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10th February 2005, 12:07 PM
For the BA, Daunted make the first post. This closes the seventeenth of February.

10th February 2005, 12:42 PM
Ok, So here goes with another clan attempt...

Basically, Earth....Is under threat, From Arachnids in Klendathu which is their home planet. They have hit earth and wiped a few cities from existance.
You sign up for the Mobile Infantry, Intelligence or Fleet. All playing different parts clearly. If you want me to go into more Details Then....I will....But not now :P

The way this will work, is....Either you think of a name like John Smith, or i will give you one :p it only has to be basic...it doesnt need to be anything fancy, it can be anything, and all i want is a Character Name....I will want you to post that in here...

To start with we are all finishing training camp and we will be planning a first attack on a planet around Kledathu which is collonated by bugs. Nothing better to get a clan going than a quest to something... And alot of it will be action too...

To determin who is the squad leader, who is next in command under the fixed Positions of me and Axandran. I will do a Talley of how many points you get for how much training you do in the training thread and for how well you do in Quests. I will get a loung...which will be the training camp which will be IC all the way and then here will be OOC but will only be serious...

One big thing is, i dont want your characters to be hero's...like all, emotion and that, i want them to be stubborn, naughty and rebelious even. But not a mutinous stage :P

So far the members are as follows (i will sort rank out later):
DaunTed - Ally Fonze (MI)
Axandran - Lucas Rock (MI)
Barrett - Jurgon Van Strangelbug. (MI)
Hoax - Lynn d. "Buck" Compton (Int)
wolfstrike - Kevin Mills (MI)
Mars05 - Oz Mallo (MI)
ChaosLight - Jason Rand (MI)
Chingy - He said he would join...Not sure if he will stay much though

Sorry that this isnt huge, but i cant be bothered to write lots out for justa recruitment thread :P will go further with everything in the actual Clan Thread

PLEASE Post what you want your characters name to be!

10th February 2005, 02:59 PM
I'll join

Jurgon Van Strangelbug.

Which ever is fisrt into battle

10th February 2005, 03:48 PM
Daunted you might post pictures of all sorts of bugs when the thread is up, the pictures aren't too hard to find and i might help you if you don't find anything.
My characters' Lucas Rock, the one I've used in the previous quest. I'll get a stat page up as soon as I have time.

10th February 2005, 09:21 PM
Lynn d. "Buck" Compton

General profile: at a relatively early stage he showed tendencies towards psychic tendencies with reflexes well above the average.
When questioned on how he could react so fast to situations he replied "it’s like I see them 1 or 2 seconds before they happen". Alone further physiological study it was decided that civilian Lynn d. Compton was a prime candidate for in field psychic training.

Physiological profile: though a wonderful person, trust worthy and intelligent "Buck" has shown signs of mental instability with a special concern for loud noises, in specific big explosions.
Further observation recommended.


;) Cool idea man; count me in.

10th February 2005, 09:36 PM
i loved the movie, and this will be a nice change of pace so count me in.

Kevin Mills, Mobile Infantry.

(stat page will be made when i can)

14th February 2005, 08:04 AM
Give me a Name, and give me a ticket.

Count me in.

14th February 2005, 09:09 AM
Sure, I'll join. After all, only Citizens get to vote.

Call me Jason Rand, give me a machine gun and put me in a drop ship.

15th February 2005, 09:28 AM
Right, well, we have all 7, so....when its 17th we will get started hopefully....

Sorry Hoax, but unless anyone else wants to be Intelligence in dropping that idea....If you think about it, in the movies. The Int. are away and not in battle...So, im making us lot all Mobile Infantry....Then Cos we will get dropped off by the fleet all the time they can be NPC's....

Also, we arnt going to have Generall's and stuff, the highest rank ofus will be the squad leader....so....And that will work with the points stuff, and that i need to work on :s

But thank you all for joining...So...there we go, and if we get any more members then that woul dbe cool but so far we are doing great...

15th February 2005, 07:06 PM
Michael Mancini Reporting, now I guess the question is, assualt rifle or .50 cal hollow point sniper?

I'll give this a shot. Once I see more about this all I'll try to create a page.

Paradise Wandering
15th February 2005, 08:13 PM
You have enough members. Thread closed.

New clan thread: