than an adept.

Approaching Earendil, Deheron spoke up softly:

"Oh my God...It's you...Earendil!!! Do you remember me??? I think the last time you saw me I had less alcohol in my breath... and knew nothing of the Force. Please excuse me I'm a bit of a wine connisseur"...

Deheron scratched his head and took on a bit of a bewildered look. "How...who...where...They said you were dead!!!"

29th June 2005, 09:35 PM
Earendil bowed low to Deheron, and came up smiling, the memories dancing through his brain. Although they were slightly fuzzy, he could remember faintly.

"Greetings, young master. Although now it seems you are older than me... It has indeed been a while since I have seen you. As for the wine, I will only take offense if I am excluded from the next time you take a drink."

He chuckled again, happy to see someone he knew that still remained with the Jedi.

"As for your question, I believe indeed that I died. Or at least, I was taken into the force when my body died. As for how, I know not myself, and have come back to seek answers of my own. But let us not dwell on such matters. What has happened to you in all this time?"

29th June 2005, 09:57 PM
"Greetings, young master. It has indeed been a while since I have seen you. As for the wine, I will only take offense if I am excluded from the next time you take a drink."

Deheron laughed with Earendil on that note. "Well, I go to the Horse's Head Winery and Spirits Club 4 nights a week when I'm in town here...or I should say in Planet here. Feel free to meet me there at 7 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays Fridays and Saturdays."

"As for your question, I believe indeed that I died. Or at least, I was taken into the force when my body died. As for how, I know not myself, and have come back to seek answers of my own. But let us not dwell on such matters. What has happened to you in all this time?"

Deheron listened with much interest. He was yet to meet a Jedi that had become "One with the Force" until now. The subject had fascinated him for months, ever since reading about it in one of the old Chronicles. He knew that Master Obi Wan had been "Transcended" into unity with the Force...as well as Masters Yoda and the ever intriuging and tragic Anakin Skywalker. Deheron's personal convictions and his spiritual beliefs put him in a position to think that he would go to the One, his God, upon his departure from the body.

Deheron spoke:

"Well, since I last saw you in the council chamber when I was asking what the requirements were to become a Jedi, I have learned much...and still have much to learn. Zadok is a great personal friend, and has taken me under his care to teach me the wonders of the Force and the Jedi. Even though he is younger than I, the elf is gifted in ways I cannot even fathom at this stage of my life. He is also of my own nation...Hagia. Pretty much everything I know abot the Jedi now I owe to Zadok, son of Misgab."

Deheron contiuned:

"Honestly I haven't done much in the way of personal success as of yet...the One has seen fit for to me train rigorously...and that is mostly what I am doing these days. Soon, I hope to return to my homeland...The skills I have learned as a Jedi will be extremely useful back home in rebuilding my past home and the like. But thats enough about me...You must tell me, what happened to you? You said you don;t remember much...do you know where you succumbed? and Plus...are you going to be joining our ranks again?"

29th June 2005, 10:08 PM
Ooc: I assume succumbing means he died.


He nodded also as Deheron spoke, and grinned widely as he listed off the dates he would be at the tavern. They were hours that matched his own likings. Again, he tried to answer the questions of the jedi.

"I do not remember much. It was not long after we had been attacked on a distant base. I remember the carnage the Sith dealt to the planet, and the devestation that was behind. I met with a great warrior, and in the end we parted, neither victorious. But that is not where it ended."

He shook his head, his long white hair flowing back and forth over the back of his neck, shining with youth in the light. Sighing, he rubbed his temples, closing his eyes. Trying to remember, he finally spoke again.

"We all returned...it was only then that I remember. You know how it is when you are connected with the Force. As a Jedi, you strive to immerse yourself in it while remaining in control. This time, it was as if the Force resisted my will, strong though it was. I felt as though I was pulled into it."

Shaking his head, the memory became cloudy, and he could remember no more.

"The manifestations of ghosts, Kenobi, Yoda, they come from a will of both the consciousness of their spirit and the Force. There was always a reason for those appearances. And so, I imagine, the Force has given me my youthful body again, for a reason which I must learn in time. Perhaps to find that Sith warrior..."

A shiver ran up his spine as he remembered the horrible encounter, one so powerful even he was tempted towards darkness, and how he barely managed to combat it. He answered Deheron's last question though, shaking away that blurry memory.

"Yes...I come to rejoin the ranks, wherever I may fall. The Force is with me, but I lack proper control. It may take me a short time to regain my powers. It could be like riding a speeder bike. Or, it may take me 40 more years to reach the same level. Either way, I am here to join the Jedi, to protect the galaxy as before, and to find my own purpose."

30th June 2005, 08:41 AM
Dear Lord, I walk away for a day or two and the thread goes nuts! Let's see...Dracos there isn't really anything else to be done in this thread, though you can now post in the training threads to begin your advancement within the Jedi. Earendil, how could I possibly forget the one that taught Zadok nearly everything he knew about the Force. As for rejoining, I'm not going to make you learn everything from scratch. Let's make you a mid-level padawan. When you drop in on the training threads we will figure out which powers you have and which you still need to learn. Orcie...well...actually, I have nothing to say ooc, which means...

**Zadok nodded silently and bowed his head slightly to the man he was speaking to, the Jedi Master listening to the man's request and promising to do what he could in regard to the man's needs. Now free of the conversation, Zadok turned his attention to a small group gathering near the entrance of the Council chambers. An Ithorian, Deheron, and a young man were all speaking to each other. Oddly enough, the young man looked quite familiar to Zadok, the Jedi Master sensing something similar to kinship with the newcomer. Looking closely at the young man, Zadok was surprised how much like his former master the young master looked.

Perhaps a relative of Earendil?

**As Zadok concentrated upon the man's Force signature, suddenly the assumption of moments before was completely obliterated as Zadok instantly recognized the man's Force signature and aura to not be similiar to Earendil, but to actually be Earendil.


30th June 2005, 09:11 AM
ooc: I am not rejoining, but Sare is on a Secret Mission from the Sith Order. Any questions talk to Someone.

IC: Sare piloted his TIE Fighter back to the long forgotten Jedi Base that he can remember coming into. Suddenly he felt something in his head and knew that It was Darth Geradian clouding his thoughts so that no Jedi could sense his thoughts. He landed the TIE fighter a good ways away from the base and began to walk towards it.

