View Full Version : Setting up a T1 server

15th February 2005, 11:00 AM
I guess this is the most appropriate place....

I want to set up a secure website where I can access whatever site I want through the website I set up. How should I go about doing that?

15th February 2005, 11:15 AM
I assume this is related to your anonymous surfing thread. If you want to learn how to set up a proxy server, google for "setting up a proxy server" and you'll find quite a bit of info and tutorials on how to do this.

Again, I will state, we are not here to help you circumvent your school's firewall or security settings that the admin has set up. If you want to learn how to setup a proxy server fine, google for the information and learn as much as you can, but we are not a hacker site.

15th February 2005, 02:40 PM
About your previous comment, the "admin" at my school doesn't care if I play games or not and doesn't really know what these security settings/firewall stuff is. I went and actually talked to him about this and he said that he doesn't mind if I play games, he just doesn't want for kids to send out spam or look at "inappropriate images" as he called it which is why he got this firewall for the school. He said that as long as I don't do anything illegal, he is perfectly fine with it. I suggested the idea of setting up a proxy server and he told me to go for it and learn something new. The sites retrieved through google are either blocked or irrelevant, otherwise I wouldn't be asking for your help.
So, in short, my school's "admin" (the principal - he really does put the pal back in principal) is perfectly fine with me doing this stuff, I went and discussed this with him in fact. And again, I checked google before I came here because I didn't want to clog up the threads with something that was easy to find, but everything was either blocked or irrelevant.