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4th March 2005, 02:57 AM
Alliance Name: Electronic Gaming Phenomenon > E.G.P

Alliance Member Count (on forums): 9 (8 on KOC)

Alliance Forum Link: www.egp.forumsplace.com

Brief description of your alliance:

Well its more of a clan then a alliance. It was started in jan of 05. By
GoogleMasta (also known as outlaw2028 on KoC.) I got the idea off the
movie White Noise, they had EVP I change the V-Voice with a G-Gaming, and
is shared with one member Souless_Sinz. We both are half leader of the
alliance to make one big leader. Souless_Sinz and I switch commanders
every age to gain equality as one leader. The other 3 people that are the
following are Savage-Bum, Bam4pres and unre4l_life. They are the main
people that are below us.

When you join are alliance you would be able to get in with are
clickMaster to gain alot of men to help build up your amry. If you get
sabotaged or have a grudge we can sabotage for you, hey fair is fair ;).
Are forums tell you what you need on how you can join are alliance. We
all so help out with anything to do with KoC if you need it on are
fourms. And mabe get on for other games beside as KoC.

E.G.P is not only for KoC but other game as well. We are geting are main
website up, and hope to have it about done anytime soon. You guys can
check us out by going to www.egp.5u.com. We're not finshed yet but hope
to be soon. We also bring new people to KoC from other games. I have got
3 people so far that I met off other games, to play this game.

We offer: Click Programs (legal)
Sabotage Request
And find you some rich mofo's that u can beat
And when our Clan is Larger our officers will start getting officers

~ Approved = Tyrus

7th March 2005, 11:37 PM
IIght wicked deals, now its time to start spankin in the ranking's see you soon top 10

7th March 2005, 11:40 PM
Yes its Approved, hope to see some new faces soon.