About an hour later Sare arrived at the base and saw that nothing had changed since he had left the New Jedi Order except for the fact that there were some new faces that he had never seen before. He wondered if the Jedi even knew that the Sith had conquered the two planets and were creating....well he actually didn't know what the Sith was creating.

He walked in to the base and used the force to sense where Zadoc was. After tracking Zadoc he finally saw the Jedi Master. He walked up to Zadoc and said "Good Evening Master Zadoc." with a smile on his face. "Before you get your hopes up I have not returned to the Jedi Order, but I have a few questions I want to ask you. Do you know how the Republic would react to the Sith if the Sith were to launch a major offensive? How would the New Jedi Order react? Also what is the current status of the Sith to your knowledge, Master?" Sare waited to see if Zadok would anwser.

30th June 2005, 02:00 PM

Glad to see he was recognized, he was grinning widely. That smile had barely left his face since he had entered the temple, and it remained now. Looking him up and down, he nodded in approval. He had grown indeed.

"Indeed. How have things been?"

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30th June 2005, 02:31 PM
**Zadok smiled warmly as well, the Leader of the Jedi Order amazed to be looking upon a younger version of his former master. In truth, if it had not been for Earendil's effort with Zadok, the priest may not have progressed to the level he had. Under Earendil's careful tutelage Zadok had transformed from a priest with little knowledge of the Force into a powerful Master.

"Indeed. How have things been?"

**The question made Zadok chuckle, for truly the Order had never been so busy during Zadok's stay. With more members joining everyday, the Order was truly thriving.

"Busy...but very fruitful. It is good to see you, old friend. I take it that with your return you also desire to rejoin the Order, though it could be said that you never actually left, so there isn't much to reinstating you."

**Zadok's smile faltered as he looked over his former Master's shoulder, the priest's eyes falling upon a figure he never expected to see within the confines of the Jedi temple. Though Sare was not under Zadok's tutelage, the young man's betrayal of Master Triko still carried with it a powerful sting felt by many of the Order.

"Good Evening, Master Zadok...Before you get your hopes up I have not returned to the Jedi Order, but I have a few questions I want to ask you. Do you know how the Republic would react to the Sith if the Sith were to launch a major offensive? How would the New Jedi Order react? Also what is the current status of the Sith to your knowledge, Master?"

**Zadok merely looked upon the young one with a mix of pity and concern. The silence was suddenly interrupted as another Jedi entered the Council chambers.

"Master Zadok, I...YOU!"

**The Jedi had stopped mid-stride as his eyes fell upon Sare, the Jedi's hand instantly reaching for his lightsaber. But before the Padawan could activate his blade, Zadok held out his hand and with a single wave released a faint burst of Force energy, causing the Padawan to look to Zadok. Whatever passed between Master and Padawan was unknown to the others, but apparently it had an effect as the Padawan slowly clipped his lightsaber to his belt once more; though it was clear by the young man's glare that he still wanted to use the deadly weapon.

**Turning his attention once more upon Sare, Zadok again looked upon the former Jedi with the odd mixture of pity and concern, as if the Jedi Master knew more about Sare than he was willing to speak of in this company.

"Sare, I would suggest that you leave the Jedi Temple. In fact, I'm ordering it. You are hereby banished from all Jedi complexes, on this planet and throughout the galaxy. By your very actions and upon the testimony wrought before this very council by your former Master, you have shown a disregard not only for your fellow Jedi, but for the very code you swore to uphold and keep. Until the day you see the err of your ways and repent, you are not to set foot in a Jedi facility; upon penalty of death."

**Looking deeply into Sare's eyes, Zadok reached out with the Force and spoke to the young man's mind, though the Master found it difficult to break through.

"Do you think the Jedi are so careless as to not take note of the location of every Jedi Starfighter? I know where you have been, and I know who you have spoken to. I can sense their very taint upon your mind."

**Suddenly the Council doors opened behind Sare and in walked four Jedi Knights, each holding an activated lightsaber.

"Ratien, please escort Sare off the premises. And make sure he is not harmed, but should he refuse or resist..."

**It was not a threat, more a command that Zadok could not even speak forth. The Four knights bowed their head slightly and moved into position near Sare, the one named Ratien speaking to Sare as he approached.

"Move, exile..."

And Sare, this is not an opportunity to resist.

30th June 2005, 02:42 PM
Earendil watched the goings on with some confusion, not sure of who Sare was, or why he had been so forcefully evicted. It was true, he could sense darkness within him, but he recalled that many were often given a second chance, or many more, to redeem themselves. Shaking his head, he realized that this one had likely done something beyond what even a Jedi could forgive. He waited for the ordeal to end, and turned to Zadok.

"I do not remember. Do you still possess my lightsaber?"

He spoke of his lightsaber, a carefully crafted piece of work with inscriptions and runes running over a black handle. It seemed to him like he would have either given then to Zadok as a gift, or asked him to keep it, as it was quite precious. Of course, he hadn't expected to return, and was unsure what had happened to it.

"If not, I shall find myself a new one. As of now, my worldly possessions are all that you see."

30th June 2005, 02:55 PM
ooc: I know, I was ready to leave any ways. Wasn't my idea also to do this. Later.

Sare nodded to Zadok and said "I will not fight this time, but one day we shall meet on a battlefield and I will stand over your lifless body and allow you to plead for your life before I kill you. I wish you well Jedi Master Zadok." He was amzaed at how news traveled so fast. He had just about forgotten about his former master. Sare then bowed to the Jedi Master and turned to the Jedi Knights. He looked at all of them. He knew he could kill them, but he knew he couldn't take out a whole Jedi Temple. "Don't touch me." Sare said to the four Jedi Knights.

Sare was escorted out of the temple and said "This is far enough." to the Jedi Knights. He kept walking not caring if they followed him or not. About an hour later he arrived at his ship. He opened up the cockpit to the TIE Fighter and readied his ship to take off. His ship lifted off of the ground and flew from the planet surface and back into space. He turned on his radio and set it to the cordinates of the ship he was already on. He then spoke into saying "This is ex-Jedi Sare. Allow me to speak to the Sith Lord in charge of the ship." He waited for a reply as his ship flew through the space.

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30th June 2005, 03:37 PM
Rahun was surprised to see this peacefull meeting between the jedi and himself escalate. A young man stepped up to a jedi who was called Master Zadok. He asked him some very strange questions. Just a few moments later 4 knights came in and escorted the man out. On his way out, rahun peered into the eyes of the young man. He felt a strange energy, a dark energy.

rahun quickly took 2 steps back. He had never felt such dark energy in an individual, he had felt anger before. But never such a lust, such a longing for death.

