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26th February 2005, 07:27 PM
P.S: My main Propouse here is advertise the Recruiter.

Alliance Name: Infernal Angels

Alliance Member Count (on forums): +150 not validated yet.

Alliance Forum Link: http://xarrecruiter.ath.cx/forum

Brief description of your alliance:

The alliance is for my chain and I am not using it to recruit people as my officer. Mostly I made this thread/application to advertise the Recruiter wich is opened to everyone.

This Recruiter is mostly made for every kind of player. With a good or bad computer. Its two helpers gives XAR an advantage over many Recruiters.

-1st Helper: With 1 window
-2nd Helper: Down to 5 up to 100 (1 hundred) multiple windows.

I just begun making the advertisement so the click return is not so good at moment. The Recruiter is real fast and has also a fast Manual Mode for Mac/Linux users. Give it a try stay active while we get more members on it... And help us getting this recruiter to the top.

And now.... I introduce... http://xarrecruiter.ath.cx/xar ... XAR Recruiter!

Approved. IWRY