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20th February 2005, 07:23 AM
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The Soviets

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The Soviets were started in late 2003 by El-Thrillo, and soon joined by former GUA mod Psykotik, and current GUA mod Lenin. Our alliance is open for all races of KoC, and is specifically for people interested in Russia and/or communism, although anybody else looking for a friendly community is also welcome. We have a command chain led by KilgoreTrout.

We exist to be an independent force in the game trying to get as many members as possible to a decent rank, but most of all to discuss issues concerning both KoC and real life and provide a community for all comrades who wish to join. Once you've registered to our forum, you'll be able to view our sections for general discussion and other games, and when you've applied to join, our basic KoC sections will be available. You'll be able to view more forums as you receive promotions, for which you'll need activity in our forums and good achievements in KoC(although you don't necessarily need both if one far outweighs the other).

We're currently allied to:

The Rebel Alliance
The Knights Rule All
Sargas Legionnaires

And we have non-aggression pacts with The Dutch Army, Children's Tears, The Summoned, The Persian Alliance and Dragon Rising.

Approved, commies. Good luck with age 4. -Lenin

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29th May 2005, 06:54 AM
Wow, how could a clan like The Soviets have an empty recruiting thread... i couldnt believe it when i saw that..

The Soviets is running for several ages now and has a bunch of experienced players hanging around.. A big part is very active on the GUA boards..

Since Clone posted on our forums saying we were still allied, i'll just post here and vouch for one of the most well known alliances who stick to their principles and keep a "TOTAL" neutrality :)

I am hoping to see many more people posting around here because a clan like yours shouldnt die of the inactivity.. KoC needs alot of those type of alliances who arent that big but keep a very active community with tied friends and all.

Join this great place now: http://s8.invisionfree.com/sovietwarriors