Rahun held up his translator again, and turned to Zadok.

''I can leave, if this is not a good time.....''

30th June 2005, 05:39 PM
Deheron was busy talking with Earindil when Zadok showed up and the two hit it off right where they had left everything. It felt vry good to Deheron to see the former master and master talk and recoup lost time. It was also encouraging to hear the statistics of the Order. Deheron knew the Jedi were growoing by leaps and bounds...this gave him much hope for the future. Having travelled the Universe from one end to the other, Deheron knew how corrupt and dirty the real world was. The Jedi were a catalyst for reform and brought balance and peace to the universe.

As the group was chatting, Deheron heard a stranger walk in. He did not know the man, but had a very bad feeling about him. Deheron stepped aside when he approached Zadok.

Good Evening, Master Zadok...Before you get your hopes up I have not returned to the Jedi Order, but I have a few questions I want to ask you. Do you know how the Republic would react to the Sith if the Sith were to launch a major offensive? How would the New Jedi Order react? Also what is the current status of the Sith to your knowledge, Master?

Deheron shut his eyes and cringed. He did not pull out his Lightsaber as the younger Padawan did, but he clenched his left fist and placed his right hand gently on his practice hilt- just in case. Struggling to control his ferocious temper and not say something, Deheron just listened and watched as the Sith upstart was banished from the Jedi.

"I will not fight this time, but one day we shall meet on a battlefield and I will stand over your lifless body and allow you to plead for your life before I kill you. I wish you well Jedi Master Zadok."

Deheron almost, almost began to pray a curse on the Sith...a curse of permanant and unyeilding, and most painful celibacy. The curse would have manifested itself on Sare by Deheron's blade finding itself planted in Sare's groin. Wisely, he refrained and just remained queit.

That young, foolish bastard...Does he not know with whom he is enslaving himself to? He is lorded by the devil himself...and before he stands over Zadok, he will have to hew my body in half...for that is what it will take before he trifles with the well being of my friend....

Deheron forced himself to calm down. Knowing the poor fool was being put up to it, and that his was life was over as soon as his usefulness was consumed made Deheron less angry and more empathetic. Turning back to Zadok and Earendil, He said:

"Do you think they are planning an attack here? They are nuts if they are!!"

30th June 2005, 10:16 PM
Earendil merely smiled as he heard Sare's comment, and watched the reactions around him.

"Young...er, old Deheron, I am most impressed. Your passion is strong, yet not misplaced. As for the attack... they have struck before... whether or not they mean to attack Yavin..."

He shook his head, wondering if the Sith had indeed grown strong enough to strike at the main training centre he now stood in.

"If that be the case, we will have no choice to stand and fight. I have seen death, and I will gladly meet it again, if it means protection of the Light."

His tone grew grim, and his fists clenched at his side, and he shook his head to clear negative thoughts. Once more, he was peaceful, and he bowed his head slightly.

"Perhaps Master Zadok here knows more of the Sith than I do..."

1st July 2005, 08:27 AM
ooc: ok this time I am really joining and I have brought a gift. I believe that this will be a rather useful gift if you read through some of my prior quests with this gift.

IC: Triko was on the Jedi Flagship Hope. The old ship from the earlier days of the clone wars sped through space as if were new. Triko couldn't believe that his old apprentice had left him and gone over to the darkside. And if that wasn't bad he had tried to kill him and take the Hope. Triko walked through the bridge pondering on this subject when his train of thought was interrupted by a male voice saying "Sir, we are getting close to the Jedi Base." Triko turned around to the male who was one of the navigators of the ship and said "Good, land the ship somewhere near the base." The navigator nodded and began clicking buttons and turning knobs.

Shortly after the flagship landed a few miles away from the Jedi Base. Triko turned to his crew and said "Everyone stay on board, I will go alone. We might be able to help these people in what I have foreseen is a war with the Sith." The crew acknowledge his command and Triko left the ship. He walked to the base and arrived about 30 minutes later. He walked in looking for Jedi Master Zadok, who he knew who was in charge of the Jedi here. He saw Zadok talking to a group of Jedi and said "Pardon for my interuption, but I wish to speak with Master Zadok. It is an emergency. A large war between the Sith and the Jedi may be on the verge of breaking out. If you do not know already my old apprentice has gone over to the darkside. I wish to enroll in the New Jedi Order so that I can find Sare and bring him back and f not kill him myself. I have also brought a gift. The gift is a Jedi Flagship called the Hope. It is from the early days of the Clone Wars and has been recenlt discovered by myself. So may I join this order?" Triko said. He hoped that he could. He also knew that the Hope would help out the New Jedi Order with its one of a kind Super Ion Cannon which could rip through a star destroyer and its shields which were the force itself. Also its design and aerodynamics made it fast and manueverable.

5th July 2005, 09:51 AM
"...but one day we shall meet on a battlefield and I will stand over your lifless body and allow you to plead for your life before I kill you..."

**The Jedi Master's right eyebrow perked up slightly as he looked from Sare, to the others gathered in the room.

My lifeless body will plead for life...? No...too easy.

"I do not remember. Do you still possess my lightsaber?"

**Zadok frowned as he remembered that his former master's lightsaber had been placed upon the Jedi's funeral pyre. The logic being that a Jedi's blade could only be properly wielded by the creator.

"Unfortunately no. When you became one with the Force, we committed your blade and your body to the flame as is customary. You may be able to retrieve the crystal, though it is likely to have been damaged during the incineration."

"As of now, my worldly possessions are all that you see."

**At this, Zadok smiled as Earendil appeared to be in good spirits.

"Well it is good to have you back. You can probably even get your old room if you ask in Disbursal."

''I can leave, if this is not a good time.....''

**Zadok turned his attention to the new comer who had arrived shortly after Earendil, the Rodian unfortunately having been ignored up until this point. Frowning as he realized how bad the current situation must have appeared, Zadok shook his head from side to side.

"No...no. I apologize. I have not formally introduced myself, I am Zadok Ben Misgab, Jedi Master and Leader of the New Jedi Order. What is your name and purpose for coming to the Jedi."

"Do you think they are planning an attack here? They are nuts if they are!!"

"Perhaps Master Zadok here knows more of the Sith than I do..."

**Zadok frowned and shook his head.

"Not likely, though it would not be the first time they have struck at the heart of the Jedi Order. Coruscant has been invaded several times by the Sith, some times in vast numbers and other times by only a few. But I do not believe they will attack us head on, as their numbers are weaker than our own. More than likely they will utilize stealth and guerilla tactics until they are stronger."

