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Basic Info
History; Teaser, Journaled Childhood, Thesis of Magic

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Basic Info

• Real Name: Teffien Elias’r

• Aliases: Teffie, Poet of Souls

• Age: Unknown because of how his years work, appeared around 17 though…
• Race: Human,
• Gender: Male
• Weight: ~ Slim, 142 lbs
• Height: ~ 5’7

• Personality: Easy Going, Intelligent conversations enjoyed, loves to preach
• Religion: Messenger of the Prophet, believes in not one religion, but has his own beliefs assuming that there is a lord, but he comes in no one shape or as one being.

• Appearance His face is firm, well rounded, but in a more oval looking shape… His hair flat on the top and comes down ragged and disoriented on the sides, but short above the eyebrows. He is slim, but not boney nor bulky with large extracts of muscles. The legs on body are more or so evened out not one being large and the other short, while his arms run just below the thighs. His hair being blonde, and his eyes a deep teal... His clothes will be explained shortly along with his other items…

Location: Onboard the Lonely lullaby, awaiting for an unknown voyage ( heading for Linmotar )

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Prologue; Teaser

There he stood. His feet implanted within the cream colour of the sand. The dark brown knickers slowly sank into the sand. Violently; the waterfall raged against his back. While the forest like area expanding past the sand. It was calm; there was a sense of serenity illuminating through the ground. Peaceful, calm, that’s what it was.

While, when traveling further into the jungle-like forest it is at an upbeat. The pounding of the drums… an orchestra, a symphony… That’s how a minstrel would describe it. The emotions emitting of great on the isle… The water was raging quietly, like a whirl pool hiding; cloaked within the water. Magnificence was the sum of the island. There was no man, but there was beast. Assured it rested deeper within an isle of this sort.

He spoke, “Religion, philosophy. It takes no such place here. This place, it is true, it is the land where humans were not meant to inhabit. What is religion; when none explains another? It is a simple belief within man-kind. Something to hope for…”

Another man; no creature hissed, “Thou speak of truth, how one knows of such knowledge?”

“It is simple; those do not need to seek wisdom of such things. People, such as me, understand these things.” They laughed it was simple as that. His figure was shaded within the waterfall by this time. There was a creature, an odd creature, it was small. Implanted to his shoulder laying its wings gave a devilish, but truthful glare. It was a dragon, a draike, still young. Or was it? Such questions were to be asked, but there was no need. They knew the answer before it was asked.

Some say a bard is a simple poet. A poet of sound… Yet, they are mistaken. For a bard is not a simple music player. He does not belong to any one band. He is… A messenger, some one born to know answers… This bard was the same. He was simply, “Teffie.” His back round was simple.
__________________________________________________ ______________________

“Life is but a world of messengers. Do not worry about your sins, your pains, and fears. Those will be up lifted on death. The answer to death is not needed; it is simply different…” -Teffie, 195AW, Years of Old

Time was simple, people of current knowledge sought that time of my realm was simple. We were known as idiots, barbarians. I have to come to believe that in the area you are in now is currently more barbaric than mine. We are simple people indeed, but there are so many things uncovered know to be sealed later. I grew up a simple boy. A family with a father and a mother like everyone else. I do not seek retribution, it is not my task. I am here to deliver a message. Not from Brahma, nor from god, but from true existence, the holy one. There is no one way to describe him; he comes as many gods. Or he comes as one. He is there and nothing more. Now back onto the point, my childhood.

Back in my day, there was little technology. Our houses of the more expensive material knew to us, known as, “Brick.” Buildings were simple built. Usually, adobe made. Yet, my home; my culture… advanced is the simplest way I can put it. We built over the sea connecting to the beach. The area was branched out into divisions, the middle being the main, “Core.” While, the sides were separated from a section what we considered entertainment. The home district and the play district as we did not need work here. Life was cultivated on a magical ore. I consider us being the beginning of magic, the writers of the thesis.

Sub Entry; Thesis of Magic:

Magic is like the body, but it comes into two forms. It is known as “Abstract Magic” and “Concrete Magic.” These are the arms, the branches. While the body being the main stream of magic, the elements of nature, life. Water being the element bringing serenity and the moisture upon the earth… Fire, the open flame in which creates rage and the burning, the molding of existence… Earth, the solid, the bland, the thing that creates all, as water and fire cannot be without the Earth. And wind; harmony, the main song of the bards… The sweet serenity of it filled among the earth. Yet the wind is not always good; it can be vicious; hurricanes and tornadoes. Like a duet and a symphony… These are the major elements.

