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8th September 2004, 04:44 PM
BloodLustWulf slowly strides down the walkways of an extremley large abandoned underground city, his footsteps echoing throughout the huge cavern. Enjoying the slight breeze within the cave, he scans for any signs of life in the desolate wasteland. After searching for quite a while, he decides to stop and rest, so he can regain his energy. BloodLustWulf sits down on the side of a walkway, and props himself up against the wall of an ancient structure.

"Man, I was hoping to find someone to fight for some practice her, but i don't see anyone. The old man said that travelers are constantly exploring the city. Yet, I don't see hide nor hair of a single living soul. Guess I could wait for a little while, and see if someone shows up."

Now in a crouching positon, BloodLustWulf puts his hands above the center of the walkway. He gathers some of his fire energy, and then uses it to create a small fire for while he waits for an opponent.

8th September 2004, 07:54 PM
Light blasted through the lair of Talen. Light which must be destroyed, for it was his enemy, the enemy of every dark mage. Standing to his full hight Talen looked down at the crouching figure only a few metres away. His black cloak hiding his body from view, only a slight glint behind the cloak’s hood showed.

“What are you doing here? You will pay for the interruption that you have cause.”

A black and scaled hand rose from its position and pointed at Wulf.

ooc: you can have first attack. I have no character page as yet, but I know my spells back to front and will RP exactly what they are, if I do a bad job PM me and I will fix any mistakes. :D

9th September 2004, 03:23 PM
BloodLustWulf slowly tilts his head in the direction of the voice, and glances at the stranger. He stands up, and brushes off the dirt from his coat. Grinning at his seemingly battle eager opponent, he wraps his left hand around the hilt of his katana.

"I am the wandering samurai known as BloodLustWulf. These ruins have been subject for my scouring for a worthy opponent on which to practice my technique. You look like you shall suffice."

Unsheathing his katana, BloodLustWulf begins to gather his fire energy throughout his body. Once he has gathered a sufficient amount, he brings the energy into the blade of his sword. He takes a step forward, and swings his katana horizontally towards his opponent. When he has reached midswing, he launches a narrow tipped flame from the blade of his katana.
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Flame Blade

9th September 2004, 09:07 PM
Talen pulled his left arm backwards and flicked his arm out of his cloak. Continuing the spinning motion his cloak flew of his right arm and towards the blade of Wulf. The flame and cloak entangled in a fire embrace, dark smoke quickly pouring out of the burning cloak.

Standing perfectly still, Talen looked at the man with an unholy stare. His eyes seemed to pulsate with power, his body started to convulse uncontrollably. Anger filled every part of his body. A deep dark anger than sprung from the very essence of his soul. His entire body was shaking now, but more importantly it started to glow.

A deep purple colour radiated from his body. The colour of anger, that which would very soon explode from his body in a terrible shock wave. Talen’s body suddenly stopped moving. Less than a second later an explosion erupted outwards from his body. A purple blast that expanded outwards in ever direction. The tunnel walls took the blast in a shower of dirt, still holding up the huge weight that bore down upon them.

Dark Flash

10th September 2004, 06:01 AM
"?!? Oh crap!!!"

Sensing the power of the huge blast of energy speeding towards him, BloodLustWulf sheathes his katana to go on the defensive. He gathers a large amount of fire energy, and then strectches it out in front of him. Flames begin to show, as he makes a large wall of fire. He spreads the flames out, making a solid and translucent barrier. The full force of his opponent's attack hits head on with his shield, pushing BloodLustWulf back a couple feet. The barrier starts to weaken, and eventually breaks with a mighty explosion, forcing him to jump back ten feet. Looking through the settling dust, he notices that his barier was able to stop the oncoming blast.

Whew. That was a wicked close one."

BloodLustWulf stands up, and then begins gathering some of his lightning energy. He creates a storm force of energy around him, as thunder claps echo throughout the cavern. With the gathering storm charging him up, BloodLustWUlf begins gathering fire energy and lightning energy for his next attack.

