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23rd February 2005, 06:50 AM

Alliance Member Count (on forums):21<forum change>

Alliance Forum Link: http://darktrilogy.info/forums

Brief description of your alliance: Weve been around since the end of age 2 and we came about from the splitting of a couple of clans. We are a strong clan with many members but many are not active on the forums so this has slowed our recruitment proccess and so we post here to get you good very interested players to come to the best clan in the game. we have access to many clicking systems (7) atm, and and our own room in mirc. we can help in sab missions or mass attacks. We take care of our own here so if this doesnt fit you then please look at the next post we dont care for the players who only care about themselves.

~ Approved = Tyrus

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15th March 2005, 01:33 PM
oh yea its a friendly alliance :)