Abstract Magic; or magic that is made by tapping into the worldly plain that comes and goes… To reach the prowess of abstract magic is difficult. It is used and vanished. The branch of Abstract Magic is obtained by breaking the arms, the branch’s limits, to reach further than imaginable, to extend your “reach” without the body moving into the plain that no mass can enter… It is an extension of life. Something man or beast was not supposed to reach. Finding your way past the branch is impossible to explain. But when tapping into the plain you grab the flow of magic. It becomes solid in a way. The only way some one will know of what element you find is by finding the mood within the aura. Some this is easy, others it is not. Once the magic is ripped out of its own void it wants to go back. This is the reason why fire balls vanish out of thin air. It can only go so long depending on the strength of the wielder before it goes back.

Concrete Magic; or magic made into a solid or held into a certain massed form; like a pendent. The second branch to magic, but how does one create the ever returning mana, magic, into a solid. This is easier unlike the last, but the steps are the same to “Abstract Magic.” Creating a barrier, a box, to the magic, but magic is not visible. How does some one know this? Easy, with concrete magic you always feel a sense of aura around the mana you’ve boxed. You know it’s there, but how does it get there? This is still unraveling as no one can describe it, but they feel it. Everyone has their own way.

I am the spirit; master of spirit and the plain walkers…

Main entry; Childhood:

Growing up was rather similar. It was easy, travel to school. Come home, eat and do what ever your parents requested. There was no in-between, no words in-between the lines. I have not gone through any paradoxical events. I grew up as a child with unsustainable knowledge. I became a poet; spending my free time with my friends. We played games in the water, but we all were different. Each one of us, messengers… Brought up in a different way, but we were bards. Our feet could touch the top of the water without sinking. Gifted we were called. Insulted, no… Everyone was gifted here, in their own special way of course.

Tree climbing, water walking, and other paradoxical things were learned in such a short amount of time. I, no, we excelled in everything we learned, quick to adept to something, able to catch on to all, like moisture and homeostasis learning to adept. Yet, this was the beginning before the end. I am still young, but I know answers. I thought life of being such a perfect entertaining experience. I was wrong… Oh so very wrong. Yet, this did not bother me. I am the wolf, born to create my own tribe. The alpha, the absolute…

Some may ask how we learn these things. It is a simple task to make out. There may be a way through the branches in magic, but the feet are excluded. They are one with being life. Becoming the wind; everything in nature… When it rains I feel the down pour of the rain when dry. I am one. Accessing this is a different task. It is something explainable. Yet, everyone has their own way to doing it. I imagine being covered within darkness… My feet, then my legs, slowly engulfed, consumed, within the darkness. All senses disappear over an extended period of time, the brain always thinks. It is always in motion; there is no turn off valve. Yet, there is a way to block it out and think about it second. This is where your own discovery is made. How will you get past the constant chatter within your world?

I am similar to one with all, but I am not god. Absolute of the minority… A leader if not; I am here to seek out my message. The reason I write this, is to explain. The greater difference… You may; and probably think, why I tell you this. It is for you to understand… A greater understanding of what will go on.

The Beginning; the End.
Chapter One:

Teffie was considered a normal human. There were no hobbit holes, just a village on water. His face was firm, wide; and similar to oval shaped. He had whore knickers, a dark green coat and others things… Like a simple pair of shorts, dark brown like his knickers and gloves… To his side a thin horn, the width of a katana, thin and long…

That day, it was cold… Teffie was out further in the water seeking dinner. It was his birthday, a special event. He would turn seventeen. The age where children were considered able to live on their own… Some felt angered; with spite. Others filled with glee. Out on the water; alone… The village out of sight; he would not know of what would happen when he was gone.

The water city was known as Ru’thin. It was a magnificent sight to many. Roads back then were made of a thick bamboo found deep within the thick forest. Yet, there was darkness illuminating through the ocean. Reaching the shore of the world… Commotion was caused within the city back then. They kept it on the low, but communications were cut off. Ru’thin was the only city of magic. Everyone else, un-civilized… They were a disgrace to the city, undeveloped; yet to be advanced. This land was known as Firne Isles, The recreation of life. The water was less calm than usual. Something was coming by. No one knew, but something was dwelling. Expanding… Teffie merely chuckled at the thought. “It wouldn’t happen” continued in his head. Of course why would it happen to young Teffie? It was the day of his birthday. Nothing was supposed to go wrong.