Gathering Storm

10th September 2004, 09:03 AM
Talen face broke into a smile as he realised that his opponent was charging a spell.

Last person that did that... well he didn’t last very long.

Pointing on hand toward Wulf and the other at the ground, Talen again started to push anger through his body. It bubbled and burnt through his veins and clouded his mind. The massive force of anger started to play images through his head, how easy it would be... so easy to just rush, to attack with flailing fists. To simply attack with physical force.

NO! Anger has no power over me, I will use it, not it use me.

Talen pushed will all his will at the anger and moved it to where he wanted. His two hands started to glow a purple color much like his body had before his last spell. Will a final Herculean push of his will, the anger exploded out of his hands. The left blast streaked straight into the ground and disappeared without so much as a wisp of dust. The right blast flew through the air towards Wulf. About the size of a soccer ball, the blast travelled right in the middle of the tunnel, and just slightly below the middle height wise.

The ground below Wulf started to rumble as the left blast was about to break through the rock and straight into him. The time of the attack was just as Talen had wanted, the ground blast was going to erupt a second after the other one had passed over.
Anger shot
Ground Blast

10th September 2004, 08:26 PM
BloodLustWulf compacts some of his lightning energy into three fair sized orbs, and then melds fire energy into them. Looking forwards at the oncoming blast, he launches two of the orbs straight at it. The orbs hit the energy dead on, diverting it not even an inch above BloodLustWulf's head. The ground underneath him explodes as the second blast comes up through the ground. He tries to jump to avoid it, but his left side gets hit with the full power of the attack. BloodLustWulf slides across the ground, and then slowly pulls himself up. Holding his shoulder, he glares angrily at his foe.


BloodLustWulf gathers a massive amount of fire energy, and then uses the sheer power of the heat and flames starting to ccourse through his body to make the pain of his wound completley dissapears. Then he unsheaths his katana again, and charges straight towards his opponent.
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Ember Orbs
Flames Of Rage

12th September 2004, 06:28 PM
ooc: i have a spell soo similar to flames of rage :D

To update stats click the EXP above the bar with some blue/green in it.

First he jumps back, now he tries to charge?

Talen pulls both hands up to face Wulf, the charge while being effective if he reached him, had given Talen time to respond easily. A dark mist spewed forth from his hands, wrapping around itself in a dance more beautiful that ever imagined. The little light that managed to penetrate this fortress of darkness shone of the entwining mist in a shower of pinprick stars. The mist pulled at its self and moved into a rough spear like shape, all the while continuing the dance.

With a flash of darkness, the cloud formed a solid shape, that of a six foot scythe. Talen’s hands moved like a snake as he grabbed it from mid air. Pulling his left hand towards him, while pushing with his right, the scythe’s end and evil bent blade now pointed at Wulf.

As Wulf drew dangerously near Talen, he lifted the scythe vertical, the blade pointing toward Wulf. Stepping forward, Talen left go of the scythe with his left hand and pushed it forward with his right. The curved blade shot down toward Wulf’s head, but at the last second of committing to the attack, Talen kicked the bottom of his scythe, sending the base of the shaft soring up to where Talen hoped was between Wulf’s legs.
Just a normal scythe

13th September 2004, 03:40 PM
BloodLustWulf spots the scyth out of the corner of his eye, and jumps to the side just as the blade flies into the ground. He regains his composere, then readies his katana.

Damn. He caught me offgaurd. I'm going to have to be a little more careful.

After deciding his plan of battle, BloodLustWulf begins to gather his lightning energy. He packs a sufficient amount into the blade of his katan, charging it with electricity. Then he pulls his sword back over his shoulder. BloodLustWulf swings horizontally at his opponent, releasing a ragged wave of electricity straight towards Talen. Not completely sure if his attack will work, he keeps his blade charged and ready.
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Weapon Charge
Plasma Swipe

16th September 2004, 05:20 AM
Talen tried to bring his body around to evade the attack but he was too slow. His body arched backwards through the air landing hard on the stone ground.

