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  1. A Guide to Forum Role Playing
  2. Hoax's Burial (INVITE ONLY)
  3. The Truth Within
  4. Quest For All Cont.
  5. Just a Warm Up (1 on 1 anyone may join)
  6. Quest- Retrieval of the Stolen Dragon Soul Stones. (KOD only) cont.
  7. The quest to slay a dragon.
  8. Quest to recover my memories (invite only)
  9. The village center. (Open spar)
  10. FFA in the desert cont.
  11. Fate and Destiny Clan Quest: To Save The Balance of Good and Evil (Team 2)
  12. Spar w/ Truth (Closed)
  13. Spar!
  14. Search For Ultimate Power: Celestial Dragons (Each Person Gets One Celestial Dragon)
  15. AoTFO: Flames of Havoc leadership spar
  16. The Golden Rain (Quest)
  17. RP training quest...
  18. The Trapped Souls (quest, and of course everyone is welcome)
  19. The Order of Aurelius
  20. Housewarming (Seraphim vs. Rakoth)
  21. RP: Battle Realms: Shattered Kingdoms
  22. RP: Space Lonely Soldier.
  23. Adoption of the Daxter brothers (privet)
  24. Legends Never Die
  25. Clan Co quest (AOTFO and AA members only)
  26. Pokemon master's clan quest [cont]
  27. The Freeing Of Nezatuful - Stage 1 (Mages Of Destruction Only!)
  28. Private Training for DArgonist
  29. Jungle.
  30. Quest: The Chaos Emerald(Blood Twine only)
  31. [Quest] The Higher Graces
  32. Quest- Return of the storm
  33. Rising Sun
  34. A Tournament of Doom Battle Rages On
  35. I need spar training!
  36. Spar!
  37. Clan battle: The Evil Army vs Brethren of Elements
  38. the forest giant
  39. HHaH4H4hA, tRy 2 f1gh7 m3 LUz3r!!!!!!111
  40. Elements of a well written thread.
  41. Battle Arena Rules & FaQ
  42. Father and Son (Invite only)
  43. Intering the Dark Realm. (Barrett vs. Anyone)
  44. Spar: vs Marushia
  45. Quest to raise a dragon
  46. Who wants to spar?
  47. Spar:AngryN3wb vs Bron-Yr-Aur
  48. Spar me...
  49. Water vs Fire(A friendly spar between Swordsplay and Callisto, you know you want it!)
  50. Heroes Arena:The battle for fame
  51. Combat Training
  52. Spar: 2v2 Teams, come with an ally
  53. 3 way spar [Zach, Swords, and Talen only]
  54. Quest - Getting Kyra home
  55. Quest to Save the Town... (Open to All)
  56. KOD- CLassification spar. Rakoth and FatBreadstick only
  57. Under the Street Lights... (invite only spar)
  58. Deception Point [Spar]
  59. Quest: Desperation Calls…Race to Oblivion!
  60. Spar to test MY RP ability and two new charecters
  61. You know who you are.
  62. Quest: Reclaimation.
  63. Two Character Spar Training
  64. the fr34k versus the Squid
  65. NJO Quest : Restore Order to the Chaos
  66. Some One Fight me
  67. me vrs anyone, bring it
  68. To Fight A Guardian (1 on 1 Experienced Rper Only)
  69. Spar: Rocky Shores
  70. AoTFO arch mage spar: Linther vs Blankwindow
  71. Sith Lightsaber Training
  72. Spar on a bridge
  73. Spar: 1 on 1
  74. Modded Battles Request Thread
  75. KoD training thread
  76. The dual versus a water master [open]
  77. Quest: On the Brink of Insanity.
  78. Here Ya go Ganks
  79. ...