**As Zadok spoke, another presence entered the Council Chambers.

"Pardon for my interuption, but I wish to speak with Master Zadok. It is an emergency. A large war between the Sith and the Jedi may be on the verge of breaking out."

**At this Zadok extended his hand towards Triko, the Master seeking silence.

"Be at peace Triko, panic and fear is not the way of the Jedi. We already know of the Sith presence as we have recently encountered one of their strongholds upon Ilum. We also know about Sare as he was just recently here and was banished from the Jedi Facilities until he is willing to return in repentence to the way of the Light."

**Zadok paused for a moment before speaking again, his next words would be both authoritative and painful, a powerful rebuke to the Jedi.

"Considering the recent turning of your apprentice, the Council suggests that you return to the Jedi Temple for an extended period of training and evaluation. As such, your rank of Master within the Jedi Order has been revoked and you are to take the rank of Adept. You are to relearn every skill of the Jedi, including the ability to wield a lightsaber."

**As this point Zadok held out his hand to Triko, the Master's last words making it clear that the Jedi Leader sought...Triko's lightsaber.

Earendil - Welcome back, at this point we have nothing else really to discuss here. See you in the training threads.
JediMaster - There you go, your second chance.

5th July 2005, 10:32 AM
ooc: Thank you. I won't leave this time.

IC: Triko listened intently to what Jedi Master Zadok had said and then he knew that he deserved to have his ranking taken and being trained over. He had let his apprentice down and he knew that that wsn't the true sign of a Master over the force. Zadok then extended his hand out to Triko obviously wanting his lightsaber. Triko hesitated for a second, but knew that it was a step into the right direction. Triko took out his blue double bladed lightsaber and handed it to Zadok with the middle facing Zadok since both ends were used as weapons.

Triko then bowed and said "I accept to these terms. It has been a while since I have been back at a Jedi Temple. I haven't been to one since the Clone Wars. Where do I go first." Triko waited for a reply from Zadok by folding his arms into his robes.

Suddenly he felt Sare from miles and miles away. He was still tapping him. Triko closed his eyes and concentrated. He used the force and disconected the tap to where he could feel what Sare was thinking, but Sare couldn't sense him. Triko then opened his eyes and waited for Jedi Master Zadok to reply.

5th July 2005, 02:37 PM
Hmm, actually my character isnt Rodian like I told you in my PM. I didnt like the way that Rodian RP'ed (to much like hanibal lector :S ) So i created this Ithorian. you could read up on him in my character thread if you like. But there isnt much to tell about him anyway.

Oh, and from what point am I allowed to start my training in the training thread? I really want to begin! :P

"No...no. I apologize. I have not formally introduced myself, I am Zadok Ben Misgab, Jedi Master and Leader of the New Jedi Order. What is your name and purpose for coming to the Jedi."

''My name is Rahun Supudd, I have come here because I request to be trained in the ways of the force. I wish to become a jedi. The reason for this is simple, I have sat still during the days of the empire. My entire people waited for the rebel alliance to come and set them free. We are pacifistic in nature, but I still feel I owe a debt to the jedi and the new republic. I have not come on behalf of the Ithorian government, the choice was my own. But I feel that the Ithorians will regain there pride if they see that one of there people has joined the Jedi order once more.''

5th July 2005, 06:35 PM
A young man, wearing Jedi knight robes modified with blue trim descended from the Jedi flagship Hope, which Triko had piloted to the temple. The man walked up to Zadok, of whom he had heard much about from Triko, and extended his arm for a friendly handshake.

"Hello," he said, "my name is Trey Dartee, and you must be Master Zadok, the leader of the order. I would like to join the New Jedi Order, with your permission of cource."

It was then that Trey realized that Zadok held Triko's lightsaber in his hand. He wondered if it was customary to give up one's lightsaber when entering the temple, as there was no other rational explanation for the (to his current knowledge) Jedi Master to relinquish his lightsaber. He stood, arm still outstretched, and awaited a response from the leader of the order.

here is the link (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=348093#post348093) if you want a look at the character. I am perfectly willing to do the same as JediMasterx if I must (and I assume I have to)

5th July 2005, 08:02 PM
OOC-I'm sorry...I'm laughing my @$$ off here...ROFLOLOLOL!!!. However...we could always use another Jedi!!!

"Not likely, though it would not be the first time they have struck at the heart of the Jedi Order. Coruscant has been invaded several times by the Sith, some times in vast numbers and other times by only a few. But I do not believe they will attack us head on, as their numbers are weaker than our own. More than likely they will utilize stealth and guerilla tactics until they are stronger."

Deheron frowned. He almost hoped deep down that an attack would come...Let the Sith see our Capital and die in it's courtyards beholding the power of the light..he thought. On second thought, a war here would not be a pretty sight. Despite his confidence in the Jedi and his faith in the One, Deheron knew that battle brought about much destruction, and death...of innocents. Had he his choice of fighting, it would be a distant battlefield inhabited by no one but the wild animals. War was a sight that no non-fighter should have to behold, but he knew the inevitable truth was that it almost always reared its ugly head in the most inconvenient of places.

Looking at Zadok before he got distracted, Deheron queitly muttered "Good...we Don't need a war right now."

6th July 2005, 08:34 AM
Kiall sat in his A-wing starfighter, cruising through the openness of space. Glancing out of the cockpit, he saw the infinite reaches of the universe, running off into every direction, and he shivered, the vastness of it frightened him. Returning his gaze to the controls, he absently hovered his hands above the co ordinates, knowing what he was doing was very risky. His heart began to beat like a thousands repulsorlifts running at the same time. He took a number of deep calming breaths, and reached out to touch the force.

Nothing happened.

Kiall frowned in constenation, and with a sigh, dropped backwards into the seat of his fighter. He knew it was useless, he would never find the Jedi Temple.

Ever since he had realised the strange forces that worked within him, he had searched for a way to find the Jedi, and only one conclusion came to him....and it was dangerous.

He reasoned if he could connect to the force and allow himself to randomly program the co-ordinates for hyperspace, the force would guide him to the Jedi.
But that could only work if the force wanted him to reach the temple.

Firing the ion boosters, he jetted forward slowly, almost lazily through space. He would return to Correlia...perhaps even take command of Gold wing again...

Slowly, at the back of Kiall's mind, the tingling sensation began, at first it was a dull feeling, almost like winning a game of sabbac, but the longer it continued, he knew it was something more.

The force.

Excitement began to bubble inside Kiall, and his fingers darted over the co-ordinates. As his fingers raced to and fro, Kiall began to doubt, what if he programed co-ordinates that led him too close to a star, or into the gravitational pull of a planet. With a grunt he pushed these thoughts aside, watching as the system screen lit up, showing he had created a full set of co-ordinates. With an exsultant whoop of joy, ruined slightly by the waver of uncertainty in his voice, he slammed his fist against the hyperspace button and the stars streaked by , blurring together to form long white lines.

Kiall exited hyperspace ubruptly, warning systems blaring. He shook himself awake and gazed ahead. He had arrived at a planet, but too close.The gravitational pull was allowing his ship to drop rapidly, but the repulser engines should account for that. His warning system told him otherwise. He swore, and switched his sublight drive engines on, a thin stream of positively charged ions rocketing out from his thrusters. The ship still hurtled towards the ground, and Kiall pulled up hard, his ship righting itself with a violent jerk. The warning system died down, and Kiall let out a sigh of relief. It took him a moment to realise the idiocy of what he had done, uncharted co-ordinate jumps were nearly always suicidal. The question still remained to whether he had found the Jedi or not though.

Directing his ship forward, he shot forward across the planet.

After an hour of fruitless searching, Kiall finally found a large building, and reasoned it must be the Jedi. The chances of survival were tiny, so he reasoned the force must have guided him. On this pretense, he reasoned the force would have guided him to the Jedi. He lowered his ship, and extended the landing 'feet'. The landing was awkward without the use of repulsorlifts, but Kiall touched the ship to the ground with the minimum of fuss. Releasing the hatch, Kiall jumped down onto the side of the A-wing before dropping to the floor.

He was uncertain of himself, should he walk in, or knock, or.....what? He decided to walk in, knowing the Jedi to if not openly kind, at least they would not harm him for requesting training. He jogged up the steps, finally reaching the doorway. He grinned, in the infectuous way he always did, and walked inside.

He glanced around, the entrance way leading to a huge room.

"Hello. Hello...Is there anybody here?"

Kiall felt stupid, realising he might be in the wrong place, he turned to go, then stopped, knowing he had come a long way, and would not leave without at least an answer to his abilities.

"Umm....Hello? Are there any Jedi here?" He called, feeling foolish.

6th July 2005, 10:10 AM
Iam4evil - I'll offer you the same thing I offered Triko. To become a member of the NJO, you will have to surrender your lightsaber and also relinquish all of your Force powers. You will start as an Adept as everyone else does and receive the training like the others as well. If this is acceptable with you, PM me and I'll edit in a response to your char's entrance.

**Triko's response was hesitant at first, as Zadok had expected it would be. The reprimand was harsh and to ask a Jedi to part with his lightsaber was akin to nearly taking an appendage. But when Triko relinquished his lightsaber, Zadok nodded approvingly and smiled.

"Don't worry, I'll keep this safe, and you can have it when the Council feels you are ready."

**Turning to the Ithorian (I still can't believe I messed that one up!), Zadok smiled as he heard the creatures desire and the motive behind his wish to join the Order.

"If those are your true intentions, then by all means you are welcome to join the Order. Here..."

**Zadok held out a small clear disc to the Ithorian.

"Take this to the Disbursal office. They will issue you the necessary robes and also your room key."

"Good...we Don't need a war right now."

**Zadok nodded in agreement to his friend's appraisal of the situation. As strong as the Jedi ranks had become in recent months, most of the new recruits were just that...new recruits. Too green with the Force to actually be able to defend against a well coordinated attack. But Zadok's intel helped assure the Jedi Master that the Sith were no better off.


Hey Anvar, I'm going to assume that you actually went to the Jedi Temple on Yavin 4? Technically that is only our training facility, but don't worry, we'll get you situated just right.

"Umm....Hello? Are there any Jedi here?"

**Silence greeted Kiall's question, and for the most part it appeared as if the building was abandoned. But just before Kiall would probably have given up hope, a voice spoke out.

"Oh dear...Are you a new arrival?"

**The voice came from Kiall's left, from a protocol droid which had just entered the room from a side door. The response was probably not exactly what Kiall was looking for, but it was a hint of a good sign.

6th July 2005, 10:33 AM
the return of Plo Koon!
-with a small difference, that is
Stat page (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=386880#post386880)

A starfighter came out of hyperspace. It then slowly floated on. The starfighter was very compact. The fighter had a clean white colour. The cockpit was long but only provided just enough space. The starfighter was armed two pairs of turbo laser cannons that were placed next to the cockpit. The starfighter didn’t have space for cargo or an astromech unit tough, which was part of making it as fast as possible. A Del Kor lies in the cockpit of the starfighter. His sensors quickly found signs of life, so he steered his starfighter there. The Del Kor flew into the atmosphere of the planet. He looked around to find a good place to land near the temple. His deceptive eyes quickly found a good place to land.

The Del Kor was shutting his starfighter off while it landed. The fighter landed smoothly and without noise. The cockpit opened even more smoothly and the Del Kor climbed out. When his feet touched the ground the cockpit slowly began to close. The Del Kor looked like any Del Kor, but his skin was still very smooth and rather light of colour, showing that he was still young. His eyes and the lower part of his face were protected from oxygen by a black mask. The alien had an agile built and was rather tall. He wore a simple but ragged blue cloak with a white vest under it. The Del Kor crossed his hands and slowly started walking at the Jedi temple. He looked in front of him and kept his back straight.

He took long steps and tried to walk as soft as possible, and he managed. The alien almost made no sound. His deceptive eyes looked over the temple and fell on the man that was talking to many people. He was smart enough to realize that someone that was being talked to must be important, so he approached the man silently, careful not to get in anyone’s way. He was in the Jedi’s sight, but tried not to make himself the Jedi’s main point of attention right away by stepping in the middle of his line of sight. The Del Kor talked with a robotic, emotionless voice that was built into his protection mask.
“Greetings. My name is Klo Koon, family of the once great Jedi master Plo Koon. I wish to join your order so in honour of my ancestor, which was killed during the Clone Wars…” his voice said. Even with the last words the voice showed no emotion, and the Del Kor didn’t make even the slightest movement while talking

6th July 2005, 01:13 PM
Uhm, if the training facility is on Yavin IV, where are we now? the coruscant temple? You got that rebuild? Cool!

Rahun took the shining round data disk from the jedi masters hand.