Arrrgh I have to be more carful

Sitting up Talen pointed at the man. The air particals started to speed up, an amazingly quick ripple ripped through the air infront of Talen. The sonic boom was tunnled towards Wulf, Talen himself was not struck by the huge sound blast.
Sonic Boom

16th September 2004, 11:25 AM
Knowing that he doesn't have enough time to evade the shockwave, BloodLustWulf braces himself for the impact. The blast hits him square in the middle of his body. At first it pushes him back along the ground, but eventually makes fly backwards. He quickly turns himself around, while gathering his fire energy. BloodLustWulf brings his fire energy into the palms of his hands, and then creates a white ball of energy between his hands. Once again, he concentrates on the fire energy in his hands, and then strews strings of it through the white ball of energy. All of this happens in a matter of seconds. As he watches a wall of one of the sets of ruins coming towards him, BloodLustWulf launches a beam of energy from the white ball. It hits the building, and cause the wall to explode into dozens of pieces. His attack also sucsessfully slows him down, as he slide on his back along the ground, coming to a halt when his feet touch the base of the former wall.

Damn! That really hurt!

BloodLustWulf gets up from the dirt floor of the cavern, and dusts himself off. He concentrates on his fire energy, and spreads it into the ground beneath him. Grinning at his foe, he prepares for his next attack.

Heh. If only you knew what I have in store for you.
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Mana Blast

16th September 2004, 08:53 PM
Talen waists no time in reacting to his opponents fall. He braces himself and focuses on the air particles around him once again. They start to vibrate, slowly first but them much quicker. The vibrating air passes its effect onto the walls around them, the whole structure now vibrating. Around Talen though the air is totally still, after all only a weak person would allow their own spell to back fire on themself.

With a flick of his hands the energy was released towards Wulf. The blasts of highly charged air rocketed toward him. It bounced of the ground, creating a rippling effect in the dirt before opening up into a two metre high and wide blast, and though the large area weakened the strength of the attack, it still would not be classed as ‘weak’.

But that was not all; time was on Talen’s hands as he had been able to move straight into another attack without having to defend himself. He pointed his hand down at the ground. The air started to spin in a lazy circle. Dust rising around the swirling wind showed the clear cone shape of a small tornado. It grew in height, reaching the size of Talen in stature before rocketing toward Wulf. Still controlling the wind, Talen was not about to let this tornado only deliver one attack, oh no, to was going to continue spinning, hopefully smashing Wulf into some walls as well.

Talen gave an evil grin as his attacks blasted toward Wulf.

The fool has no idea what he is facing
Open Wind Blast
Tornado (lessened)

16th September 2004, 08:55 PM
OOC: Wolf you want some back-up? (If it's alright with you Hysteria).

17th September 2004, 05:04 PM
ooc: It's fine with me if it's fine with Hysteria.

I was saving this for him, but now might be a better time to use it!

BloodLustWulf increases the intesity of the fire energy, as he pushes out in front of him. Noticing the tunnel of wind hurtling closer by the second, he brings the fire energy up through the ground in the form of molten hot flames. Talen's attack hits directly in the center of the searing flames, causing a huge explosion that echoes throughout the cave. The severly lessend wind blows by BloodLustWulf, rapidly whipping his coat and cape.

"Not bad, but try this on for size!"

As he finishes speaking, he concentrates on the fire, and begins to manipulate the figure of the flames. Spreading the fire out into a large flaming wall, BloodLustWulf launches the wall of flames towards Talen, while forming it into a giant tidal wave of fire.
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Fire Manipulation
Flaming Tsunami

17th September 2004, 07:53 PM
The air around Talen seemed to freeze. Suddenly it erupted like a well times bomb. It basted forward, ready to meet the wall of fire head on. The two met with huge force, the massive surge of fuel for the fire against the pure force erupted outward. Flames exploded in every direction. Talen ducted, most of the fire passing over him. Several large blasts struck him, sending him flying backwards. His body coming to rest against a cold stone wall.

