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Duke Manboy IV
8th September 2004, 08:22 AM
I had to write something about a recent event in my personal life for school and made this.
Give me any comment you wish, about the content or the writing, but remind I had to translate all of it from dutch.

-- Until four minutes ago I didn't know what I had to write, but fortunately some -anonymous- friends of mine and I had a quite rough party Friday.
I will be talking about how people can be very annoying when they are drunk and the goal of this essay is to get people to understand what a burden they are to their sober friends when absolutely pissed.
-- Friday 09/04/2004 there was a little festival in the village and all cool emo kids and all people known as drinking and smoking losers were planning to go there.
A friend of mine, with the code name "Inge", asked some comrades some girls and me we know to go too, since she herself absolutely wanted to go but didn't have the guts to go alone.
-- We had decided to meet with a bunch of people living in the same village in order to go together -we went there by bicycle- and around 8:00h everyone was present.
We were sort of late, but 'luckily' one of my friends knew a 'short-cut'; eventually it took us about an hour to get there, trough the wilderness of our little village. We encountered fields of thorns and pools of mud in order to get there; one of us actually fell down with his face in the mud: hence the lack of girls he had that night.
-- After we finally had managed to pick up the entire gang and arrived at the party, everyone immediately went to the bar and bought himself a drink.
I stood there, with two beers in my hands and surrounded by semi-sober comrades.
You have to know though, that me and the guys frequently meet to have a beer or two, but the girls aren't used to drinking alcohol and for them, it was like heaven to be able to drink as much as they wanted to.
A friend of mine, let us call him "Phillip", very rich and proud of it, kept on buying me beers and other people too kept on giving me the rest of their glass when they had had enough.
-- Four girls though, kept on buying themselves beer and thought it would be fun to have a little game of "ad fundum"; of course I joined and obviously I won by far. A problem was though, that these girls started to get more drunk every minute.
Eventually they were all screaming and shouting over the entire festival in such a way one couldn't hear the music any longer, while they were begging people for money to buy more beer and licking peoples cheeks for fun.
Initially, all boys were excited about this and all of us were like:"Great, the girls are all drunk and horny, now we can have some fun with them!"
A friend and me though, saw the situation the way it really was and realised we would have to try to find a way to get all those drunk girls home and make sure none of them got even more drunk.
-- We started taking precautions and asked the people behind the bar to stop giving those girls alcohol; unfortunately they didn't listen and kept on getting them more and more drunk, while some of them started running away from the group for no reason and I or my friend needed to 'hunt' them and get them back to the pack of drunk people.
We bought about 20 glasses of water and randomly started forcing people to drunk those in order to get slightly sober again. Some didn't want to drink water, only beer, so we lied and told them it was beer in the glass; believe it or not, but they drank it and one even said:"hmmm, delicious alcohol."
Some needed to throw up while others fell down on the ground or started kissing guys they didn't even know.
While we needed to make sure none of them would be abused, one of our friends, let us give him the name "Christophe", started kissing them one by one, just to mock the two of us.
-- I decided it was enough and planned to bring them home one by one. We would start with the most drunk of them all, let us call her "Katrien".
One problem though, she didn't want to go home before 0:15h and it was really, really necessary, yet it was only 23:15h. What did I do to get her home; I stole her phone and changed the hour. Then I told her:"Katrien, it's time to go home already. Check your phone, it's 0:15h," and she was like:"Yes, you're right... wow, time really flies when you're having fun."
I asked someone I knew there to help me support her: we took one arm each and then dragged her home as if she was some kind of dead weight.
The entire time she didn't move but kept on talking really, really fast.
We wanted to keep her busy and encouraged this, so she started talking about her father, who was a general in the army (I know he works in the local supermarket.) and about the pool they owe at home (This isn't true.)
Then we finally arrived at her house and she tells us she lost her purse on the way home. With a flash-light we searched the entire path we took and finally, near the party we found it.
Her father opened the door and we tell him she was "kind of tired and we brought her home", but suddenly, right where we stand, she starts throwing up and her father obviously knew she was drunk.
He closed the door right in front of our nose and we even heard him yelling while we were in the next street already.
-- We arrive back at the party, I leave my friend and go back to the pack of drunken people. My friend is nearly having a nervous breakdown while two of the girls are kissing each other and the other is making out with a complete stranger.
I was like:"Someone needs to do something here," and I punched the guy away, shouting:"You son of a bitch". With the entire crowd looking he didn't dare to make out with my friend any longer so one problem was solved already.