''Thank you...Master. I shall get my robes right now.''

The Ithorian slowly turned around and began searching for the dispersal office. He was allready getting used to these crowded situations. But he hoped that things would not go to fast. To fast is never a good thing, for an Ithorian.

10 minutes later he arrived at the dispersal office, he had walked slowly, and he had taken the time to took around. He walked upto the desk, and the human women behind it.

''I have been sent my my new master, Master Zadok of the Jedi order. I would like to collect my robes and room key..........Im going to be a jedi you know!''
He proudly handed the disk to the lady who walked into a storage room and started searching for clothes fit for an Ithorian. About 3 minutes later she returned with a pack of clothes, and a key-disk shaped like a triangle. The human woman coughed and said.

''section 3 of the padawan floor. You better hurry, its gonna be rush hour in these corridors in about....5...4...3....2....1...''

Suddenly 2 large carts full of garbage went buy, almost hitting Rahunn. When the 20 meter long speeder-carts had passed the Ithorian began coughing.

''That is a very unpleasent smell.....''

''Tell me about it'' replied the lady. ''They produce a hellofalotta garbage for a bunch of pacifist peacekeapers.....''

Rahun nodded his large hamer shaped head, and then thanked the lady for her kindness. 5 minutes later he set foot in his room for the first time. It wasnt big, but the window overlooked the Jedi gardens. And that was more then Rahun could have hoped for.

Ithorians, born to do garden work :/

6th July 2005, 01:51 PM
OOC:Umm...Sorry about all this, i'm pretty confused on where I'm meant to be. Ill just post movement, and you can intercept me.

Kiall spun around, facing a metallic protocol droid. Grinning, he nodded.

"Yep, that's me. I'm here to talk to the Jedi. I guess there are other people here, as you said new..." Kiall began.

"Oh yes. We are host to many Jedi..." The droid interupted. Kiall fazed the droid out, his mind racing.

'I've found it. The Jedi! He thought to himself.

He noticed the droid had stopped talking and was looking at him, the robotic equivilant of puzzlement clearly crossing his metalic face. Kiall realized the droid was waiting for him to answer.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Kiall asked, looking around the still empty hall.

"I said would you like me to take you to the Jedi?" The droid asked again, hands on hips.

"What? Oh....Yes, if you would" Kiall replied, obediently following the droid deeper into the compound. He was guided down walkways, past flickering holocrons depicting tales of Jedi Kiall had never heard of. The droid took him to a room with a couch and a holocron, and bade him to sit and relax. Kiall sat down and watched the retelling of a number of famous Jedi battles. Ulic Qel Droma and Exar Kun was always his favourite.

Kiall sat, patiently, wondering when he would finally meet a Jedi.

OOC: Feel free to Rp my charecter to get him wherever he needs to be Pstr2blvia. You can chuck him on Yavin IV or Coruscant, makes no difference to me.

6th July 2005, 02:30 PM
So..when am I allowed to start training in the training thread?

Rahun walked over to one corner of his small room, where there was a bookcase with Jedi literature. It had several holonovels. But most books were normal datapads that you should connect to a datapadviewscreen. He took a disk from the top shelf titled ''The basics of using the force to heal'' It was a 500 year old manual to chaneling the force and directing it to heal yourself or someone else.

Rahun sat down in the only chair his room had, connected a viewscreen and started reading. He didnt understand a lot of things, but he did feel that he was doing something usefull.

6th July 2005, 03:32 PM
Orcie, get your lazy ass into the training facility and start training, I want to see sweat tears and toil – Churchill ‘93

Walking past the Padawaan quarters as Revan did on a daily base he mused some tones that he had picked up earlier today when walking by the history classes. Apparently the teacher had chosen to give the children a lesson in ancient music since the tones Revan had picked up had sounded natural to his ears, as if the nature was playing. Not much like the music nowadays which consisted of pre-programs notes and loops that were played in a never ending loop in order to create amusement. Most of the doors to the quarters were shut, which is only normal since most of the Padawaan only came here to rest and eat, and did not want to be disturbed while doing such things.

One door however, seemed to be opened, as if someone had left it open with a purpose. Possible to let the air flow through his room creating a cool breeze in the evening sun, or to invite people into his or her room. Whatever it was, Revan was sure to check it out. He approached the door and sounded the bell that was on the small console next to the slid open door. This was only appropriate since Revan had no intention of sneaking into the room. The creature that was in the room did not seem familiar to the Padawaan at first, but when it turned around and faced him, Revan could clearly make out of the obvious shapes that this was an Ithorian. He had no idea in what language to greet him and began speaking in galactic basic, and tongue that he spoke fluently.

”Hello new student and welcome to the New Jedi Order. I see you have already familiarized yourself with the viewer. This is a common tool which is usually used when teaching the younger Padawaan about the Force, or instructing students while practicing there moves. Let me introduce myself, I’m Revan, forgive me that I lack a surname, since that was taken from me years ago. Is there anything I can help you with?”

OMFG, Revan is sounding like some sort of pre-recorded introduction tape which is played from a droid.

9th July 2005, 01:13 PM
Okay....I suppose I can start my training now....

Rahun stood up as the human entered his chambers. He turned to face him, and bowed down slightly as a sign of respect for the kind human. He could not see his face clearly, because there was light from the corridor shining in Rahuns eyes. But he assumed that the person standing in the door was a jedi, he could feel the force flowing around this person very strongly.

''Good day, I am Rahun Supudd. I am new here, and awaiting to start my training. I was wondering where I should go for my first training sessions.''

9th July 2005, 01:46 PM
Alright guys. This will be my last post for a few days. Hurricane Dennis apparently wants to come by for a visit, so I'm making my preps and hopefully will be back on the boards on Monday, but that solely depends how Dennis treats me. See you guys on the other side.

**Zadok turns to face the newest arrival at the temple, another Jedi, but once more one that Zadok does not recognize. The young man looked from Triko to Zadok and back again, allowin Zadok to connect the dots mentally. This man must have been Triko's other apprentice, a Knight trained under his tutelage.

"Greetings, Jedi. I take it you are with Triko? If this is so, then I will extend to you the same offer I gave to your master. Considering recent events, the Council believes you will be in need of retraining and evaluation. To do this you will need to relinquish your lightsaber and once more take the rank of Adept. Triko is no longer your Master as he too as undergone the same process."