Already he could feel fluid rushing to the large burns that crossed his chest. He slowly rose to his feet and faced Wulf, massive pain ripped through his body. His entire body was in pain.

OOC: flames in every direction, it would be unfair to attack you aswell

18th September 2004, 03:11 PM
{gulp} Wasn't expecting that to happen.

BloodLustWulf attempts to manipulate the massive flames, but they're moving quicker than he anticipates. Getting hit with almost a full blast of fire, he goes crashing into a stone pillar. The pillar crumbles to the ground next to his head, as he slowly props himself up against the ruins, catching his breath.

It's a good thing I'm a fire elemental, or that could of been a lot worse.

"This is starting to hurt. It's time to take it up notch."

Concentrating on the small particles of electricity in the air around him, BloodLustWulf increases the voltage of the molecules. A storm cloud soon forms, which claps lightning above the heads of the two warriors. The gathering storm enhances his own lightning energy, as he begins to intensify the electricity around his hands.
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Gathering Storm

19th September 2004, 08:20 AM
OOC: arnt we under ground?

Hmmm, gee my last posts have been bad, I apologise.

This is taking too long and know he has raised a storm under ground this cannot be good...

The black eyes of Talen studied Wulf with cold determination. He had started this fight planning on winning soon, but it had taken much more energy and time that he had wanted. He pointed his hands toward his opponent again. This time though he was not going to attack with a physically, but rather sonically.

He vibrated the wind just in front of his hands. With a blast of vibration he released a huge cracking sound. It was absolutely deafening, but Talen was not finished, he produced another sound blast, and another and another. Until five blasts each able to explode the eardrums of the deafest person rocketed toward Wulf. Talen himself was safe from the attack, the air around his body as always kept still.

20th September 2004, 08:33 AM
What the hell is he up to?

Deciding that now is his opportunity to attack, BloodLustWulf gathers a large amount of lightning energy into his hands. As he concentrates on his lightning energy, it becomes an intense ball of blue electricity between his palms. He brings some of his fire energy into the area around his hands, and fuses it into the ball of electricity. BloodLustWulf tops of the large sphere with another short charge of electricity. He crouches down and pulls his arms back, and then puhes forward to launch his attack.


A bright beam of lightning and fire explodes forwards from the sphere, barreling straight for Talen. A loud and intense crack echoes as the blast hits the invisible soundwaves, somewhat lessening both attacks.

What??? Where did that come from?

The still fairly deafing soundwaves blow across BloodLustWulf. As he holds his ears in pain, he kneels down on the hard and rocky floor of the cavern. He slowly forces himself up to an almost standing position. His ears still ringing harshly from the attack, BloodLustWulf squints from a pounding headache.

Ah! This is really starting to get dangerous.

Straggling to get standing, he tries to grip his katana in preperation.

21st September 2004, 05:07 AM
Talen pointed his hands forward. Slowly anger started to boil within himself. His mind flick through all the taunts that he had been subject to through his life. His anger swirled around his body. Both invigorating and incapacitating at the same time it pulsated towards his hand.

Suddenly everything to Talen went white. His anger seemed to slow time. His mind felt sticky with anger, clogging his ability to think and react like a normal person. Time seemed to blast back into normal speed, the whole thing leaving Talen’s mind reeling. The anger erupted from his hands and blasted towards Wulf.

The spells impacted with a terrible blast. The rocks that marked the foundations rocked and cracked. The walls shook with force, earth sent in every direction, clouding the area.

Talen looked toward where Wulf had been. As the dust started to fall, Talen wondered if the roof had collapsed.

21st September 2004, 05:48 PM
Coughing from the huge cloud of dust around him, BloodLustWulf starts walking towards Talen. He hears a large crash behind him, and looks back to see a fallen boulder where he was just standing.

