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5th March 2005, 09:54 AM
Alliance Name: Devils' Kitchen Horde

Alliance Member Count(on forums): 73

Alliance Forum Link: http://dkh.m717.net/forums/

Brief description of your alliance:
We the leaders and members of the Devil's Kitchen Horde would like to extend an invitation to everyone to become a member of one of the friendliest alliances on KoC. My name is Rivyrn and I am one of the leaders, we are called Horde Lords although some of our members like to call us Horde Thingy's.

The Origins of DKH stretches back to the beginnings of KoC. It all started with The Scavengers Alliance (TSA) and TSA evolved into the Bleeding Hollow Clan. Then BHC opened another smaller alliance called Ryuken Ichi. After RI became a strong alliance we finally merged that alliance with BHC and changed the name to The Devil's Kitchen Horde.

Our goals in the game are much like other groups. We are here to play the game and of course get as high of a rank as we can. To accomplish this goal we like to share our gaming experiences with each other and help protect our members. We are not at war with anyone and try to stay as neutral as possible. We do have a number of very strong allies though. We have access to a number of recruiters to help make your army grow as fast as possible.

We have our own forums that are hosted on our own servers. At the forums we enjoy discussing KoC and many non-KoC related topics. We try our hardest to make this a fun experience for everyone that joins. Our main focus is on making new friends.

If the Devil's Kitchen Horde sounds interesting to you come by our forum for a visit.

~ Approved = Tyrus

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2nd May 2005, 12:02 AM
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So the first post is missing the list of approved posters needs to be on the first thread. I'll send a PM with a copy of this post will be send to Rivyrn, the thread starter.If he's inactive, doesn't lead the alliance anymore, doesn't want to have the responsibility of this thread or any other thing, please contact me.

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