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5th March 2005, 02:58 PM
Alliance Name: The Deathdeallers

Alliance Member Count (on forums): 13 ( forum was just put up so alot of our members are still registering

Alliance Forum Link: http://matt77.conforums3.com

Brief description of your alliance: Well the Deathdeallers were founded by matt_77 about the last 3 weeks of age 3.. started recruiting new players and it just took of from there now we have over 40 members in our chain and 5 or 6 that are joining every week.. we are a neutral alliance that are friendly to all and our goal is to advance in the game.. we have recruiters, we protect our ppl and we do everythign in out power to help you out.. i personnaly have spent countless ours teaching new players how to play.. we accept you and old, new or experienced players we have about 10 players under 10 000 and hopefully that will go up. we are always looking for new allies.. so if youre interrested ni joining you can contact me.. my koc user is matt_77

Approved: ~VegnaBlitz