This place is getting very unstable. I better remember that when I launch my attacks from now on.

As he continues making his way across the battlefield, he unseaths his katana with his left hand. BloodLustWulf keeps it poised in one hand, while he concentrates on his lightning energy. Pushing the electricity into the blade of his sword, he charges the blade of the weapon.

"Nw you're going to see my bad side."

23rd September 2004, 07:49 AM
Two black scaled hands lifted up toward Wulf. Talen’s will pushed the air in front of him into a tight wall. It was about two inches thick and rock solid, having easily five times the normal amount of air compressed into the small area. It spanned the entire length of the small corridor that the two opponents were in.

With a flick of his hands and will simultaneously the wall blasted toward Wulf. Quickly gathering the wind around his hand, he gave another flicking motion, sending a jet of super condensed air toward Wulf as well as the wall.

23rd September 2004, 04:48 PM
BloodLustWulf raises his katana back over his shoulder, and starts sprinting straight towards the wall of compressed air. He concnentrates on the electricity around the blade of his sword, increasing its already large charge. When he's not even three feet away from his opponents spell, BloodLustWulf swings his katana horizontally in front of him, releasing a jagged arc of purple lightning energy straight into the super compressed air. This results in a thunderous explosion, sending BloodLustWulf flying backwards across the ground. Regaining his composere, he stands back up just in time to get hit with the jet of compressed air. The attack sends him straight into a wall of one of the ruins, creating a large series of deep cracks on impact. BloodLustWulf slowly falls to the gorund, and spits out a small amount of blood form his mouth. Forcing himself onto his feet, he sheaths his katana, and gets into a relaxed position.

"Ugh. That does it. It's time to pull out my new secret weapon."

He concentrates on his fire energy, and sends a huge portion into the jewel hanging from his neck. The dark colored ruby begins to brightly glow a brilliant oarnge. A column of flames suddenly surrounds BloodLustWulf, which quickly dissipates, leaving behind a thick whispy cloud of smoke. Once the smoke clears, BloodLustWUlf is standing in the center of the spell, but as a humaniod coyote. He glares angrily at Talen, snarling at his powerful foe.
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Plasma Swipe
Wolf Demon

23rd September 2004, 06:18 PM
"You changed your shape? Please that is nothing."

Again Talen formed a wind barrier in front of him, but he kept it there, using the shield to by time.

Talen’s vision split, there was the ordinary world with Wulf, and there was the internal world. Time seemed to slow as more of his attention switched to the internal world; he was in fact looking within himself.

Inside Talen the emotions that he used for all his dark spells moved slowly through his body. The colours; green, purple and black started to speed up. Talen watched with wonder as the exploded around his body. He could feel his body start to bulge and bloat as the emotions pushed his body passed the normal limits. Had he not been seeing this from inside his body, the pain would have been unbearable.

Talen pulled back to his normal view. He looked over his body critically. His normally lean body now bloated like a corpse left in the sun. His height was increased to six foot ten, and his weight by easily one hundred kilos more. Raising a massive foot he slammed it on the ground, the whole building shaking.

23rd September 2004, 06:32 PM
BloodLustWulf growls loudly at the transformed Talen, and explodes forwards from where he was standing. Seeming to the naked eye as a red and oarnge blur, he leaps twenty feet straight up into the air. He hangs their for almost 30 seconds, examining possible tactics to fight his huge foe. ALmost reverting to his primal ways, as is the danger of the transformation, he quickly regains his composere.

Don't lose control. I can't give into my animal instincts.

As he hurtles back down towards Talen, he flicks his right hand, allowing him to use his highly sharp claws. He slashes downards at Talen, and braces for a quick release landing.

23rd September 2004, 06:41 PM
The thick expanded muscles of Talen pushed off the ground, sending his massive form upwards up passed Wulf. Unfortunately nothing could be done to stop the slash from Wulf, the attack delving deep into the flesh of Talen's chest. His mind roared out with the pain that seared through his body.

