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4th September 2004, 02:41 PM
Technical Questions


Spyware Issues
Popup Issues
Firewall Issues
Anti-Virus Issues

As you can tell, this forum is for technical questions. If you have questions concerning things such as problems with the game, spyware you've received or other internal problems that need to be investigated, this is the forum to do so in. Please don't use this forum as a place to post questions about the game, as those type of questions belong in the Barracks forum.



One of the most common questions we receive from KOC players is " How do you get rid of spyware? " This is simple. You need a program to do so. I recommend downloading Spybot Search & Destroy. Running this program is not guaranteed to destroy all spyware, however, it will get rid of the spyware it is taught to detect. This program is not harmful to your computer, and you can download it here. Another great spyware remover is Ad-Aware, which I recommend you try as well.

http://www.download.com/ - Spybot
http://www.lavasoftusa.com/ - Ad-Aware

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Another common question we receive is complaints about harmful popups that give the player(s) spyware or other things such as trojans. There are many solutions to these popup problems. The first step you should take is to e-mail Aman at aman@kingsofchaos.com with a description of the popup and the source it came from. The next step you should take, is to prevent popups. Google Toolbar is said to be a great popup blocker, and also, it puts the world's greatest search engine right into your browser. Another solution, is that you can download Mozilla Browser. It has a builtin customizable popup blocker that will help get rid of them. You can download them both at these websites.

http://toolbar.google.com/ - Google Toolbar
http://www.mozilla.org/ - Mozilla/FireFox Browser

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The best idea for your computer is to protect it. Now, hackers can get into your computer and plant malicious programs such as keyloggers or worse, viruses that destroy your computer or otherwise harm it in a way that you wouldn't see fit. There are two very good options for you, fortunately. If you run Windows XP, you can set up the Internet Connection Firewall in Network Settings. It's very self explanitory, so I hope I shouldn't have to explain it to you. The other option is ZoneAlarm. ZoneAlarm is free, and by itself, is a very good firewall for a free one. The full version includes popup and ad blocking, e-mail protection, ID locking to prevent fraud, and much more.

http://www.zonelabs.com/ - ZoneAlarm

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EVERYONE should have Anti-Virus installed, even if you cannot afford it. Please check out the link below to download free Anti-Virus software.

http://www.grisoft.com/ - AVG Anti-Virus

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