Teffie’s face lit with glee. Not only was it his birthday, but he had caught a herd of well developed crabs. It truly had been running Teffie’s way. His face went back down… The emotion running across his face was now bland. The young man did not let emotions over consume him, but they were wondrous. Nothing could go wrong.

“The havens are singing to me, tonight. I thank thy’ lord, whom help my life day by day.” The ocean seemed to smile back. The tides changed from silence to and then, applaud because of the rising up roar. Yet, they did not go back to calm. The sky blackened. It came with darkened shadows. Furious waves clashed against mounds of rock. Storms were hurdling. There was no peace; no serenity. There was Chaos, disorder, and pandemonium… Something was happening. The tides were facing… To Ru’thin…

He couldn’t see. The darkness, pitch black, covered across everything. The water was loosing its stability. Teffie was loosing his stability along with it. Amidst confusion ran across the land.

Without stability Teffie was imbalanced, and as a messenger there was much more information and questions running through his mind, it all caused one thing. Feinting… He was knocked unconscious without an idea what happened. Yet, everyone has to wake up some time, right? Teffie certainly did…

Upon a boat, the lonely lullaby…

Without any idea of what to happen, he awoke. Sitting within a cabin in the boat… Beside his bed was a paper stating the following:

Upon signing of this contract, I, _______, herby agree to take voyage under the Lonely Lullaby, but under these conditions:

Thou wilt complete all requested chores amongst the boat within own civil rights. Under anytime that there is a disagreement I agree to punishments If they do not break the following civil rights.

1.) No man will request life threatening laws
2.) If I retaliate without being struck first I agree to a penalty of death
3.) Verbal or physical harassment is disallowed.

And now, his story unfolds…

__________________________________________________ _______________

Abilities and Skills:

Name: Minuet(Low):

Description: Teffie is able to begin a beat in three or four, measures mainly consisting of eighth notes in order to boost the soul. It is required for Teffie to use his long slender flute in order to conjure something like this. Once the song has gone through very little lines, it slightly boosts the strength of anyone in his group. If an enraged allied NPC is near it will raise his self confidence slightly.

Name: Ballad(Low):

Description: Teffie begins playing a narrative “tale” through music. This is good for those seeking out a temporary boost in their wisdom. The power is strong enough to make an easy spell slightly easier to cast, but it can’t benefit a long hard spell at all, at his current skill.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Name: Minstrel’s Coat
Description: A simple green robe that goes down to Teffie’s hips. It has a pattern with very small grooves in the shirt running down. It is light and easy to move around, while it gives very little protection in harsh weathers it makes evading much easier.
Origin: Teffie had this passed down from his father as something to wear, it has been barley washed in his family, but oddly doesn’t stink. Has no value except for family value.

Name: Choral Knickers, Pants and Gloves
Description: The Knickers, light shoes, are slightly pointed with a light brown tip getting darker until it reaches a small indent at the top of the knickers. In which is a cream coloured brown. While on the other hands the leggings look similar to khaki pants except they are wider just below the private area and tighten up right where the knickers begin. The pants run from an outside light brown to a jet black thin line in the middle going from the crotch area down. On the other hand the gloves are barley worn, but happen to be cuffed with a dark brown colour and a brown so light for the hand itself that you can slightly see through it.
Origin: Store-bought, simple clothing, Nothing special.

Flute of the Wind:
Description a Slender Katana width flute made with an essence of the wind and a wooden flute. The essence of the wind is native and comes through his home, it only helps the flute by making it and the notes smooth along with the fact the Flute cannot be broken except for magic.
Origin: It has been passed down through messenger to messenger and simply shows it, its physical strength to hurt some one is just the same as a bat in the hand of a strong man.

Iron Rapier:

500g (Average bonus)
- 250g (Magical Flute)
+300g (Affiliate Gold Bonus) ~Jin
-500 Iron Rapier
Current Gold: 50g

__________________________________________________ _______________

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*The concept/idea of the character is good and definitely original from what I can see. Your presentation (writing) was disorganized and didn’t flow well which is why it was more difficult for Blank and I to read then other profiles. However I can tell you spent a good chunk of time on this character, plus it takes some balls to decide to rp as a Bard/Poet in DS, can I tell ya that much. So that's why you got an average bonus.

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