He will get his return

Nearly as soon as Wulf’s decent had passed Talen, Talen's own projectile changed. His formed bent slightly through the air, his massive chest heading straight down after Wulf.

Little runt, squish squish time

24th September 2004, 08:20 AM
BloodLustWulf lands completely upright on the ground, just in time to look up to see Talen's huge mass rocketing down towards him.


Attempting to jump clear off his falling foe, he still gets partially slammed by the attack. He gets caught under Talen just right so that his left arm, and most of his lower left leg, are hit full force from the attack. Managing to wriggle his way out from under his opponent, BloodLustWulf leaps backwards, and caresses his aching left shoulder.

Damn. He almost broke my arm there. That spell made him a lot bigger than he looks, which is saying something.

The pain coursing through his limbs causes him to subconciously allow some of his animal instincts to get a little more control over him. Viciously growling at Talen, BloodLustWulf's eyes are now red with rage. His primal fury causes him to lose his better judgement, as he speeds right back towards Talen. Once he is near him, he launches himself into the air again, and prepare to bite down on the back of Talen's neck with his fangs.

24th September 2004, 08:51 AM
Talen shifts his weight, turning his bloated body over onto his back. He lifted his hands into the air and brought them down hard on the ground, smashing part of the stone floor. He grabbed the smashed stones with his meaty fists and threw the shards toward Wulf. The roughtly ten pieces ranged from the size of a normal fist to a walnut.

The bloated form then pushed with his legs and hands getting to a rough sitting position facing where Wulf had jumped from.

24th September 2004, 08:02 PM
ooc: Man, this is getting vicious!

BloodLustWulf comes back to his senses as he starts falling towards Talen. He notices the flying pieces of stone floor coming at him, and intinctivley crosses his arms in front of his face. Most of the shards pelt his arms and torso, causing him to land somewhat to the side of his target. Reacting as quickly as he can, BloodLustWulf barrell rolls along the ground to decrease the force of his landing. He qucikly jumps up to his feet, and unsheaths his katana.

With my combined speed and agility, I should find an easy path of attack.

BloodLustWulf scans the area around him, until he finds the structure he's seraching for. Blasting forwards to the left side of Talen, he runs almost completley vertical up the remains of an ancient wall, and launches himself sideways off the wall towards his opponent. BloodLustWulf pulls back his katana, and slashes with almost all his strength at Talen's body.

25th September 2004, 05:00 AM
Talen smashed his huge arms into the wall he was leaning on. The massive force pushing him forward and on to his feet. The blade from Wulf would have slashed into him if not for the sudden movement. Instead his arm hit Talen in the side. The huge form of Talen turned and pushed his arm down over Wulf's own.

Caught like a mouse

Talen pushed his weight forward, falling down toward Wulf, hoping that he would crush him.

25th September 2004, 08:44 PM
BloodLustWulf somersaults to a halt on the ground, and then qucikly gathers his fire energy. He creates falmes covering the area he is standing. The flames rapidly melt through the rock, and he slips into the resulting hole. An earth shattering crash echoes throughout the area as Talen's huge mass lands where he had just been standing.

He would of squased me like a bug if i hadn't gotten out of there!

Gathering more of his fire energy, BloodLustWulf creates flames to melt a tunnel away from hi opponent. He disintigrates a small portion of the earth behind a wall about twenty feet to Talen's side. Climbing up onto the surface, he leans against the wall, and readies his claws for an assault.
.................................................. .................................................. ..
Fire Escape

27th September 2004, 07:14 AM
The huge mass of Talen rippled with both muscle and just the motion travelling through the large layer of fat-like substance that had formed around his body. He crawled to his feet, pulling his swollen stomach from the hole that less than a minute ago had been where Wulf had been standing. He turned to where he heard the sound of rock being literally melted apart. Talen now stood facing Wulf as he climbed out of the fire burned tunnel.

