Chainmail 2

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In which I explore various weaves, the practical properties of chainmail,
  1. finally found a use for tiny girly ankle socks
  2. winter earrings
  3. This is the best organizer known to man
  4. Chainmail 7 016
  5. The European weave is better.
  6. This is a Japanese hana-gusari weave. It's domed so I'm using a seltzer bottle to display it.
  7. Bleh screw this picture.
  8. This is the shorter sleeve
  9. This is how deep a knife penetrates the european 4-in-1 if you're unlucky.
  10. The longer sleeve of my european-weave shirt.
  11. This is me stabbing myself through my European 4-in-1 chainmail and not caring.
  12. Wearing chainmail.
  13. Chainmail 7 008
  14. Holding up the sleeve.
  15. Knife poking as far as it will go into the european weave.
  16. Bad picture, you can't see anything.
  17. hana-gusari weave over seltzer bottle.
  18. sleeve
  19. This is as far as a screwdriver goes into the e4-1 weave.
  20. This is how far a screwdriver goes into the hana-gusari weave.
  21. Chainmail 7 019
  22. I will say this about the hana-gusari: it's pretty.
  23. European weave.
  24. bleh shitty picture
  25. This is the density of the weave when it's all stretched out.
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