**Zadok then held out his hand once more to the young man, awaiting his response.


Someone, I am going to assume that you too went to Yavin IV instead of Coruscant. Zadok is actually on Coruscant where the main Jedi Temple is located. I'll have you run into the same person that Anvar is about to meet.

**A few moments after Kiall took his seat, the door to the room opened once more. In the entrance stood a rather imposing figure by size, but the man's facial expression and eyes portrayed a different image.

"Greetings, I am Yad-Echad. Master Zadok would normally be greeting you in person, but he is currently on Coruscant on business. As such I shall be his mouthpiece. Come with me."

**Yad-Echad led Kiall through several corridors, telling the young man about different aspects of the Jedi and their duties. After several minutes Kiall and Yad-Echad emerged once more into the main training area of the temple. As Yad-Echad approached, several young children ran over and embraced his legs, looking up to the Jedi with broad smiles. Shortly after the children came several adults, each smiling to Yad-Echad before speaking to him about various issues and subjects. But even in the midst of all this attention and confusion, Yad-Echad never lost sight of Kiall.

"If you all will excuse me for a minute, I am actually in the middle of speaking with a possible new recruit."

**Turning to Kiall, Yad-Echad smiled.

"I am assuming that is why you have come to Yavin IV...to join the Jedi?"

“Greetings. My name is Klo Koon, family of the once great Jedi master Plo Koon. I wish to join your order so in honour of my ancestor, which was killed during the Clone Wars…”

**The new voice and arrival actually caused Yad-Echad to break eye contact with Kiall and glance over the young man's shoulder towards another new arrival to the training facility.

"A relative of Plo Koon would be more than welcome within the Jedi Order, though of course there are still the standard tests that need to be performed. Raciden, if you can take Klo to the medical bay to do the necessary blood tests, I would be grateful."

**A passing Knight stopped mid-stride, apparently the man whom Yad-Echad was addressing. The Knight smiled and nodded.

"Certainly. Follow me."

Alright. Someone - you're in, no additional posting is necessary.
Anvar & iam4evil - Just awaiting your responses and you guys are in too.
Orcie - All training is conducted in the Academy in the two threads the Jedi have set up.

9th July 2005, 03:43 PM
Just so you know he isn't Triko's apprentice, it was just convenient to come in his ship after JediMasterx's quest in the FFBA. I guess it doesn't matter anyway since he is taking the rank of adept.

I'm sorry...I'm laughing my @$$ off here...ROFLOLOLOL!!!. However...we could always use another Jedi!!!That's trolling, please refrain
Zadok stared directly at Trey, the look from the master seemed to penetrate his body, and examine his mind and soul, looking for darkness that could lie within. Trey, however had nothing to hide from the leader of the order, and did not fear the steely gaze. Trey's hand was still outstretched, but since the Master made no move to take it Trey put it to his side.

"Greetings, Jedi. I take it you are with Triko? If this is so, then I will extend to you the same offer I gave to your master. Considering recent events, the Council believes you will be in need of retraining and evaluation. To do this you will need to relinquish your lightsaber and once more take the rank of Adept. Triko is no longer your Master as he too as undergone the same process."

Zadok seemed to think Triko was Trey's master, and although this wasn't so, there seemed no point to press the issue. Trey took his lightsaber from the belt he wore under his robes, and clenched it in his fist. His lightsaber was the last thing he wanted to give up, but it appeared he must if he was to join the order. He turned over his hand, after a few seconds of mental debate, and set the lightsaber in Zadok's outstretched palm.

"I will except these terms, Master Zadok, and I assume you will want this aswell." Trey sspoke quickly, and with hesitation he withdrew what appeared to be a dented and distorted blaster from beneath his robes. Pointing the barrel away from Zadok, and himself Trey pulled and held down the Trigger. A blue lightsaber blade had appeared from the blaster, and Trey quickly released the trigger, causing the makeshift lightsaber to deactivate. He held the blaster by the barrel, and extended the grip towards Zadok, awaiting his response.

11th July 2005, 12:19 PM
Anvar suddenly clicked when the Jedi told him ti was Yavin Four. This was the Temple Exar Kun used as his epicentre of power during the Sith Wars. He looked up as the jedi asked him if he had come to learn.

"Umm...Yes. I want to learn to become a Jedi, if the Master Zadok would allow it."

Yad Echad smiled broadly and and patted Kiall on the shoulder.

"I think that is already decided. This is a holodisc, it contains all the information on training places and room allocation."

Yad-Echad held up a circular holodisk, which Kiall took from his hands. Kiall smiled as he turned it over in his hands, looking into the smooth inky surface. Yad-Echad wondered off to speak to another pupil, and Kiall walked out of the training rooms to find a quiet palce to view his Holodisk.

12th July 2005, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by dtv777
I'm sorry...I'm laughing my @$$ off here...ROFLOLOLOL!!!. However...we could always use another Jedi!!!

That's trolling, please refrain

Comment: I beleive you misunderstood me. That line was not in reference to you. However, in the future, if you wish to rebuke me please do so in the proper way...a PM. Any further questions or comments please use the PM function or refer your questions to Pstr. Thank you.


Deheron was thrilled to see 3 new Jedi applicants in the few minutes it took for him to catch up with Earendil. He new the order was growing, and it gave me him great joy to see the Adepts...they all seemed rather hardy and some had obvisously had battle experience before. Deheron himself had been a Mercenary and a Hired Dualist in the past...so continuing his fighting career in the Jedi ranks was something he greatly enjoyed. Seeing that the temple was filling up with acitivity, and being cought up with Earendil, Deheron bowed his head and gave his peace out. He would only be on Coruscant for another few days, so he wanted to use all of this time to make his preperations for his journey to Yavin IV. As he was about to depart, he turned around and said:

"You new gentleman that are yet to visit Yavin IV...If you are unfmailiar with the way it is easy to find...however, if you wish to follow me I will be leaving for it on the morrow. I enjoy traveling with Company, so let me know tomorrow before 8 AM if you want to hitch a ride."

Deheron walked down the hall to the exit of the Jedi Temple. He had not been here since he had been inducted into the Jedi, by none other than Earendil himself so long ago. He would now be training side by side with his former Council Master.

OOC: Well gentlemen (and ladies) I am heading out of this thread for a little while. I have nothing further to post and dont want Zadok to get mad at me:-). See you guys in training.

22nd July 2005, 02:57 PM
**Taking Trey's lightsaber and the modified blaster, Zadok nodded to both Triko and Trey.

"Good. Here is a holodisk with the needed information. Taking this to disbursal and they will give you your room assignments."