That runt must have burnt his way through solid rock! Well lets see about this…

Talen turned towards the massive walls that formed the foundation of the city they stood in. He bent his legs slightly and pushed off, his massive form smashing small craters with each of his massive jogging steps. The sound too echoed around the corridor, mixing each step with the echoes of the previous ones, a person could be forgiven for thinking that a heard of elephant were stampeding. His form reached the wall and with a slight jump, he smashed into the wall. The whole area shook, with large stones falling from the roof. Talen turned back around and placed a huge hand above his head. A stone smashing against it, breaking into hundreds of pieces. More continued to fall, and Talen did not doubt that one would soon fall on Wulf.

OOC: With that speed upgrade, I wouldn’t be averse to seeing some Matrix wall dodging :D

28th September 2004, 05:51 PM
ooc: I was thinking of a few matrix like moves. Check this one out.

Oh damn! He found me!

BloodLustWulf quickly turns himself around, and hurtles on to one of the falling rocks. Utilizing his lightning speed, he leaps from stone to stone, constantly moving upawrds towards Talen, seeming like a yellow and oarnge blur. He reaches tha top rock, and jumps up above his foe's head. Once he starts falling, he performs an arial flip, and dives towrds his opponent. Bringing his right hand back, BloodLustWulf slashes at Talen's face.

29th September 2004, 04:59 AM
ooc: nice, try not to have run on sentences though.

Talen bent slightly his legs groaning as they took his massive weight. Still with his right arm held over his head, the blade cut into it, pain searing through his arm. But then there were sacrifices that needed to be made to be able to win each battle.

The massive legs of Talen pushed off, sending him slighting into the air. Thick red drops of blood moved down his hand and dripped on to his balled head. He brought his left arm across aimed a huge fist at Wulf, who was about a foot infront of his stomach.

29th September 2004, 05:39 AM
BloodLustWulf smirks at his sucessful attack, unaware of Talen'as huge fist flying towards him. He takes the full force of the powerful hit, and soars into a rock wall. The structure buckles and cracks, as dust spreads throughout the cavern. He crumples to the ground, clenching his teeth from the pain. Finally managing to force himself up from the ground, BloodLustWulf spits a small amount of blood from his mouth.

"That does it! Now you're going to get it!"

Just as he is about to step forwards, the jewel around his neck begins to glow again.

Ugh! I forgot how damn short the effect of the spell is.

A bright column of flames surrounds BloodLustWulf, which quickly dissapear. Though nothing is visible through the thick leftover smoke, the sound of a sword being unsheathed is unmistakable. Walking out of the thcik black cloud, BloodLustWulf holds his katana ready. He begins to gather his fire energy, all the while pulling it into the blade of his weapon.

Let's see you dodge this.

Once he has moved a sufficient amount of fire mana into his blade, he pulls the sword back over his head with both hands clenched around the hilt. BloodLustWulf runs a few feet forwards, and then leaps straight into the air. Swinging downwards while falling back to the cavern's floor, his katana slams balde first into the ground. At the same time, BloodLustWulf forces the fire energy out of the blade. The mana goes into the ground, while rapidly heading towards Talen. A few seconds later, the ground about fifteen feet in front of his opponent explodes open. Three trails of flames lick across the ground at incredible speeds, their size constantly increasing.
.................................................. .................................................. ....
Flame Scar

ooc: I got the idea for this one by mixing the element of fire with the wind scar from Inuyasha

1st October 2004, 04:31 AM
OOC: I don’t know that name, but nice spell :)

Talen threw his left fist backwards, smashing it into the wall. The large stones that built the structure continued to fall around him as he ran toward Wulf. The spell that had been cast was going to be painful, but then that was the price that he paid for the spell he had caste, great strength and endurance but the totally inability to caste any spell other than that of returning to his normal form.

