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20th February 2005, 03:47 PM
From the depths of hell…
We emerge forth to spread chaos…
We are the Chaotic Crusaders Clan

Alliance Name: C3 - Chaotic Crusaders Clan

Alliance Member Count (on forums): 72 (on new forums)

Alliance Forum Link: http://www.chaotic-c3.com/forums/index.php

Additional Information
Main Website: http://www.chaotic-c3.com/index.php
Main IRC Channel: #C3 on cyanide-x (godzilla.cyanide-x.net)
Additional IRC Channel: #C3 on chatchannel (hub.chatchannel.org)
C3 Lead Account: previously Cooj, now Nadaria

Who are we?

"Quality over quantity"

C3 has never sought 100's of members in some quest to create the game's biggest command chain. We are only looking for those select few that will complement our community and further our success as an alliance.

"We grow together, we prosper together"

Success is achieved through strong performance by everyone in the C3 chain. This means everyone from the lead account all the way down to the sub-officers at the bottom of the chain. Success as a whole is much more important than the success of one.

History of C3

The Beginning

While many of us have been playing since Age 1, the beginnings of C3 are rooted in TNA (The Nameless Alliance), which several of us joined in Age 2. When TNA structured its command chain for the Age 3 beta, the foundation of our current chain was formed, with the C3 lead account then played by our founder, cooj. In May of 2004, cooj created an actual alliance from the chain, and set up forums and a more comprehensive support system for the alliance. With this structure in place, and building on the skill and hard work of numerous top players in the chain, the cooj account grew to finish fourth, with eight other C3 members ranking in the top 100. After such a strong finish, recruitment became a lot easier, and more and more players joined the C3 chain, attracted to the ideology and principles of the new alliance.

Age 3

During Age 3, C3 continued its development into a more self-sufficient alliance. For the majority of the age, C3 stood as an ally to PR, and contributed to the growth of their chain as we had to that of the TNA chain earlier. Yet, as the age evolved, circumstances changed and many of us came to realize that our goals and ideology were no longer in sync with those of the larger PR. After significant discussion, and a vote amongst our members, C3 decided to break our alliance with PR and split from their chain. Around this time, cooj also decided that he no longer had the time to devote to KoC and stepped down, passing the reigns over to me (who many of you may know better as Nadaria). The last few weeks of the age were thus a little hectic, but as cooj said last night, any who counted us out for Age 4, "don't understand the relationships that were built" over the last year.

Age 4 - the present

No one is as excited as us for the start of the new age :)
C3 now stands as a truly independent and neutral alliance, open to whatever the new age brings. New forums are now up, a more extensive set of guides and support links is being developed, and a council leadership structure is falling into place. Despite recruitment and alliance proposals from pretty much all major players, for now we're going to try things on our own and see what we can create.

What do we offer?

Alliances may offer clicks, officers and other incentives to join but at C3 the most important factor for us is community. Without community there is no drive or urge to further success in this game. There are already a half dozen solid click systems out there open to our members, so our focus remains on providing an alternative to the current politics, inertia, and bureaucracy overtaking many KoC alliances rather than working on the best new tool to drag in hundreds of new people with no other real ties or loyalty to our chain. If you're a veteran player disillusioned with the other alliances out there, or a new player looking for a group of people that will actually take the time to get to know you as an individual, stop by our forums or irc channels and see what we can offer.

Note: While C3 has traditionally been a command chain-only alliance, we have a new status of 'C3 Friend' with many of the same opportunities as member-status for those who are somehow prevented from joining the chain. See the forums for more information.

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2nd May 2005, 11:23 PM
C3 may not be the largest alliance in KOC, but, I'd like to think we're a close bunch, even after being unjustly chain sabbed. C3 is a neutral alliance, though of course a few of us are not neutral with some alliances, but, we keep that out of C3. We accept all people, no matter what your alliance affiliation, "skill" at KOC, etc. I know quite a few of us are grizzled KOC veterans who mainly stay around for the people within our alliance. C3 is a fun group of guys and gals. Am should stop by our IRC channel and say hi, and register on our forams. Spamz0ring isn't required, though encouraged. ^^;;

2nd May 2005, 11:54 PM
and on top of all that, they let crazy people like me hang out.

3rd May 2005, 12:22 AM
Fun bunch of people :)

Some good sabbers and slayers in there too.. it's all about playing the game and not being a lemming.

Check 'em out.

3rd May 2005, 12:24 AM
Update: We're now up to 143 registered users on the forums and 81 actual alliance members. The C3SabBot has been reset with the loss of past sab stats made up for in some fun new features (yes, I do get amusement out of knowing exactly how many flaming arrows I've sabbed ^^ - Thanks a billion Nicolae). There's been a bit of excitement *cough*war*cough* leading to greater experimentation with the SabBot's features ;) Basically, we're fending off the middle-of-the-age boredom quite well and should soon be ready again to figure out what we want to do with the rest of the age.

If you're looking for a little more entertainment out of the game stop by and introduce yourself. We could always use a few more players who want to do more than just spend their gold ^^

4th June 2005, 07:28 AM
Really great group of people. I first joined cooj/c3 back in Age 2 when I first started playing. . . it stuck on me :p