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19th February 2005, 09:28 PM
Alliance Name: DeViL SquAd

Alliance Member Count (on forums) : Currently 5 Members, but more to come

Alliance Forum Link: http://www.setbb.com/phpbb/index.php?mforum=worten

Hey KoC Players! My name is WoRteN and I´hm the leader of a recently born(2/3months ago) alliance called DeViL SquAd! But u all must be wondering why another alliance? Aren´t we plenty of them?

Well what I´m trying to build up is an alliance following the real mean of the word alliance, most of the alliances around here aren´t really helpful and only look for the leader´s interests, well I can tell u all that doesn´t happen in DeViL Squad we all are important,everyone is helped and protected as well as we all can, we really look for each other and we try as much as we can to help our weakest members aka noobs raising their ranks and teaching them what we know about KoC, we don´t exclude any races or low ranked players everyone is invited to join, the only requirements are to help every other alliance member as u would like to be helped and be part of our command chain!

We also try to to know each other besides KoC, this will keep us closer and stronger, till now i can tell DeViL Squad has been growing very much and we are willing to change the way alliances are seen in KoC world, just "click alliances"!

This new age we are willing to achieve first pages, and I know if we stay toghether we can achieve that with no problems!So next age with DeViL SqUaD around even Hell won´t be safe!

So if this is what ua look in an alliance u just need to go to our page and post in the forum called "How to join DeViL SqUad", or feel free to PM me asking for more information about DeViL Squad.

P.S.- Any alliance/chain wich wants to join us will be welcome too, just talk to me and we can set up everything!

19th February 2005, 11:19 PM