With the ground groaning under his weight he pushed off, his feet pushed deep into the dirt like layers of dust that had built up over the ages. The flames came down on him and he braced himself. They hit straight on, but his momentum carried him through without taking the full blast of the attack.

Pain ripped again through Talen’s body, an occurrence, which was become for him way to common. His massive chest slammed into the ground, but his momentum carrying him forward. He bulk rolled and soon his huge five hundred pound body was rolling toward Wulf.

This mind nothing but a blur of colours and sounds, Talen could do nothing but weight for the collision that would stop him.

1st October 2004, 07:34 AM
Quickly sheathing his still warm katana, BloodLustWulf concentrates again on his fire energy. He spreads it out in front of him to make a thick wall of flames. Talen's gigantic rolling mass slams into the barrier. BloodLustWulf tires to hold the wall together, but utterly fails a fter a few short seconds. The flames explode in every direction, destroying many of the structures close by. Knocked to the ground, Bloodlustwulf gets up just to be thrown back down by his foe's attack. He slides along the dirt and rocks, until his head hits the side of the cavern.

Damn! I'm in a little bit of spot here. His enormus body seems almost completely unaware of pain. On the other hand, I shouldn't transform again, or I'll most likely revert to my animal instincts.

"Maybe if I use his own size against him!"

BloodLustWulf begins to gather a large amount of his fire energy, and folds his arms in front of him. He clenches his closed hands together, with his pointer fingers sticking upwards into the air.
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Fire Wall

1st October 2004, 07:56 AM
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Talen smashed against the firewall, flames exploding outwards in every direction. Finally though he came to a stop. His mind played what had just happened over. Slowly everything came into focus, and then the pain struck. And endless pain, his seared body was still burning and he had not even realised. Talen jumped to his feet with amazing speed. Everything hurt; his entire body was raked with pain.

The crazed mind of Talen saw his foe, the movement breaking through to his anger. Talen ran straight toward Wulf and lunged through the air. He would crush this man, or die trying.

1st October 2004, 05:53 PM
Now's my chance!

BloodLustWulf quickly repeats a special incantation, as he spreads his fire enegy outwards from his body. He finishes the chanting, and sseven glowing white orbs come from the ground and circle around him. Surrounded each orb with his fire energy, he engulfs them in flames. In a mere instant the flaming orbs transform. There are now seven souls of passed away wolves, given physical bodies of solid flames.

"Now my fellow warriors, ATTACK!!!'

All of the wolves bound up into the air, growling at their massive target. A few try to slash and burn Talen, while the rest try to chomp into his flesh. Seeing a window of opportunity, BloodLustWulf begins to gether even more of his fire energy. He spreads the mana into his hands, and readies for his next assault.
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Wolves of the Flames

1st October 2004, 08:11 PM
The wolves came at Talen but he did not stop, he jumped straight at them, catching two of the wolves and suffocating them under his huge bulk. But that was it, nothing else could be done. The remaining ones pounced onto Talen, slashing and biting with their fiery claws and teeth.

That was it for Talen. There was too much pain for him to handle. This size decreased with amazing speed as the spell effects disappeared. Talen looked at Wulf with a blood curdling stare.

“This is not over.…”

With those words the shadows that flickered around the tunnel started to move. They crept over Talen, smothering him in darkness. Suddenly the shadows disappeared, leaving not a trace of the Dark Mage.

3rd October 2004, 05:56 PM
BloodLustWulf raises an eyebrow at the sudden dissapreance of his opponent. He plops himself dwon against the wall for some rest, replaying the entire battle in his mind.

"He said that we wern't finished. I need to be prepared in case he ever does come back to find me."

As he gets up off of the stony surface, he lightly dusts himself off. Walking over to one of the batterd buildings, he grabs his yellow tinted sunglasses off the ground. He cleans them off, and pushes them onto his face. BloodLustWulf slowly makes his way to the mouth of the extensive cavern, adding the expierience to his mental checklist of battles to never forget.

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