  80. A showdown of epic proportions. Tim get's kidnapped, Shade finds
  81. Quest - The Jheran raid and Dragon camps (Dragon Clans and invite only)
  82. Final Battle! RETAKE THE DRACIZIAN CAPITOL! (Dragon Clans ONLY)
  83. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
  84. Underground Sparing
  85. Up on the rooftop, eth paus-es, out comes Blo-od-wu-u-uuulf
  86. HAWK: you n me
  87. Quest/Spar. The Book.
  88. Torn Legions (FFA)
  89. Quest for the plutostones.
  90. Melee Training
  91. I want to test the ability of my new character, 1v1
  92. The Crystal Path (quest/spar)
  93. The wedding (invite only)
  94. Spar Against An Ex-Lightning Master
  95. A fool's decision?
  96. "Blood Twine War: Battle at Bloodmoon Camp"
  97. Spar in the Bar
  98. Magic the Gathering FFA
  99. Squidward vs. Earendil (Closed Pokemon battle)
  100. A meeting (invite only)
  101. Modded Batle
  102. The Bio Mastah needs some training.
  103. [SPAR FF1]Amusing the Herd
  104. Space quest: the 5th mechanised infantry’s last stand
  105. BOE Inter-cllan FFA (BOE only)
  106. A Silent Wind
  107. Patronage
  108. 2 vs 1 (invite only)
  109. Lexia's Dreams
  110. AoTFO Dark Ones Rank duel
  111. Sith Order :: Sparring Room 212
  112. MMORPG: Massively Mutliplayer Online Recruiting of Paintball Gamers (All are welcome)
  113. Quest to fell the divine tree.
  114. Quest to find the all elements
  115. mtg tourny game 1: Armin v CheesePOWAH!
  116. Birth of the void(invite only)
  117. Snake Priest Testing
  118. just a spar to practice my RPiing
  119. The Opening (modded quest?)
  120. ALL OUT ANIME FFA! (all are welcome)
  121. Mantis vs. Shinriko
  122. Freeing Of Mezatuful Stage 1 (INVITE only!)
  123. The battle of the end(Join in any time)
  124. My MTG Battle
  125. Pandora Woods, Searching for Answers. Quest.
  126. Sparring??
  127. OMFGASP ITS THE HAm-hAziNg KWEsTTTTT TO FINd the things of Do00mM!
  128. The Prophecy
  129. The Last Straw: ME vs Blackdragon
  130. Lava Road (PowerDrive VS Hysteria)
  131. Restoring the Rightful Leader (Quest)
  132. Another titleless fight
  133. Spar: Hypa vs Paladin
  134. The teaching of Sharidan, Guardian Goddess
  135. (Modded Quest)"And the Light left everything but my darkness behind"
