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lord of storms
1st March 2005, 10:55 PM
What id like perhaps is you can only get soldiers by a "draft rate" have it be in conjunction to unit production. Each click will give you 1 peasant, 500 gold.

each peasant generates 5TBG.*6for humans*
each soldier generates 10TBG*12for humans*
each trained soldier generates 15TBG*18for humans*
each spy generates 10TBG*12for humans*

Trained soldiers, are more experianced of coarse than a soldier, and will be able to rough up stuborn peasants much more efficiently. *if you want real life logic of coarse :-P, this is to further encourage training, sence itll cost 5,000 per unit from peasant to trained soldier, so it should be worth it. at the molment when i recon a person with 4k troops theres usually 200thies+sentries, 10offspecs+defspecs so this will make the focus less on quanity and a little more on quality. quanity is still encouraged, just it isnt the only way to go now.*

apose to 1 free soldier per 2clicks on an officer the commander will get 1peasant for every 3 clicks.

The point in this is to make it harder for a commander to sit back, and have his officers do all the work, while still reaping large scale reward. Sence clicks now give peasants, the "free-b" is now peasants also

The perpous of this is to gear the clicking to indirectly affect the game with all this unbalance in the game because of it, while still allowing people to click and make it worthwhile. Sence this will cause a huge surge in lower TBGs perhaps things in general should be cheaper by at least 20%

Peasants will add 1 to sentry naturally *town watches over self*

and peasants can be converted into untrained soldiers at 1,000-3,000gold a piece, and then trained like normal.

peasants can use nothing but big candles, and horns. *they are combat inept, and gaurd dogs+tripwires are more of a burden to a tired farm hand than a sentry whos job is to make sure these work*

peasants die at 1/4 the rate of soldiers on defencive battles. *they get in way of combat, but do not participate in combat*

This will mean one cant simply click away and become powerful, they have to spend some time building up, and this will be a profitable venture sence the gold production will increase.

The new gold production will make so that buying ISs/BPMs will be extreamly hard and will encourage smaller ventures as well as the large.

Soldiers will be much more valuable, and Id like to see the hospital idea from age 4implamented.*modifications to gold req. of coarse* KOC seems much more of a "they died? ok, 10seconds of clicking, no big deal" but with this soldiers will be valuable, and equiping all soldiers will be most desirable. It is unrealistic to see an army of BPMs, but no with a stick, knife, hammer, bow,ect.

I think this will have a dramatic impact on koc, for good though. and would like some feedback. Im planing a revised sujestions for age 5 thread and if this goes well, itll be the top kahuna ;-) Ideas were also taken from Clone and implamented in here.

my apologies if something is not explained, PM me, or say it below and Ill add it to this post.

Sorry for the typo. I included human bonus bc its easyer to see the impact of the human bonus when the numbers are side by side. logically, a human untrained unit would NOT get 24gc apose to a regular one getting 10.


2nd March 2005, 01:08 AM
Looks like this idea could be applicable with some minor changes.

I like how the peasants would add to the sentry bonus, although I don't see Sentries mentioned in this idea otherwise. I assume peasants are taking the role of untrained soldiers, and can be trained directly to spy/sentry/soldier? But, unlike the untrained soldier, the peasants would add only a tiny amount to defense, some to sentry, but none to attack or spy?

Only problem I see here is that, if KoC were to impliment a new system, it's best to encourage attacking (or at least discourage extra systems to generally boost defense). So, I would be for the sentry bonus, but against the defense bonus.

Also, I don't understand the bonus here. It seems rather large--Perhaps a typo?

each soldier generates 10TBG*24for humans*

Another feature I like is reducing the bonus to 1/3, in order to make the game more balanced. The bonus gold would also be a good incentive as well.

Other that this, I'm just wondering about the rate of peasant deaths--Will they be the same, or greater than, the rate of untrained soldier deaths? Rates of soldier casualties? Also, unlike untrained soldiers, I presume Peasants cannot be equipped with weapons, or can they be equipped with weapons, but at a rate equal to/less than the current untrained soldiers?

2nd March 2005, 07:22 AM
each soldier generates 10TBG*24for humans*
each trained soldier generates 15TBG*18for humans*

why does a trained soldier for human give less than an untrained soldier? :wtf:

apose to 1 free soldier per 2clicks on an officer the commander will get 1peasant for every 3 clicks.

I don't get this part :/

that was all I had to say about this, seems okay :)

2nd March 2005, 03:12 PM
i think the numbers need a little more work but that may have been a typo (the 24 tbg/soldier)
i can see how a trained soldier would be better at collecting gold than an untrained one.

the damage formulas should also be reworked so a benefit is gained from having all soldiers armed as opposed to the current 1 blackpowder > 500 sticks etc.
keep working at it,

lord of storms
3rd March 2005, 12:06 AM
I like that idea riddle. Ill figure out a way to enter that in. although i can do numbers, that may be too complex for me.

3rd March 2005, 03:58 AM
Yeah, we worked out a whole system like this in the Age 2 beta-testers IRC channel, but I think the admins decided it was too complicated to put in place at that time.

Good luck working all the details out for your system, and maybe something like it will find its way into the game one day...