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7th March 2005, 08:14 AM
In this thread, a person will respond to the above post with a simple member's name as an answer. The next portion of their post will be an excerpt from a quest, spar, or battle from anywhere on GUA.

I will get this started by finding a quote from a RP thread, then someone will tell me who wrote it. In addition, you may put any comments on the quality of the writing supplied and perhaps a 1-10 rating.

"As ***Name Censered*** sat there thinking, he heard footsteps behind him. His eyes grew to slits and his gaze shifted to the right. Against the wall of the cave, he saw a shadow stretching towards him, growing closer as a result of the fire he had lit earlier that still burned in the center of the cave. ***Name Censered***'s hand moved slowly towards his dagger and, as the figure belonging to the shadow drew close, he drew it quickly as he turned around to face his stealthy foe."

7th March 2005, 08:38 AM
Marushia (I read that part of the spar).

Quite good, I'd give it an 8/10. No 10 because: 1) I don't know where the dagger is. 2) Multiple use of identical words ("drew", could have been "approached" to make it sound more fluid). 3) Maybe a bit more adjectives, but that's just nitpicking. But then again, that are only small things compared to the RPing itself, which was very fun to read. Keep it coming, Marushia!


And here we are. The previous thought was washed away by a new one, a mental confirmation of sorts, that he was where he needed to be. **Name Edited** stood up straight, looking around. His gleaming blue eyes well caught the first rays of the rising sun. It was now no later than five o'clock in the morning. Why he had chosen so early a time remains a mystery to all but himself. The *** master suddenly started thinking aloud, a weird act, but he cared not. The first words from his lips were those of slight impatience, as the normally punctual **Name Edited** was no where to be seen.

Maybe a slight hint is in order: The roleplayer is in the AotFO clan.

7th March 2005, 02:47 PM
Zach... but I cheated, just so I could do this:

''A bounty you say, most interresting. That means that Vincent's got his enemy's in his own country. I see you're only here for the bounty so hereby I want to offer you a better deal. You see, the republic is a mighty organisation and own a lot of money, this is because the people are happy with our protection and are willing to pay the tax we ask for that. I offer you 6500 peaces of gold if you tell us whom you got the mission to kill us from and that you join us in the quest to kill him for I can see that you are a skillful warrior and that we could use your skills, whatever the cost. If you refuse to take this offer than I'm afraid we will have to kill you.''

Most of the post was chat, so meh 2/10.