  136. Dark Vincent, Fight the Destroyer of Worlds
  137. I'd like some Sparring practice
  138. A practice? A starter? A spar, please?
  139. Bar Brawl (Free for all, character testing)
  140. Prototype weapons! [TEA clan only]
  141. **AotFO Training Edu Spar**: -- Darius vs. Shade --
  142. The quest of sunsay!
  143. The Journey - (The Book, part two )
  144. Katos' Test (for Ryoga and Draco only)
  145. Lets have a type fight!
  146. AoS versus Angryn3wb (Hyro Izuahl versus Master Zelig)
  147. Spar...
  148. RP Paintball Game 1: Red/Black vs. Green/Blue
  149. Someone Fight my Gamma user
  150. open spar anyone can enter
  151. Friendly Spar?
  152. Logan vs Jimblee
  153. Quest to restore the sea
  154. The First ever Draconic Cardcasters Duel, Vincent_Draciz vs, Zach
  155. >insert witty title here<
  156. KoD Classification Spar(Seraphim vs. Real Dragoon Master)
  157. Anyone want to develop their characters?
  158. 3 on 3, Shade vs Hysteria
  159. AOTFO side quest: death incarnated
  160. Jarred's training
  161. 'Advanced' RPing
  162. DrunkPanda and RagingRaccoon spar
  163. Battle: Lizards and Rocks
  164. Quest to become a Turok-Han
  165. The White Palidin Chronicles: Episode 1(you must request to join this quest)
  166. Tal'Vornian Magus Council: Freeing the Angel Cities
  167. quest/spar RDM and naru pm if you wana enter
  168. Open spar, just getting some practice in
  169. Spar: Real Dragoon Master & Naru vs Ingold
  170. Super Beast, Part 2.
  171. Tashota Ariku
  172. Sparring in the Catacombs
  173. Wolfstrike vs. Jovileboy. eval for BOE
  174. Absolution
  175. Battle on the Mystic Lake
  176. A fight. A fight? A fight!
  177. Clan Sartera: Crushing the Darkness
  178. Lost Whispers of Forgotten Tommorrrows (1 on 1 Battle )
  179. Memories are lost : Rakoth vs ControlTwinkie
  180. Gegenüberstellung
  181. BOE eval for Taggerung vs. Ace.
  182. The negotiation gone wrong (DragonRiders Quest)
  183. Event: Flotsam
  184. My dude -vs- Your dude. (HA, I put my name first)
  185. Spar for anyone...
  186. The Date: Vully and Tagg
  187. 'Chapter I: Curses' (RPR Quest)
  188. Uurions Evaluation Thread
  189. A practice spar (jovileboy vs. royalflush).
  190. Practice Spar :: Wolve Vs. Arathel ::
  191. Looking for someone to spar against. (Mostly Melee + Modded Battle)
  192. The Nine Rings (Quest, Open for All)
  193. [Open Spar] Crossing Paths
  194. The Forgotten City (Mass FFA)
  195. Spar on the side of a lake
  196. Aggressive Negotiations (A Sith Clan Quest)
  197. Spar arena/collosium (open)
  198. Warriors of The Black Rage
  199. The mysteries catacombs
  200. The mysteries catacombs
  201. The great battle
  202. The Cycle
  203. Allhallows Eve (TEA mission)
  204. Quest for love [Shade and Zach only]
  205. Immolation
  206. Flame Fight
  207. RP: Space Lonely Soldier: Special Edition.
  208. AoTFO Spar with Shade
  209. Practice Encounter... Open invitation
  210. Enter the darkness - quest
  211. Into the Bamboo Forest [Spar/Future Quest]
  212. Battle Upon the Riverside (Hecate vs. Nox)
  213. Quest- Quest for the Elemental Orbs
  214. Spar upon the Rocks.
  215. Since that day 5 years ago... (Seraphim vs Anointed)
  216. lets do this!
  217. Practice Spar
  218. Challenge in the dark...
  219. Chance Encounters - A Newbie Training Adventure (all welcome)
  220. Ultimite Final Fantasy Battle (All are Welcome to join)
  221. Creatures of the forest (Spar: Zach vs Hysteria)
  222. Act II "The cartographer of ruines: out of the fire and into the desert"
  223. Open Spar In the Jungle
  224. private spar {PredvsSeraphim}
  225. Character Interaction Spar: Eilyn VS Cal
  226. Last Two Around (Spar) and please, no nooooooobs
  227. Quest: An Assassination (Evil aligns definetly apply)
  228. Shade's coma (Closed quest)
  229. Warden's Duty
  230. Post Battlefield: One on One Combat
  231. Boredom Produced by Emptiness
  232. Hidden within...
  233. Surrender Not
  234. Sepheroth vs. Pustolio (1 on 1 only) All can watch, not post.
  235. A Chance Encounter
  236. Lost Souls, Far From Home
  237. Quest for the Golden Women
  238. The Jungles of Honduras
  239. You move the adventure
  240. Pala VS Pstr (at last .. . except .. . it's a character interaction spar . . dammit)
  241. A political adventure
  242. A Search for Hopper - All welcome
  243. Way of the Forgotten Arts
  244. KoD Evaluation: Amethyst
  245. Fight in a cave - open spar
  246. Closed spar for me and vinny
  247. Frozen Solid
  248. Journey to the west
  249. Revenge on Mal'Jerek
  250. The Meeting of Many Races