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3rd February 2005, 07:15 AM
The Red Faction

Number of members (on forums): 34
Website/forums: http://www.redfaction.co.nr

The Red Faction is an alliance that strives to bring as many members to the top ranks as possible by providing as much support and protection as possible. We are a part of StrikerClan and we are generally not aggressive unless provoked.

Although you are not required to join the command chain to become a part of The Red Faction, it is highly encouraged to get the best out of the alliance.

Full members (those in the command chain) gain benefits such as;

Access to the Clan Recruiter - one of the fastest and best clicker in all of KOC
Access to more private forums - such as farm lists, help guides, attack/sab requests
Access to private IRC channels - including farm and spy scripts for all clan members
Greater protection - we protect ALL members of Red Faction, whether large or small
YOUR chance to have a say in The Red Faction Council - decide on Red Faction actions in the future

Our leaders have been dedicated to Kings of Chaos since Age 2, and have been extremely successful in the top 500 to 1000 rankings. Our goal IS NOT to create 1 large lead account, but to make a whole alliance of highly ranked players, and bring the entire Red Faction alliance to the top rankings. Everyone involved in the leadership is committed to helping everyone in the clan to success in the game. With the Council everyone has their chance to have a say, we are currently in the process of electing 1 more representative to complete the council.

If you find that someone is harassing you With varying strengths, our sabers can handle the majority of pests in the game. Our sab leaders currently have spy ratings easily in the top 500 ranks and improving. This also allows a pretty handy farm scripts for those who have access to IRC.

For more information about us, feel free to check out our website/forums, we look forward to seeing you there.

Sathanas - Leader of the Red Faction
aurorawraith - co-leader
chikon26 - co-leader

Please check out the rules thread:

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