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wolf bite
8th March 2005, 04:53 AM
Am I missing something?

From what I have gathered from looking around:

A spy gives you 1 spy point. A spy tool gives you one less point then what you bought because the spy that holds the tool no longer counts.

The more expensive the tool, the better value.

So using the most expensive tool to get the best value for this example, grappling hook at 100,000 gold (6.666 per point) gives you 15 points. But you also have to have a spy for 3,500 to hold it.

Thus 103,500 for 15 points.

On the other hand, you could just buy a spy at 3,500.

Thus 52,500 for 15 points.

So it is better not to have any tools?

The only reason I can see is if you donít have the untrained personnel to make them spies.


Wolf Bite

8th March 2005, 05:10 AM
Just tested it with my level 10 coverts (not elves)

Training one spy unarmed added 1,000 to my spy rating - cost 3,500

Arming one spy with grappling hook added 15,000 to my spy rating - cost 100,000

So if I instead had bought 28 spies with my 100,000 it would have increased my spy rating 28,000

Only problem is: Spies lose more TBG than normal soldiers, so if you just left them as normal soldiers you could buy more hooks an d increase your spy rating more

8th March 2005, 07:18 AM
true spies/sentries earn less tbg but they decrease your army size
-> when you are attacked you lose less gold (see pillage formula if you don't know why)
->since people can take less gold they will attack less if you have a small army (my theory i still have several k of untrained soldiers to do something to)

what this means is at least this age many people will have spy ratings in the 10^8 at least probably 10^9+ and i'm not even talking about top 10.
after all i only have about 2k spies and already my spy rating is over 2 million
for the many who will have 100k spies = 100 million spy rating

oops in reply to the question most people lack the gold to train as many spies as they have in their armies, soon that will change

i have also heard though that the effectiveness of spies (doing sabotage etc.) is influenced by the ratio of weapons/spies if this is also true for sentries then having weapons for spies may serve a purpose

8th March 2005, 07:22 AM
Spy tools are only good to keep your spies alive which saves your TBG. If you have a higher spy rating then you succeed on recons and sab missions much more then if you have no hooks. More successes means less spies that CAN die. Sentry tools i cannot see a point to unless having them helps you catch other spies on missions because sentries dont die when you are spied.

8th March 2005, 11:28 AM
Im pretty sure you need at least one hook coz there was a chart somewhere about how much you can sab is a multiple of your tool.

Anyways I dont think it's wise to have very little hooks at all. Like for example, my sentry rating is 8,424,448 (im using sentry coz my spy rating sucks) If I were to get that without any dogs I would need 8k sentries. I just don't have that many men to train unfortunately. So buying hooks and dogs is necessary really.