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28th February 2005, 08:20 PM
Alliance Name: Wolf Pack Prophecy

Alliance Member Count (on forums): 36

Alliance Forum Link: http://s4.invisionfree.com/Wolf_Pack_Prophecy/index.php?act=idx

Alliance High Commanders:

Brief description of your alliance:
Our Alliance is, as you can see, quite small. We wish to expand and gain more members, without being swallowed up and forgotten about by bigger clans. We do however, request alliances with larger clans, because without help, we can’t do it alone, we’re too small.

This is a close group. We originally started as a group of friends at school who, coincidentally, all played Kings of Chaos. But, we weren’t really our own chain, and we weren’t even a chain really, we were all over the place. But we managed to pull together and get the clan off its feet, and here we are today.

The purpose of our clan is solely to have fun. Clicking is encouraged in our clan, it is not required, and we do have members who don’t use recruiters, we’re OK with that. Any skill level is welcome.

In summary, if you are a really good player or just a newbie, looking for a small clan to join, with fun forums and strategic gameplay, check us out
*writen by XantheofTroy*

~ Approved = Tyrus