I dragged the other two girls away from each other (being licked several times) and gave each of them another glass of water -I forced them to drink it.- Then I stole their phone and called the father of one of those.
While we brought them to the street one of them runs away and I needed to chase her over the entire "field".
Suddenly she jumps on the stage while a band is playing there and steels the guitarist’s beer.
So I jump after her and drag her of the stage. I take the beer out of her hand and throw it over the crowd, while taking her back towards the street.
Her father arrives there and we all pretend those two girls were sober; they were picked up and safe, so the second part of the mission was accomplished.
-- Then it was around 1:30h and we decided it was time to leave. We had to go by bicycle again and the drunks outnumbered the sober people, so it would be one hell of a ride.
It didn't come that far though, since one of the girls, completely sober, crashed on our way to the bicycles. In the middle of the street she laid there, crying and telling everyone she didn't want to go home.
We didn't know what was going on, but another sober friend and me dragged her away from the road and tried to support and comfort her.
Now all of you need to know this girl, which I will keep anonymous, has psychical problems and frequently has suicidal tendencies, so we assumed it was like that again this time.
Everyone but my friend and me left us alone with the poor girl and went home in one big group of 2 sober people and 5 drunks.
We kept her awake for an entire hour and tried to stop her from hurting herself -We actually had to hold her arms because she wanted to cut her wrists with sharp rocks-, when finally the ambulance we called had arrived.
She went to the hospital and for us it was about time to go home too.
We were both sober, so though we arrived late and our parents nearly killed us for our good deed of the day, we were both all right.
-- Today I have heard everything is fine with her. She needs to take Prozac and she needs to see a psychologist, but she has promised me not to commit suicide before she has finished the entire psychiatric program she has to go trough.
-- Now, you may wonder why I did take care of my friends instead of saying:"Fuck it. You drunk the beer, the problem is yours. I don't care if you get abused and wake up here tomorrow morning."
Well, I have been drunk two times in my entire life. The first time a good friend brought me home and the second time all people thought it would be funny to leave me in the local park. I ended up in the hospital and I was nearly dead.
Those two events still are haunting me. I want to be that good friend that brought me home too instead of the comedian that decided to leave me to die.
Secondary, I was one of the only people there that realised what kind of danger they were in; they all couldn't handle alcohol too well and they all had drunk far too much for what they could handle, so at least 50% of them had a good chance to end up in the hospital that night.
That was the reason I switched so many beers for water, didn't care if one or two people threw up upon my T-shirt and others were licking me.
-- Next Monday at school, I hadn’t actually expected to be worshipped, but they showed and extraordinary lack of gratitude. In fact, they were proud of the fact they had been drunk and didn’t care about the fact they had ruined the entire evening for some others and me at all.
Another problem is, that I have started a reaction that will never end. Next time there is a reason to drink, they will all count on me to bring them home and due to my past and my morals, I’ll be forced to do so.
It will go on like that until I finally show I have some guts and they will finally understand I am not the one with the duty to take care of them.
-- I just want this to be a lesson to everyone who ever got drunk and was taken care of by some friends. Don’t be boasting about it and show some gratitude for what they did.
Be aware of the fact you ruined their entire evening and make sure you don’t do it a second time.
To end, if someone that has ever helped you is in the same situation you were in, then it is your DUTY to help that person, even if he doesn’t want it. Remember a drunk doesn’t always know what he or she says and you could have said you didn’t want to be helped too.

Note 1: Yes, AngryN3wb, I stole your lay out, thank you.
Note 2: The "codenames" are the peoples real names.
Note 3: Tell me if you agree with my last statement there or if you at least understand my point of view.
Note 4: Me and some friends just gave that day the name "Drunken Friday"

8th September 2004, 01:45 PM
Well i have to say that was kind of you and your friend to do all that crap for them. If you don't want the cycle to start then don't let it. Next time just call a cab to give 'em a ride home. Or jsut don't go to bars. But thats a sucky idea don't listen that one. Good thing a fight didn't break out though. Thats kinda disgusting that guy kissed all those girls mocking you. I really hope he gets punched in the mouth.

9th September 2004, 01:16 PM
Dude, it's like... "Ridderlijk" is the Dutch word and I'm too lazy to look it up in the dictionary... Maybe, if you're lucky, I'll edit it in one day.

Anyways, next time, fuck 'em!! Save none but your very best friend and maybe the chick you secretely love!! I mean, you'll get a heavy burden because of this!! Believe me, I know!! So, save yourself first, then not the others!! That's my motto most of the time, unless, like I said, it's my best friend or the chick I secretely love!!

The story was funny as hell tho..