**Zadok then walked over to the Council table, setting the three lightsabers onto the table before reclining into his chair. Everyone had left the Council chambers for the moment, giving the Jedi Master a moment of reprieve. But whatever relaxation such a moment may have offered as robbed of the master as he thought about Sare and the recent scene that had just unfolded. The few people that happened to pass the Council chambers could faintly hear soft whispers and the occasional muffled sob.

Alrighty, that takes care of all the entrances, now to the training.

12th August 2005, 12:18 PM
He came back into the chambers, looking around at the various people who were there. In his trainings, he had been kept away from many others, and he didn't know anyone here. And if he knew them, he had forgotten almost everything about them. Also, he wished to test his abilities in actual combat, training not sufficing.

"If anyone would like a simple spar, it would be much appreciated."

Standing waiting, he looked to see if anyone had similar desires.

12th August 2005, 03:54 PM
i have always wanted to join this clan and now that i am on it i would like to know what i could do to help out with you guys

25th August 2005, 01:11 PM
DarkStar0025 - Have you even joined the NJO yet? I don't remember you asking to join...unless this is actually your way of asking to join, in which case I would suggest that you start by creating a character and a stats sheet, then make in IC post.

"If anyone would like a simple spar, it would be much appreciated."

**Zadok glanced up from this mountain of paperwork to see who had issued the challenge and smiled as he saw Earendil.

"If it were not for all of my other responsibilities, I would gladly accept a chance to spar you again. Unfortunately as you may well see, I am swamped with other pressing issues. If no one accepts your offer when I get caught up, then I will."

**Grabbing an armload of the papers from his desk, Zadok bowed his head slightly to Earendil before slipping out the side door, most likely headed to the Jedi training facilities or the Databanks.

1st September 2005, 05:36 PM
Yar! I accept yer challenge, matey.
"If anyone would like a simple spar, it would be much appreciated." said the man. Aviel contemplated stepping forward to accept his offer, but her hesitation allowed Master Misgab to speak to him first.

"Aw!", she thought, "But that's not fair.."

Aviel's dissapointment was washed away as she overhead what Master Misgab said to the new man. "If it were not for all of my other responsibilities, I would gladly accept a chance to spar you again. " he said, "Unfortunately as you may well see, I am swamped with other pressing issues. If no one accepts your offer when I get caught up, then I will."

With a little smile on her face, Aviel watched as Master Misgab grabbed stacks of papers, and left the room. Innocently biting her lower lip for a mere second, she stepped forward to the man with a smile.

"Hi there!", she said, "I overheard you wanted to spar. I'm up for it, if you'd like! I'm Aviel, by the way."

Harr! =P

1st September 2005, 06:48 PM
Character: http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=21017

Thread: (sorry for short first post, I didn't have much to say) http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=25331

Turning as he heard the voice mention the spar, he was surprised to see a women nearly his own age, but he shrugged, figuring things had changed since he was last here. He bowed his head slightly in respect, smiling back at her.

"Excellent. My name is Earendil, and I suspect I shall see you soon in the training room."

He bowed his head again, a strand of his ivory hair falling into his eyes, and he shook it out of his face with a slight motion of his head. Winking to her, he turned and walked off down the hallway, towards the room where training and spars often took place.


1st September 2005, 09:49 PM
Out of Character: If this will work, ....well...please let it work:-).


Deheron had just returned from the tavern where he had ate dinner and told a few stories to several enthralled listeners. He had avoided too much alcohol, but still had enough to make for a fine evening of deep snoozing. As he was entering the Jedi Temple and making his way to his sleeping quarters, He heard Earendil's voice:

"If anyone would like a simple spar, it would be much appreciated."

His mind instantly raced to a few weeks back, when he was last on YavinIV and had gotten reacquainted with the former jedi Master...

Damnit...he wanted to have some Ales with me...I forgot to ask him if his schedule was free...I guess I owe him some drinks now...blah...

Deheron listened in as Zadok gently declined, and then his heart sank when Aviel accepted before he could make his way to Earnedil and accept.

Hmmm....I have an idea....

Before Earendil had gone too far, Deheron raced to catch up with him. He smiled at the former master and bowed his head. The raising his eyebrows with epiphonic thought he said "Earendil, I overheard you are having a spar...I saw Avil accept...I was wondering, if I could attend the spar, and challange the victor. Either way, I owe you a beer afterward" He said with a grin.

1st September 2005, 09:54 PM
Surprised by yet another meeting, he turned face Deheron. His mind was set upon the coming battle, and his thoughts were jumbled.

"Uh...yes. And yes. You'll need to ask Aviel about the victor part, though. She looks tough."

He agreed both to the attendance and the beer, and nodded his head again to Deheron in deference, and started back towards the training room, slower this time, however, in case he wished to talk and talk on the way.

1st September 2005, 10:03 PM
Deheron nodded in agreement with a grin. "Sorry for screwing up your concentration...I know your getting ready for the fight...I'll check it out with Aviel" He said.

darting away from Earendil and catchin up with Aviel, Deheron approached the attractive (but tough) female Jedi Padawan. "I understand you are about to have a spar with Earendil" he said. "I would like to witness the spar, and challange the victor...Earendil is a bit concerned by your power...I think I might end up fighting you...that is, if you accept" he said with a smile.

Deheron had never actually spared with a woman before...other than doing some personal training with a few rich girls and some Nobility. That had been when Deheron was younger though, and he did it mostly for the companionship and not the money...however, by this time he grown up considerably and respected his Padawan counterpart as a worthy contendor. He had seen the young woman in battle and she was more than capable of holding her own...and doing a lot more too.

lol...Girl Power...not a force to be trifled with...

Out of Character:
C'mon...you know this is gonna be fun:-D....

2nd September 2005, 03:38 PM
This should be quite interesting. ;)
Aviel smiled to Earendil as he walked off towards the training room. Though Aviel was going to spar him, she did need a change of cloths from her normal out-doors wear.

She began to head back to her quarters for a quick change, but then she overheard the footsteps of none other than Deheron coming towards her. She turned around, smiling towards him as he spoke.

"I understand you are about to have a spar with Earendil", he said. "I would like to witness the spar, and challange the victor...Earendil is a bit concerned by your power...I think I might end up fighting you...that is, if you accept"

"Of course you can come!", said Aviel with a little laugh, "The more the merrier, after all!"

She gave Deheron a playful punch on the shoulder before turning around, heading back to her quarters to change.

Indeed it will be fun. :)